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                                                                                           Association of Chartered Certified

What is ACCA?
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the largest and fastest-growing international
accountancy body, with 320,000 students and members in 160 countries. ACCA has an extensive network of
over 70 staffed offices and other centres around the world.

When and where can I take the exams?
Examinations are held twice a year, in June and December. There are more than 160 ACCA examination
centres around the world, and special centres can be set up for students in other locations.
If you are studying for the Professional or Certified Accounting Technician schemes, you can sit a maximum of
four papers in each examination session. If you are studying for the Diploma in Financial Management you can
sit a maximum of two examinations and take two projects in each session.

Can I sit my exams in Egypt?
Yes, British Council is responsible for hosting and conducting the exams in Egypt on behalf of ACCA.
Candidates are responsible for the payment of the local fees which is normally LE300/paper, per candidate and
paid two weeks in advance.

What is the exemptions policy?
Your previous qualifications may entitle you to exemptions from certain ACCA Professional scheme or Certified
Accounting Technician scheme examinations. This will ensure that your point of entry is the most suitable for
your level of knowledge and skills and will prevent you repeating areas which you are already familiar with.
For Egyptian universities graduates please check

What are the different qualifications offered by ACCA?
   Professional scheme
   Certified accounting technician scheme
   Diploma in Financial management
   Online MBA
   Oxford Brooks BSc in Applied Accounting
   Diploma in International Financial Reporting
   Diploma in Corporate Governance
   Certificate in International auditing
   Certificate in International Financial Reporting

How can I register?
You should register directly with ACCA, to find out more about registration please check
Where can I find out more about the exams, syllabus, exemptions etc…?
The general queries concerning examinations, syllabus, exemptions and how to register with ACCA etc. should
be directed to:

ACCA Connect
64 Finnieston Square
United Kingdom
G3 8DT
Student Enquiries
T +44 (0)141 582 2000
F +44 (0)141 582 2222

ACCA Connect is their global customer services centre and their staff is able to handle all ACCA enquiries.
ACCA Potential
ACCA Potential is a monthly electronic newsletter providing you with news and information about joining ACCA
– the largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body.

         The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.
Sign up for ACCA Potential if you have ambitions to succeed in the world of finance and accountancy. You’ll
receive essential hints and tips on progressing your career with a professional body whose qualifications are
instantly recognised by employers around the world.
Register at

What are the accredited Tuition Providers in Egypt?

   Egyptian Banking Institute

Mr. Said A. Fattah
Training Assistant Manager
T +22405 4472 Ext. 543
Mr. Ahmed Teleb
Senior Program Coordinator
T +22405 4472 Ext. 570
22 (A), Dr Anwar El Mofty Street,
Tiba 2000 Bldg,
Nasr City
T +22405 4472 Ext. 550
F +20 (0)2 405 4471

 Arab Academy for Science & Technology

Mrs. Hoda M. Nouhy
Business Development
6, El-Worood St.,
El Mohandessen- Giza- Egypt
T +35773341 / 37490309
F +37494421

Are there any Publishers in Egypt?

TTC has been appointed by Zamzam Publishing as an agent in Egypt to support ACCA books from BPP
starting this current year 2007.

Please find below their full details:

Address: 27 Aden Street, off Shehab Street.,
Mohandessin, Giza. Egypt
Tel : +2 (02) 7626102 / 7626103
Fax :+2 (02) 7626104

What are the appropriate examination resources? Can I study on an on-line basis or by distance
BPP Professional Education is the company that trains people for the qualifications they need to become
business professionals. Visit their website then go to the ‘’Accountancy and Tax’’ to visit the
ACCA section for more information on available courses and training materials

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