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                                                                          Naturally invisible —
                                                                               implants in single tooth gaps!


                                                         Dental implants.
                                                         One hundred percent yourself!
Introduction                                         3

Patient experience                                       Dear patient,                                             You may remember matthew from the poster in your
"Finally normal teeth again"                             Would you like an "invisible" solution for your lost      dentist's waiting room. he lost an incisor during exer-
matthew, 21 years old, student              4    –   5   tooth? Do you want to forget the gap forever? In brief:   cise. but his dentist could resolve the small problem
                                                         do you want the best solution and are you interested      naturally and inconspicuously with an implant. Since
                                                         in an implant or have you already asked your dentist      then matthew smiles again and does not think about
                                                         about the options?                                        his teeth any more. To give you an idea of how others
Treatment                                                                                                          experience the time before, during and after implant
A dental implant is something for me too!            6   We congratulate you on your decision, it is the first     placement, matthew would like to tell you about his
                                                         step to being able to show your teeth again without       experience. After that this brochure will tell you all you
                                                         embarrassment and smile naturally. Original Friadent      need to know about these tiny high-tech tooth roots
                                                         dental implants are small, highly developed and extre-    and important information on the probable sequence
What can I expect after                                  mely high-performance titanium screws. They are in-       of your treatment: What you will have to do and how
the initial consultation?                            6   serted into the jaw to replace the natural roots of the   your dentist can support you.
                                                         teeth and become fully integrated into the bone. Then
                                                         the crown can be fixed to the implants invisibly and      But first we will hear from Matthew ... Read it yourself:
                                                         permanently. The new root cannot be distinguished
What is implant placement really like?      7    –   9   from the neighboring teeth.

Frequently asked questions
and answers on implants
from A to Z                                 10   – 19

"Naturally invisible — implants in single tooth gaps!"

                                  Matthew, 21 years old, student                                  There is also the possibility of the bone collapsing
                                  I have never had a problem with my teeth. but when I            under the bridge component because there was no
                                  was just 20, that changed in seconds. During baseball           tooth root. There would always be a cavity in the gum
                                  practice I was careless and a ball hit me. It hit my incisors   in this case.
                                  at full speed. I felt an incredible pain and realized that
                                  my tooth was broken. What did it look like? my upper
                                  lip was throbbing and bleeding. my first thought was            The decision to have an implant was therefore a quick
                                  that I would be sitting in class at the university tomorrow     one. On the following day I had an appointment for an
                                  with a big gap in my teeth. What would that look like?          x-ray examination at the dentist. And two days later
                                  After the first shock had worn off, I went to see my            the implant was placed under local anesthetic. I was
                                  dentist at once. he took an x-ray and found that I had          a little nervous, but the dentist was right: there was
                                  also broken the root of the tooth. That made it impossible      some vibration, just like during drilling, but no pain.
                                  to save the tooth. What could I do now? I could not go          Now I just had to wait until the implant was healed in
                                  to the university with that big gap in my teeth. Also           the bone. That took about three months. The gap was
                                  not with an obvious denture. but the dentist reassured          closed with a temporary bridge glued to the adjacent
                                  me and recommended an implant. he told me that                  teeth from behind during this period. It was virtually
                                  today an implant is the most advanced solution for a            unnoticeable. however, I was pleased when it was
                                  gap in the teeth. The implant acts exactly like a tooth         over and the final crown had been made. The dental
                                  root and a crown looking exactly like a natural tooth           technician was also at the dental practice to make
                                  is fitted to it.                                                sure that the color and shape matched my natural
                                                                                                  teeth. A week later my dentist fixed the crown to the
                                  The gap can also be closed with a fixed bridge. but             implant. I was astounded. I could not see any difference
                                  this could also damage the neighboring teeth. They              from the neighboring teeth — not the tooth or the gum
                                  would be ground and overcrowns fitted to fix the                or the bone. And so far nothing has changed.
                                  bridge in place. I was not very happy with this idea.

    Matthew, 21 years old,
    after a baseball hit him in
    the mouth.

                                                                                                                                                             Matthew is smiling again with his
                                                                                                                                                             implant-borne tooth.


                                                                                                                     The first step to implant-supported teeth: consultation with   X-rays are used to plan the implant placement.
                                                                                                                     the dentist.

