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					                                     SCHOOL OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND LEGAL STUDIES

                     A Facultiy of Name Newsletter                               North Bay, Ontario                                              July, 2008

                       INAL                  E: A                                   EW
       C AR I M Name Newsletter J U S T I CNorth Bay, Ontario Y E A R I N R E V IJuly, 2008
           Facultiy of

                      !"#$%&'()*%&+","#&)'-&.%$-/&0"1&                  1$8*$3&7#"'1&($+$&7#"'1&$)-&$#")/&

      Welcome to
                      )$0-$-*$#&.+'(')0'12&$,'-3&4$+&                   *,&-#'0$)&)'-&.%$-/&<$1$1.-')&<$,3&
                      ,$0-*)&#')*)/&).2'--')&.0/&'.&0*,')&1$0/&              6$1$.1&'1-$#+*%/&($+$&.&                What’s inside

      Criminal        %",,')&<'-.$/&,':$#"3&?*10&,"#$%&                      5$*2'.-&%",,')/&$#")3&
                                                                                                                     Our program is dynamic, changing so that we
                      #="1&0*)&$2$-/&"+'"3&9#.)&'1&;*)-"&             1$8*$3&7#"'1&($+$&7#"'1&$)-&$#")/&
                                                                             7$&,,$1-$)8*$&,'2*,.&$)-/&0*#)*)&       can continue to provide our students with one

                      )$+&-$,,*)&:':$1+*%&(*,<'1.#3&                  *,&-#'0$)&)'-&.%$-/&<$1$1.-')&<$,3&
                                                                             '1/&)*)0'('-&1$03&                      $2$)-.)&.,'8*.%/&.*2*$&"#0'&'%($&
                                                                                                                     of the best criminal justice educations in the
                      7#.$)$1-&)0$,$#')8*$&+","#&'+&'(&                                                              #+'$-&1*,,./&)'-&.%$-&)*)&0'('-&<$,'-&
                                                                                                                     country. This publication will help current and
                                                                           6$1$.1&'1-$#+*%/&($+$&.&                  ,'2*,.&'1&$,'-3&C.$&0$1.)&0"12*$&
                                                                                                                     future students, and alumni keep up with these
*&                    .-/&)0$,$#')8*$&<'-.$/&<$='0*,.&1"1/&                  9*#.:'-*#&,.0*)&-#')-'8*$3&             0"1<.,,')&1'),3&D*)0$&,*0-*)&5$,')3&&
                                                                                                                     exciting changes in order to stay informed and
             %",,')&<'-.$/&,':$#"3&?*10&,"#$%&                             5$*2'.-&%",,')/&$#")3&
,&            First Edition
                      1'),3&>1-$2$#&0"1)$0-$-*$#&)$%&<$,&                                                            get involved!
                      -*#(')3&?*,,.%&.&-*#(')&.&;*)-"&2#.&                7$&,,$1-$)8*$&,'2*,.&$)-/&0*#)*)&
      Welcome to our first edition of Nipissing
                                                                        ='0*,.&("#--'-"#/&0"1<.,,')&'1-$#&           Inside you will find updates about the
             )$+&-$,,*)&:':$1+*%&(*,<'1.#3&                               '1/&)*)0'('-&1$03&
                                                                        +*%/&%.21.3&+'21')&)'%&)'-&.%$-/&                 $2$)-.)&.,'8*.%/&.*2*$&"#0'&'%($&
      University’s Criminal Justice program
                      6,'8*.%&$#.-&<",*-(.-3&@$)-':*,*%&                                                             Nipissing CJ program, as well as what is new in
             7#.$)$1-&)0$,$#')8*$&+","#&'+&'(&                          )$%3&9*#.:'-*#&%",$)&-'$/&1*,,.&*-&               #+'$-&1*,,./&)'-&.%$-&)*)&0'('-&<$,'-&
      newsletter - Criminal Justice: A Year in                                                                       the Canadore College Law and Justice program.
             )*%3&7#"'1&($+$&%.21./&5.&*0':*)&                             4*)($1+'))$&("-$1-'3&%.)).3&                   ,'2*,.&'1&$,'-3&C.$&0$1.)&0"12*$&
10&   Review. This newsletter was put together for                                                                   You will also find out about the exciting things
      everyone who may have a connection to our                            9*#.:'-*#&,.0*)&-#')-'8*$3&                    0"1<.,,')&1'),3&D*)0$&,*0-*)&5$,')3&&
                                                                                                                     that happened with the Criminal Justice
      program. From current students, faculty and                 student centered program which offers unique       Student’s Association in 2009.2010, as well as
                                                                       A-'.%&,$0-*)&%'/&,."#$$-&'+/&<$&                   !"#$%&'()*%&+","#&&
              to future students and alumni. Our hope             opportunities to our students. Our students not    what the new executive has in store for
             not only inform you about what the
      is to <'+.&(")*$#$3&?*10&5$#%$1-*%3&                             ='0*,.&("#--'-"#/&0"1<.,,')&'1-$#&            -')&)*)0'('-/&$,$'5$1+&$2$)-.)/&%.*#')3&
                                                                                                                     2010.2011. Finally, this publication would not
                                                                        attain in depth theoretical knowledge,
                                                                  only +*%/&%.21.3&+'21')&)'%&)'-&.%$-/& but              B*')&+","#&%.))./&0*#)*)&1"1/&'.0*&
      Nipissing University Criminal Justice program
             6,'8*.%&$#.-&<",*-(.-3&@$)-':*,*%&                   also )$%3&9*#.:'-*#&%",$)&-'$/&1*,,.&*-& of
                                                                       valuable practical experience in the areas    be complete without an update on our Alumni,
      is all about, but also to keep you informed                 policing, corrections, criminology and legal       as well as a feature article on our recent Alumni
      about the exciting events that take place over
                                                                                                                     - our 2009.2010 graduating class!!
                                                                  studies. Students interested in policing,          ,.%&<$)-':*,*%39#.)&8*.%&1*,,./&
      the school year. This is hopefully the first                corrections and legal studies are able to obtain   (#$-'*%&"#1.#$/&,":"#-')&)*)0'('-/&
      edition of many to come and we look forward                                                                         <$,'-/&'1-$#+*%&)'-&.%$-/&5#'12',,.&
                                                                                                                     Thank you for taking the time to read the very
                                                                  a college degree and an Honours diploma in         $,$'5$1+&$2$)-.)/&%.*#')3(
      to not only sharing updates, milestones and                                                                          A Year in Review.
                                                                  only four years of study. Our criminology
      events with you, but hope that you will also                                                                      8*.%&1*,,./&(#$-'*%&"#1.#$/&,":"#&
                                                                  students have the opportunity to participate in    Enjoy!
      start to share them with us!                                                                                      -')&)*)0'('-/&$,$'5$1+&$2$)-.)/&%.*#')3&
                                                                  a placement, as well as work on one of our
                                                                  several research projects, conducted by the                               Kindra McMillan
      School of Criminal Justice and                                   B*')&+","#&%.))./&0*#)*)&1"1/&'.0*&
                                                                  Institute for Applied Social Research (IASR).
      Legal Studies - A Preview                                        ,')&1$0/&=$1+#$#'-&<'-.$/&%.)).3&?*,&
                                                                                     Criminal Justice Advisor
                                                                  An opportunity that most students at the
                                                                  undergraduate level are not so fortunate to
      For those of you who are unfamiliar with our                                                                      (#$-'*%&"#1.#$/&,":"#-')&)*)0'('-/&
      Criminal Justice program, we pride ourselves                                                                      $,$'5$1+&$2$)-.)/&%.*#')3(
      on being more than a degree. We are a

