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									JANUARY                               Rush Hill United Reformed Church
                                                                 Frome Road, Bath
                                      Dear Friends
Rev Maurene O’Hagan and               As we begin a new year our three churches face many challenges. But for all of
Rev Ron Garner                        our talk about change, I believe that any church needs to have at its core a
Tel: 01225 426882                     programme of continuing Christian education. The method of ‘pulpit to
SECRETARY:                            congregation communication alone’ is fast becoming unconvincing and even
Jackie Jones                          detrimental to the vast majority of people. Since that is the way most churches
Tel: 01225 840665                     choose to communicate, younger generations are staying away in droves.
Clive Shellard
Tel: 01225 833427                     It is up to those of us who are still active in the life of a church to recover the
                                      urgency and freshness of the message of Jesus. The Living the Questions
                                      programme is a DVD based resource that is aimed at not only searchers but allows
ACTIVITIES                            people who have spent much of their lives in the church to proclaim and live out
SUNDAYS                               their faith in an exciting new way.
10.30 am Morning Worship
                                      This spring we will be offering the first segment of Living the Questions in three
HOLY COMMUNION                        evenings. Each evening will cover two sessions. Each session is comprised of a
Every 2nd Sunday morning              20 minute video segment which will leave sufficient time for discussion and
                                      reflection. If you cannot attend any or all of the three evenings you may use the
5.00 pm Rainbows                      materials at home by yourself or in a group (a portable DVD player can be
6.00 pm Brownies                      provided). We will also be offering separate sessions for a group of our younger
                                      folks from Larkhall that will be arranged separately.
9.30 am Ramblers                      People know that at its core, Christianity has something good to offer humanity. At
7.00 pm Guides                        the same time, many have a sense that they are alone in being a "thinking"
                                      Christian and that "salvaging" Christianity is a hopeless task. What is needed is a
CALENDAR FOR                          safe environment where people have permission to ask the questions they've
JANUARY                               always wanted to ask but have been afraid to voice for fear of being thought a
4th    10.30am Morning Service
                               Living the Questions is a source of curriculum and media for both seekers and
       led by Rev Dr Hazel Starritt
                               "church alumni/ae" convinced that Christianity still has relevance in the 21st
11th 10.30am Morning Worship   Century. Providing a variety of flexible resources, Living the Questions can help
     and Holy Communion led by people explore the future of Christianity and what a meaningful faith can look like in
     Rev Ron Garner            today's world.
18th   10.30am Morning
                                      The evening sessions are scheduled for 8 January, 12 March and 14 May at 7.00
25th   10.30am Morning Worship        pm. They will be held in the John Williams room at Central United Reformed
        led by Rev Ron Garner         Church. I hope to see you there.


Sunday School Christmas Outing
On the 6th December we went to Avon Valley with Sunday School. When we got there we had to
go to the play barn before we got onto the Tractor that led us to the train. We all hopped onto the
train for a ride in and out of the pitch black tunnels. After getting off the train the train driver took
us to SANTA! One by one Santa had a talk with us about how we are excited and how old we are
and also our names. After the talk Santa gave out our pressies then we had another ride on the train that was
so fun. Then after the train ride we went to the play barn on the tractor for some fun and games. When we
had had enough we all jumped into the cars and drove to McDonalds. We all had a happy meal that made us
all very happy (yum. Yum). Then we went back to the church where we had a piece of chocolate cake and
opened our presents. That was a great day. Thank you for taking us.

Looking back on December 2008
What a month December turned out to be! So busy, yet so rewarding. For the benefit of friends who were not able to be with us,
here is a brief account of what has taken place

December 6th— The Sunday School children enjoyed their Christmas treat during the day and later at 6pm 44 of us sat down in
Room 1 to a fish and chip supper (out of the paper) we all went into church, sat in groups, drank tea and sang carols on request
for about an hour. This has become very popular and we were pleased to welcome friends from St Philips and Larkhall—
Verdict—a very enjoyable time.

