Disney Rentals - the Ideal Orlando Vacation Homes by aihaozhe2


									Disney rentals are the ideal type of Orlando vacation homes for your family or group,
irrespective of why you have chosen this part of Florida for your vacation. People
choose Orlando as a vacation destination for a number of reasons, although no prizes
for guessing the major one.

Disney World is one of the world's top attractions, and that suggests that you will have
your children with you. Sure, adults like Disney too, but they usually use the kids as
an excuse to relive their childhood in the most enjoyable possible way. Would you be
happy spending your vacation in a hotel wondering what your children were getting
up to in their own rooms? Of course not!

Naturally, that would mean you all sharing a room, but you don't live in one room at
home, so why should you live in one room on vacation? That should be a special time,
when you can enjoy a few luxuries that you don't have at home. That does not include
living in one room as your Orlando vacation home.

There are plenty of Disney rentals that can offer you a level of luxury that you would
be very fortunate to enjoy at home. Take, for example, a 4 bedroom luxury villa at
$160 a night, and just $30 more for a private pool and spa. This sleeps 9, and even
with the pool price, you and your neighbor or relative can vacation there with 5 kids
at only $95 each per family. That is only 15 minutes from Disney, and the kids can
have their room without you being nervous.

A Disney vacation rental like that has a TV in every room, DVD players and
Playstation. Being in a resort, it also offers a wide range of sports facilities including
golf nearby, guest facilities and of course your kitchen. You can cook your own, or
enjoy any of the many restaurants in Orlando, from the fabulous choice on
International Drive to a McDonalds or KFC. Unlike your hotel room, you can rustle
up a sandwich at night without it costing you an arm and a leg.

So what do you reckon - a hotel room or a luxury villa at a fraction of the cost? What
would the kids prefer - their own bedroom or sharing with you? What would you
prefer - peace of mind in luxury or all crammed together? A vacation is to be enjoyed,
not tolerated, so enjoy yours!

Some people travel to Florida for the great golf courses, and if you are based in
Orlando you and your buddies can have a great time in any of hundreds of fabulous
Orlando vacation rentals. Luxury Disney rentals beat a hotel or resort any day of the
week. You get an LCD wide screen home cinema system, pool, Jacuzzi, fully fitted
kitchen and masses of room for a lot less each than a top class hotel room.

How much would it cost a party of 7 couples to book rooms in a hotel? How about
$475! That's less than $67 a couple! Wouldn't you jump at that? Well that's all that 7
bedroom luxury Orlando vacation homes can cost, with a 50" TV, and another TV in
the bedrooms, a Bose radio/CD player, 8 foot pool table, air hockey table and
treadmill and exercise bike. Plus a pool spa for an extra $30 per day.

That's how to enjoy a vacation with a party of your friends. What would you rather do
after getting back from your night out - head off to your own hotel rooms or wind
down with a few drinks together on the pool deck, or watch a movie on the 50" screen?
Not drinking expensive hotel bar drinks, but your own from the local beer shop.
Which is the better - the hotel or your own place? Hungry? Throw something on the
barbeque or make a sandwich without having to call room service. Spend your money
where you want to, not on hotel accommodation and hotel food and drinks.

I don't know about you, but I love fresh air, especially in Florida, and I'd pay extra for
my own luxury home with a pool deck I can sit out and enjoy - 15 minutes from
Disney or the first tee. Instead I get it cheaper! What's wrong with these guys? There
must be a catch. You can rent a 3 bedroom condo, 10 minutes from Disney, for $135 a
night. That's 6 people at only $23 each.

Every dollar you save on accommodation is one more dollar to spend enjoying
yourself. The amazing thing about Disney rentals is that you get a higher standard of
accommodation than a hotel for less money, and all the extras thrown in. Plus your
kids will be happier. Ideal for one large family or a group of up to 7 couples. Any one
of the many luxury Orlando vacation homes waiting for you is a great choice for this
year's vacation

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