      School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
                       Sc hool of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

What’s New in Criminal Justice                     in the past did not have the benefit of taking a                                      2009.2010 saw a
                                                   criminal justice course in their first year.                                          fantastic
For our Alumni, the Criminal Justice program       Starting in the fall of 2010, first year students                                     Criminal Justice
may look very different - one major change         are able to take Intro to the Canadian Criminal                                       Student
being the name. Now situated within the            Justice System, as well as intro to Canadian Law.                                     Association,
Faculty of Applied and Professional Studies, the   This has been a huge benefit to not only the                                          made up of
formerly named Criminal Justice program is         students, but to the faculty and administration.                                      fourth year
now the School of Criminal Justice and Legal       We are loving the ability to get to know our                                          students:
Studies. Within this program, students are then    students earlier, and build even better                                               Natasha Vaessen
able to specify a particular stream of interest:   relationships then we have been able to in the                                        (president),
                                                   past! For all degree requirements, please check      Emmett McAlear (vice-president), Kyle Gibson
     ✦   Criminal Justice Studies                  out:                                                 (Canadore/Nipissing Liason) and second year
     ✦   Policing                                                                                       student Chelsea Farrell (Secretary). A huge thank
                                          and click on       you goes out to the 2009.2010 executive from
     ✦   Corrections                               programs.                                            the students and faculty. Without you, the year
     ✦   Legal Studies and Administration                                                               would not have been the same! Other students
                                                   Our Students in 2009.2010                            got involved in the Nipissing community as
     ✦   Criminology
                                                   This year our students were spread throughout        members of varsity sports teams (hockey and
                                                   the community making a positive impact! Five         volleyball), New Student Orientation and Frosh
All Criminal Justice students graduate with not                                                         Week, as well as the Women’s Centre. Students
                                                   policing stream students attended Canadore for
only a broad knowledge of the criminal justice                                                          also donated their time within the community,
                                                   their PFP year and were able to highlight not
system, but with practical skills in their area of                                                      volunteering for the Operation Red Nose
                                                   only their theoretical knowledge, but also their
interest. Many of our current and past students                                                         Program during the Christmas Holiday Season.
                                                   leadership skills. In addition, leadership outside
have taken advantage of the Canadore college       of the classroom was demonstrated by the field       The changes made to the program not only
connection, graduating with a university degree    placement students who showcased not only            gave us the chance to get to know our first year
as well as a college diploma in either Police      their leadership abilities, but their                students better, but through various events and
Foundations or Community and Justice               professionalism. Students were placed at the         activities in and outside of the classroom, our
services. Beginning in the Fall of 2008, students  North Bay courthouse, the O.P.P., the Military       upper years students had the chance to develop
in the Legal Studies and Administration stream     Police, North Bay Police, Nipissing Juvenille        academic and personal relationships that will
were able to gain a Law Clerk Diploma within       Dentention Centre, Phonebusters, Canadian            last a life time. Whether it was getting together
four years. This connection has also enabled       Border Services in St. Catherines and                to attend criminal justice social events, or
several Law Clerk, Police Foundations and          Maplehurst Correctional Centre in Milton,            working on a creative and fun group project in
Community and Justice Services students taking     Ontario.                                             Professor Lechlitner’s class, our students
the opportunity of 42 university transfer credits,
and furthering their education with a degree in     Even more impressive were the number of             definitely grew closer together! The addition of
criminal justice.                                   students who so graciously donated their time       the introductory criminal justice class in first
                                                    to the program, as well as the community.           year also helped with this, as first year student
Another major change that occurred was the                                                              involvement was at an all-time high!
changing of the degree requirements for
Policing, Corrections, Legal Studies and                                                                With a goal of making criminal justice students
Administration and Criminal Justice Studies                                                             as successful, productive and happy as possible
students. While the core degree requirements                                                            - we will continually strive to make changes that
stayed the same for all students, Applied                                                               will have an enormously positive impact for
Criminal Justice Statistics and Applied                                                                 each individual student.
Criminological Theory were added as stream
                                                                                                        As we begin to plan for the next couple of
requirements for the above noted streams.
                                                                                                        years, we look forward to sharing with you the
Finally, while first year criminal justice students
                                                                                                        exciting things to come!
                                                                                                               School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
Canadore College                                                             Institute for Applied
Law & Justice                                                                Social Research
For the past several years there has been a swinging door between our        The IASR was established in September 1999. The