A dental implant is something for me too!                  What can I expect after the initial                       What is implant placement really like?
but will it stay in my jaw? And will the procedure be as   consultation?
simple for me as it was for matthew? You have certainly                                                              Placing the dental implant
had these or similar questions in recent days. but         In the next few days your dentist will probably send      For one dental implant the operation will not usually
don't worry. Friadent implant systems are top quality      you an estimate of the treatment costs with the exact     take any longer than half an hour. The dentist works
both scientifically and technically, they are "made in     costs for your individual implant treatment. You will     so atraumatically and the procedure is so safe that the
Germany". With their special surface and shape they        submit this estimate to your health insurance fund to     implant can be inserted in an outpatient procedure and
have outstanding healing rates and millions of them        find out your share of the costs or how much you will     generally in one treatment session. If the implant is
have been successfully implanted. Your teeth will be       be refunded for the treatment.                            placed in a healed tooth position a long time after
securely fixed to them.                                                                                              tooth extraction, the implant dentist will first have to
                                                           Once the costs have been settled and you have decided     uncover the gum at the planned implant position. Then
A Friadent implant can be inserted immediately after       to have the dental implant, your dentist will discuss     a precise small implant site is drilled into the bone and
extraction of the tooth and also at any time after that.   any treatment of your natural teeth or the gum that you   the tiny implant is screwed into position. It will generally
When conducted by an experienced dentist this minor        may require before implant placement. Then the actual     have to heal without load for a few months in the bone.
procedure is a safe routine procedure. Your dentist        implant placement will be planned using x-ray images      Therefore, the gum over the implant is sutured and
has certainly explained the surgical procedure in the      and plaster casts of your jaw. Sometimes computed         the gap is first closed with a temporary denture. You
consultation appointment. however, to allow you to         tomography (CT) will be necessary to assess the bone      will be able to go home from the practice or hospital
review this information at leisure and so you will         and the position of other important structures.           with a smile and no gaps. because you should not
know exactly what is to be done once you have decided                                                                drive after the anesthetic, have someone pick you up
to have an implant, we want to give you some examples      Once preparation and planning are complete, you           or go home in a taxi. You should also not eat or drink
of the specific steps again.                               will be able to have your implant placed at the next      until the anesthetic has worn off.
                                                           appointment. You can eat a little up to one hour
                                                           before the surgery — however, your dentist will discuss
                                                           this with you again. You are best advised to follow
                                                           the dentist‘s recommendations exactly.

    One single tooth is missing.                            First the dental implant is placed, then the crown.       A temporary denture is placed during the healing phase.             There is no difference from natural teeth.

Healing of wounds                                           to four months until the implant is healed. but don't     Placing the crown
The gum will normally heal very fast and almost com-        worry. until then you have the temporary denture. And     After about two weeks the gingiva former can be removed
pletely without pain. After two or three days you will      now temporary dentures can be fabricated to such a        and the final crown can be placed. It is fixed tightly
have an examination to make sure all is going well          high standard that they are virtually indistinguishable   and invisible to the implant and no one will notice the
and the sutures can be received about 10 days later.        from natural teeth. You can eat normally at once with     difference from your natural teeth, not even you.
                                                            a little care.
Healing of bone
During the bone healing phase the bone cells are            Implant uncovery
deposited directly on the specialized surface of the        When the healing process has been completed, the gum
Friadent implants and the implants are gradually            above the dental implant is opened again. The dentist
integrated into the bone. The implant becomes an            now places a gingiva former on the implant to shape
integral part of your jaw. This painless process lasts      the gum to lie as close to and as well-shaped on your
four to six months in the upper jaw. The bone in the        new crown as the natural teeth. Perfectly natural and
lower jaw is generally harder so the implant is more        no visible gaps. Finally an impression of your jaw is
firmly fixed from the start. It normally only takes three   taken to form the basis for fabrication of the crown.
                                                            Then the dentist replaces the temporary denture. but
                                                            don't worry: you will never leave the practice at any
                                                            time without teeth.                                                                                    Exception: immediate loading
                                                                                                                                                                   If the dentist decides that your bone situation is optimal, it may also
                                                                                                                                                                   be possible to subject the implants to so-called immediate loading.
                                                                                                                                                                   This means that a top-quality temporary denture is attached to the
                                                                                                                                                                   implants as soon as they have been inserted. You have your implant
                                                                                                                                                                   and your tooth sit firmly again the same day. Talk to your dentist about
                                                                                                                                                                   the options available. He will also explain what you will then have to
10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   11

 Frequently asked questions with answers
 about implants from A to Z

 Could dental implants be the solution for you, too? Are you interested in knowing more about the exciting
 possibilities? The most frequently asked questions and answers about implant treatment are collected on the           There are no age limits for implants.                         Airport security check: detectors rarely respond to implants.
 following pages by keywords from A to Z.

