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Better Business Bureau (BBB)
     Lower Mainland Division
     604 682 2711

     Interior BC
     1 888 803 1222

     Vancouver Island BC
     1 250 386 6348

     Contact the Better Business Bureau in order to check the status of companies
     and/or organizations you are considering dealing with.

Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority of BC (BPCPA)

     1 888 564 9963

Block Watch Society of British Columbia (BWSBC)

     1 888 602 3358 or 604 291 9959 Ext 221

     An organization designed to set up “watch programs” within your neighborhood.

BC Coalition to Eliminate the Abuse of Seniors (BC CEAS)

     1866 437 1940 or 604 437 1940

     BC CEAS is a coalition against the abuse and discrimination of seniors.

British Columbia Crime Prevention Association (BCCPA)

     1 888 405 2288 or 604 291 9959
     Provides information on programs and services available throughout BC. Helping
     British Columbians prevent crime in their local communities.

British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC)

     1 800 373 6393 or 604 899 6854

     The BCSC offers useful information to enable investors to make sound
     investment decisions and advise if a financial advisor and/or investment company
     is in good standing.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

     Vancouver   604 731 5733
     Victoria    1 250 363 8040

     Helps seniors gain access to safe, affordable housing and offers advice on
     mortgage insurance and rates.

Home Safety Renovations
     1 800 639 3938

     Home safety renovations for low-income seniors.

Charities Directorate (Canada Revenue Agency)
     1 800 267 2384 (English)
     1 888 892 5667 (Bilingual)

     Registers qualifying agencies as charities and provides an online list of Canadian
     registered charities.

Credit Bureaus:

Equifax Consumer Relations Department
     1 800 465 7166
Trans Union Canada

     1 877 525 3823

     Contact Equifax to obtain a copy of your personal credit report.
     If you suspect that your mail has been stolen from your mailbox, notify the police,
     call Equifax or Trans Union Canada.

Public Guardian & Trustee and Community Resource Network
     604 660 4444

     The Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia operates under provincial
     law to protect the legal rights and financial interests of children, to provide
     assistance to adults who need support for financial and personal decision-making,
     reporting abuse and neglect and to administer the estates of deceased and missing
     persons where there is none else to do so.

Phone Busters / Seniors Busters

     1 888 495 8501

     A national anti-fraud call centre operated by law enforcement agencies that
     provides information on fraud prevention. The centre collects complaints on
     fraud and scams and forwards them to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.
     Volunteers over the age of 50 help to reduce fraudulent telemarketing by
     educating seniors, providing emotional and moral support and ensuring that
     seniors have a place to turn to if they need assistance. Volunteers will contact
     family members, local police agencies, elder abuse committees and other support
     agencies to provide seniors with the necessary tools to effectively fight this crime.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

     1 800 282 1376

     The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has a mandate to protect and
     promote the privacy rights of individuals. The issue of identify management is
     one of Office’s priorities to help you safeguard your personal information and
     protect your identity from theft.
Lawyer Referral Service

      1 800 663 1919

      General information on a variety of topics on law and a lawyer referral service.

Society of Notaries Public of BC
      1 800 663 0343

      Lists the legal services that a Notary Public can provide and a search feature to
      locate a notary by area of the province.

Credit Counselling Society of British Columbia

      1 888 527 8999

      A non-profit debt solutions service.

Operation Identification

      Community service to assist in marking valuable possessions for identification in
      case of theft. Check with local police agency for availability in your area.

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