Improvement in early chronic venous insufficiency _CVI_ on oral by sdsdfqw21


									S Afr J Diabetes Vasc Dis e-publication 21 September 2005 (                                                               1

Improvement in early chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) on
oral administration of red vine leaf extract (Venavine)
Leg and ankle oedema, as early signs         mg and 720 mg of the extract compared        product may help to close the venular
of chronic venous insufficiency, is alle-    to placebo in patients with stage I and      endothelial gaps.
viated by red vine leaf extract capsules,    incipient stage II CVI. In the more             Chronic venous insufficiency is more
according to a recent double-blind,          than 200 patients, the red vine leaf         likely to develop in the older, sedentary
placebo-controlled, cross-over study.        extract reduced lower-leg circumfer-         and overweight patient and can occur
The improvement in leg oedema was            ence significantly, while also reducing      acutely during long airline flights.
accompanied by increased microvascu-         the subjective systems (tired, heavy            Venavine is available in South Africa
lar blood flow values and improved           legs, sensation of tension in the legs,      as both a soft gel capsule and a sooth-
transcutaneous oxygen pressure.1             tingling sensations and pain in the legs)    ing, cooling 1.125% v/v gel.
   This sophisticated study evaluated        related to CVI.                                 For more information contact Brett
microvascular blood flow using a spe-           The extract of red vine leaf (RVLE)       Meyer at Grace Pharmaceuticals,
cially developed laser Doppler device        has been available in Europe for two         PO Box 10323, Winston, Rivonia,
and transcutaneous oxygen pressure           years and has recently been launched         2128, 082 888 2403; email: grace-
with a solid-state electrode in 129          on the South African market. It is a
patients with stage I or II chronic          pure plant-based extract and contains
venous insufficiency. After six weeks        flavonoids, such as flavanol glycosides
                                                                                          1. Kalus U, et al. Improvement of cutaneous
of 360-mg once-daily treatment of the        and glucuronides with quercetin 3-0
                                                                                             microcirculation and oxygen supply in patients
leaf extract, treated patients showed a      beta-D-glucuronide (main flavanoid)             with chronic venous insufficiency by orally
significant improvement in both micro-       and isoquercitrin – a secondary flavo-          administered extract of redvine leaves, AS195:
vascular flow and oxygen pressure.           noid. It has been safety tested in more         a randomized, double-blind, crossover study.
Leg circumference decreased by 0.39 ±        than 2 000 patients.                            Drugs in R&D. 2004; 5(2): 63-71.
                                                                                          2. Kiesewetter H, et al. Efficacy of orally
0.09 cm vs 0.14 ± 0.05.                         The flavonoids seem to have a pro-
                                                                                             administered extract of redvine leaf AS195
   This study complements and updates        tective action in the early stages of CVI,      in chronic venous insufficiency. A rand-
an earlier double-blind, placebo-con-        when the veins and their wall structures        omized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
trolled trial2 which assessed the efficacy   have not yet suffered any permanent             Arznermittelforschung 200; 50(2): 109-117.
and safety of once-daily doses of 360        damage. In later stages of CVI, this

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