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Day Trading Vs Swing Trading


									There are different trading styles. You can do day trading. You can do swing trading.
You can also do position trading. What you need is a trading style that matches your
personality and psychology.

In day trading, a trader opens a trade and closes it before the end of the day looking
for quick profits by taking advantage of volatility in the market. Day trading is for you
if you have the time to sit in front of your computer monitoring the market on a daily

Many day traders spend hours sitting in front of their computer monitors waiting for
the right time to make a quick killing. 90% of the people who try day trading give up
within a few months finding it to be stressful. No doubt for inexperienced it can be
stressful. You can easily fatigue yourself by sitting in front of your computer for hours

However, in recent years, day trading has become popular. There are people who
make a successful living by day trading different markets like stocks, futures, forex
and commodities. It all depends on your personality. If you are action oriented risk
taker and want quick and fast action, then day trading is for you.

On the other hand, in swing trading, a trader looks for a trend that can last from a few
days to a few weeks and tries to ride it at an early stage till such time the profit targets
are met. Swing traders are most trend riders.

In swing trading, you don't have to sit in front of your computer staring at the monitor
all the time. You only need to monitor the market for something like 30 minutes daily
to decide when is the best time to ride a trend. Once you have placed your stop loss,
you are almost free. The market will take it's own course. If it moves in the direction
that you anticipated, you will make what you had planned. If the market moves in a
wrong direction, the stop loss order will take care of the trade. Your trade will be
closed when the stop loss is triggered.

Day trading is a serious business. Many people think that they can day trade as a
hobby. Never make that mistake. For most people who have a job, day trading is out
of question. But swing trading is possible. At the end of the day, they can monitor
their trade and move the stops if the market is changing. In the end, choose a trading
style that best suits you!

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