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									 Natural Resources and
Sustainable Development
       GTS Workshop
         June 2010
         Jean Coleman
         CR Planning, Inc.
Types of tools to implement plans
              Encouragement – Educating
               individuals to act consistently
               with the plan.

                                Incentives – Providing an
                                 inducement for individuals to
                                 act consistently with the plan.

      Regulation – Requiring
       individuals to act in ways that
       are consistent with the plan.
                              Acquisition/Public
                               Ownership – Buying land to
                               ensure management and use
                               is consistent with the plan.
     Why Use Regulation?
Regulations clearly tell people what is
expected of them.

Compliance is highest when actions are

Regulations balance property interests of
the community with those of individuals.
 From Policy to Reality: Model Ordinances
      for Sustainable Development
                        Urban growth boundary
                        Agriculture and forest protection zoning
                        Conservation subdivision zoning district
                        Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) and
                         Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)
                        Orderly annexation agreement
                        Sample zoning districts for traditional village
                         or traditional neighborhood development
                        Adequate public facilities ordinance
                        On-site septic ordinance
   Available at:        Stormwater management ordinance      Travel demand management ordinance
                        Natural resource protection overlay district
    Ordinances to Protect
     Natural Resources
 Natural resource protection
 Conservation subdivision zoning
 Natural resource design standards
 in a subdivision ordinance
Natural resource protection overlays

 Overlays base
  zoning district         Base Zoning
                         (Res, Ag, Ind)

 Applies to a single                     Lake

  natural resource, or
  multiple resources,          District
  wherever they
Common elements in a natural
 resource overlay ordinance
   Intent and Purpose
   Identification of resources to be
   Process for reviewing development in
    overlay areas
   Performance standards
   Management requirements
Example: City of Sartell
  Natural Resource
  Protection Overlay

  – Single overlay that
    includes protection
    for a variety of
    important resources
    wherever they occur

  – Requires a process of
    flexible site design if
    important resources
    are present
  Clay County
  Overlay Districts
  – RP- Wellhead
  – RP- County
    biological survey
  – RP-Aggregate
Conservation Development
Regulating subdivision design for natural
 resource protection and development
    Can be required within specified districts, allowed
     within specified districts, or encouraged through
     incentive regulation
    Identify criteria to protect natural resources within
     the subdivision process
    Set criteria for balancing public and private benefits
     and costs
    Identify management responsibility for open space
Examples of development standards in
 conservation development ordinance
       Maximum density
       Open space requirement
       Open space ownership and management
       Creative lot and building site design to
        protect resources
       Buffers
       Flexible street standards
Examples of Conservation Development at
Various Densities

    Conventional Development
Examples of Conservation Development at
Various Densities

Examples of Conservation Development at
Various Densities

Examples of Conservation Development at
Various Densities

   TND/Mixed Use Development
Natural resource design standards
   in a subdivision ordinance
   Similar in concept to street or utility design
   Applied in the subdivision process
   Based on community natural resource priorities
   Based on science and ecological principles
                                 Steep slopes
Example: City of Shakopee
Natural Resource Priorities

   Lakes and streams
                                 Wetlands
       Ordinance Enforcement
The good, the bad, and the bureaucracy

  Enforcement – Adoption of the ordinance is
   just the beginning
  Cost – Consider staff and informational
   resources needed to administer regulation
  Variances and exceptions - we have met the
   enemy, and he is us
               Key Messages

   There are a variety of ordinance approaches to
    protect natural resources
   Regulation should protect natural resources
    that are important to your community
   Natural resource protection can occur along
    with development
Happy Ordinance Drafting . . . !!!

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