January 2009 - Two fabulous concerts in aid of Camphill

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					CA M P HI LL CO M M U NI TY                       Hemel en Aarde Valley, Hermanus       Dear parents, friends, and families,
                                                                                         We wish everyone Geseunde
                                                                                         Nieuwe Jaar, Felice Anno Nuovo,

Newsletter                                       January 2009        12                  Unyaka Omisha Omnandi, Une
                                                                                         Bonne Année, Ephei Ye Ye,
                                                                                         próspero año nuevo!, 恭喜发财,
                                                                                         šťastný nový rok,
                                                                                             , ein Gutes Neues Jahr and a
                                                                                         Happy New Year!
News                                                                                     Camphill Farm Community has
                                                                                         been awarded a substantial
                                                                                         grant by the Department of
            Two fabulous concerts in aid of Camphill                                     Social Development to
                                                                                         commence an outreach project
Candlelight Cellar Concert on 21 December                                                to benefit the people with
                                                                                         complex needs in the wider
Hermanuspietersfontein Wynkelder hosted a Candlelight Cellar Concert with the
                                                                                         Hermanus community. The
famous Namibian Soprano Sabina Mossolow. She has sung in oratorio, lieder recitals
                                                                                         project calls for
and operatic concerts in Germany, Italy, Namibia and South Africa. Last year she
received standing ovations for her fabulous performance of                               - Awareness raising and
Spotlight on Callas.                                                                     advocacy programs to promote
                                                                                         and protect the rights of people
At Hermanuspietersfontein Wynkelder Sabina sang her
                                                                                         with disabilities;
favourite Afrikaans Christmas songs composed by Dirkie de
Villiers, Gawie Cillié and Pieter de Villiers. To end this                               - Provision of capacity building
special evening on a convivial and interactive note guests                               and empowerment programs;
lit a candle and joined Sabina in singing classic Christmas                              - Provision of developmental,
carols.                                                                                  community based and
She was accompanied by pianist Albert Horne, who ma-                                     therapeutic programs that
triculated at Hermanus High School. He is currently the                                  support people with complex
chorus master of the Cape Town Opera.                                                    needs as well as their families
                                                                                         and care givers.
The proceeds of the concert were very generously donated to the Overberg
Conservation Foundation and Camphill Farm Community. A big thank you to                  This is an exciting opportunity
Hermanuspietersfontein and espacially to Sabina!                                         for Camphill Farm to respond to
                                                                                         the long standing appeal by the
The HA!Man - Francois Le Roux                                                            Department of Social
                                                                                         Development to help address the
An audience member once said after a HA!Man concert: “Thank you for the tumult           needs of the many people with
of sound you brought to us last night. It was like being hit by an avalanche of
                                                                                         complex needs in the local
                                                                                         previously disadvantaged areas
And so it was! The cellist and composer Francois le Roux creates spontaneous             of the Overstrand.
music, free-wheeling music, stream-of consciousness music with his cello, with an                       Siegfried Gutbrod, CEO
electrical piano, a flute, a lap-top and the versatile use of his voice. The audience
attending his concert at the Hemel en Aarde Estate on 30 December was
completely enchanted. Francois was applauded with a standing ovation. Phill &            Gary Elkon †
Helen Reynolds from Hermanus sponsored the event and suggested that Camphill
                                                                                         Gary Elkon came to Camphill in
should benefit from it. The event was organized by the Nosy Rosy team
                                                                                         1977 at the age of 22. He was a
( It is really wonderful to have friends like this around,
                                                                                         rather quiet person to live with,
and heartfelt thanks go to all of you!
                                                                                         having many interesting habits.
                                                                                         Gary was always a most polite
                                                                                         gentleman and would kiss my
                                                                                         hand when I took him to bed. He
                                                                                         was quite a tease. Gary spent a
                                                                                         lot of time listening to Audio-
                                                                                         books, especially Agatha Christie
                                                                                         and Sherlock Holmes, while lying
                                                                                         on his bed and “smoking” his
                                                                                         blue plastic pipe.
                                                                                                                 see next page
                                                                                     Camphill Newsletter January 2009