December 9th—The Rainbows and Brownies enjoyed their own Carol Service
December 10th—The Sunshine Pre-School held their Nativity Service in the Church. Our own minister Ron led the Service.
Unfortunately he had been held up on his way because of a traffic accident and arrived a bit late, but once here he welcomed all
parents, grandparents and friends. As is now customary, children came across from St Philips and St James School and
entertained us with their singing. The little ones did their part well as Ron told the familiar story. It was a joy to see the church
filled with so many children, young and old. Later we were invited to stay for coffee, lemonade and biscuits, all laid on by our new
Coffee Shop team.

December 11th— The Rush Hill Ramblers met together at the Cross Keys, Rode for their annual Christmas lunch. There were
26 altogether, all of whom have walked with us at some time over the years and it was good to meet up again. Our reminiscing
was touched with sadness as we have just recently lost one of our popular members, Tony Sweet. The meal itself was enjoyable
with all the trimmings. We were pleased that Ron and Maurene were able to share in this time together.
December 20th – Carol Singing. Unfortunately because so many of our regulars were suffering with coughs and colds only 8 of
us turned up, b ut after meeting for coffee at 10.30am we sang for a while outside the chemist then along to the Co-op. We sang
lustily for almost an hour collecting £31 plus a generous donation of £10 just previously given. This money went towards the
Christian Aid appeal. Our special thanks go to Mike Priscott, for playing his trumpet for us—and to Jenny for supporting us,
without Mike, I don’t think we would have been heard. It was good to be able to witness in this way.
December 21st —The morning Service was led by our dear friend Rev Cyril Grant. Normally this would have been a Nativity
Service but because so few children were available, we decided to include them in a tableau during the evening service, which
was, if course, our Carols by Candlelight service. Although we have no minister to preside, the service was enjoyable with
Gordon taking the lead and members doing the readings. The children took their part well and we say thank you to them and to
their teachers for their help.
December 24th—We held our Midnight Communion Service. 11 of us met at 11pm for coffee ad mince pies and at 11.30 we
entered the Church for what turned out to be a very intimate service with both Ron and Maurene taking part. It was good to
welcome friends from Central and Larkhall.
December 25th—We met at 11am with Rev Ron Garner leading the service and this again was an enjoyable, special time. After
wishing each other the very best for Christmas we returned home to enjoy our Christmas lunch.

This really has been a busy month, bush that is for all those responsible for planning, preparing for all these activities, too many to
mention, but I am sure you would like me to say a special thank you to Eileen and Peggy for decorating the Church so effectively
and to Clair and Jackie for providing the music for all our services and last but not least the ladies who do all the catering.

It just remains for me to express thanks on behalf of everyone and to everyone for the exchange of cards and the messages of
good will that they contain.

Sincere wishes for a Happy and Peaceful New Year


Sunday School
On Saturday December 6th, our 7 Sunday School children had a lovely day together at Avon Valley Country
Park. We set off from the Church at 10am and got to Keynsham just in time to jump onto the tractor and trailer that
took us through the park ready to catch the small train. The Santa special then took the children to Santa's grotto
where each child was given a pre-Christmas present. After one more trip on the train, the tractor and trailer took us
all back to the play barn where the children enjoyed an hour of indoor play on the assault courses there. Before
heading back home, we stopped for lunch at McDonalds and returned happy but tired (adults too!) at 2.30.

Coffee Shop
Thank you to all our regular customers who have supported us in our new venture. We re-open on Wednesday
January 7th from 9.30 - 11.00 offering a selection of hot drinks, and toast with butter and jam or marmalade. So
why not come along for a late breakfast or just coffee and a natter. You are assured of a warm welcome!

