David Shepherd by aihaozhe2


									David Shepherd, internationally renowned as one of the world's leading wildlife
artists. Much of his time is now devoted to conservation.

Several hundred signed limited edition titles have been published, illustrating his
work. Born in the 1930s he still continues to paint and although a tremendously
sucsessful commercial artist, he has a very 'down to earth' approach regarding the
world we all live in and how it should be cared for...

He has received many honours over the years, MBE, OBE, to name just a very
few..David gives talks on a regular basis, worldwide and has many captivating stories.

One of his paintings in 1974 titled 'Tiger Fire' was painted to help save the tigers, it
was published as a signed limited edition and sold for £150.. Today these signed,
limited edition prints can sell for upwards of £4,500.. Much of his other work holds
a similar story.

Widely regarded as the No.1 wildlife artist in the world his signed, limited edition
prints, particularly of the period 1970's-80's are tremendously sought after and
command a premium, many times more than the original published price. Many
people see his work as a wonderful investment, but the majority of David Shepherd
artwork collectors take pleasure in the work itself and simply see the investment as a

David Shepherd first came to fame when an elephant painting was published titled
'Wise old elephant'. This was painted in 1962 and the open edition poster prints were
distributed by Boots. It was apparently the first time a print of this nature had been
published on such a commercial scale, and it was believed that there would be little
interest... It turned out however that this print sold more prints than any other print in
the world and luanched David Shepherd's career on the world stage as a wildlife artist.

Few , if any. other wildlife artists have achieved as much recognition as David
Shepherd and his work continues to be very sought after. Many people I have met
who collect David's work have lived in Africa, or visited on a regular basis, and they
all talk of the wonderful atmosphere in his paintings and the character that can be
sadly lacking from lesser wildlife artists.

One of David's great passions are steam engines, he owns several, and has bought
some of them from Africa; his paintings eg. 'On Shed' and 'Giants at rest' wonderfully
demonstrate his love for this age of steam. There are several books available on his
steam journeys and paintings and many books now published around his paintings,
not only of African and Indian animals and landscapes but Brish scenes and portraits
of equal depth and intensity.

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