two institutions that has seen many of Nipissing’s Criminal Justice          IASR designs and conducts both academic and
Students complete Canadore’s Police Foundation in a reduced time             applied research and evaluation projects, with
frame as a part of their overall postsecondary experience. That same         special emphasis on northern Ontario. An important goal of the Institute is to
                                                                             provide students with the opportunity to assist in conducting research and
swinging door has also allowed many of Canadore’s Police
                                                                             evaluation projects.
Foundations graduates to access the Criminal Justice at Nipissing,
completing their degree in a reduced period of time.                         The Director of the IASR is Dr. Gregory P. Brown, Associate Professor in
                                                                             Criminal Justice, and Chair and Professor in the Department of Sociology.
This agreement has served                                                    Students are also employed by the IASR, which not only provide them financial
our respective institutions and                                              benefits, but also research experience that they would not have the opportunity to
programs well and more                                                       receive at a larger university.
importantly it has served our                                                The IASR draws on the expertise of a wide variety of faculty associates in
students well. I would like to                                               designing and conducting research projects.
extend congratulations to the
                                                                             There are several current projects being conducted by the IASR in conjunction
class of 2010 C.J. graduates
                                                                             with The Ontario Provincial Police; The Ministry of Community Safety and
and in particular Natasha                                                    Correctional Services; The Ministry of Health; and The North Bay Police Service.
Vassen, Kyle Mask, Sarah
Burden, Sarah McLaughlin                                                     The IASR has expertise in research design and analysis; program and policy
and Steve Hitchins who all completed the requirements of both                evaluation; focus group facilitation; structured interviewing; and statistical
programs and received full convocation privileges from both
institutions. Our faculty at Canadore is very proud of these students        Conferences
and we are pleased that we, in some small way, contributed to their
success.                                                                     In addition to research, the IASR had the pleasure of hosting and co-hosting two
                                                                             major conferences in the fall of 2008.
We are also very grateful to all C.J. transfers for sharing the benefit of   In September 2008 the IASR hosted a conference in conjunction with InterRAI/
their university experience with the students in our program. The C.J.       iNEMH called the “Evidence Based Health Care Practice for Northern and Rural
students bring out the best in their college classmates and generally        Communities: Ideas for Change.” Over 100 nurses and health care administrators
enhance the classroom learning environment. There is little doubt that       from all over Ontario were in attendance. Presenters included PhDs, Psychiatrists
many of these individuals will be at the front of the line as their future   and other health care specialists, all of whom are members of InterRAI. InterRAI
                                                                             is a collaborative network of researchers in over 30 countries committed to
police application plays through. This has already been proven time
                                                                             improving health care for persons who are elderly, frail or disabled
and time again and one need look no further than our own local
                                                                             ( Their goal is to promote “evidenced-based clinical practice
policing service to witness the success of our placement efforts as a        and policy decisions through the collection and interpretation of high quality data
significant number of our graduates from both programs have                  about the characteristics and outcomes of persons served across a variety of
embarked on policing careers with the North Bay Police Service. By           health social services settings.” In October of 2008, the IASR co-hosted the
hiring a number of our graduates the North Bay	
  Police Service has         Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services conference “The
                                                                             Changing Face of Corrections: A Conference for Practitioners and Researchers.”
acknowledged the importance of a balanced theoretical and applied
learning experience found in both of our post secondary programs.            For more information about the IASR, or past research and events please contact:
                                                                             Dr. Greg Brown -
We look forward to our continued involvement with the Criminal
Justice program. I would also like to acknowledge the continued              Faculty Publications
efforts of Dr. Barker, Dr. Brown, Professor Houle-Lechlitner and
                                                                             In 2009, Dr. Jane Barker - Chair of the Criminal Justice
indeed the entire C.J. faculty for their continued support of this           Department, published the text “Women in the Criminal
agreement. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Kindra            Justice System: A Canadian Perspective” (Emond,
McMillan who not only supports this agreement, but works very hard           2009). The content ranges from an overview of essential
to facilitate the transfer of these students and for her efforts in          theory, to practical challenges such as mental health issues
promoting other program activities.                                          and community reintegration, to an examination of
                                                                             women’s roles and careers in the field of criminal justice
So let’s keep that swinging door well oiled as it is apparent that it is
                                                                             This text has been positively received by several Canadian
going to get considerable more use in the future as this educational         universities and is considered a “welcome and timely addition to the small body of
arrangement has become an attractive option to students on both              Canadian materials on women in conflict with the law” and “a significant
sides.                                                                       contribution to the relatively thin literature on women in conflict with the law in
                                                                             Canada - a welcome addition to those ranks, and a useful undergraduate text in the
Leo de Jourdan                                                               field” (Rosanna Langer, Laurentian University).
Program Coordinator, Police Foundations                                      Congrats Dr. Barker!!!
Phone: 705-474-7600 ext. 5664 - Email:

