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					Your Mama’s a Truck Driver

Trucking jobs are for mama’s boys. If you are looking for truck driver jobs, maybe you
should bring your mom along so you do not get so homesick. All the truck jobs that kid
on the other side of town did must have been hard for him, because he had to be away
from home for so long. He brought pictures of his mom whenever he went on a run for
some random trucking job—I do not know how he got these jobs, but he always seemed
to find new truck driving jobs. He was a mama’s boy, through and through. Whenever I
saw him around town, I would call out, “Hey, your mama’s a truck driver.” He would
always thank me as if it were some sort of compliment. That only proved my point. He
was a mama’s boy and his mama was a truck driver.

If I were to go on a run, I would not bring pictures of my mama with me. You cannot
expect things like that to go unnoticed with the other drivers. They always want to see
your rig and inspect it for themselves. It is part of the routine of being fellow truck
drivers. We always want to see what other guys are doing to see if we get any ideas for
our own runs. So I am sure this kid was getting heckled wherever he went, unless the
other truck drivers he associated with were also mama’s boys.

If I were to ever become a truck driver, I would feel the need to be a mama’s boy. I
would probably feel the urge to cry my crybaby eyes to sleep at night. That is probably
what they do. When they have to stay the night in their truck cabin, they probably cry
themselves to sleep, because they miss their mama.

If you are going to do a man’s job, like truck driving, the least you can do is act like a
man. When people look at you and see some mama’s boy driving a big rig, it gives the
rest of truckers a bad name. Everywhere this mama’s boy goes people are going to
change their perspective of the rough and mean truck drivers. This guy is always so polite
and friendly to everyone. He has a bounce to his step and wears these homemade
sweaters. It is disgusting. Have a little dignity, man. Rip off those sleeves, show off some
biceps so you can strike fear into the hearts of all those who see you coming their way.

Well, I did end up going on a truck run, and it happened to be the same one as Mama’s
Boy was on. Well, at least our paths crossed along the way. I will say this, he helped me
in a time of need and for that I am grateful. My rig overheated when I was climbing a
steep hill. That hill went on for miles and my rig just could not take it, no matter how
slow I took it. So I had to pull over and was not sure what to do. I kept putting more
antifreeze in the engine, and that would give me enough to drive a little farther up the
hill. But I ran out before I made it. I ran out after I passed the halfway marker. So I still
had a ways to go. Well, he saw me on the side of the road and recognized me. He
immediately smiled that goofy, girly smile and waved. He pulled over in front of me and
asked me what the problem was. I explained and he immediately ran back to his rig to
grab something.

He pulled out a different kind of antifreeze that I never heard of before. He said he had
done his research and that this brand was the best and lasted the longest. Then he looked
at my engine and noticed a small perforation in the antifreeze chamber. He showed it to
me and told me my antifreeze was leaking out. That is why it was overheating so quickly.
I did not have anything that would patch it up, but he did and once again ran to his rig to
grab a metal patch. I had never seen anything like it, but he immediately applied it to the
leak and that stopped it. He filled me back up with his brand of antifreeze and I thanked
him. I was surprised at how helpful and knowledgeable he was. My perspective had only
changed slightly, but it had changed all the same. He said goodbye and wished me good
luck before running back to his rig to finish the climb. I took my hat off and wiped the
sweat off of my forehead, giving myself a few minutes to process what had just
happened. I hopped back into the driver’s seat and revved the engine. Before I knew it, I
was back up and running and climbing that hill with much more ease. My engine did not
overheat after that, and I made it safely to my destination in good time. I did not see him
there, and in a way, I was somewhat relieved for it. I felt slightly guilty at the way I had
teased him in the past, but I did not completely change my mind. He was still a mama’s

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