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					As a child I would wake up in the morning to find frost on the inside of the window.
The agony of blood finally returning to frozen toes and fingers is still a painful
memory. I can remember my older brothers lighting a small fire to try to warm us up
as we waited for the school bus and teachers giving us early morning exercises to get
our fingers moving so we could write.

These things were not an occasional happening, but something that occurred regularly
every school morning.

I used to dream of living on a tropical island. I imagined myself lying on the sand
listening to the gentle breeze rustling though the coconut palms. Swimming in warm
blue green water. Soaking up the warmth from a tropical sun.

All the things that are the opposite of being regularly chilled to the bone.

As the years wore on I have lived in many places from back of beyond in the
mountains, to lush coastal bush, (New Zealand), to scenic hinterland (Australia) to the
19th floor in a high rise building in a bustling overcrowded city (Hong Kong). Yet, I
finally made it to my childhood dream. Living on a tropical island - Vanuatu in the
South Pacific.

Regularly my husband and I stand on the verandah of our home in the tropics and
watch in awe, as the romantic, tropical moon paints its majestic silvery path across the
lagoon at the bottom of our property. We never tire of the ever changing light that
plays gently across the water, particularly in the early morning or late afternoon.

There isn't another house in sight across the lagoon. All the locals live hidden deep in
the bush. The only evidence of them is the occasional curl of smoke as they cook their
evening meal, or some canoes belonging to the fishermen, out on the water.

We are often woken in the morning to the sound of a VW being dropped into the
lagoon. No it's not a VW it's a huge school of fish leaping in the lagoon. Obviously
some bigger fish chasing them looking for breakfast.

Sounds too good to be true. It is, but it is reality.

Over the past three years we have built a wonderful property out of nothing. The
buildings were there, but that was all. They were run down and obsolete and the
garden non-existent.

We knew hope, frustration, elation, despair and victory in a roller coaster ride. We ran
out of money, time and eneregy. All those things you do when you renovate four
houses and landscape over an acre of land.
Now we are giving away our property so we can give out non-repayable education
grants to geographically and financially underprivileged children.

Yep, you read that right. We are giving it away. No we are not some wonderful
philanthropic (hard even to spell let alone say) people, we just enjoy life and giving
away something is a great way to do it. We have found people who have a much
greater need that we do and we want to help them.

So what is this all about? We all get bogged down with whatever situation we are in.
Overwhelmed by the day to day routine and demands of life. But dreams do need to
be worked at, sometimes with blood, sweat and tears.

The good news is, don't be afraid to dream, to hold it, to believe in it and to work at
that dream. It can become a reality, in spite of non-believers around you. We will
continue to live on our wonderful tropical island and our dream will remain a reality.

Take time out to lift your eyes to the horizon and dare to dream a dream. You just
never know when it will come through. Remember, it is better to have tried and failed,
than to never have tried at all.

I will let Robert H Goddard have the final say: "It is difficult to say what is impossible,
for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow."

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