; Amcor - glass wine bottle plant_ Gawler_ South Australia
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Amcor - glass wine bottle plant_ Gawler_ South Australia


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									                                Amcor - glass wine bottle
                                plant, Gawler, South Australia

                                The first dedicated wine bottle manufacturing facility in Australia has been
                                built in South Australia by Leighton Contractors on behalf of packaging
                                giant, Amcor.The $130 million plant is located at Gawler, SA, 15 minutes
Australia                       from the Barossa Valley, Australia’s largest wine growing region. The plant
                                will use state-of-the-art German technology and output over 200 million
                                750ml wine bottles a year in a specific range of shapes and colours.


Matrix MSW110 10amp single
pole key-operated surface
Matrix MSO310 3-pin IP66
socket outlets
Matrix MC series IP66 10amp,
15amp, 20amp, 32amp and
50amp switched socket outlets
on mounting blocks

                                The project included the 32,000 square metre manufacturing facility, an
                                18,000 square metre warehouse, support workshops and office complex.
                                Leighton Contractors, one of Australia’s leading construction contractors,
                                was the pro-active force behind this development, purchasing the land
                                and promoting the concept to Amcor. Leightons also sourced the
                                contractors, awarding the contract for the electrical works to Nilsen
                                Electrical Contracting. Nilsen used PDL Matrix switches and socket outlets
                                throughout the complex.
                                The Matrix products were supplied by local electrical wholesaler Lawrence
                                & Hanson.

                                Order: January 2002 onwards Commission: May 2002
Australia                                      The project
                                               The main challenge for this project was providing power outlets in the
                                               manufacturing plant. With molten glass being produced, conditions are
                                               hot, wet and oily and it is considered a harsh environment on equipment,
                                               particularly in the vicinity of the furnace. The furnace is 1600 degrees C
                                               inside and around 45 degrees C outside. Some lighting components were
                                               initially mounted under the furnace but they all melted, so equipment had
                                               to be mounted well away from this main heat source.

                                               The utilities building, which handles all process and cooling water for the
                                               plant, also had wet conditions which were less than ideal for electrical
AT A GLANCE                                    equipment.

Matrix MSW110 10amp single pole key-operated   As well, the construction project was being carried out within a tight time
surface switches                               frame.The equipment also had to meet IP56 standard.

Matrix MSO310 3-pin IP66 socket outlets        The solution

Matrix MC series IP66 10amp, 15amp, 20amp,     Nilsen Electrical had previously chosen Matrix products for use on
32amp and 50amp switched socket outlets on     another glass bottling plant project, mainly because of price. Product
mounting blocks                                performance at that site had been good and the Matrix Amcor tender was
                                               competitive, so Nilsen again chose to go with Matrix for the Amcor plant.

                                               Thousands of items of PDL Matrix equipment used throughout the site
                                               included isolators; socket outlets for machine servicing; socket outlets for
                                               every light in the massive warehouse; and two combination outlets for
                                               each workbench in the workshop. All equipment was standard.
                                               In spite of some hold-ups, the completed project was handed over to
                                               Amcor two months ahead of schedule.

                                               The Matrix equipment has continued to perform well with no
                                               replacements needed so far. Amcor’s maintenance people did have
                                               concerns about using the Matrix outlets in the workshop welding bay as
                                               they were not metal, but they have performed well. Matrix equipment is
                                               being purchased on an ongoing basis to meet additional needs.


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