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									WELCOME! John & I would like to thank you in advance for choosing A Notch Above Cleaning
Service, and are confident you will be very pleased you did!

The following are some issues I like to discuss prior to establishing a business relationship so
we may work together in harmony! Now that you have taken the initiative, I would like you to
know exactly what you can expect, and do ask that you please read this document in its

INITIAL CLEANINGS: Please be prepared for your initial cleaning! I do ask that your home be
picked up to the best of your ability! If you have problems with organization and have massive
clutter, please advise me of this issue prior to our appointment so I may allow amble time to
complete the job. I do have a process I use with clients to help with organizational skills and am
happy to discuss them with you. Further, please be advised we DO NOT do excessive dishes,
dog or cat poop, mini blinds, blind scrubbing, laundry, inside kitchen cupboards or outside
windows other than sliding and entry doors. Details of the initial can be found on the website. If
you have further questions, please call me! I do also ask that you pre-treat your oven for
cleaning the NIGHT BEFORE and dispose of any items in refrigerator that may not be worthy of
keeping. These areas, if pre-prepared, are cleaned each time. In addition, if you leave clean
sheets out on the beds, we are happy to change them. We respect your privacy, and will not
dig through drawers or closets to find sheets!

If you must cancel an appointment, PLEASE give us sufficient notice. I do understand
emergencies happen, and last minute cancellations are certainly understandable with certain
circumstances. However, it is extremely frustrating when clients call the night before or as we
are on the way and cancel an appointment. This is happening more & more. I try to be
respectful in calling or emailing if we are running late, and ask that you please offer me the
same consideration. I am a single mother with a fourteen year old daughter. I count on my
houses as others count on their paychecks, and I do turn away work so I may keep my
regular appointments. So, I ask that you please keep this in mind!

I must clarify fees from the start. When I provide an initial clean, each client is given a receipt
with estimates for weekly, bi-weekly & monthly cleanings. There is a reason for this! I guess the
best way to explain is by example. Let’s say this is your estimate:

$70 weekly
$85 bi-weekly
$100 monthly

If you choose a bi-weekly service, as most do, and you cancel an appointment, you would pay
the monthly fee the following clean. If you cancel several weeks, and it has been more than 30
days since we have been to you, you would be required to pay the initial fee again. Please
understand we work very hard to maintain the condition of your home. If you are not sure what
your monthly fee is, most times as seen above, it would be a $15 difference either way. If you
are a bi-weekly customer and need an extra clean, a weekly fee would apply. Further, although
rare, should I have to cancel due to an emergency, this rule DOES NOT APPLY!

All cleaning supplies are furnished. I do buy top quality products such as Pledge, Clorox Clean
Up, Windex, etc. If you have a specific cleaner you prefer and are willing to provide it, we will
certainly use your preference.

We are pet friendly and are happy to adhere to special requests in regard to letting pets out
while we clean if you need us to do so. Please use your best judgment as to how your animal
may react if we are gaining entry to your home and no one is there! I have had issues in the
past where animals were simply not so happy to see us! We will not enter a home where an
animal is barking uncontrollably, seemingly aggressive or growling!

Recently, I have been finding myself having to leave bills in people's homes more often. I ask
that the check be mailed immediately, and most times, it is not. I cannot for the life of me figure
how people can leave clean sheets out & forget a payment? I will overlook this once, but after
that, we will not clean the house if payment is not there. I have to pay my help from my
pocket so if you forget, I would greatly appreciate your mailing a check to the address on the bill
promptly. You have the option of paying per clean or on a monthly basis, however, please be
advised that monthly statements are due the first clean of the month. Again, I have bills to pay
& count on my houses to do so!

 Everyone is informed of acceptable methods of payment from the beginning. I do accept
personal checks, cash, and for those that pay monthly and are punctual with payments, I will
accept PayPal. I bank with Bank of America, and they can be very funny about out-of-state
checks when I am making a deposit consisting of several checks. They often times hold checks
for 10 days if they are not local. If you bank with USAA, or another out of state bank, (NO local
branch in Fayetteville area) I REALLY do NOT like accepting these checks. I will make an
occasional exception if you cannot get to the bank, but PLEASE try to have cash if that is the
only other means of payment available to you! ALL CHECKS MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO
BRIDGET THOMPSON! Lastly regarding checks, IF YOU MUSY POST-DATE please let me
know ahead of time!!!

If you have a physical disability that hinders your ability to do housework, check with your
accountant or the person who prepares your taxes, as this service may be a write off for you. I
do pay my taxes, and have absolutely no issues with your claiming the service if applicable, in
fact, I encourage it!

Finally, lock outs are another issue I wanted to discuss. PLEASE BE ADVISED: I DO
CHARGE A $25 lock out fee if we come to clean & cannot get in. Several houses have done
this several times, and it is clearly a waste of my time. If you cannot remember, please give us a
key or let us know if you are willing to hide a spare or have a neighbor available to let us in. I
have keys to most of my homes as people are most often at work while we clean. For your
protection, I do not put identifying identification on any of the keys I have been entrusted with! If
you believe you may have difficulty remembering our routine the first few weeks, and need a
text message, email or phone call reminder the day before, I’m happy to oblige.

EXTRAS: Occasionally we receive special requests for additional services, e.g.; helping to
move boxes, changing bedspreads, curtains, etc. IF YOU NEED ANY EXTRAS PLEASE FEEL
REASONABLE REQUESTS! I do ask that you please visit the website prior to our appointment
if you have not done so, as you will be advised as to what you can expect with an initial


If you ever have any concerns at all regarding your personalized service, I will not know unless
you tell me! If something is missed, and this does happen on occasion, STEP ON MY FEET!
Your satisfaction with our service is my priority. I must be informed of any concerns in order to
correct them. If you have any suggestions that could benefit your cleaning experience I
welcome your input!!!

Opportunity for discounts available to all regular customers!

Post the result of your initial cleaning on Angie’s List within 24 hours of service, receive $25 off
next cleaning!!!

Post the result of your initial cleaning on Craigslist.org within 24 hours of service, receive $10 off
next cleaning!!!

Refer a friend! After we do their initial cleaning, you receive $25 off your cleaning!

Three referrals, you get a FREE CLEAN!

Again, I thank you for choosing A Notch Above Cleaning Service, and look forward to providing
you with the quality service you expect and deserve!


Bridget Thompson

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