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                                                  Lights, Camera, Action!
                                                         On Stage at Smith-Cotton!
  1996 Photo above: Whitney Shoemaker,
      Sara Wolpers, Gretchen Beard                                                                      Photo left: 1985
                                                                                                         Mr. Bud Clark
                                                                                                         and vocalists
                                                                                                        prepare for the          Above Photo: 1951 Stage Crew:
                                                                                                          Christmas                Skippy Vinson, Dick Crouch,
                                                                                                            concert.               Eddie French, Bob Crouch

                                                                                                         Homecoming is Oct. 8, 2010
                                                                                                                      Plan now to come HOME!

                                                     1985                                                       IT’S COMING! Golf Tournament
  1965      Unidentified Students                                                                                Monday, June 28, 2010 See page 6.

                                                                                                                    The new Smith-Cotton
1973 Photo Below:1st Row - R. Fingland, C. Hejtmanek,G. Banaka, B. Pace, W. Leischer 2nd                Heckart Performing Arts Center Gala was held
Row: J. Neimeyer, G. Harrell, S. Steen, K. Anderson, T. Mabry 3rd Row - D. Gray, T. Robinson,
 M. Kerr, M.Thomas, C. Braden, C. Appleton, G. Wear, D. Solomon, Director, Bob Cummings                on 2-27-2010 See p.2 and www.sedalia200.com

                                                                                                Photo Below:1946 Boys Glee Club-J.T. Beebe, Karl Brosing, Russell
                                                                                                Cast, Tommy Delph, Jimmie Dittmer, Richard Griffin, Eugene Hargrove,
                                                                                                Kenneth Herndon, James Johnson, Billy Knight, George McFatrich,
                                                                                                Wilbur Moore, Charles Nuzum, Fred Nuzum, Richard Pyor, Staley
                                                                                                Rachin, Billy Rose, Bob Stubinger, Jack Tindle, Frank Urban, Carel
                                                                                                Whiteman, Glenn Williams, Irvin Williams, Donald Blankenship,
                                                                                                Charles Granfield, Rosalie Marshall, accompanist.


                              1961                                          2009


       Above Photo:‘61 Mary Lou               Above Photo: ‘09 Darian Weeks and            Above Photo: 1937 Drum and Bugle Corps - Drum Major, Hazel Rose;
      Barnes in “Babes in Toyland”          ‘10 Dominque Smith at Mr. S. C. Contest        Pres., Alvene Halfman; V.-Pres., Juanita Hall; Director, Mrs. A.R. Beach

        1939                        For a news article by Latisha Koetting about the S-C Class of 1939,go to:                                    1939
                                                                                                                                          Spring 2010               2
 Have your email address published in the next                                           ‘42 Bob Wittman has specialized in the development and
 CONNECTIONS. (Members $4 Non-members $5)                                     application of visually transparent structural materials, including high
  ‘64 Tom Gibbs dltgibbs@kc.rr.com                                            temperature adhesives, interlayers, and lightweight armor. He served in the
                                                                              Army Air Corps from 1942-1946, then attended the Missouri School of
                                                                              Mines and Metallurgy. In 1951, he re-entered active military duty with the
                                                                              Air Force and was assigned to the Air Force Materials Laboratory. As a
                                                                              civilian, he was assigned to the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory to
                                                                              pursue development and application of improved windshield system
                                                                              technology. Bob is an internationally-recognized expert in transparent
                                                                              materials and light-weight armor technology and has organized and
                                                                              chaired five international meetings on “Transparencies for Aerospace
                                                                              Vehicles.” He has published reports and articles in technical journals and
                                                                              has made presentations at national and international technical symposia.
                                                                              Mr. Robert E. (Bob) Wittman serves as an international consultant to
                                                                              government agencies and the aircraft industry in the selection, utilization,
                                                                              processing and installation of protection transparency systems.
                                                                                         A hand-written note, following the biographical sketch above,
                                                                              explained that now he “plays golf, walks his dog, and does a lot of ballroom
1982 Anything Goes - Beanita Dabney, Taz Cantrell and Byron Umbles            dancing!” information submitted by Mr. Robert E. (Bob) Wittman

