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					                                                   Richard Tracey
1211 SW Higgins                                                                      Phone: 406-555-5555
Missoula, MT 59803                                                      
        University of Montana Missoula, MT                                          Expected graduation: May 2008
        Bachelor of Science in Marketing                    Marketing GPA: 3.34
        Minor in Media Arts                                 Media Arts GPA: 3.8
Skills: Filmmaking, directing, editing, art direction, cinematography, creation of print ads, storyboards; proficient with
Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and MS Frontpage.
Relevant Course Work
Advertising Competition · Marketing Principles · Marketing Internship · Consumer Behavior · Integrated Digital Art
Marketing Management · Strategic Management · Creation of Media Story · Marketing Communication ·
Entrepreneurship · Digital Video Production · Marketing Research · Non-Linear Editing
Work Experience
Sales/Marketing Agent, Pro Alarm, Atlanta, GA                                      May-August 2007
       Performed door-to-door sales and marketing for leading regional wireless security company.
       Solely generated over $40,000 revenue in two-month period through door-to-door sales implementation with an
         average of $1400/sale.
       Created brand awareness for Honeywell and Monitronics products via word-of-mouth brand positioning.
       Adapted sales pitch and negotiations to specific target markets and customized products to specific households.
       Continuously ranked in top 10% of sales team; offered a fulltime position and management responsibility.
Sales Representative, Zumiez, Missoula, MT                                         November-April 2007/2008
       Daily responsibilities included sales and merchandising for nation’s leading action sports retailer.
       Managed full-line inventory and account balance reconciliation.
       Achieved sales of approximately $800-$1,800 daily.
       Created store layouts to position products to increase sales through extenuation of brand logos and specific
         product features.
Marketing and Promotions, Monkey Productions, Missoula MT                          August -December 2007
       Worked alongside co-founder of Montana’s leading action sports film producer to market and promote movies.
       Implemented integrated marketing communications plan for action sports film premier/concert.
       Created layouts for MySpace and Facebook advertisements and implemented the ads on sites.
       Provided brand analysis and SWOT analysis for co-founder of company.
Practical Educational Experience
National Advertising Campaign, America Online AIM
    Aided in creating $25 million digital marketing plan for America Online’s instant message platform, AIM.
    Solely created offline promotional events, tours, and budgets and designed and created viral videos.
    Used primary and secondary market research to create brand awareness via print media and TV spots.
    Presented campaign to America Online executives at National Advertising Competition in Portland, OR.
Integrated Marketing Plan, Habitat For Humanity
     Worked with Missoula Habitat for Humanity director and marketing manager to create regional marketing plan to
       be used to increase applicants and volunteers.
     Performed macro analysis, situational analysis, target market objectives, value propositions, and marketing
       recommendations, and presented final recommendations to senior staff.
Film Productions, A Board Life, The Drunkard, Enjoy
     Worked on three-person teams to produce three independent films, providing art direction on all.
     Solely wrote, directed, produced, and edited two films; hired primary actors and extras for films.
     Worked as chief cinematographer on final film.
Start-Up Business Plan, Sunset Peak
     Worked on a team of 4 to formulate a comprehensive business plan for a regional organic restaurant.
     Conducted primary (surveys) and secondary marketing research to develop marketing/sales plans.

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