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					Desire! You worked hard creating your business. You suffered through all the
expenses of getting your worksite and equipping it. You've assembled your support
team -- sales, marketing and administration. You thought that by now your business
would be demanding less of your time and energy. But what's happening? You're still
working too many hours putting out fires, still struggling with those hard decisions
and still doing those things you're not good at and don't like doing. That's the Problem!
What's the Solution?

You've read every book relating to your business, attended workshops, maybe you
even hired consultants to help you tweak your business. Yet the problem persists. You
wondered, "What could possibly be wrong with the way I designed my business?"

What probably is wrong is that you're asking the wrong question. You may not realize
this, but what separates the highly successful and highly satisfied business owners
from the rest is not the design and makeup of their business. It is the design and the
makeup of themselves.

There are certain attitudes and emotions you need to achieve greatness. This article
addresses the most important one -- desire.

Most of the people, who have achieved greatness, did so NOT because they were so
brilliant, but because they developed the inner power within them to go for the gusto.
They learned how to keep stoking the fire in the belly. They kept their desire and
passion burning.

Ask yourself this question. How successful are you right now? I guarantee you,
whatever level of success you have achieved so far is more tied to your attitude than
your aptitude. Success in business or any other playing field ultimately depends upon
the level of your desire.

Desire motivates you, makes you courageous and keeps you going when the going
gets tough. Desire is the fuel that drives you to achieve greatness. Desire is the
number one attitude you need for success.

If you have "fire in your belly," anything is possible.

I remember when I was just a kid during the Great Depression. Dad was out of work.
Mom took in washing when she could find somebody who could pay her. There was
just enough money for food, hardly any for clothes. Anything else, like toys, was out
of the question.

I knew how to have fun with empty boxes, using a stick for a sword and my finger for
a gun. But there was one toy I really wanted -- a new Buck Rogers rocketship. I saw it
in the local hardware store. I watched with fascination as the salesman demonstrated it.
It was really neat. Wind it up and sparks shot out of its tail. I had to have it. How
could I get money to buy it? We had an apple tree in the backyard. It was fall and the
apples were ripe. I would sell apples to raise the money I needed. I quickly picked the
reddest ones and polished them to a bright shine.

I took my treasures out in the street and found grown men on the street corners selling
apples too. "Beat it kid," the man told me. Discouraged I started walking home. I kept
thinking about that Buck Rogers rocketship with its sparks shooting out of the tail.

On my way I passed some business places. I looked into a barbershop and saw some
men waiting. I went in and was able to sell two apples before the owner gently
ushered me out. "This will work," I thought.

I went to the next store and just got in before the owner chased me out. I was
discouraged and scared, but I thought of the two apples I did sell and that Buck
Rogers rocketship. That renewed my courage. I did not understand it then, but that
Buck Rogers rocketship had become a trigger. Every time I thought about it, it
triggered me into action.

I kept on going, store after store. Some owners were nice and let me come in and sell
my apples, others ushered me out. Not all of them were kind. Every time I got
discouraged I thought of my successes and of that Buck Rogers rocketship. I had two
triggers now, the memory of my getting money for my apples and the thought of that
Buck Rogers rocketship. I kept on going until I sold all the apples.

I ran to the store and bought my toy.

That simple story is an example of the power of desire. This is the same principle that
works on any enterprise, from selling apples to landing a rocketship on the moon.
Desire can trigger your motivation and move you into action.

To strengthen your desire you need to review all the reasons why you want that goal --
all the things you will gain. Then you need to list what you will miss out on -- all the
things you will lose -- if you don't reach your goal. Strong desire is essential to create
a highly successful and highly satisfying business. Take the time to practice
strengthening your desire. It is extremely important to do this when you are feeling
lacking in energy or discouraged.

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