                                                                                Anesthetic                                                                                                                    Consultation
     A                                                                                                                     b                                      C
                                          detector. And if the detector ever
                                          does beep at your implants, you
            Age                                                                                                                    beautiful teeth                        Ceramics
                                          will have your proof of implant       Is a general anesthetic really not                                                                                            How can I prepare for the
                                          placement that will explain the       necessary for implant placement?                                                                                              consultation?
                                          situation quickly and easily.         No. Local anesthetic can completely                                                                                           You should be thoroughly
 Is there a minimum age for                                                     prevent any pain in the jaw. When      I will be receiving one single          What material is used for crowns?              informed before the consultation.
 implants?                                                                      the dentist prepares the implant       implant-borne crown, but I would        most crowns and bridges are metal              This brochure contains all the
 bone growth should be completed          Allergy                               site in the bone and inserts the       also like all my teeth to be whiter     or metal alloys and are veneered               important basic information that
 at the time of implant placement.                                              dental implant, you will feel vibra-   or more attractive. What can the        with ceramic in a color to match               you should know. Take advantage
 It can be assumed that this is com-      Is it possible to be allergic to      tion and a slight pressure but no      dentist do here?                        the natural teeth. The high-quality            of the consultation to ask all the
 plete about the age of 18 years.         dental implants?                      pain. For most patients the proce-     The dentist can frequently bleach       esthetic alternative is porcelain.             questions you have. make a list
 Girls generally finish growing earlier   Implants have been available for      dure feels like a normal treatment     darker-colored teeth. unattractive      zirconium oxide ceramic with its               of questions beforehand so you
 than boys. In case of doubt the          more than 40 years. Over this long    for caries, which is also conducted    front teeth can be coated with plas-    high strength is particularly suitable         don't forget any. Don't forget to
 state of the bone can be checked         period no allergies to titanium im-   under local anesthetic. however,       tic or fine ceramic, referred to as     for implant-borne dentures. It is              inform the dentist of any other
 by an x-ray examination of the           plants have become known. Titan-      if you still want to "sleep" during    veneers. The crown for the implant      suitable for single-tooth crowns,              diseases and medications that
 carpal bones.                            ium has no allergenic components      the treatment, the dentist also ex-    will be brighter from the start or      and also for larger bridges and it             you take regularly. Reminder
                                          and is completely neutral in the      plains the implications of a general   the new tooth shape will be modi-       reflects the light identically to the          notes will also be helpful here.
                                          body. Among the materials used        anesthetic.                            fied accordingly. Ask your dentist.     natural tooth enamel. This means
 Airport security check                   for crowns ceramic has been proven                                           There is a solution for almost          that the denture is virtually iden-
                                          to be the most compatible to the                                             every problem.                          tical to the natural teeth.
 Will metal detectors beep at my          body. The risks of allergy vary for
 dental implant, such as during           metals and plastics. It is best to
 security checks at an airport?           ask your dentist which material is
 No, don't worry about it. Implants       best suited for you personally.
 are not magnetic and they are
 also much too small to trigger the       >>> See also "Implant material"
                                              at I.
12                                                                                                                                                                                1

     What do dental implants cost? The health and cost schedule has all                   The most important dental care utensils: toothbrush, dental floss
     the information.                                                                     and interdental brush.

                                                                                          areas are colonized by bacteria                   may adversely affect the healing
                                                                  Day surgery             that attack the gum and over                      processes for metabolic reasons.
     How much will a dental implant                               procedure               time they can also attack the                     If there is any doubt the dentist
     cost?                                                                                jawbone around the implant.                       should consult your doctor.
     The cost varies depending on the                                                     This can be prevented with dental
     extent of the treatment. A general               Is the implant placement really a   floss or small interden-tal brushes.
     estimate for an implant-borne                    day-surgery procedure?              The prophylaxis team at your                      Durability
     crown including all medical and                  Yes. The dentist works atraumati-   dentist will show you how to
     dental services would be in the                  cally and safely so multiple im-    handle the instruments and will                   How long does a dental implant
     range of 2,000 euros. The estimate               plants can generally be placed in   provide professional tooth clean-                 last?
     of work required and the associated              an outpatient procedure in one      ing at regular intervals — such as                After the healing phase a correctly
     costs, which will be included in                 single session.                     every three months. This will re-                 inserted quality implant will be
     the treatment and cost plan, will                                                    move stubborn plaque completely                   more resistant to many influences
     be given to you before the start                                                     and your teeth will look as good                  than the natural root of the tooth.
     of treatment by your dentist.                    Dental care                         as new. You should make regular                   A titanium implant with the opti-
                                                                                          prophylaxis appointments with                     mum prosthetic load will not break.
                                                      How do I care for my implant-       your dentist. It's worth it.                      And it is immune to caries. Consis-
                                                      borne teeth?                                                                          tent oral hygiene will keep your
                                                      Implant-borne teeth not only                                                          gums and the implant site healthy.
                                                      look like natural teeth. They can   Diabetes                                          With appropriate care an implant
                                                      be cleaned just as easily with a                                                      can last a lifetime.
                                                      tooth-brush — including an elec-    If I am a diabetic can I still have a
                                                      trical toothbrush — and tooth       dental implant?
                                                      paste. When cleaning implants       Yes. however, your diabetes must
                                                      the spaces between the teeth        be well controlled. Diabetes that
                                                      and the transitions to the gums     is poorly controlled or untreated
                                                      are particularly important. These
1                                                                                                                                                                                                               1