                 2010 Court-Warming Bash
                                                                                                 S-C Grads showcased 2/27/2010 at the
                                                                                                    Stars of Sedalia Gala
                                                                                                                         in the new S-C

                                                                                              Heckart Performing Arts Center
                                                                                                                     ‘57 Sue Heckart

                                                                                             ‘05 Brent Ryan                                ‘03 Kate Koffman
 Photo below: ‘42 Bob Wittman sent in this photo from a newspaper in the early
 1940’s. The accompanying caption read, “Going all-out for Defense, the girls at                    ‘51 Dr. Laura May Fairfax
 Smith-Cotton High School this week decided to save on street dresses and wear
 slacks to classes, with the approbation of the authorities. The boys were at first
 shocked, then indignant, so they instituted a protest in the form of wearing overalls to       Journalism Scholarship at MU
 school. Pictured here is a group of slack-clad girls and overall-cased boys.”
  The boys are l to r -Bill Slagle, John Cook, Bob Wittman, Herb Bellmer, Jack Murray                 Dr. Fairfax grew up in Sedalia, Missouri,
 The girls are l to r - Doris Mae Russell, Helen Pirtle, Grace Adell Lamm, “Nickie”         and graduated in 1951 from Smith-Cotton High
 Bartholf, Rosemary “Ebo” Whelan                                                            School.
                                                                                                      Dr. Fairfax earned BJ and AB degrees from the
     Slacks vs. Overalls                                                                    University of Missouri-Columbia in 1955, and a Ph.D. from the
                                                     My! How                                University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1971. Dr. Fairfax has
                                                                                            been in private practice of Clinical Psychology for the last 35
                                                   Times have                               years in Jacksonville, Florida. She speculates how nice it
                                                                                            would be for a Smith-Cotton woman to earn this MU
                                                    changed!                                Journalism Scholarship.
                                                                                                      Dr. Laura May Fairfax is endowing a scholarship for
                                                                                            women students at the University of Missouri School of
                                                                                            Journalism. One scholarship shall be awarded each spring to
                                                                                            a female news editorial major who will be senior-level the
                                                                                            following fall in the School of Journalism at MU. Applicants
                                                                                            must have a minimum grade point average of 3.5 (on a 4.0
                                                                                            scale) for the two terms of their junior year at the MU School of
                                                                                            Journalism. Recipient must be a graduate of a Missouri high
                                                                                            school. Partial news release from University of Missouri and Laura Fairfax,
                                                                                            Ph.D., 6744 Linford Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32217, phone 904-730-3211