School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
                                              CRIMINAL JUSTICE
                                     S    E    Q    U    O    I    A         C    L    U       B

PRESIDENT                 M i s s i o n a n d B a c k g r o u n d	                         	          	         	
HEATHER MCDONALD          The CJSA is an organization that provides Canadore               criminal justice students who took the initiative to make
FOURTH YEAR POLICING      College and Nipissing University Students with a forum           their experience at Nipissing University an even better
                          for the discussion of criminal justice issues, as well as        one. Since then, it has been led by 5 different executives,
                          opportunities to learn about the careers available to            and the 2010 executive is very excited to be the 6th to
                          them upon graduation, within the criminal justice field          lead the CJSA and Criminal Justice Students into
                          and beyond. It was also created to foster collegiality           another great year. We are proud to present to you, this
                          among criminal justice students in order to enhance              years president, Heather McDonald - a fourth year
                          their educational, as well as their social experience as a       policing student. She will have the pleasure of
                          CJ student.                                                      welcoming you to the CJSA this year, as well as let you
                                                                                           know about the fun and exciting events taking place
                          The Criminal Justice Student’s Association was                   during the 2010-2011 school year.
                          established in 2005 by a group of energetic, enthusiastic

                          To all Current and Future CJ Students,

                          I want to wish a very warm welcome to all of you as we begin the 2010/2011 school
VICE PRESIDENT            year! Myself, Kristyn, Candace and Nicole are planning some great new events for the
                          upcoming semesters. This motivated team are organizing more CJ socials, meet-and-
                          greets and awesome guest speakers than ever before! We will again be hosting the
                          Criminal Justice Job fair, in November 2010. We will be welcoming local municipal
                          police, as well as other municipalities, OPP, RCMP, Canadian Border Services Agency,
                          Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Probation and Parole and more.
                          In addition, there will be information sessions about law school and graduate studies.

                          Our big announcement for the 2010-2011 school year is a Field Trip! Heading to
                          Toronto, we will be making stops along the way that will hopefully interest a wide
                          range of our students. First stop, the OPP Headquarters, then off to Maplehurst
                          Correctional Centre, and finally a night in Toronto followed by a half day trip to the
                          Superior Court of Justice. This trip will be happening in late fall and details will be
SECRETARY                 available at the beginning of the semester.
THIRD YEAR CRIMINOLOGY    Finally, a new array of Criminal Justice apparel will also be available in September 2010.
                          Clothing and other merchandise are being designed over the summer and will be available
                          for purchase in the new school year. Stay tuned for updates on the CJSA website
                          (, our Facebook page (Nipissing/Canadore Criminal Justice
                          Student’s Association), as well as posters and other advertisements around campus.

                          We are all looking forward to an awesome new school year and can’t wait to see our
                          returning friends, returning students and meet the new students who will hopefully
                          soon be our friends!

                          All the best and see you soon!
NICOLE ATKINSON           Heather McDonald

                                                                                                        School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
                                                    S   E    Q   U    O    I   A        C   L    U    B

     OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino
     The CJSA welcomed Ontario’s Top Cop, Julian Fantino, to speak with our
     students about what it takes to be a great police officer.

