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June 08 Newsletter... - LMS June 2008 Newsletter Final Proof


									LMS 2008

It is fitting that LMS should be presenting its Summer Concert at Roy Bridge
during this, its 21st birthday year. The Music School’s association with the
Braes of Lochaber has always been very strong. Indeed, it was founded by our
eminent cellist and teacher Audrey Scott of Insh, who throughout the last
twenty one years, along with her Music School colleagues, has introduced so
many Lochaber youngsters to the joys of string playing. We are proud that
many Music School students from this area have gone on to forge distin-
guished careers in music, such as violinist Donald Grant and cellist Clare Sar-
gent, and more recently, cellist Duncan Strachan. Other ex-pupils, like violin-
ist and viola player Sandy Rogers, have followed different career paths but
continue to enjoy music making at the highest level.
Whilst the Braes of Lochaber has always been fertile ground for the Music School, our pupils come,
of course, from all areas of Lochaber. And they will all be performing at our Summer Concert on
Saturday, 21st June (6.30pm). Music will include songs performed by Lochaber Youth Choir
(conducted by Christopher Josey), a Music School initiative supported by YMI (Scottish Arts Coun-
cil) which features children from every corner of Lochaber. Our LMS Orchestra (conducted by
Monica Das and Peter Rose) will perform excerpts from Handel’s Water Music, ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’
(from the film – ‘The Mission’) and Vivaldi’s Concerto for 2 Cellos and Strings (soloists: Martainn
Skeene and Rufus Huggan). We welcome especially our invited wind players who have joined us for
several rehearsals during the past few months: in particular, Laura MaCallum (sister of viola player,
Jennifer) who will be the soloist in the 2nd Movement of Camilleri’s Clarinet Concerto.

Traditional music will, of course, also be strongly in evidence—and there will be the usual sprinkling
of solos. And for this concert, we are delighted to welcome our very youngest children from three
very important LMS programmes: Sound Start, Beginner Strings and Junior Strings. We look
forward to hearing them all as they climb the first rungs of their musical ladder!

At this concert, we shall be saying a sad ‘Goodbye’ to Duncan and Catriona Bullivant who have
both won places at the Plockton School of Excellence for Traditional Music. Our heartiest congratu-
lations to both—we shall certainly miss them.

The concert should be over by 8pm approx. There will be a fundraising raffle and home-produce
stall. A most enjoyable evening is surely on the cards, so please do come along to the Village Hall
and support these very special young people!
Regretfully, we’ve had to postpone September’s Birthday Celebration Workshops and Concert. Un-
fortunately, we met an unbelievable number of obstacles that were in danger of seriously compromis-
ing the event’s success.

Steve King of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, who was to direct the event, totally understands our
situation and supports our action; thankfully, he is very willing to be involved in any future plans. So
we thank him for his enthusiasm for the project and will definitely get back to him when new plans
are finalised..

One of the highlights of the celebrations was to be the first performance of a new work commissioned
by the Music School. We are delighted that Duncan Strachan, presently at Oxford University,
agreed to write a celebration work for Strings; this will definitely go ahead as planned but at a rear-
ranged date yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, please watch this space...

We have very much enjoyed the use of the hostel throughout the last 18 months. It has been
very much a home for the Music School family—as well as a rehearsal centre for the
Lochaber Community Wind Band and various other musical groups.

However, the High School’s rebuilding programme is unfortunately having a knock-in ef-
fect for us. The P.E. Department are being re-housed temporarily in the main body of the
hostel whilst the P.E. school buildings are being demolished and rebuilt.

This obviously seriously affects us! We have been promised the use of both floors at the far
end of the hostel. This is a much smaller area—but beggars can’t be choosers! (We have
been advised that by keeping our foot in the door, we are more likely to claim the hostel
back when eventually the P.E. department move back to their new premises).

The new entrance for Music School will be at the REAR of the building. Access to the area
is an issue of concern at the moment. Because of contractors’ vehicles etc., access may
well have to be via the pathway to the side and rear of the Educational Offices. We have
not been given very clear directives yet - but we shall certainly let you know full details in
good time for the new term.

We shall no longer have the use of the kitchen area, but we shall designate one of our larger
rooms just by the new rear entrance as a Waiting Room/Tuck Shop/Social Area!