FLOWERS                                           CHURCH CLEANING                              CHILDRENS ROTA
Jan      4th      Delphine Thorne                 Jan       4th      Maintenance Team          Jan      4th       Jackie
         11th     Sue and Richard Thurston                  11th     Mrs J Jones                        11th      Sue
         18th     Miss Audrey Child                         18th     Miss A Child                       18th      Carol
         25th     Mrs Tilly Sharpe                          25th     Mrs E Rumble                       25th      Jackie
Feb      1st      Mrs Gwen Reakes                 Feb       1st      Maintenance Team          Feb      1st       Sue
         8th      Peggie and Ernie Rann                     8th      Mrs C Rumble                       8th       Carol
CHURCHES TOGETHER                                           USE OF CHURCH ROOMS
On Tuesday December 16th we were invited to join          I do wonder if many of us realise how much our church rooms are
friends at Central for a fish and chip supper (again out
                                                          being used each week?
of the paper) and an evening of light entertainment.
Just a few of us at Rush Hill were able to go, but we did
enjoy the whole evening.                                  These are the different organisations currently using our church and
On Wednesday December 17th, 4 of us were lucky
enough to be able to join with friends on a coach trip to   Sunshine Pre-school—each morning
Cardiff. The aim was to spend some time for some last       Jill Kelly Tap Dancers—twice a week
minute shopping and to enjoy the Candlelit Carol            Rainbows/Brownies—each Tuesday evening
Concert in St David’s Hall. At 1pm we met at Rush Hill,     Guides—each Thursday evening
picked up friends from Central and Lambridge and then
                                                            Music with Mummy—each Friday morning
travelled in comfort to Cardiff—arriving at approximately
2.30 pm. The weather was quite cold and we were glad        Coffee Shop— each Wednesday morning for 1½ hours during term
really to find somewhere warm to eat and to look at the     time
wonderful Christmas lights.                                 Jerome Recorder Players—Once a month on a Saturday in the
The concert, itself, was brilliant with the orchestra       Parkinson’s Disease Society—meet twice a month, once for a
dressed in period costume, supported by a large mixed       committee meeting and once for a therapy session
choir, all dressed in red. We thoroughly enjoyed
singing many favourite carols and the light-hearted         And a new group call Weight Management Exercise Class will meet
atmosphere. Eventually we arrived home just before
                                                            each Tuesday afternoon

We were pleased that Carol and Clair are willing to be      So I feel that we are even more a Community Church and hope that this
part of the Planning Committee and we thank them and        year will be a Good Year for everyone.
the rest of the Committee for what has turned out to be
very successful activities—not the least in knowing that    I almost forgot to mention that we have a very loyal hardworking
we are getting to ‘know’ each other better at these joint   Maintenance Team that meet every Monday for a few hours helping to
events.                                                     make our Church and rooms clean, pleasant and welcoming.

Thank you to all who have donated to the Leprosy Mission in the last few months. I was able to send off a cheque for
£200 just before Christmas. The 'thank you' letter from The Leprosy Mission is displayed in Room 1, but readers of
our newsletter may be interested in this excerpt from their letter:-
"Santoshi developed leprosy at 10 years old. She arrived at The Leprosy Mission's Bethesda Hospital in Champa, India,
full of hope for a cure and a bright future ahead of her. She was treated with multidrug therapy, which cured her
completely, and also was admitted for reconstructive surgery on her right hand. Santoshi says she left the hospital with,
'resurrected hope for a normal life. But the social stigma did not allow me to return back to my native place and I was very
hurt.' This must have been a painful experience for Santoshi. However this bright, determined woman did not let the cruel
rejection hold her back. Today she is the leader of a Leprosy Mission self-help group, supporting and encouraging people
affected by leprosy and disability to become independent and financially secure. She couldn't have made this remarkable
journey back to health and wholeness without The Leprosy Mission - and we couldn't have supported her to do it without
Thank you everyone!

To SARAH AND NOEL (Nacero) on 11th December the birth of their daughter Christelle Anne, a sister for
Emmanuelle —it was lovely to see Christelle and the family in church on the 21st.

Also, we congratulate Linda and Christopher (Webb) on the birth of their daughter Sophie

May God bless both of these little ones and their families.

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