 CJ Faculty and the Dean enjoying the evening       Signing autographs for a police officer’s wife        Security Detail

  February 3rd, 2010                                initial 23 years with the Metropolitan Toronto        Department and a Student Association we are
                                                    Police, Commissioner Fantino served in many           so thankful for the Commissioner taking the
  The Criminal Justice department and the           areas, including uniform patrol, undercover           time to share his wisdom learned through his
  CJSA had the pleasure of welcoming OPP            drug enforcement, Detective Branch, Criminal          experiences. Experiences that are at times,
  Commissioner Julian Fantino to speak to           Intelligence, Homicide Squad and as a                 much more valuable then what students and
  students, faculty and members of the              Division Commander.                                   other professionals are able to learn in a
  Nipissing, Canadore and greater North Bay                                                               classroom alone.
  community. The Weaver auditorium was filled       He has lectured extensively to the
  with more than 150 people, including North        international police community, the public            Media and Thank You
  Bay Police, West Nipissing Police, OPP            sector and government bodies. Commissioner
  Constables and Auxiliary police.                  Fantino has authored many articles that have          Thank you to Bob Pipe - Nip U
                                                    been published on a wide range of public              Advancement, for all of his help in getting our
  Biography                                         safety and law enforcement issues. He is also         event publicized in the media, and making our
                                                    the co-author of a best selling biography,            event a success.
  Appointed Commissioner of the OPP in              Duty: The Life of a Cop.
  2006, Fantino accepted responsibility for one                                                 
  of North America’s largest deployed police        Words of Wisdom for                         
  services - A police service comprised of          Future Police                                         c=35327
  approximately 5,900 uniformed members,
  1,800 civilian employes and 850 Auxiliary         Commissioner Fantino touched on his life as a         North Bay Nugget -
  members who provide services to over              police officer; from his beginnings as a    
  922,752 square kilometers of land and             Constable, to his then recent controversies as        archive=true&e=2281772
  110,398 square kilometers of waterways.           the head the O.P.P. His words were inspiring
  Fantino oversees front-line delivery,             to the many future police officers in the             Nipissing University
  administrative support services and specialized   audience as he spoke about how far he has   
  and multi jurisdictional investigations           come, as well how positive an experience the          ID=20061194
  throughout the Province of Ontario.               world of policing has been for him. His words
                                                    also resonated for students interested in other
  Previously, Commissioner Fantino was the
                                                    areas of the criminal justice field. He helped
  Chief of the Toronto Police Service as well as
                                                    students realize that with hard work and
  the Chief of York Regional Police. During his
                                                    determination, they are able to be successful
                                                    no matter which career they choose. As a

  School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
                             S   E   Q   U   O   I   A      C   L    U   B

     CJSA Events 2008-2010
     Fall 2008                                       Winter 2010
     - CJ Meet and Greet                             - Commissioner Julian Fantino
     - Clothing Fundraiser                           - End of Year Party
     - Christmas Shindig                             - CJSA Elections

     Winter 2009                                     Upcoming for 2010.2011
     - Vince Hawkes Blood Splatter                   - CJ Meet and Greet (and other
     - Ron MacKay - Profiler
                                                     - Toronto Trip! OPP HQ, Maplehurst
     - End of Year Gathering
                                                         Correctional Centre and Superior
                                                         Court Justice and Osgoode!

     Fall 2009                                       - Job Fair 2010

     - CJ Meet and Greet - Clothing                  - Various Speakers!
     - Job Fair
     - O.P.P. K-9 Unit Dog Handler
     - Christmas Party

                                                                           School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
Would you like more info??
If you would like more information about the CJSA, or if you would like to find
out how YOU could become a member - below are some different ways that
you can contact us!
Website                                                    Facebook                       Email                          Search: Nipissing/Canadore                                     Criminal Justice Student’s     (for general program or CJSA
                                                           Association                    inquiries)
                                                           Search: Nipissing University
                                                           Criminal Justice Alumni

                        Criminal Justice and CJSA Merchandise
                                                                                                     CJ Jacket (waterproof
                                                   Criminal Justice Sweatshirt
                                                                                                     outside/fleece inside)
                                                   $65 w/o name $70 w/name
                                                                                                    $80 w/o name $85 w/ name
                                                          Colours Available:
                                                                                                    $10 extra for Criminal Justice
                                                              Navy Blue                                Embroidered on Back
                                                                 Black                                    Colour Available:
                                                                 Grey                                           Black
                                                     Writing on logo Available in:                    (Logo same as sweatshirt)
                                                                 Blue                                Writing on logo available in:
                                                                 Green                                           Blue
                                                  Criminal Justice Sweat pant
                                                Logo on Leg same as Sweatshirt above              Criminal Justice/CJSA Water
                                                                 ($30)                                        bottle
                                                           Colours Available:                                   ($10)
                                                              Navy Blue                                   Colours Available:
                                                                 Black                                   Smoke Grey/Silver
                                                                 Grey                                            Red
                                                      Writing on logo available in:
                                                                 Green                                       CJ T-Shirt
                                                    T-Shirt Front
                                                                                                          Colours Available:
                                                                     T-Shirt Back                    Writing on logo available in:

   Any requests for clot hing - or ot her CJ merc handise - can be made to t he CJSA and will be taken into consideration
                                         for t he current year, as well as in t he future.
	School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies                                                                                        7
                                                 S      E   Q    U   O    I   A        C   L    U    B

Our alumni have managed to accomplish some pretty incredible things! Below
are just some highlights of what some of our Alumni are up to today.

