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Designer Cufflink Styles Women Would Love


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									There is a preconceived idea that I would like to clear up. Women like to wear
cufflinks too. Women love accessories and jewellery so why wouldn't they want to
add some bling to their cuffs? Designers focusing on this niche market would
probably be pleased with the results they get as so many cufflink styles are designed
with the man in mind. Because of this the selection that does exist for women tends to
be limited.

Here's a list of some beautiful style ideas:

1. Pearls:

What are the most classic stones women wear? Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and
pearls? Something like that. Pearls are beautiful and go with everything- as most light
coloured things usually do. Pearl cufflinks are a great option for a soft, professional,
or elegant look.

2. Diamonds:

Nothing says elegance like a sparkling diamond. This might seem a bit OTT (over the
top) but the right kind of woman can pull it off. Diamond cufflinks would probably be
too much for work, but would be fabulous for a night at the opera or at a fashion event.
Imagine wearing sexy tuxedo trousers, black patent leather shoes, a cream silk blouse,
and diamond cufflinks… watch out world!

3. Rubies:

Rubies are not only one of the most elegant stones but they also have a very vintage
look to them, and what could be better than that? Vintage accessories are all the rage
these days, so wearing ruby cufflinks set in rusty gold would put you right on point.
They would look sensational with a dark velvet jacket, and a vintage bag.

4. Anchors:

These are a little bit more novelty, but really so much fun. One of the classiest
activities someone can partake in is going aboard a yacht during the summer. Why not
embrace the experience with a pair of anchor cufflinks? They would be perfect to
wear when out for a fancy dinner or at a party on a boat.

5. Hearts:

Little ones, I have not forgotten you! There are few things that little girls enjoy more
than playing dress up. Plastic cufflinks are inexpensive and can be so adorable if they
are well designed. Hearts, x's and o's, and ponies are just a few examples of cufflink
styles that would be ideal for young girls. If it's allowed they could even wear them
with their school uniform.

Whether you're a woman planning an outfit, a girl creating a style, or a designer trying
to fill a need in the market, you've now got five great cufflink ideas for women and

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