  CONNECTIONS is a quarterly publication with the purpose of keeping its readers involved, informed, and interested in the Sedalia 200 Public Schools. The mailing list
                                         includes S-C Alumni, School Staff Members, and Supporters of Public Education.
New or Renewed Alumni Association Members                                                                                                     Spring 2010           3
                Your memberships make this newsletter possible; without your help this publication would cease.
‘37 Susan Whiteman Cramer                 ‘48 Chris (Larry) Shy                      ‘54 James Schmitt                         ‘65 Paulette Lewis Hagar
‘41 Jack Curran                           ‘49 Marvin Hanigan                         ‘54 Delores (Dean) Hinken Smith           ‘65 Rita Ratje Mattocks
‘42 Dorothy Wadleigh Jennings             ‘49 Beverly Haggard Harvey                 ‘54 Gordon Williams                       ‘67 Ralph Strader
‘43 Marvin Kanter                         ‘49 Dorothy Towner Kirkpatrick             ‘55 Jerry Jones                           ‘68 Judy Billingsley Neel
‘43 Verda Jean Phillips Taylor            ‘50 Eleanor Oversby Alexander              ‘55 Larry P. Mines                        ‘68 Paulette Reistad Strader
‘44 Frankie Rodgers Roberts               ‘50 Albert Runge Garrett                   ‘55 Vivian Chapin Patterson               ‘68 Nancy Gray Thomason
‘44 Betty Urban Wallick                   ‘50 Donna Knerl Lingle                     ‘56 Delta Murphy                          ‘69 Becky Petree Lynn
‘45 June Decker Harmon                    ‘50 Tom Miller                             ‘56 Janice Fowler Peters                  ‘69 Lanny Maness
‘45 Jean Whitley Heltzinger               ‘51 Beverly Peters Gentry                  ‘57 Joann Iman Lingle                     ‘69 Beverly Reese Sharp
‘45 Bobby C. Salmon                       ‘51 William Miller                         ‘57 Anthony (Tony) Walch                  ‘70 Nancy Dotson Rittenhouse
‘45 Jean Stanfield Berry                  ‘51 William Mathews                        ‘58 Dixie Wilt Meyer                      ‘71 Ruth Ann Gwinn Huie
‘45 Rick Fullerton                        ‘51 Robert Stanley                         ‘59 Beatrice Haggard Kunde                ‘71 Katy Reyburn Maness
‘45 Harry Mosby                           ‘51 Wiley Edward Walter                    ‘59 Mary Staley Simmons                   ‘72 David Bartlett
‘45 Irvin Parks                           ‘52 Janet Seaberg Adams                    ‘60 Carol Hyatt Bolin                     ‘72 Johanna (Jodi)Tornquist Lane
‘46 Deloris Davis Morton                  ‘52 Fred Biggs                             ‘60 Gary Bryan                            ‘72 Buddy Litz
‘46 Rosalie Marshall Stewart              ‘52 Bill Carpenter                         ‘60 Jim Carver                            ‘73 Kathy Goodier Kelley
‘47 Bettye Ellsworth Ryan                 ‘52 Bill Dey                               ‘60 John Hausam                           ‘73 Becky Jaeger Wimann
‘47 Alfred Stoffel                        ‘52 Jonna McKendree Merritt                ‘60 Terry (Buck) Lynn                     ‘74 Dana Branson
‘47 John (Bud) Thomas                     ‘52 Don Morton                             ‘63 Beverly Kueck Keller                  ‘74 Jonna Villella Capps
‘48 Jeanne Gregory Heerman                ‘52 Helen Berry Walter                     ‘64 Tom Gibbs                             ‘79 Chuck Allcorn
‘48 Mary Frances McCurdy Herndon          ‘53 Carol Houk Klein                       ‘64 Jim Hobdy                             ‘83 Daniel Breeden
‘48 Janice McMurdo Cornwall               ‘54 David Menefee                          ‘64 Paul Zimmerschied                     ‘84 Scott Holloway
                                                                                                                               ‘84 Charlotte Antibus Steiner
                                                                                                                               ‘89 Amy Berry Schaumburg
                graduation & Wedding Gift Ideas                                                                                ‘90 Justin Freed
                                                                                                                               ‘93 Dana O’Brien
                    Do Your Shopping here!                                                                                     ‘98 Michael (Adrian) Dawes

#                          Gift Item                          Mem.$        Non-Mem $       Total for item(s)

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    9    ToC 3-D Leaf for Tree of Knowledge                    $300           $300         $
                                                                                                                 Names of donors are engraved on name plates and
    10   ToC Name on Fine Arts Granite Plaque                  $500           $500         $                   placed beside the granite tiger which is 5x6 feet. Those
                                                                                                               funds will be used by the athletic department at Smith-
    11   ToC Name on Athletics Granite Plaque                  $500           $500         $                   Cotton High School. See line 11 on the form to the left.

