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Herne Bay High School


									Herne Bay High

                 Herne Bay High School
                   Specialist School   & Sports College
“Herne Bay High School
is an outstanding school
in which students of all
abilities thrive and do
well, especially in their
personal development,
which is excellent.
The school’s distinctive
ethos, in which its
specialist status for sport
is a powerful catalyst,
is helping students to
mature into confident
young people who are
very well prepared for
their future lives.”
Ofsted May 2008
  “One parent, reflecting
  the views of many,
  commented: My child is
  making excellent progress
  and I could not wish for
  him to go to a better
  school . ” Ofsted May 2008

Welcome to Herne Bay High School
We are a highly successful, innovative school that prides itself on its culture of high expectations and
traditional values, particularly relating to respect, discipline and behaviour. We are passionate about
supporting every child to achieve their full academic potential, whilst developing our students into
responsible, mature and confident young people.

The transfer to secondary school is an   namely team work, cooperation,           become successful and happy adults
exciting time for young people and       determination and leadership skills.     working in a wide and varied array of
their parents. To support our students                                            sectors from mechanics to lawyers,
                                         Our responsibility is to offer all our
through this transitional period and                                              from teachers to nurses and from
                                         students a challenging and engaging
throughout their time with us we                                                  computer programmers to retailers.
                                         educational experience tailored to
have created a small school ethos
                                         their abilities and interests at Key     It is with great pleasure that we share
through the establishment of five
                                         Stage 3, and a personalised Key          our School Prospectus with you. On
Mini Communities.
                                         Stage 4 and sixth form experience.       behalf of my students and my staff I
At Herne Bay High every student is       Our focus is to equip our students       would like to welcome you and your
treated as an individual, whether this   with the requisite skills and            child to our school community. Rest
be through the academic                  knowledge to flourish in our rapidly     assured that we will do everything
opportunities they are offered or the    changing world. We are justifiably       we can to make sure your child’s time
care they are given.                     proud of our students, many of           with us is an enjoyable and
Our specialist sports college status     whom, with the support and               rewarding experience.
allows us to focus on developing in      commitment of our teachers and
our students the values so               support staff, far exceed the grades     Dr C Owen (Headteacher)
important in the sporting arena,         predicted of them and move on to
A Supportive and Caring School
Mini Communities                                                               “A strong sense of
The Mini Community approach underpins everything that is                       community pervades the
‘Outstanding’ about the school (Ofsted May 2008) and through                   school… Support staff
this approach what is a large school has been broken down into five            provide excellent care and
mini schools, each of which has around 260 students with its                   guidance for students to
own Head and staff team.                                                       ensure their well-being.”
                                                                               Ofsted May 2008

The Mini Communities                 The Mini Community structure            one comprising of approximately
                                     develops in students an enhanced        four or five students from each of
                                     sense of ownership and belonging,       years 7 to 11. This ‘vertical
    Jupiter                          and as a result our young people feel   mentoring’ model has proven
                                     they can enjoy and achieve in a safe    extremely successful and has offered
                                     and supportive atmosphere. Students     all of our students considerable
    Mercury                          are challenged to make a positive       leadership, mentoring and
                                     contribution to their mentor group,     citizenship opportunities, whilst
                                     their Mini Community, the wider         continually reinforcing the sense of
    Neptune                          school and their local communities      belonging and care.
                                     through becoming actively involved
                                                                             Each Mini Community has its own
    Saturn                           in carefully orchestrated activities
                                                                             identity, shaped by its students and
                                     throughout the year.
                                                                             staff, and enhanced by the different
    Venus                            A Mini Community consists of 12         coloured stripes on their school tie.
                                     mixed aged mentor groups, each
                                                                                 “Students take great pride
                                                                                 in being a member of the
                                                                                 school community and
                                                                                 value greatly the support
                                                                                 they receive from staff.”
                                                                                 Ofsted May 2008

