Dan Kennedy - Review by aihaozhe2


									Dan Kennedy is another of those internet marketing gurus who has succeeded with a
system that is promoted with the idea of being simple enough for anyone to use no
matter the size or type of their business, their skills or experience, or their lack of
either. He has produced "The Copywriting Seminar In-A-Box" to help you create
"killer" copy for your ads, sales letters, and brochures regardless of your type of
business. His proposed "Magnetic Marketing System" is in its ninth annual edition
and boasts of having helped users to find success within hundreds of different
business categories.

You can view Dan Kennedy's seminars and power point presentations on DVD or on a
fully searchable CD-ROM. Although he does still give seminars that you can attend
live, this allows you to listen to his business strategy right in your living room.
Dubbed "The Millionaire Maker", Kennedy is known for his no-nonsense approach to
business that many consider to be refreshing.

Dan Kennedy has developed a system of direct-response advertising which he claims
will eliminate the need for you to use telephone calls to try to set up appointments
with those who may or may not be interested in your product. Direct-response
advertising allows you to generate a response from those who already need your
product. He points out that there is a need to build a business with baby steps. Make a
free report of good quality to show target customers. When you have a certain part of
that report that gets the most attention, and then follow up with a report that focuses
only on that point. Build up to the main attraction.

Another point that Dan Kennedy stresses is that most businessmen try to play up their
strengths while hoping their weaknesses don't get noticed. They always do, claims
Kennedy, so why not go ahead and point out all your weakest areas along with the
best possible responses you can use for each one. This gives you the advantage of
honesty and of trying to find the solution for any possible problem area.

Dan Kennedy is one of many internet marketers today. He is a freelance copywriter
that many people think of as the best there is but it is difficult to think of his
"strategies" for success as anything more than common sense business advice. While
he is one of the highest paid, as well as most in-demand marketing consultants
working in America and a best selling author of six books who has written numerous
how-to courses to help businesses succeed, it is difficult to find the content in his
work that will make you rich by using it. He also sells his courses for exorbitant
prices that not every new businessman can afford as an initial investment in an
internet marketing business.

Some of the complaints against Dan Kennedy include that he focuses his marketing
more towards offline businesses than online, which is steadily gaining popularity.
Another is the price he charges for some of his back-end courses. Some of these are as
much as $3,000 or more.

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