    12   ToC Black Granite Bench for S-C                      $2500          $2500         $                           SEDALIA SCHOOL DISTRICT FOUNDATION
                                                                                                                         Officers:President, Gena Swearingen;
    13   Classroom or area of S-C                   Prices from $5,000 to $500,000         $                                 Past President, Diana Nichols;
                                                                                                                              President Elect, Angie Dick;
    14   Major Saver Sedalia Restaurant Cards                 $4.00          $5.00         $                                    Treasurer, Ron Toellner;
                                                                                                                                 Secretary, Laura Taylor;
                                                                                                                          Touch of Class Chair, John Meehan
                   (Prices include shipping and handling.)                    Total        $                                Board Members: Betty Albrecht,
                                                                                                                           Brett Barth-Fagan, Sonny Broyles,
Mug, print, and note cards by ‘59                                                                                       Scott Calder, Tim Carr, Deidre Esquivel,
       Myrna Miller Ragar              8x10 matted watercolor print                                                         Gerry Coffelt, Fran Cunningham,
                                                    by                                                                   Ruth Dale, Jim Downing, Angie Dick,
                                          ‘69 Sally Shoemaker                                                            Spencer Eisenmenger, Polly Grapes,
      line 5                                   Armstrong                                                                      Dan Hurley, Robert Koffman,
 mug (old and                                     line 2                                                                   Julie Lindstrom, Dawn McNeeley,
new school on                                                                                                                    Ken Norton, Terri Paul,
     each)                                                                      MEMORY LANE                                   Randy Sparks, Sue Squires,
 lines 3 & 4                                                                2010 TIGER PRIDE BLVD                             Dr. Harriet Wolfe (Ex-Officio)
(print & note                                                                    lines 7, 8 & 12                                  Associate Members:
cards)                                                                                                                            Susan Mitchell Callis,
                                                                                        3-D ceramic leaves              Anna Mae Cain, Ken Coffelt (Ex-Officio),
                                                                                                   line 9                Kim Graves, Jeff Hanes, Carol Klein,
                                                                                                                             Judi Moore, Jeanette Viebrock

                                                                                                                             S-C ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                                EXECUTIVE BOARD
                                                                                                               ‘68 Ken Norton, ‘73 Kathy Kempton, ‘79 Chuck Allcorn,
                                                                                                                     ‘68 Ellen Cromley Cable, ‘92 Wade Norton
                                                                                     Order Form                                   Spring 2010     4
    Wanted: a 1953 Archives and a 1973 Archives for             1-SCAA - Alumni Membership - Dues help with newsletter costs
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      two S-C grads who are missing their books.               and make you eligible for special prices on items.
  HEY! Are your adult children, brothers,                       2-SCAA-Lifetime Alumni Membership (never pay again!) Dues help
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 we’ll see that they receive CONNECTIONS.                      4-Alumni Association Hall of Fame Expense Fund (to fund future
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 ‘49 Peggy Thomas Pearl
                                                               10-Commemorative Booklet-2009 Education Celebration
                                                               (cost includes Shipping and Handling) $23.00
                                                                               Write checks to SSDF at P.O. Box 2505,              Total    $
  ‘71 Barbara Schrader, daughter of the late                                                Sedalia, MO 65302-2505
 Geraldine Schrader, had several old 33 mm                                   Membership and/or Change of Address Information for
   film clips saved to a DVD, creating a visual                          ___ S-C Alumni Association ____Friends of the FOUNDATION
piece of S-C history. The DVD includes a few
   events from 1961 - 1967, including football                 *Last Name__________________*Maiden______________ *First ______________
 clips, homecoming half-time band shows and
 musical variety shows. Barbara has given us                   *Spouse’s Name __________________________* S-C Class of________
the permission to copy the DVD. If you or your
class reunion would like to check out the DVD                  Address______________________*City______________ *State____ Zip_______
  and copy it for your use, contact Ruth at the
Foundation office. We will only check it out for               Home Phone____________________ Home Email_________________________
        a week at a time. Thanks, Barbara!
                                                               *Were you an officer in your graduation class? If so, what office?______________
  PARTICIPATION in the Touch of Class                           *High School email published in CONNECTIONS: $4 members/
                                                               15- Have yourActivities: _______________________________________________
       the Education Celebration,                              $5 non-members
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                               Monday, June 28th - 1:00 p.m. Shotgun start
                                                    Cookout lunch will start at 11:00 a.m.

