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                                                                   weekdays                      Sat
                               KMs                                               40                         50
                             KM/month                                          1500 (leave a '0' to use above values)

km/month                                                                    1500      KM/month
Car loan Interest Rate                                                   10.25%       Percentage
Loan Tenor                                                                     60     months
Target ownership period (months)                                               36     Months
Depreciation (per annum)                                                 25.00%       Percentage
Petrol Price                                                            Rs. 58.00     INR/L
Diesel Price                                                            Rs. 45.00     INR/L
Down payment amount                                               Rs. 100,000.00      INR

Car Details
                                                                                        Car On Road Price
                                                                Mileage (KM/L)                (INR)
Petrol Model                                                                12               Rs. 600,000.00
Diesel Model                                                                14               Rs. 700,000.00
Car with lower expense per month                                    Diesel                   Savings

With Loan                                                      Note - assumes that the cars will have similar depreciation, hence proportion
Loan Closure Charge                                                          2.50%
EMI Paying Period                                                               36

                                                                       EMI                Total EMI Paid
Petrol                                                              Rs. 10,594.64            Rs. 381,406.90
Diesel                                                              Rs. 12,713.56            Rs. 457,688.28
            (Lower TCO over entire ownership period)                  Diesel                  Savings

Without Loan
                                                                  Fuel Expense                  TCO
Petrol                                                             Rs. 261,000.00             Rs. 624,075.00
Diesel                                                             Rs. 173,571.43             Rs. 599,858.93
            (Lower TCO over entire ownership period)                  Diesel                  Savings

No Loan (Time reqd to break even)                              Note - Does not account for service cost.
Running Cost Savings for Diesel per month                           Rs. 2,428.57 INR/month
Extra investment in Diesel car                                    Rs. 100,000.00 INR
      Time taken to recover extra investment on a diesel car           41        months
                                Sun         highway km/month
                                         10              150

ave a '0' to use above values)

                                       5.00 yrs.
                                       3.00 yrs.

                                          Service Interval                                                        Running Cost
                           Service Cost        (kms)                      Loan Amount           Servicing Cost      (INR/km)
                                  3000.00             10000                Rs. 500,000.00         Rs. 16,200.00         Rs. 4.83
                                  4000.00             10000                Rs. 600,000.00         Rs. 21,600.00         Rs. 3.21
                            Rs. 309.64    Monthly Expense                 Rs. 17,534.99

ars will have similar depreciation, hence proportionate resale values at the end of the ownership period

                                                                                                  Outsanding     Loan closure
                          Interest Paid          Principal Paid           Fuel Expense             Principal       charges
                            Rs. 77,987.41          Rs. 270,978.28          Rs. 261,000.00         Rs. 229,021.72  Rs. 5,725.54
                            Rs. 93,584.89          Rs. 325,173.94          Rs. 173,571.43         Rs. 274,826.06  Rs. 6,870.65

                            Rs. 985.24

                          Rs. 24,216.07

                                3.4          yrs.
Fuel Expense      Total Expense     Depreciated Value at the
(INR/month)        Per Month        end of Ownership Period
   Rs. 7,250.00     Rs. 17,844.64              Rs. 253,125.00
   Rs. 4,821.43     Rs. 17,534.99              Rs. 295,312.50

Rs. 640,229.16
Rs. 639,243.92

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