     Enjoy life again with implants.                                               The pure titanium used for manufacturing dental implants is highly
                                                                                   compatible to the human body.

                                                                                                                                     Immediate loading
        F                                      I                                                                                                                              m
                                                                                   oxide ceramic were not strong
                                                       Implant                     enough to present serious
                  Food                                                                                                                                                                 material
                                                       material                    competition for titanium. Current                 What exactly does "immediate
                                                                                   ceramic implants are now made                     loading" mean and does it apply
                                                                                   of extremely stable zirconium                     to me?
     Can I bite and eat normally with       What are dental implants made of?      oxide ceramic and are still in the                The usual plan for implant-borne      >>> See "Implant material" at I.
     my implant-borne tooth?                Friadent implants are pure surgical-   testing phase. Titanium is still the              teeth includes an healing phase       >>> See also "Ceramics" at C.
     With your implant-borne tooth          grade titanium. The material has       gold standard of implant materials.               with no loading on the implants
     you can eat, bite, talk and laugh      proven to be so good that now                                                            after they have been inserted. In     medication
     just as with your natural teeth.       99 percent of all dental implant                                                         this procedure the gap is tempo-
     Your tooth is attached so firmly to    systems are now made of pure           Immediate implant                                 rarily closed with a classical        Are there any interactions with
     your implant that you can feel         titanium. It is extremely stable and   placement                                         temporary denture, which is           medications?
     quite secure.                          is very compatible to the body.                                                          normally attached to the neigh-       This is possible with certain medi-
                                            Titanium also becomes firmly inte-     Can implants be placed immedi-                    boring teeth. however, in immedi-     cations. For example, cortisone
                                            grated into the bone. These posi-      ately after removing teeth?                       ate loading new implant systems       can change the metabolism and
     Foreign body feeling                   tive properties have been proven       Yes, this is often possible today.                and methods are used that under       immune system of the body in
                                            not only in implant dentistry but      The implant is placed in the fresh                specific conditions allow the den-    such a way that problems with
     Will implant-borne teeth feel like     also in many other medical fields,     wound immediately after removal                   ture or the temporary denture to      healing may be encountered. Anti-
     my own or will I feel as if I have a   such as prosthetic joints, for many    of a tooth. This is referred to as                be attached to the implants           coagulation medications may
     foreign body in my mouth?              decades. The silvery-gray color of     immediate implant placement                       immediately. Patients receive their   cause serious hemorrhages during
     Implant-borne teeth will feel quite    titanium is also not a disadvantage,   (not to be confused with immedi-                  implant and have fixed, natural-      implant placement. If you are re-
     natural when you are talking, eat-     because implants — like natural        ate loading of implants).                         looking teeth on the same day.        quired to take medications regu-
     ing and laughing. You won't feel       tooth roots — are completely buried                                                      Whether immediate loading is          larly, you must discuss them with
     any difference.                        in the jawbone and are invisible.                                                        suitable for you will depend on       the implant dentist.
                                            White implants of ceramic have                                                           the state of the jawbone and the
                                            also been available for some years.                                                      position of the implants. Ask
                                            The first generations of aluminum                                                        your dentist about the options.
1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1

         1                                                                       2                                                       

         Ankylos                                                                  Xive                                                   Frialit

     1 – 3 Friadent systems: the exact solution for every situation.                                                                                                                              microstructured implant surfaces promote healing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (The picture shows a bone-forming cell which has become attached to the implant surface.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  magnification: 2000x)