Our Graduates                                        to be involved with a different aspect of the       gone onto law
                                                     Justice system. Others have found their             school. Tara
When our students move on from
                                                     calling working with children in juvenile           Schuck
Nipissing we are sad to see them go, but so
                                                     detention centers. The courts have also             (featured on
excited to see what they accomplish beyond
                                                     employed some of our students as court              page 10) just
these walls. Below are just a few highlights
                                                     clerks and court diversion workers. On the          graduated
of what our graduates have achieved since
                                                     administrative side of correctional services,       from Queen’s,
leaving Nipissing and the criminal justice
                                                     students have been employed by The                  and Jacob Downs is venturing to Australia
                                                     Ministry of Community Safety and                    in the next year to begin his law degree.
Student’s in                                         Correctional Services - Program                     Lindsey Peccaric, who just recently
Blue                                                 Effectiveness, Statistics and Applied               graduated from the University of Ottawa
                                                     Research Unit in North Bay, as well as              with a Masters degree in Criminology is
Several of our
                                                     Correctional Services Canada in Ottawa.             now working at Public Safety Canada as an
criminal justice
                                                                                                         Aboriginal Affairs Policy
graduates have                                       Graduate School and Traveling
                                                                                                         Coordinator and Evaluation Analyst within
successfully been                                    Abroad                                              the Aboriginal Policing Directorate. Her
recruited to
                                                     While some of our students chose to make            Directorate is responsible for providing
various police
                                                     their mark across the pond in London,               policing services/agreements to Aboriginal
forces. These
                                                     England - many of our students, mostly              communities across Canada.
forces include: North Bay Police, Peel
                                                     those in the                                        Our students have done some amazing
Regional, Halton Region, Orillia Police
                                                     Criminology stream,                                 things since leaving Nipissing, and while
Service, Military POlice, the O.P.P
                                                     aspire to go on to                                  these were just some of the highlights - in
(stationed in various cities across Ontario),
                                                     graduate school or                                  future issues we will continue to showcase
and the RCMP. One of our graduates, Jenn
                                                     Law School. Within                                  our student’s accomplishments by shinning
Burgoyne (graduated 2006) just recently
                                                     the last 5 years,                                   a spotlight on our most successful students
became a member of the RCMP Musical
                                                     students have gone                                  from each previous year.
Ride, stationed in Ottawa. Two graduates
                                                     on to graduate
from this years class are currently being                                                                We look forward to their continued success
                                                     studies in
recruited by the OPP.                                                                                    and cannot wait to see what they have in
                                                     Criminology and Sociology at the
Courts and Corrections                               University of Ottawa, The University of             store for the future!!

While there is great interest from our               Toronto, the University of Guelph and the
students to be police officers, several aspire       University of Waterloo. A few have also

                                                                                                             School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
     GRADUATION 2010
     “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path
     and leave a trail”
     — Ralph Waldo Emerson

June 11, 2010                              graduated with a Bachelor of Arts      Berrigan Policing Award, which is      To the graduating class of 2010,
                                           in Criminology, Policing and Policy    given to a graduating student in the   the Criminal Justice department
A HUGE congratulations goes out            and Administration. A special          policing stream who achieved the       would like to send you off in the
to our graduating class of 2010! It        congratulations goes out to our        highest academic average.              world with some parting words.
was a beautiful day in North Bay,          students who graduated with                                                   First of all, thank you for making
and graduates were surrounded by                                                                                         our job easy; you are all
classmates, friends and family who                                                                                       tremendous individuals! Second,
cheered and smiled from ear to ear                                                                                       we are so very proud of your
as their son or daughter received                                                                                        accomplishments and we cannot
their hard earned diploma. The                                                                                           wait to the see amazing things you
ceremony included an honourary                                                                                           do in the future. Finally,
degree recipient, former Premiere
of Ontario, Mike Harris and a very              From left to right: Picture 1: (Brent Woolgar, Kindra McMillan, Kyle     You have brains in your head.
deserving Valedictorian, Anna                   Willard) Picture 2: (Shelley Lechlitner and Adam Kearney) Picture 3:     You have feet in your shoes.
Fitzsimmons. But, despite the                               (Chancellor David Liddle and Brent Woolgar)                  You can steer yourself in any direction
special honours, the main focus                                                                                          you choose.
that day was ultimately the                distinction, achieving an overall      As testament to the hard work of       You're on your own.
students.                                  average of 80%; Sarah Burden,          our students as a whole, two have      And you know what you know.
                                           James Kilroy and Sarah Turcotte.       already been recruited for policing    You are the person who'll decide where
As a program we are incredibly             Sarah Burden was also the recipient    (OPP and Halton Region) and one        to go.
proud to have graduated such a             of the JW Trussler Award for           has found his calling working with
group of amazing individuals. This         Academic Proficiency in Arts and       youth at the Nipissing Juvenile        ~ Dr. Seuss
year, a total of 26 students               Science, and the George T.             Detention Centre.

