Leaky Gut Treatments - Leaky Gut Cure by lesliewaler


									                                 When the small intestine
                                 becomes porous it allows
                                 unnaturally large food molecules
                                 to enter the bloodstream. Allergic
and immune responses in the intestinal wall and on the different
parts of the body maybe stimulated by these incompletely
digested food. This condition is called a leaky gut. There are leaky
gut treatments that will help you go through this condition. Read
on through to know the things you should do to overcome this

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The first thing that should be done is to improve your digestion.
When you eat, try to take smaller bites and you should chew your
food well. By eating this way you stimulate the better production
of gastric juices and your natural digestive enzymes. This also
ensures that the food you eat is broken down completely. You can
also take digestive enzyme formulas. It will help in breaking down
food into much smaller molecules to make it not cause any
immune response when it enters the bloodstream.

Eating foods high in fibre is one of the effective leaky gut
treatments. Fibre absorbs toxins in the body and helps in gently
eliminating them. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables
should be included in your diet. Most cases of leaky gut syndrome
are caused by bacterial imbalance in the digestive system. This
means you have too much of bad bacteria and have less of the
good bacteria that helps in digesting food. Taking in probiotics
will increase the number of good bacteria and improve digestion.

There are also things that you should stop doing. You should try
not to drink too much cold liquids like juices, milk, and water with
meals. This will prolong digestion by immobilizing enzymes and
diluting gastric juices. Stop overeating. This stresses the liver and
provides food for bad intestinal bacteria.

These are some of the simple leaky gut treatments that you
should follow. By doing so, you will be suffering from leaky gut no
more sooner than you think.

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