                                                                                                Why can I trust Friadent implants?                                           Risks
        P                                                    Q
                                                                                                                                      mum healing and the formation                                                                ably have to be removed under
                                                                                                Friadent implants are quality         of a permanent stable base for                                                               local anesthetic. In most cases a
                   Pain                                                Quality
                                                                                                German products, whose design         implants. Friadent systems also        Are there any risks involved with                     new implant can be placed in the
                                                                                                is based on decades of research,      offer highly esthetic prosthetic       implant placement?                                    same session if you wish.
                                                                                                development and documented            solutions for every requirement        An implant placement is a minor
 Will I be in pain after the                             Are there differences in quality       experience. They are the result       and every initial situation. And if    surgical procedure. Complications                     And if an implant becomes
 procedure?                                              among dental implants?                 of high-precision manufacture.        the denture fixed to Friadent im-      such as injuries to nerves and                        inflamed?
 The gum will probably be sensi-                         Like virtually any product there are   Starting from the purchase of the     plants ever needs to be replaced,      blood vessels during placement                        When detected early enough
 tive in the first few days, but not                     very high-quality dental implants      raw material the entire production    you can be quite sure that your        of dental implants are certainly                      inflammations caused by bacteria
 bleed any more. Your cheek may                          and lower-quality models. For          chain is subject to extremely rigid   dentist will be able to obtain all     possible. This is extremely unlike-                   can usually be treated success-
 swell for a short time and may                          example, there are differences in      quality standards.                    the required components even           ly these days with current                            fully. If you attend regular appoint-
 feel uncomfortable. however,                            the design of implants, particularly                                         years later and anywhere in the        advances in diagnostics and                           ments for dental care and prophy-
 most patients will not even need                        of their surface. The surface of an    The range of products covers three    world.                                 planning. When an implant is                          laxis at your dentist and also clean
 a painkiller on the following day                       implant can be modified to improve     systems with differently shaped                                              placed by a qualified dentist, the                    your teeth regularly at home, you
 and can return to a normal life.                        the principally tissue-compatible      implants in various sizes and                                                risks are no greater than when                        are unlikely to be affected.

                                                         properties of titanium, but they       lengths, so the dentist can select                 Replacement               removing a wisdom tooth.
                                                         can also be reduced. Always have       the exact type for your specific                   and modification
                                                         your dentist inform you of the         initial situation. All implants are                of the denture            A sudden rejection reaction of a
                                                         characteristics of the implant that    made of pure surgical titanium                                               fully healed dental implant is also
                                                         is to be used. Ask about long-term     and have a unique microstructured                                            very unlikely. however, in rare
                                                         experience. Also ask about the         surface, which actively supports      Can implant-borne dentures be          cases the bone may not hold the
                                                         long-term availability of replace-     the healing process of the bone.      replaced or, if more teeth are         implant firmly enough. In this
                                                         ment components in case your           The highly developed surface          lost, extended?                        case it cannot be resist loading
                                                         denture has to be renewed or           characteristics make it possible      Yes. The denture can be replaced       sufficiently and will most prob-
                                                         modified in the future.                for bone cells to be deposited        or modified at any time. A Friadent
                                                                                                directly on the implant and form      single-tooth implant can be con-
                                                                                                the new bone. Friadent implants       verted into an abutment for a bridge
                                                                                                offer the best conditions for opti-   or prosthesis without difficulty,
                                                                                                                                      even after many years.
1                                                                                                                                                                                                       1

 Safe implant placement with modern diagnostics.                        Play sport again a few days after implant placement.            There is no difference from natural teeth.

                                                   Sport                                                                                Is there anything else I need to

     S      Smoking
                                                   Can I still exercise and play sport
                                                   after implant placement?
                                                                                                     W          Work                    worry about?
                                                                                                                                        In brief: no. Think of your implants
                                                                                                                                        as a natural part of your body.
                                                   Exercise after implant placement                                                     You can exercise, talk, eat, laugh
 Are dental implants advisable                     is not a problem. however, if you             When can I go back to work?            and live as if nothing had happ-
 for smokers?                                      take part in activities involving             Your dentist will most likely give     ened. There is no difference from
 The long-term success rate of                     vigorous exercise, you should                 you a certificate for a few days off   your natural teeth.
 dental implants can be endangered                 consult your dentist first. A few             work. however, you can usually
 by smoking. Discuss it with your                  days of rest may be recommended               go back to a normal life on the day
 dentist. The dentist can assess                   to avoid affecting the healing                after your treatment and back to
 the risks in your case.                           process.                                      work a few days later.

                                                                                                 >>> See also under "Sport" at S.

                                                                                                                                            The next step?
                                                                                                                                            Decide now in favor of the acknowledged best solution for
                                                                                                                                            replacing a single tooth and make an appointment with your
                                                                                                                                            dentist. Do it now.

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