                               Sedalia Country Club
                               To help ‘Keep Education a Priority’
                               $100 / person (includes carts, range balls, golf shirt, prizes and lunch)
                                                  Make your own team or sign up individually

                               4 person scramble
This tournament is open to anyone interested - family, friends & supporters!
                                Number of flights will be based on number of entries
         Top three places will be awarded within each flight ~ All prizes will be paid out in pro shop credit
                                         Mulligans available at registration
                            Proper golf attire is required — No jeans or T-shirts, please

             Questions? Contact Jeff Hanes at www.jahpga@charter.net or (660)826-2230

     Player #1:         __________________________________
     Player #2:         __________________________________
     Player #3:         __________________________________
     Player #4:         __________________________________
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Name: _______________________________
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Phone: ___________ Email _______________                                                       $____________
Mail registration form to: Sedalia School District Foundation, Inc. - P.O. Box 2505 - Sedalia, MO - 65302-2505
       Where Are You Now? What Are You Doing?                                          Touch of Class Donors              Spring 2010         7
‘45 Bobby Salmon and his wife, Vila Jean, live in Sedalia.               Touch of Class DONORS                Memory Lane Pavers
Bobby retired from SBC in 1985. At S-C he was involved in all           received after 10/20/09               ‘38 Fred Bockelman
                                                                                                              ‘45 Class of 1945
athletics.                                                                                                    ‘46 Mary Jo Vilmer Means
‘48 Richard C. “Pete” & Vivian Brown live in Kansas City MO.            Memory Lane Bench
                                                                                                              ‘48 John Means
                                                                        ‘45 Class of 1945
Pete was the Student Council President in 1948. He                      ‘63 Willis Young
                                                                                                              ‘53 Class of 1953
                                                                                                              ‘54 Charles H. Brady
participated in football, basketball, and track. He retired in 1990     ‘67 Leah Scott Young
                                                                                                              ‘63 Beverly Kueck Keller
from teaching Industrial Arts. He was the State President of the        Olen Howard
                                                                                                              ‘67 Ralph Strader
                                                                        William Franklin
Industrial Arts Educators and received a Distinguished Educator         Amy Dey
                                                                                                              ‘68 Philip Luce
award from Central Missouri State University.                           Classroom Donations
                                                                                                              ‘68 Paulette Reistad Strader
                                                                                                              ‘69 Mark Kempton
‘57 Joann Iman Lingle and her husband, Gordon, live in Gun              ‘67 John Kempton
                                                                                                              ‘77 Nicki Rhoads Kelley
Barrel, TX. Joann was a radio and news reporter at S-C. She             ‘69 Mark Kempton
                                                                                                              ‘83 Sonny & Lori Broyles
                                                                        ‘73 Kathy Kempton
lettered in band and in School Service, and was in FTA. She             ‘78 Chuck Kempton
                                                                                                              ‘86 Warren Dey
                                                                                                              ‘91 Dawn Burnett McNeeley
retired in 2000 after being a product planner for IBM. She has          ‘45 Jewell Lowrey
                                                                                                              ‘93 Delaina Ridenour
been a church organist in several churches as IBM moved them            Gallery Tree
                                                                                                              Sande Cromwell
                                                                        ‘37 Susan Whiteman Cramer
four times. Gordon and Joann have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.           ‘93 Kathy Loftus Kohler
                                                                                                              Susan Mitchell Callis
‘64 Tom & Diana Gibbs live in Overland Park, KS. Tom is a               ‘93 Sarah Broyles Rea
                                                                                                              Judee Letourneau Mabry
                                                                                                              Eleanor Van Nada
business owner now, but at S-C he was into sports (football &           The Dale Waite Family
                                                                                                              Pete Villanueva
track.) He recently joined the Association and then paid $4 to
have his email address put on page 2. We hope he’ll hear from                              New or Renewed
some old high school friends. -editor                                           FRIENDS OF THE FOUNDATION MEMBERS