The school has found that its new      The student’s Mentor and the Mini       through interim reports and an
students soon become very proud of     Community Support Officers play         annual full report. These reports are
their Mini Community and quickly       pivotal roles in liaising between       supplemented by annual
become involved in the numerous        school and home maintaining             consultation meetings, formal
challenges throughout the year, with   effective communications,               parents’ evenings and meetings
this helping to enrich their school    monitoring progress and                 with staff whenever required.
experience, settle and make new        supporting individual student needs.
                                                                               The Mini Community approach will
friends.                               Parents are actively encouraged to
                                                                               act as a springboard to even greater
                                       develop open and trusting
The Mini Communities have                                                      achievements and innovations in the
                                       relationships with these key people
Support Officers who are trained,                                              future. We will continue to focus on
                                       in order that each child’s experience
non-teaching, professionals. Their                                             helping our students to achieve their
                                       of school is enriched.
role is to support the students                                                full potential in a challenging and
within their Mini Community and        In terms of formal feedback, parents    supportive environment.
be contactable by parents              and carers are kept regularly
throughout the school day.             informed of their child’s progress
“The curriculum meets
students’ needs and
aspirations extremely well…
Excellent relationships
between staff and students
and students themselves
create a calm atmosphere
for effective learning.”
Ofsted May 2008
A Broad and Stimulating Curriculum
We believe that we have a responsibility to be sensitive to our students’ individual needs and
learning styles. We ensure that teaching and learning is active, stimulating and enjoyable so that
our students have the best possible chance of achieving their full potential.

In order to maximise our students‘       At the end of Year 9 all students        Stage 4 work related offer which
educational experience and ensure        receive individual advice and            provides a more flexible learning
that they are fully equipped to          guidance and are given the               experience focusing on developing
access all areas of the curriculum, we   opportunity to choose the subjects       their employability skills.
focus heavily on developing their        that they wish to study to GCSE
                                                                                  The majority of our Year 11 students
literacy and numeracy skills within      level. Their options are wide and
                                                                                  stay on into our supportive, vibrant
Key Stage 3. This focus has resulted     varied, with all students following an   and highly successful sixth form. We
in consistently impressive SAT’s         applied (work related) course            offer them the flexibility to study
results and students who are then        alongside their traditional GCSE         either a year at intermediate level or
ready to make the transition to Key      subjects with literacy and numeracy      one or two years at advanced level.
Stage 4 and their GCSE’s.                continuing to be a major focus.          The range of courses post-16 is
In Year 7 the most academically able     Through partnership working with         considerable with many students
students are identified on transfer      other schools and with Canterbury        taking the opportunity to study a mix
from their primary schools and           College, the choices offered to          of traditional and applied subjects.
taught in discrete sets in order to      students in their applied pathway        Many of our students progress to
provide a higher level of challenge      is unrivalled anywhere across Kent       university either locally, to Christ
and an appropriate educational           and ranges from Business to              Church or Kent University, both with
experience. Similarly, those students    Horticulture, from Catering to           whom we have close relationships,
with particular literacy needs are       Construction.                            or to a university further afield.
supported within a dedicated group
                                         At Herne Bay High School all our
where all their literacy based
                                         students are valued as individuals,
subjects are delivered through one
                                         who progress at different rates and
specialist teacher.
                                         require increasingly flexible learning
As students progress through the         opportunities. For the most able
lower school, they are increasingly      students this might result in an early
grouped by ability in their lessons.     GCSE entry in Maths or English, or
This ensures that all students are       an opportunity to study for the three
challenged and supported in their        discrete sciences. Other students
learning.                                may benefit from an enhanced Key
Within and Beyond the Classroom
At Herne Bay High School we believe in educating the whole child and focus on developing our
students both academically and personally.

