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   Issue 32                                                                                                   12th October 2009

                                      - MESSAGE FROM TH E HEADT EACH ER -

  Ambassadors To Be Proud Of !

  Our annual Open Evening was held last Wednesday and was a great success. The School looked fantastic and the
  atmosphere was vibrant. We were delighted to note that the evaluations completed by parents were 100% positive.
  In particular, they praised our Year 11, 12 and 13 tour guides who were great ambassadors for the school and talked
  about our school and their achievements with great pride and enthusiasm. Being involved in such an event gives
  students the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills.
  It was a very special evening that reinforced to me just how proud and privileged I am to be the Headteacher of such
  a wonderful school. I would like to publicly thank our staff who worked so hard to prepare for this evening.

  L. Rowlands

                                                                     “The course’s main aim was to encourage students to choose a
                                                                     STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) in
                                               Mr J Connolly         University and I think the course did this pretty well.” Khushboo

TALENTED                                       Gifted & Talented
                                               Co-ordinator          “I thought it was a valuable experience. It was very enlightening
                                                                     and helped me decide what I would like to study in the future.”
At Canons High School we believe in the ethos of                                                                               Jannani
personalised education and that every student
should be able to access the curriculum in order to                  “The Imperial College trip was awesome! I didn’t think it would
                                                                     be that good with all the science involved, but it was great.”
achieve to the best of their abilities.
This includes our Gifted and Talented learners. Much is said
about the extra support provided for students with learning          “The lessons were interesting and living in halls like a student
difficulties, but equally important is the provision and extra       was really fun. Evening activities were entertaining and I made a
support for students who excel at either a single or multiple        lot of new friends and would love to go again.”           Stephanie
subjects. Every year we use many methods to identify our gifted
and talented learners including test data, data from previous
schools and, most importantly, teacher assessment. Each
department will identify the students that are G&T for their
subject area and a register is generated. When a student is
added to our G&T register their parents or carers are obviously
informed in writing.
Once we have identified the G&T students we aim to ensure
their provision of education is such that they are able to achieve
highly by providing challenge in lessons as well as other
activities. There are many master classes and projects that are
aimed at the G&T learners that happen both in and out of
Harrow. Examples of these activities include sporting fixtures
where our best athletes compete at the highest level and
residential visits to major educational establishments, like the
one our Triple Science Students undertook recently at Imperial
College, London. Their comments on this 3 day residential trip
confirm how rewarding and interesting this visit was.                    Our party of G&T students at Imperial College, London.
                                                                 Photographers Gallery Visit
                                                                 Students setting out on their chosen GCSE Art
                                                                 course this term benefited from a visit to the
                                                                 Photographers Gallery in London’s Oxford Street
                                                                 during the summer.

                                                                 Students were very fortunate to be given a special talk and
                                                                 tour of “The Photographic Object” exhibition, where they were
                                                                 encouraged to discuss and answer some challenging questions
                                                                 about the work on show, by artists such as Gerard Richter and
                                                                 Catherine Yass. It was a great introduction to all of the

European Day
                                                                 photography can
                                                                 offer and I am
                                                                 hoping that the

of Languages                                                     students can take
                                                                 these ideas away
                                                                 with     them     to
         - Friday 25th September -                               inspire their future
                                                                 GCSE projects.

In recognition of the exciting diversity of cultures             Ms N.Gadd
and languages represented at Canons, students                    Head of Art
were encouraged to think about these differences
in their lessons on this special day.
                                                                                                    Getting close up.
The Modern Languages Department quizzed students on their
knowledge of different languages, flags, landmarks and people
from around the world. Students in Year 10 also got to sample
some typical French cheeses – Brie, Emmental, Fromage du                                                    The special
Chêvre, and Port Salut. All students were also given the                                                    private tour
opportunity to enter the European                                                                           and talk was
Day of Languages quiz at lunchtime.                                                                         extremely
I can now announce that the                                                                                 enlightening.
winners of this completion are Alice
Ghenea, 10WW and Aditi Wala,
10AB. Well done to both of you.
                                                                               Art explained !
Ms J Grindrod
Head of Modern Languages

           th           nd
       28 Sept - 2 Oct                                                                   Canons are continuing their series
      8JC/8CH - 99.2%                      To allow us to get this new service up and     of one hour e-safety workshops
                                            running as soon as possible, please can                 for parents.
           5th - 9th Oct                     all parents & carers ensure they have            The last workshop is on
          8AD - 98.3%                         returned their completed forms or           Tue 13th Oct, starting at 5:00 pm
                                                      request a new one.
                                                                                        Just turn up and find out about how
          Well Done!                              Thank you to all those who
                                                    have done so already                    to keep safe on the internet.

                                      - DATES FOR YOUR DIARY -
                           Tue 13th Oct    -     ‘e-safety’ Workshop for Parents - 5.00 to 6.00 pm
                           Wed 14th Oct    -     ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ cookery club - 12.40 pm for students only.
                           Wed 14th Oct    -     Open Evening for Year 11’s.

                           Fri 23rd Oct    -     Staff Training Day - SCHOOL CLOSED

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