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					This weekend, I took time to read all the community newspapers. I wept. I wept
because I realized when it came to reading the clock on the wall that tells us what
time it is for Blacks 梫 isualizing the calendar date for the demise of Blacks 梞 ost of
our leaders are ignorant. What happened to us? Many of our forefathers could not read
or write 梱 et they knew what time it was for Black folk! Marcus Garvey and W.E.B.
Dubois didn't need a Pew report on public opinion research to understand the
condition of Black folk.

When will we establish our own agenda, versus merely reacting to the agenda that
others establish for us? We have more ignorance per square inch than I have ever
witnessed in my lifetime. Let's talk about that ignorance. As I travel across America, I
see construction of houses and high-rise buildings going up everywhere. Most major
cities are doing a major makeover. Much money is to be made on these construction
sites 梑 ut who's making the money? The construction business is booming, and pipe
fitters, plumbers, welders, glassmakers, different types of engineers, painters, etc., are
needed. At a conference recently, a spokeswoman from Hewlett Packard stated that
America has a shortage of engineering students and in order to keep up with their
demand, they will have to employ people from other countries to come here and
outsource much of their business to other countries.

The caregivers industry is another growing field. The elderly are a steadily growing
segment of our population and have many needs. Group homes & foster care are very
much needed, particularly for African Americans. Who benefits from their care?
There is also an increased rate of Black women with children who are now being
incarcerated due to drug use, selling drugs and a system that benefits by taking
children from the home, even for nonsensical reasons, making it impossible for poor
people to get their children back. These children are just warehoused until they are 18,
and then let loose 梐 nd many are illiterate. They are now ready for the next
moneymaking warehouse 梩 he prison industrial complex. When released from jail,
they enter another warehouse 梩 he halfway house. Contrary to opinion that Blacks are
a liability, Blacks are good for the economy and crime does pay. Blacks are very
much a part of the Gross National Product and are crucial to the prison stock market.

It does not take a Ph.D. to see where we are and what we need to be doing regarding
business, trades, and professions. Let me make a few more observations before I
address some articles from the newspapers. Dr. Claud Anderson, the CEO of the
Harvest Institute and author of PowerNomics: A National Plan to Empower Black
America and Black Labor, White Wealth, addresses the four things that people can do
to provide for their basic needs:
1) work a job,
2) own their business,
3) receive welfare checks, and
4) engage in illegal/criminal activity.
Let's look at the unemployment facts according to the Harvest Institute newsletter. Dr.
Anderson said that the hidden national Black unemployment rate is 35%. In cities like
Baltimore, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, Black unemployment is well over 45%. In New
York, unemployment for Black men tops 51%, and the national youth unemployment
figure is nearly 80%.

I want you to visit my Web site: and click on "What
Blacks Need to Know!" You will see a 2005 report on the state of Black Los Angeles
that provides index comparisons in many different areas for Blacks, Whites, Latinos,
and Asians. These indexes include employment, business ownership, economics,
crime, etc. Our political leaders were instrumental in having this research prepared.
Now that we have this information, where is the plan to attack the disparities and

You will see after reading this report that Blacks rank lower in median income per
household, business ownership, and employment. Because Blacks own fewer
businesses, they have more unemployment and yield low or no income 梬 hich leads
to illegal/criminal activities and incarceration. We have gathered enough information
about ourselves to begin the process of changing our dismal condition.

Back to the newspaper articles. One article is entitled "We've Got to Save Our Black
Males at Black Colleges," by Tom Joyner. I appreciate the contributions that Joyner
makes in helping Black males pursue a college degree. However, I would like to see
someone with the means to open a Vocational Training Academy for Black youth and
Black young men and women. College is not the only road to success.

Another article is called "Black Pessimism Means Economic Empowerment Is More
Important Than Ever," by Marc H. Marial, president and CEO, National Urban
League. I think what's missing here is the understanding that during the '60s,
whenever the word minority was mentioned, it referred to Blacks, but today, it
references everybody except the White man. In the '60s, Black and White issues and
comparisons were made between those two races only. However, today, rather than
two people sharing the pie, it's more like five people sharing the pie 梐 nd the slices
are smaller. It's like our leaders are missing pieces of the puzzle from the struggles of
1956 until now. The article concluded that economic empowerment means better jobs,
better jobs mean stronger communities, and stronger communities mean better
schools and safer streets that attract more investments, which refuel the cycle of
economic empowerment.

I guess it's going to take an Act of Congress to force Black leaders and educators to
make business ownership a priority on their list, given the multicultural mix with the
"my-own-first" cultural pride attitude. Our future is dependent upon us having our
own as well.
I will leave for your consideration a quote from Dr. Claud Anderson. "Since the end of
slavery, Blacks have always looked to education as the way to a better life. Moreover,
in terms of newly created jobs, Hispanics alone filled over 41% of the newly created
jobs since May 2005. Is education the key factor in immigrants getting jobs?"

What does this mean for young Black people? If jobs are disappearing forever, and
unemployment is already as high as 51% for Black men in New York, how should
responsible adults guide the young people?

Let's rise up, face the hard cold facts as reality for Black Americans, and begin a
journey to self-determination. I've often stated that "When a field is mined by an
ignorant overseer, the crops spoil." We need healthy crops that will bring forth fruit,
some a hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold!