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					Must show work or no credit.

 Page #   Prob. #                 Problem                    Solution
311-313     20    A tangram is a geometric puzzle
                  made from seven pieces that form a
                  square. Trace the pieces, cut them
                  out, and answer the following
                  a. If the area of the entire square
                  equals 1 unit, label each piece with its
                  rational number area.
                  b. If the area of piece (a) equals 1
                  unit, label each piece with its rational
                  number area.

            22      Explain why the definition of a
                    fraction restricts the denominator to
                    being a nonzero integer.
            26      a. Separate the fractions 2/6, 2/5,
                    6/13, 1/25, 7/8, and 9/29 into two
                    categories: those that can be written
                    as a terminating decimal and those
                    that cannot. Write an explanation of
                    how you made your decisions.
                    b. Form a conjecture about which
                    fractions can be expressed as
                    terminating decimals.
                    c. Test your conjecture on the
                    following fractions: 6/12, 7/15,
                    28/140, and 0/7.
                    d. Use the ideas of equivalent
                    fractions and common multiples to
                    verify your conjecture.

321-324     2c      Make an illustration depicting the
                    number line to find each sum or
                    1 2/3 + 1 5/6
            12a     Without finding the exact answer,
               select which of the following
               numbers is the best estimate of each
               sum or difference and justify your
               choices: -2/3, 0, 2/3.
               a. 1/9 + 2/5 – 1/3 – 3/4
          16   For the following equations, write a
               word problem, draw a picture, and
               find the solution to the equation:
               a. 5/12 – 1/3 = ?
               b. 1/2 – 2/3 = ?
          38   With a partner, discuss the possible
               advantages and disadvantages of
               using least common denominators
               when adding and subtracting
               fractions. Write two paragraphs
               summarizing the two parts of your
340-343   4c   Find the following product:
               c. (1 1/3 + 3 1/2)(3/4)
          12   Identify which of the following
               situations can be represented by 4
               3/4, and explain your reasoning:
               a. Sue had 3/4 of a room to paint in 4
               hours. How much of the room must
               she paint each hour to finish on time?
               b. Kendra has 4 yards of electrical
               wiring to use in setting up her science
               fair experiment. She needs to cut it
               into lengths of 3/4 yard. How many
               pieces will she be able to make from
               the 4 yards?
               c. A rotating video camera in the
               parking garage goes through 4
               complete rotations in 3/4 hour. How
               many rotations will it make in 1
               d. In a local farmers’ market, 3/4 of
               the profits are cycled back into the
               local farming community. If you
               spend $4 there, how much of your
               money goes to local farmers?
          14   Use the common denominator
               method to find the quotient 3/5
          16   Use the missing factor method to find
               the quotient 3/5     2/3.
          34   The Rental Depreciation Problem.
               The owner of a rental house can
               depreciate its value over a period of
               27 1/2 years, meaning that the value
               of the house declines at an even rate
               over that period of time until the
               value is $0.
               a. By what fraction does the value of
               the house depreciate the first year?
               b. If the house is judged to be worth
               $85,000, what is the value of the first
               year’s depreciation?
351-354   2b   Using a number line (or metric ruler),
               show how to find each sum or
               b. 1.3 + 1.8
          4    Using base-ten blocks, show the
               following quotients:
               a. 0.9     3 (Hint: Use a sharing
               model by separating 0.9 into three
               equal groups.)
               b. 3     0.6 (Hint: Use a measurement
               model by finding how many groups
               of 0.6 there are in 3.)
          22   The Olympic Race. At the 1988
               Summer Olympics in Seoul, South
               Korea, Florence Griffith-Joyner ran
               the 100-meter dash in 10.49 seconds
               (a world record). What was her speed
               in miles per hour? (1 meter is
               approximately 39.37 inches.)
363-365   2b   Use a linear model (for example, a
               number line, a ruler) to compare the
               pairs of rational numbers that follow.
               Identify which one is greater in each
               pair and use the model to justify your
               b. 1/4, 1/6

          4d   Use common denominators to
               compare the pairs of rational
               numbers. In each of the following,
               identify which one is greater and
               explain how you know.
               d. 5/7, 5/8
          20   Is the product of two irrational
               numbers always an irrational
               number? Justify your answer.
368-369   2    State the Fundamental Law of
               Fractions and give an example of it.
          4    Write the following rational numbers
               in scientific notation:
               a. 0.000005
               b. 30 million
               c. 0.036754
               d. 24,000,059
          6    Find each sum or difference.
               a. 15.6 + 8.305 + 0.4
               b. 14/3 – 16/5
               c. 20.096 - 42.3
               d. -3 1/8 + 4 5/6
          8    Find each quotient.
               a. 3/4     -12
               b. 5/4     2 2/3
               c. 18     4.6
               d. 3.06     0.22
          10   Order the following sets of rational
               numbers from least to greatest:
               a. 2 1/2; 2.333…; 2.51; 6000/29
               b. 3.33; 577/154; 3.121212…; 3 5/8
               c. 22; 32/11; 477/154; 2.7171…
          12   Describe the connections between
               rational numbers and division.
          14   Use the ideas of additive and
               multiplicative inverses of rational
               numbers to solve the following
               a. -5x + 13 = -12
               b. 1/3x - 7 = 25
               c. 3x - 4 = x + 12
               d. x + 11/9 = 2/3

          16   The Sewing Supplies Problem. The
               seamstress purchased 2.4 meters of
               $1.90-per-meter fabric, 5.4 meters at
               $3.90 per meter, 7.5 meters at $4.95
     per meter, 25.20 meters of cording at
     $0.25 per meter, and two spools of
     thread at $0.70 per spool.
     a. How much did she spend on this
     b. If she charges $10.50 per hour for
     sewing, how many hours must she
     work to pay for these supplies?
18   Let A be the set containing all
     rational numbers that are less than 5.
     Is there a rational number q in set A
     such that all other numbers in set A
     are less than q? Why or why not?

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