                    **SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS                             ‘42 Anna Mae Gerster Cain            Brett Barth-Fagan
                                                                        ‘42 Bob Wittman                      Lori Broyles
‘51 E.E.Gene Williams - Bill G. Arnold Scholarship in memory of Mike    ‘44 Betty Urban Wallick              Fran Cunningham
          Arnold                                                        ‘45 Harry Mosby                      Ruth Dale
‘55 Larry Mines - Bill G. Arnold Scholarship                            ‘46 Irvin Williams                   Alma Dey
                                                                        ‘47 Bettye Ellsworth Ryan            Jim Downing
‘57 Anthony (Tony) Walch - Alumni Association Scholarship
                                                                        ‘48 Chris (Larry) Shy                Deidre Esquivel
‘64 Tom Gibbs - Sharon Maggard-Mateja Scholarship                       ‘51 Robert Stanley                   Polly Grapes
‘68 Keith Yount - Bill G. Arnold Scholarship in memory of Mike Arnold   ‘52 Jonna McKendree Merritt          Kim Graves
‘71 Sarah Spence - Joan Walker Scholarship in memory of Richard B.      ‘53 Carol Houk Klein                 Jeff Hanes
                                                                        ‘54 David Menefee                    Robert Koffman
          & Margaret R. Spence                                          ‘54 Gordon Williams                  John Meehan
‘83 Julie Ryan Lindstrom - Joan Walker Scholarship                      ‘57 Richard Bremer                   Judi Moore
‘88 Julia Mothersbaugh Hunt - Eva Mothersbaugh Scholarship              ‘59 Judy Howard Mitts                Randy Sparks
                                                                        ‘60 Carol Hyatt Bolin                Sue Squires
Sedalia PTA Council - Joe Arbisi Scholarship
                                                                        ‘60 Gary Bryan                       Gena Swearingen
 ** KEEPING EDUCATION A PRIORITY: DONATIONS                             ‘64 Jim Hobdy                        Laura Taylor
‘38 Class of 1938                                                       ‘68 Ellen Cromley Cable              Ron Toellner
‘53 Carol Houk Klein                                                    ‘68 Ken Norton                       Jeanette Viebrock
                                                                        ‘69 Ken Coffelt                      Dr. Harriet Wolfe
‘54 James Schmitt                                                       ‘69 Lanny Maness                     Reva Woodward
‘56 Delta Blaue Murphy                                                  ‘71 Katy Rayburn Maness
‘57 Richard Bremer                                                      ‘72 Carl Prall
                                                                        ‘72 Theresa Hunt Eads
‘68 Keith Yount in honor of his mother, ‘41Dorothy Yount                                                        New LIFETIME Friend of
                                                                        ‘73 Gerry Davis Coffelt
‘83 Sonny & Lori Broyles                                                ‘73 Kathy Goodier Kelley               the Foundation Members
Brett Barth -Fagan                                                      ‘73 Becky Jaeger Wimann
                                                                        ‘75 Terri Vodicka Paul                   ‘75 Terri
** INSTRUMENTS FOR SUCCESS **                                           ‘76 Diana Frisbee Nichols
‘69 Lanny & ‘71 Katy Raburn Maness                                      ‘81 Dan Hurley                         Vodicka Paul
                                                                        ‘83 Daniel Breeden
                                                                        ‘83 Sonny Broyles
                                                                        ‘83 Julie Ryan Lindstrom
                                                                        ‘84 Tim Carr
                                                                        ‘91 Dawn Burnett McNeeley              ‘79
                                                                        ‘95 Spencer Eisenmenger                Scott Calder
                                                                        ‘96 Angie Broaddus Dick
                                                                        ‘00 Holly Maness
                                                                        ‘04 Mindy Maness
                                                                        Betty Albrecht