School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
                                               S   E   Q   U   O   I   A   C   L   U   B

   Criminal Justice, BA
   Honours Graduates
   June 11, 2010
   NAME                                        STREAM

   Burden, Sarah (With Distinction)            Policing
   Cornick, Leigh                              Policing
   Downs, Jacob                                Criminology
   Fitzpatrick, Jessica                        Policy and Administration
   Gibson, Kyle                                Policing
   Heneberry, Myles                            Policing
   Hill, Caitlin                               Criminology
   Hitchins, Steven                            Policing
   Hodgins, Stephani                           Corrections
   Kearney, Adam                               Criminology
   Kilroy, James (With Distinction)            Policy and Administration
   King, Amy                                   Criminology
   Mask, Kyle                                  Policing
   McAlear, Emmett                             Corrections
   McLachlan, Sarah                            Policing
   McInnes, Max                                Policing
   Pawlowski, Kamil                            Policing
   Schreck, Karla                              Policing
   Sample, Shaun                               Policing
   Shelby, Kimberly                            Criminology
   Sturrock, Gema                              Criminology
   Turcotte, Sarah (With Distinction)          Policing
   Vaessen, Natasha                            Policing
   Wagner, Thomas                              Policing
   Willard, Kyle                               Criminology
   Woolgar, Brent                              Criminology

School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
                                                                                           Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut
                                              S   E   Q   U
                          Conversations in the law school loungeI made me realize just how unique my
                                                             O      A       C   L   U   B

                          undergrad experience was. Now setting foot in the court room as an articling
                          student, I have also realized how prepared Nipissing has made me for my
                          career as a lawyer. Having learned from professors who had also spent part
                          of their careers in the court room meant that I had gained practical insight
                          into the everyday workings of the court system. While articling for the
                          Ministry of the Attorney General - Criminal Law Division, the knowledge I
                          gained in my undergrad has definitely made the overwhelming transition a
                          smoother one. The diversity of criminal justice courses I was able to take at
                          Nipissing is now playing a very important role as I use that knowledge on a
                          daily basis. I am so grateful to each of my Nipissing criminal justice
                          professors for their knowledge and help over the years, and would
                          recommend this amazing experience and opportunity to any student
     A Facultiy of Name Newsletter in criminal justice! North Bay, Ontario
                          interested                                                                                                        July, 2008

                                                                                    Tara Schuck, Ba (Hon) ’07, JD ’10
                                                                             Criminal Justice, Criminology Stream
                                                             Tara scored in the 89th percentile on the LSAT exam
                                                       and recently finished her Law degree at Queen’s University