During the summer holidays, we intend to wield paint and brush - offers of help from
parents would be much appreciated!!!!
    NOTEWORTHY                                           LOCHABER
                                                      MUSIC FESTIVAL 2008
      EVENTS                                     Music Schoool enjoyed great success
                                                   in Solo and Ensemble classes:
February Orchestral Workshop
Nigel Boddice led a weekend orchestral          * The LMS Traditional Group coached by
workshop and concert on 16th/17th               Deirdre MacDonald was awarded the highest
February.                                       mark of the Festival;
Several Lochaber Music School tutors,           The Beginner Strings group (coached by
Students and friends joined members of          Rosemary Galer) was truly FANTASTIC and
the Lochaber Community Wind Band in             given a wonderful report by the Adjudicator;
very enjoyable rehearsals of the Unfin-
                                                Junior Strings gave a commendable per-
ished Symphony by Schubert and
‘Land of the Mountain and the Flood’            formance despite some ensemble timing
by Hamish McGunn. The Strings also              problems - so well done to all!
performed a movement from Elgar’s               The Braes Quartet carried on the much val-
‘Serenade’.                                     ued LMS tradition of high quality chamber
                                                music making and gave a lovely performance
The concert took place in the Nevis Cen-
tre at the end of the Mountain Festival
                                                of a Haydn Quartet movement;
week. The whole event was much val-             * The LMS Orchestra (under Monica Das)
ued by all who took part. We are sure it        gave a sparkling performance of Handel’s
won’t be too long before another similar        Concerto Grosso and was much commended
event is organised.
                                                by the Adjudicator;
Many thanks to Hege, John, Lorna and            * The Lochaber Youth Choir (directed by
Peter for their vital organisational imput.     Christopher Josey) won a magnificent trophy
                                                for their spirited professional performance;
STRONTIAN SPRING CONCERT                        * There were many fine individual solo per-
On May 3rd, Music School joined forces          formances throughout the age ranges but two
with Stella Nova, the Mallaig Ladies Choir,     pupils in particular deserve special mention:
conducted by Christopher Josey. A large         Helena Rose (coached by Monica) won the
audience enjoyed an excellent varied concert    Junior Lochaber Musician of the Year
which also featured Lochaber Youth              Award; and Martainn Skeene (coached by
Choir, several LMS soloists and our two         Audrey Scott) won the Senior Lochaber
chamber ensembles: the Glen Coe Trio and        Musician of the Year Award.
the Braes Quartet.
Thanks to the Sunart Centre for hosting
this enjoyable concert - we hope to be back
                                                Helena and Martainn (accompanied by Peter
in the future.                                  Rose and Festival Secretary Ian Strachan )were
                                                invited to play at the Rotary Club’s Lunch at
LMS sends its best wishes and thanks to         the Alexandra Hotel in May. As well as en-
Joan, Matron at the Hostel who, now that        joying a superb meal, they also each received
the last resident pupil has finally left, re-   a cheque for £25. Congratulations to both of
tires to a more relaxing and peaceful life!     them.
In May, LMS benefited once again from the generosity of the Loch Shiel Festival committee who kindly
arranged for a visit from Charles Mutter (violin), Jessica Beeston (viola) and Rick Standley (Double
Bass). They were joined by Austrian accordionist Karin Kustner.
The string trio gave a sensational opening performance of Charles’ own arrangement of Monti’s Czar-
das, written specially for the occasion. This was indeed inspirational playing—how lucky all our young
people, including our Sound Start children, were to witness it! The evening continued with excellent mas-
ter classes devoted to violin, viola and double bass and accordian. The final orchestra rehearsal was
taken by Rick who concentrated on the jazz-style piece, ‘Groovy Strings’ while his colleagues worked
alongside the Junior Strings.
This was another vital musical experience for our players—we look forward eagerly to next year’s visit.

A new era dawns as Lochaber College prepares to collaborate with LMS. With ever-rising costs, we
were concerned we may have to increase pupil fees. However, we also understood that with petrol
prices rocketing, transport costs make LMS attendance more costly by the minute! It was with par-
ticularly good timing, therefore, that Lochaber College’s Principal, Lawrence Young, generously
offered to support LMS by subsidising our pupil/teacher contact time. All our parents will be required
to register their children with Lochaber College in order for us to benefit from this funding. LMS will
then receive an ongoing grant that will allow us to maintain our present fees into the foreseeable
future. More information will be sent to parents soon. Please be assured: there are no hidden
catches to you or Music School - only considerable benefits! (which include free use of
College’s resources such as I.T .and Library.)

LMS offers an exciting variety of musical activities designed to complement and enrich the string educa-
tion of our Lochaber youngsters. Our weekly centre, staffed by 10 highly qualified and experienced
tutors, takes place every Tuesday in term time - from 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm at the Camaghael Hostel,
situated opposite the new Health Centre, adjacent to Lochaber High School.

LMS proudly caters for all abilities and ages, offering weekly solo, ensemble and orchestral experi-
ence, supported by classes in musicianship, theory, aurals, improvisation, singing and traditional music -
and even handbell ringing! There are also opportunities to have lessons on piano and clarsach, and in
those cases where the instrument is not offered at the pupil’s school, on woodwind too.

LMS is a charitable foundation, generously supported by grants from the Highland Council, the Scot-
tish Arts Council (YMI), Foyle Foundation and others. However, to help balance our books, we do
need to make a small charge to pupils, the equivalent of £3.00 per full Tuesday session. Sound Start
pupils and Choir members contribute £1 per session. Bursary funding is available in some cases.

LMS always welcomes new faces! Please inform your string teacher if you would like to come to one
or two sessions in order to try out the LMS activities! Alternatively, parents may like to ring Musical
Director, Peter Rose. He will be only too pleased to offer further information and help.

                                                                               THE NEW TERM
              Peter Rose (Music Director)                01397712882
                                                                               COMMENCES ON
              Hilary Earnshaw (Administration)           01631740322
              Christopher Josey (Choral Director)        07793824425             TUESDAY,
              Mary Brennan (Finance)                     01397772950            AUGUST 26th

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