                     „Why are you here?“                                          He also had a little blue doll
                                                                                  that he would dress up according
... was the question we asked some of our Camphill folks. Here are the
                                                                                  to the mood he was in. Gary
                                                                                  went to Physio-Therapy once a
Derek Selase from Ghana                                                           week and enjoyed this a lot!
I want to take the Camphill Philosophy back to Ghana. I came here to learn. I     After Camphill’s 30 year
have found that dealing with people with complex needs                            anniversary celebration he often
has made me feel useful to society. I look for the potential                      told us stories about ‘the old
in an individual, irrespective of his/her disability. For                         days’ and how much he enjoyed
example Ronnie is always so excited and hard working                              his time in the wood-workshop
that he puts me in a good mood. Also, the other residents                         with Daniel Kamber.
help me because they talk from their hearts, not their                            From May 2008 Gary and I went
heads.                                                                            through an increasingly
                                                                                  challenging time as his muscle
I joined the Camphill movement because I have an uncle
                                                                                  weakness had progressed
working at Camphill Milton Keynes in England and he helped me by telling me       rapidly. It affected his body in
how to care for my grandfather who had had a stroke. Through that I wanted        many ways. We had days where
to start a Camphill in Ghana. Camphill Hermanus has been a wonderful              he wasn’t even able to hold his
experience for me – so warm and welcoming. I have also learned a lot, not         cup or his legs would give in
only from my house-leader Dani, but also from Siegfried. One of our residents,    whilst walking. Gary was
Gary, also teaches me so much.                                                    devasted and depressed about
I hope that I am living up to my personal code of the four D’s: Desire,           his condition. I, too, reached my
Diligence, Discipline, Determination.                                             limits, as Gary required such a
                                                                                  lot of care. My biggest fear was
Sandra Dyssel                                                                     that he would break a limb.
                                                                                  After long conversations with
It was long ago I came to Camphill. Mnr Cloete, the social worker, brought
                                                                                  him he decided that he would
me. I lived in Dysseldorp, nearby Oudtshoorn. My father drank. He couldn’t
                                                                                  like to go to Johannesburg, to be
                    care about me. Then he got sick. My brother and sister-in-    closer to his family. He was so
                    law were working. They couldn’t look after me. I was very     looking forward to the move and
                    scared to come here, but the people were very kind aan        really enjoyed his farewell-party
                    my (to me). I do house-work at Melissa with Jane, the         at Camphill.
                    cook, in the morning and in the aandt (afternoon) I work      Gary flew to Johannesburg in
                    at herbs with Hilda. I pull out weeds or strip herbs in the   mid December and sadly a few
                    work-shop. I have new friends like Catherine, Nettie,         days later he died of a stroke.
                    Lucia, Annamarie, Debbie, Bettina and Rosemary. I like to     Everyone was shocked and we
                    live at Camphill.                                             will all miss him dearly.
                                                                                                   Dani Kraussenecker
Chris Morkot
Why am I here? Well, the universe has it all mapped out, I believe. I was         Bank Details:
guided to visit Camphill Farm Community                                           First National Bank Hermanus Branch
Hermanus on that special Friday and it all fell into                              Branch/Sort Code 200412
place from there.                                                                 Account Name: Camphill Farm
                                                                                  Community Hermanus
My stay thus far has been overwhelming. The                                       Account No.: 52470701065
residents have warmed to me and accepted me                                       Account name: Camphill School
into their lives. They tell me their stories, some                                Account No. 62113713467
sad, some happy and some of the difficult                                         SWIFT:          FIRNZ AJJ
moments they have had. It’s not easy to single                                    Contact News Letter
anyone out here as they are all beautiful people in                               CAMPHILL FARM COMMUNITY
their own special way.                                                            Leli Hoch, Jill Reid
                                                                                  PO Box 301
It touches my heart-strings the way I have been spoiled with little gifts,        Hermanus 7200 Western Cape
chocolates and home-made cards bearing the words „Thank you for being a           Republic of South Africa
                                                                                  Tel. +27 (0)28-313-8200
very special friend“                                                              Fax +27 (0)28-313-8210
As I have a sympathetic, caring nature towards people with complex needs,
my belief is that I can try to make a difference. Shalom!

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