Closing Words from the Chair
     !"#$%&'()*%&+","#&-./&0%$/& Full-Time
Dr. Jane Barker
                                                                                          Dr. Jane Barker — Chair, Criminal Justice
As Chair of the School of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, I would like to offer           Dr. Greg Brown — Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
                                                            1$8*$3&7#"'1&($+$&7#"'1&$)-&$#")/& Lechlitner, LLB — Assistant Professor, Criminal
       !"#$%&'()*%&+","#&)'-&.%$-/&0"1& of 2010. We do hope that you will
                     %",,')/&$#")3& Justice class
my congratulations to the Criminal
       )$0-$-*$#&.+'(')0'12&$,'-3&4$+& let us know what *,&-#'0$)&)'-&.%$-/&<$1$1.-')&<$,3&   Justice
                        keep in touch and                    you are doing. I know that
       $,$'5$1+&$,$%$1-*%&1')'3&6,'8*.%& Justice faculty members when I say                   Kindra McMillan — Criminal Justice Advisor
                        I can speak for all Criminal
                     '1/&)*)0'('-&1$03& enjoy                     6$1$.1&'1-$#+*%/&($+$&.&
       ,$0-*)&#')*)/&).2'--')&.0/&'.&0*,')&1$0/&hearing about the successes of our
                        that we thoroughly
       %",,')&<'-.$/&,':$#"3&?*10&,"#$%&                                                      Faculty Part-Time ,":"#-')&)*)0'('-/&$,$'5$1+&$2$)-.)3&
                        alumni.                                       2#.&<'+.&(")*$#$3&?*10&5$#%$1&
                        The 2009/2010 academic
                                                                  7$&,,$1-$)8*$&,'2*,.&$)-/&0*#)*)& Fougere - Policing and Investigation
       #="1&0*)&$2$-/&"+'"3&9#.)&'1&;*)-"& year was a busy one. We had 2                                                 B*')&+","#&%.))./&0*#)*)&1"1/&'.0*&
                                                                                              Paul Larsh - Intro to Canadian Law
                                                                      :*,*%&1$8*$3&7#"'1&($+$&7#"'1&$)-& $2$)-.)&.,'8*.%/&.*2*$&"#0'&'%($&
       )$+&-$,,*)&:':$1+*%&(*,<'1.#3&attend the University '1/&)*)0'('-&1$03&
                        student volunteers                        Fair in Toronto, and                           Serial and Mass Murder
                                                                                              Scott Thornsley - #+'$-&1*,,./&)'-&.%$-&)*)&0'('-&<$,'-&
                9#.)&'1&;*)-"&)$+&-$,,*)&:':$1+*%&                    $#")/&*,&-#'0$)&)'-&.%$-/&<$1$1.-')3&              ,.%&<$)-':*,*%39#.)&8*.%&1*,,./&
       7#.$)$1-&)0$,$#')8*$&+","#&'+&'(& job promoting our program, and our
                        they did an outstanding
                (*,<'1.#3&7#.$)$1-&)0$,$#')8*$&+","#&                                         Martin             Forensic Science
                                                                  4*)($1+'))$&("-$1-'3&%.)).3& Ransom -,'2*,.&'1&$,'-3&C.$&0$1.)&0"12*$&
       )*%3&7#"'1&($+$&%.21./&5.&*0':*)& school visitors and their families.
                        university to the many high                   A-'.%&,$0-*)&%'/&,."#$$-&'+/&<$& - White Collar Crime
                                                                                              Barry Elliott              $,$'5$1+&$2$)-.)/&%.*#')3&
       .-/&)0$,$#')8*$&<'-.$/&<$='0*,.&1"1/&                      9*#.:'-*#&,.0*)&-#')-'8*$3&                   0"1<.,,')&1'),3&D*)0$&,*0-*)&5$,')3&&
Our Criminal Justice Student Association, faculty and staff were actively involved in
providing some unique opportunities for Nipissing’s criminal justice students and for                                    6,'8*.%&,$0-*)&#')*)/&).2'--')&.0/&'.&
                                                                      +*%/&%.21.3&+'21')&)'%&)'-&.%$-3&& !"#$%&'()*%&+","#&&
                1"1/&1'),3&>1-$2$#&0"1)$0-$-*$#&)$%& A-'.%&,$0-*)&%'/&,."#$$-&'+/&<$&
the community as a	
  whole. We were very fortunate to have Julian Fantino, the OPP
                                                            ='0*,.&("#--'-"#/&0"1<.,,')&'1-$#&CJSA Executive 0*,')&1$0/&%",,')&<'-.$/&,':$#"3&?*10&
       <'+.&(")*$#$3&?*10&5$#%$1-*%3&                        Criminal!"#$%&'()*%&+","#&&
                                                                       Justice activities
Commissioner, as a guest speaker for one evening. Other +*%/&%.21.3&+'21')&)'%&)'-&.%$-/& McDonald- President   B*')&+","#&%.))./&0*#)*)&1"1/&'.0*&
       6,'8*.%&$#.-&<",*-(.-3&@$)-':*,*%& students at the beginning of the                                               0'12&)$+/&#="1&0*)&$2$-/&"+'"3&&
included an initial “meet and greet” event for new                                            Kristyn
                                                            )$%3&9*#.:'-*#&%",$)&-'$/&1*,,.&*-& Dewal - Vice President
year, social events at the end of first term, and another at the end B*')&+","#&%.))./&0*#)*)&1"1/&'.0*& Secretary
                                                                      of second term, in      Candace Farr - ,.%&<$)-':*,*%&+*'&$2$-&($+$&
addition to a very well attended CJ Job Fair held at Nipissing.       ,')&1$0/&=$1+#$#'-&<'-.$/&%.)).3&?*,& (,.0$#.-&-#')-'8*$3&@$)-':*,*%&%$-*)&
                                                                                              Nicole Atkinson - Event Planning
                                                                      ,.%&<$)-':*,*%&+*'&$2$-&($+$&                      ='0*,.&("#--'-"#/&)$%3&&
                                                                      (,.0$#.-&-#')-'8*$3&@$)-':*,*%&%$& 8*')/&0*#)*)&)'-&.%$-/&,':$#"3&9#.)&
I fully expect to see the same kind of enthusiasm from the new executive of the
Criminal Justice Students Association, and am sure that they will make the 2010/2011 academic year a memorable one!
                                                                      2',,.&8*')/&0*#)*)&)'-&.%$-/&,':$#"3& -')&)*)0'('-/&$,$'5$1+&$2$)-.)/&%.*#')3&
Lastly, I would like to welcome both the new and returning	
  students to our program. Our program is a successful one not only because of the dedication and
expertise of the faculty, but because of the hard working, motivated, and focused nature of the student body.B*')&+","#&%.))./&0*#)*)&1"1/&'.0*&
 Criminal Justice Office - A108                                                                                  ,.%&<$)-':*,*%39#.)&8*.%&1*,,./&
 100 College Drive, Box 5002, North Bay, On P1B 8L7
Tel: (705) 474-3450 ext. 4392 Fax: (705) 474-1947 tty: (705)474-8797
Email: - Chair, Criminal Justice Program
Program Website:
   S   C   H   O   O   L   O   F   C   R   I   M   I   N   A   L   J   U   S   T   I   C   E   A   N   D   L   E   G A   L   S    T   U   D   I   E   S

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Nipissing University Criminal Justice Newsletter                                                                                 Issue 1 - 2009.2010

Criminal Justice Department
Nipissing University
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North Bay, ON
P1B 8L7

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