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					                               When your bowel lining is
                               damaged caused by poor diet,
                               toxins, parasites and infection
                               you are suffering from leaky gut.
A damaged bowel lining can affect your overall health so you
must learn how to heal leaky gut syndrome right away. Below are
some of the ways to relieve you of this syndrome and the other
health problems it may cause.

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To heal leaky gut syndrome you must avoid consuming certain
foods and beverages. Labelled as the white death, sugar is the
first on the list of foods that you need to avoid. Over consumption
of sugar lowers the immune system and causes obesity. It also
stresses the heart, the pancreas and the liver. The intestinal
linings are also irritated by excess sugar in your diet. White flour
should also be eliminated in your diet.

The refining process to make flour white removes healthy fibers
and B vitamins. What is left is a chemically bleached starchy part
of the kernel. When eaten, our body turns it into glucose and
contributes to health problems. Other foods you need to remove
from your diet are junk foods, alcohol, caffeine and soda pops.
Try to have a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. Examples of
fruits you should include in your diet are lemons, lime papaya,
pineapple, apricots, cherries, apples and watermelons. Non
starchy and organic vegetables are recommended. Cauliflower,
bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, cabbage, onions, parsley, celery
chives asparagus, and tomatoes are some of these non starchy

There are also some medications that you need to avoid. Most of
the over the counter drugs may directly or indirectly destroy your
gut’s lining and kill healthy bacteria. When good bacteria are
depleted it will cause bacterial imbalance and lowers the intestinal
lining’s natural protection.

Remember that having a leaky gut leads to other diseases. Follow
these simple methods and you will heal leaky gut syndrome in no
time. Eat healthy and live healthy.

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