We are committed to ensuring our         The range of extra-curricular activities   curricular and extra-curricular areas,
students achieve academically. This is   offered to our young people is wide        including the Duke of Edinburgh
achieved by establishing a high          and varied. As a Sports College we         Award Scheme, science club, chess
quality, tailor-made, curricular offer   actively promote participation in          club, homework clubs, Young
and ensuring that the quality of         physical activity and run numerous         Enterprise clubs and supervised
teaching and learning opportunities      lunchtime and after-school sports          games and activities in the Learning
are of the highest standards.            clubs, ranging from traditional team       Resource Centre each lunchtime.
                                         sports including football and netball
We believe our students have a right                                                The school actively encourages
                                         to individual sports such as
to the best facilities and as such we                                               experiential learning and supports a
                                         trampolining and climbing.
have established an excellent physical                                              wide variety of educational trips.
learning environment with well           Our purpose built performing arts          These trips are organised to enhance
equipped learning spaces.                areas provide a focus for further          and enrich our students’ learning
                                         lunchtime and after-school activity,       and understanding of the world.
However, we never forget or
                                         with students enjoying dance, drama
underestimate the importance of                                                     As part of our learning experience
                                         and music opportunities.
offering opportunities beyond the                                                   we visit museums, galleries and
classroom that enhance and enrich        In addition to the sports and arts         exhibitions. Trips with a
the lives of our young people and        activities, students benefit from clubs    geographical, historical, religious or
their enjoyment of school.               and activities in a vast array of other    scientific interest are regularly
organised both locally and further     The Outdoor and Adventurous            actively encourage all our students
afield to places such as the battle    Activities team coordinates            to engage in positive dialogue with
fields of Ypres to support a history   numerous trips ranging from            their Mentor, Head of Mini
unit of work and to Wales to fulfil    canoeing and orienteering to a         Community and Headteacher.
the requirements of a geography        residential trip to the Ardeche in
                                                                              Many of our students are now so
coursework assignment.                 France. Students studying for
                                                                              keen to get their opinions heard and
                                       applied qualifications benefit from
                                                                              embrace change that they have
                                       numerous opportunities to improve
                                                                              become actively involved with local
                                       their learning through engagement
                                                                              politics through the Youth
  “The school's distinctive            with the world of work.
                                                                              Parliament initiative.
  ethos, in which its                  The school benefits from excellent
                                                                              We feel that all the opportunities
  specialist status for sport is       relationships with external
                                                                              that we give our students within
  a powerful catalyst, is              professionals and experts who
                                                                              and beyond the classroom create
                                       regularly support and challenge
  helping students to mature           students both within lessons and act
                                                                              rounded, confident and productive
                                                                              young people who develop the
  into confident young people          as external advisors for such
                                                                              knowledge and skills to prove
  who are very well prepared           initiatives as Young Enterprise.
                                                                              happy and effective members of
  for their future lives.”             The school believes passionately in    the community.
  Ofsted May 2008                      the importance of listening to
                                       students’ views and as such we
An Outstanding Sports College
Herne Bay High School is a nationally recognised and highly successful sports
college promoting excellence in physical education and community sport.

As a Specialist School and Sports       We offer opportunities for all our
College with our focus on PE and        students, whether they are young
sport, we have created exceptional      people who are incredibly talented
sporting facilities and opportunities   and love sport or students who have      “ The school's specialist
for our students and the local          less of a natural ability. Our broad
                                                                                 sports status, with its focus
community. We have established          PE curriculum and extra curricular
highly effective relationships with     programme caters for a wide range
                                                                                 on helping students gain
our many partner schools across the     of interests and abilities.              additional sporting and
region, both at primary and
                                        Our specialism has helped our
                                                                                 coaching qualifications,
secondary level. We are recognised                                               generates close links with
                                        school develop and improve in a
as a centre of best practice in terms
                                        number of ways, an example of this       the community. ”
of the opportunities we offer our
                                        being the extension of our very          Ofsted May 2008
students and our record of
                                        successful sports leadership model
supporting the work of other
                                        across the school.
                                        We are also proud to be a
We use our sports specialism as a
                                        Government recognised ‘Healthy
                                                                                 “ The way the school's
spur to achieving excellence in all                                              sports college status helps
                                        School’. We work hard to ensure that
curricular areas. This has helped to
                                        all of our students have the necessary   to develop leadership
reinforce the importance of
                                        knowledge and opportunities to           roles and to contribute
establishing positive relationships
                                        make the right lifestyle choices
and creating independent, confident                                              to the school and wider
                                        resulting in healthy, successful and
learners, who are as happy and                                                   community is particularly
                                        effective young people.
effective working in teams as they
                                                                                 impressive.” Ofsted May 2008
are on their own.

  “Ensuring that students adopt healthy lifestyles and eat healthily
  are important elements of the school's sports college status.”
  Ofsted May 2008
“Student sports leaders, who are an important element of the
school's strategy to develop students' leadership skills, run
activities during the week, as well as working with local primary
schools on a variety of sporting activities.” Ofsted May 2008
                          Herne Bay High

Herne Bay High School is an outstanding school in which
      students of all abilities thrive and do well, …
                                                        Ofsted May 2008
Herne Bay High   Herne Bay High School
                 Specialist School & Sports College
                 Bullockstone Road, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 7NS
                 Headteacher Dr C Owen
                 Tel 01227 361221 Fax 01227 742481

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