Discover Why A Parrot Loves A Talking Toy by aihaozhe2


									Why does a parrot need a talking parrot toy? Well, I gues they don't NEED one, but
let me tell you that parrots love having talking toys in their cage. The use of a talking
toy helps the parrot feel that there is someone in the house all the time and when they
hear your recorded voice they also feel much more at ease.

Your own personal recordings on a talking toy will have absolutely huge benefits for
the health and welfare of your pet parrot.

Talking toys are undoubtedly on of the best types of types that you could buy for your
parrot, not just for its entertainment but because it also plays a vital role in its physical,
emotional and behavioral adaptation into its captive surroundings. A parrot is a very
intelligent bird and needs far more stimulation than just sitting there inside their cages
looking pretty.

Unfortunately, not many people realize this and just consider it as a beautiful plumage
that would make an interesting exhibit when visitors come to their home.

Like humans, parrots also experience a lot of emotional and physical emotions and are
capable of feeling frustrated, lonely and bored. Hence, a talking parrot toy can help it
feel the companionship of another bird or of the owner being in the house. A talking
parrot toy can give the bird company inside its cage and can entertain it throughout
the day.

Parrots do not like to be left alone and can always demand attention. Obviously, you
will not be available every time it needs you, so a talking parrot toy can substitute for
your company to a certain extent anyway.

Here are some of the reasons why parrots enjoy talking parrot toys:

• Talking parrot toy - Frustration

A lonely parrot can always become bored and this causes frustration by far. Although,
a cage for the parrot is its territory to sleep and eat, it can also become a prison for it if
it needs to spend most of the time inside it. A talking parrot toy can relieve it a lot by
giving it companionship just like another real parrot.

• Talking parrot toy - Teaching A Parrot

If you own a parrot you might not always find time to spend with it teaching it to talk.
This is where a talking parrot toy can come to your rescue and teach your pet how to
talk. The biggest advantage of such a toy is that you can record in them whatever you
need to teach your parrot and just play it on repeatedly until your parrot learns it.

• Talking parrot toy - Reducing Boredom
As said earlier parrots are attention seekers and the presence of another bird inside its
cage gives it quite an inquisitiveness to explore it. A talking toy to a parrot can be a
wonder, if it has not seen any other parrot. This can keep it entertained for a long time
and bring its boredom to the curb.

A talking parrot toy has many attributes that will help your parrot in its development,
in its social skills, is temperament, physical exercise and other behaviours that occur
from its emotional feelings. When a parrot can interact with toys they are using their
cognitive skills as well as their intellectual ability and therefore will benefit in so
many different ways. A happy parrot is a happy pet!

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