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					              Portable Low Speed Weighing In Motion
                              MASS-5000L-WIDE Truck Scale
                             Superior on-site weighing logistics
The MASS-5000L-WIDE is a portable Low Speed Weigh In Motion (LSWIM) axle scale from Mikros
Systems. Weighing is accomplished while a vehicle is slowly driven over the system, thereby saving time in
comparison to static weighing. The use of extra wide (1,5m) sensors greatly improves the weighing
logistics on-site as no time is wasted with vehicle alignment.


• The MASS-5000L-WIDE is ideal for low speed screening
  of trucks for law enforcement purposes thus reducing
   the workload at time-consuming static scales.
• Loading of vehicles to ensure proper weight distribution
  according to regulations. This maximises load efficiency
  and reduces the risk of prosecution.
• Bulk yard stock control for semi-permanent installations.
• Collection of high quality load
  statistics at remote sites.

                                                              • Cost effective.
                                                                The cost of a MASS-5000L-WIDE system can be
                                                                recovered from the optimisation of loads.
                                                              • Accurate.
                                                                The MASS-5000L-WIDE is a highly accurate system.
                                                                The variance between static and (LSWIM) weights is less
                                                                than 3% (at 2stdev) when used as prescribed.
                                                              • High throughput.
System Components                                               Up to sixty trucks per hour can be weighed.
                                                              • Quick to set-up.
• Low profile load cell weigh sensors.                          The system can be deployed in less than ten minutes.
• Handheld terminal.                                          • Automatic weighing mode.
• Pouch for cables and instruments.                             Operator free (unattended at terminal) weighing is
• Cables for mains and 12v charging.                            provided.
• MASS5010 software for data capture with a video             • PC compatible.
  frame grab feature.                                           Recorded information can be transferred to a PC.
• Levellers for correct measurement of axles in a group       • Multi axle weighing.
  (optional)                                                    Up to twenty-axle trucks can be weighed.
• Strip printer (optional)                                    • Wide measuring area minimises the need for sensor
                                                                repositioning between truck weighing.
                                                              • Rechargeable batteries provide continuous operation
                                                                for 16 hours.
                                                              • PC control software supplied for comprehensive data
                                                                entry and video frame-grab features
                                                                (up to two cameras can be connected).
                                                              • Available as a complete system housed in a 1,8m
                                                                baggage trailer.
                                                              • Can be used for semi permanent installations.

                                                              Surface requirement

                                                              • The MASS-5000L-WIDE must be deployed on a smooth
                                                                level and hard paved surface.

                                                                   Mikros Systems                           M
  MASS-5000L-WIDE Specifications

  Parameter                      Values                          Re m a r k s

  Values measured                Wheel mass                      In metric or imperial tonnes with two decimals displayed.
                                 Axle mass                       (2 000 lb is one imperial tonne)
                                 Gross vehicle mass (GVM)

  Axles                          Up to 20 axles per truck.

  Operational accuracy:

  Typical (2stdev) error         ±5%                             Axle group: Individual axle or subtotal of axles in a combination.
  per axle group                                                 Specification is for dual sensor system on surface that is in accor-
  Typical (2stdev) error         ±3%                             dance to the ASTM E1318 specification. Accuracies obtained
  on GVM                                                         under normal operational conditions.

  Maximum load per sensor        20t                             Air filled tyres only. Wheel load maximum.

  Operational temperatures
  Sensor                         -25 to+65°C
  Terminal                       -10 to +65°C

  Speed                          Up to 5km/h                     Vehicle moves slowly and continuously over the sensors.

  Set-up time                    10 minutes

  Battery life                   16 hours                        Continuous use when fully charged.

  Charging time                  6 hours                         Discharge cycle is used to extend battery life.

  Internal batteries:            Nickel Cadmium

  Charge-Mains/External          110-220v AC or 12v DC           Backup power from a 12v source can be used.

  Diagnostics                    Battery life                    Current level and remaining life, indication.
                                 Sensor stability
                                 Over speed warning              Measured vehicle travelling too fast over sensors.
                                 Imbalanced load warning         When the left wheel load differs a prescribed ratio from the right.

  Printer and PC interface       Serial (RS232) 19200 baud       Current results can be printed and stored information can be retrieved.
                                                                 (The last 1000 lines are stored)

  Real time clock                Accuracy ± 1 min/month @ 25°C   Each transaction is date and time stamped.

  Physical properties

  Dimensions: (LxWxH) & mass

  Terminal in pouch              370x230x280mm 5kg               Pouch contains all interconnecting cables and operators’ manual.
  Terminal                       160x160x75mm 1,7kg              Handheld terminal.
  Portable strip printer         280x160x180mm 1,5kg             Printer and accessories in carry bag.
  Mains charger                  160x155x60mm 1kg                110-220v
  Sensor                         1500x560x22mm 33kg              Extruded aluminium
  Leveller (rolled out)          2 800x850x22mm 24kg             High density PVC - 8 levellers per system.
  Leveller (rolled up)           310x850x310mm

  Total mass:

  Single sensor system           41 Kg                           Excludes levellers and printer. Single sensor system only weighs one
  Dual sensor system             74 Kg                           side of a vehicle.

  Trade Weighing & Enforcement                                   The Mass-5000L may be used for trade and law enforcement
                                                                 purposes if local regulations and standards allow for it.

• Mikros Systems reserves the right to change this specification at any time without notice.
 Contact:                                                Mikros Systems                                      M
 Tel: +27 (0)86 111 5393
 Fax: +27 (0)12 804 4706

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