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									                  COLLEGIATE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM

The purpose of the Brown & Brown collegiate internship program is to offer valuable
work experience to qualified student candidates (interns) that integrates with their
relevant curriculum. The internship experience is also intended to help interns in guiding
their career decisions.

Brown & Brown is committed to a comprehensive program of learning for our interns by
exposing them to professional level challenges while encountering our firm’s corporate
culture. At Brown & Brown, we know that we must be as agile as the cheetah in order to
thrive in the competitive insurance environment. Our unique culture has enabled us to
quickly chase down new opportunities, adapt our products and services to best meet
market demands, and satisfy our customers.

Our drive to be the best has made Brown & Brown one of the largest and most respected
independent insurance intermediaries in the nation, with over 67 years of continuous
service. The Company is ranked as the sixth largest such organization in the United
States by Business Insurance magazine.

Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of the Brown & Brown culture. The Company's
reputation depends on the conduct of its representatives. All persons who are associated
with the Company are expected to conduct themselves professionally and ethically in the
course of their duties, and to comply with all laws applicable to the Company's
operations. At Brown & Brown we know that the price of integrity is eternal vigilance.

Brown & Brown is an independent insurance intermediary organization that provides a
variety of insurance and reinsurance products and services to general business, corporate,
governmental and quasi-governmental, institutional, professional, trade association and
individual clients:

   •       General Insurance

   •       Programs Division

              o   Commercial Programs
              o   Professional Programs
              o   Special Programs

   •       Reinsurance

Headquartered in Daytona Beach and Tampa, Florida, Brown & Brown has offices
located across the United States, with products and services offered through four major
business divisions.

In the local Fort Collins, Colorado, office of Brown & Brown, we have developed a
formal internship program that is tied to the school year calendar and are seeking a
qualified intern for each of the three cycles during the year including Fall Semester,
Spring Semester and Summer. We anticipate that each cycle will include a commitment
by both us and the intern for a twelve week period.

The responsibilities of the intern will cover three main functions of the business:
marketing, account management, and telemarketing.

Specific Responsibilities by Function:


   •       Train and become proficient in on-line rating programs with multiple carriers

   •       Assemble and coordinate the application process for annual renewal of policies

   •       Obtain key data on prospective clients and populate an Excel template from
           various data sources to assist Account Executives in their initial client meetings

   •       Become familiar with The Agency Management System so you may navigate
           through database for targeted searches

Account Management

   •       Assist the Account Management team by assuming processing related
           responsibilities including but not limited to:

              o Process endorsement requests

              o Review quotes for accuracy and completeness

              o Review new business policies and ensure they are consistent with quotes
                that we submitted and subsequently sold and issued to the client

              o Assist in the renewal process


   •       Utilizing targeted criteria for prospects, obtain relevant information from
           Reference USA and perform the following steps to qualify a prospect:

              o Cross reference list against The Agency Management System to ensure
                prospect is not an existing prospect or client

              o Obtain name of key person for decision making authority in the area of

              o Obtain expiration date of existing policies

              o Obtain any other relevant data and summarize for Account Executive for
                initial follow up call

Interns will be evaluated on the following characteristics:

   •       Willingness to learn
   •       Relations with others
   •       Speed of completing responsibilities
   •       Ability to perform without supervision
   •       Willingness to receive guidance
   •       Job Skills
   •       Reliability
   •       Judgment
   •       Enthusiasm
   •       Courtesy

Interns must be in either their Junior or Senior year of their collegiate career and be
willing to commit to a 12 week period. The actual hours worked during this time may
vary but in order to gain academic credit, a minimum of 50 hours must be worked for one
credit up to a maximum of 150 hours for three credits. This translates to expected work
hours of 4 – 12.5 hours per week.

Brown & Brown is committed to a training and ongoing mentoring program on a
continuous basis. The intern will report directly to the appropriate functional manager
who will meet with the intern weekly to discuss prioritized responsibilities as well as
inform them of any possible opportunities for work related activities / additional
assignments. The reporting manager will also have the responsibility of mentoring the
intern throughout the term of their assignment to ensure that the intern is exposed to as
many different aspects of the business as possible.

Brown & Brown will compensate the intern based on commensurate market rates for
their time worked during the period of the internship. It is intended that the internship
provides appropriate learning experiences in the following areas: academic, career and /
or skill development. Brown & Brown also intends on building positive, long-term
relationships with the interns and have national programs in the areas of Quality Control
and Internal Audit that may be of interest to qualified candidates.


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