Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me - 5 Clues To Tell You If Your Ex Still Loves You

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					Are you hoping to find out that your ex boyfriend still loves you? "Does my ex
boyfriend still love me" is a question many girls want to get an answer to. When you
have broken up with your boyfriend you can't really call him up and just casually ask
him if he still loves you. If you want to get back with your ex you need to know how
he feels about you before you make a move. Here are 7 tell tale signs that your ex still
loves you - even if he doesn't say so.

1) Maintaining contact

If your ex boyfriend phones you or sends you text messages or emails regularly, you
don't need to ask yourself does my ex still love me. It doesn't matter if the calls and
messages are made strictly on the basis of being "just friends". You can be sure your
ex boyfriend misses you badly and wants to stay in your life if he is making the effort
to keep in contact.

2) Always by your side

If you and your ex boyfriend happen to be at the same place, do you always seem to
end up side by side? This will be particularly noticeable if you often go to the same
cafes or clubs, or if you work in the same building. If your ex boyfriend seems drawn
to your side like a magnet is at work, this is not an accident. It might be purely
subconscious on your ex's part, but it shows he can't resist getting as close to you as

3) No dating

If your ex boyfriend has not dated anyone else since you broke up, the answer to your
question "does my ex still love me" is almost guaranteed to be "yes". Your ex
boyfriend is most likely not dating anyone because he still feels as if he belongs with
you, and is trying to find a way to ask you to get back with him.

4) Possessive

Does your ex boyfriend show signs of being jealous and possessive? If your ex makes
nasty comments about any boys you might be seen with, this is a sure that jealousy is
niggling away. Signs of possessive behaviour are more subtle. It could be something
like taking a sip of your drink without asking, or assuming that you will give him a
ride home from a party (even though you didn't go there together). If your ex
boyfriend sometimes acts as if the two of you are still an item, the green light is in
your favour.

5) Asking Around

Even if your ex boyfriend has been careful not to overwhelm you with phone calls
and messages, this doesn't necessarily mean you have been forgotten. If your ex
boyfriend still loves you, he won't be able to resist asking mutual friends about you. If
your ex has broken off communication, this could mean he is testing you to see
whether you will make the first move to get in touch. If your friends tell you your ex
boyfriend is always asking about you, the love is almost certainly still there.

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