                                                                        Photo left:Seated - Margie McLaughlin, Peggy Ellis, Norma Jean Walz,
                                                                        Ruth Ann Keuper, Allene Hall, Norma Milburn, Mary Catherine Waters,
                                                                        Luella Smith, Wilma Schilb, Anna Rose Baker, Jean Foster, Beryl Evans
                                                                        2nd row - Bobby Holtzen, Myron Herrick, John Heiss, Charles Vaught,
                                                                        Peggy Williams, Margie Ghosen, Stella Sperber, Anita Isgur, Carolee
                                                                        Johnson, Charles Rayl, Jimmy Dittmer, Marvin Hanigan 3rd Row - Bill
                                                                        Barber, Bill Potter, Eddie Oversby, Emmett Fairfax, Ronald Gates, Cleo
                                                                        Wissman, Billy Schwenk, Bob Rodecker, Larry Shy, Bill Monsees, Leroy
                                                                        Iuchs, Bill Funkhouser Top Row - Bob Burford, Frank Potts, John Means,
                                                                        Larry Vilmer, Kenneth Bergman, Eddie Brummett, Miss Snell, Leo Eickhoff,
                                                                        Ralph Walker, Ralph Waters, Don Walz, Pete Brown
                             1948 Student Council
                   The Sedalia School District FOUNDATION, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.
                                                                                                                                    NONPROFIT ORG
Sedalia School District Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2505                                                                                                                       US POSTAGE PAID
Sedalia, MO 65302-2505
                                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 217


                                              Address Service Requested

                        REUNION PLANS                               Where are the reunion plans for ‘40, ‘45, ‘50, ‘55, ‘60,
                  ‘70 - Saturday, July 24th, 2010 at Walnut Hills           ‘65, ‘75, ‘80, ‘90, ‘95, 2000 & 2005?
                 Country Club starting at 6:30pm. There will also
                 be a "meet & greet" Friday evening, but time and         Jack Isgur Kansas City Star Feature News Story
                    place have not yet been determined for that.        Check out the great article about ‘54, Jack Isgur in the
                Diana Webb is class contact. Special note: If you   January 25, 2010 Kansas City Star. ‘54 Lois Thurman Bohon
                      are a member of the 1970 Smith-Cotton             called the office to ask Ruth to place this article in this
  graduating class and have any of your elementary school class            CONNECTIONS edition. Visit the address below.
      pictures, please contact John Schmidt @ 287-6017 or              http://www.kansascity.com/105/story/1705084-p2.html
 es5sunburst@charter.net. We would like to make copies of them
               and would return them to you ASAP.
                                                                                                 STAPLES REWARDS CHECKS
   ‘85 - July 30, 2010 6:00 p.m. to August 1, 2010 Plans will          Anyone who shops at STAPLES or recycles ink cartridges or toners there can
                                                                     sign up for a REWARDS card at no cost. A REWARDS check then is sent to you
 be announced later. Angie Morris is the class contact.              several times a year. If you receive your REWARDS check, we invite you to mail
 October 8, 2010 - FREE Foundation Tailgate                         it to us. We will send you a tax receipt for the “in kind “donation, and we’ll use the

 Party from 5:00 - Game Time at J.J. Stadium
                                                                      check to purchase office supplies. Such REWARDS checks saved us over $50
                                                                            on a new printer for the office! We would really appreciate your help!

                                                                    Check out this news article about ‘45 Irvin Parks

                                                                Homecoming is on October 8, 2010 !
                                                          When it’s time to plan your class reunion, call the Foundation. You may
                                                          hire us to make, print, assemble, and mail the invitations, as well as
                                                          collect the reservations and payment in the self-addressed envelope that
                                                          we’ll provide. The cost is $200 plus $1 per address. We’ll provide all the
                                                          materials as part of this offer. AS ALWAYS - your class list is provided
                                                          to the planners of any S-C reunion FREE! Call 660-829-2562 or email
                                                          us at schfound@iland.net.

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