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                                                                          p5. Luthier's Corner... an interview
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                                                                         At the show I attended, Craig
                                                                         played ukulele. He plays a
                                                                         bunch of instruments and I'd
                                                                         love to see him perform with all
                                                                         of them on a single night, but I
                                                                         don't know if he ever does that
                                                                         sort of performance. On a
                                                                         ukulele, though, Craig exhibits
presenting... Craig Robertson                                            superb technique as he sings
                                                                         and plays one of his stable of
                                                                         finely crafted instruments.

                                                                         An artist spotlight would not be
There are some people that           banter with the audience.           complete without an interview.
were born to be performers and
musicians. They seem to be in        The "live" experience cannot be     I asked Craig if I could interview
their element on stage and at        captured adequately in video.       him for this debut issue of
the microphone. This issue's         You really have to be there to      ukulele player and he agreed
artist spotlight features one such   appreciate the interaction          to the intervew.
individual.                          between the artist and the
                                     crowd. That is a very big part of   Note: Most of our interviews are
I had the pleasure of attending      the show and Craig handles the      conducted via e-mail. This
one of Craig Robertson's shows       listening audience as well as       means that answers you see in
and, indeed, it was a pleasure.      anyone I've seen.                   the magazine are typically what
                                                                         was written in response to our
Craig Robertson is not just a        On stage, Craig is smooth and       questions with little editing.
ukulele player. He is a singer, a    puts on a polished
tune-smith, a lyricist, and an       performance. He steps up to         Q: I've seen you perform and
artist. From the moment he           the microphone and briefly          you put on a really great show.
takes the stage 'til the lights go   introduces himself, then into a     How long have you been
down, Craig is putting on a          song he goes. During the            performing music on stage?
show.                                course of the night he will talk
                                     with the crowd and by the end       A: I have a photo of myself
There is more to playing music       of the show, you are left wanting   onstage in a folk club in Los
and singing songs than many          more. That's a sign of a true       Angeles in 1966. EEk! I think I
people realize. A successful         performing artist.                  started performing a couple
performer is one that is                                                 years before that.
confident, comfortable, and
can work the crowd. A live                                               Q: I know that you play guitar as
performance is really a                                                  well as ukulele. Which came
collaboration between the                                                first?
listening audience and the
performing artist, and Craig fully                                       A: Guitar, definitely. I've only
understands that.                                                        been playing ukulele for the last
                                                                         ten years or so. I love guitar,
Watching Craig put on a show, I                                          acoustic, electric or slide. It has
realized that he was a                                                   a great voice.
seasoned professional. He even
made tuning his ukulele                                                  Note: Craig plays a pretty mean
entertaining with his jokes and                                          slide guitar, let me tell you.
Craig Robertson Interview cont... puts it somewhere between a         Q: I think of you not just as Craig
                                  soprano and a concert. I prefer     Robertson, the performer, you
Q: I know you have several uku- the soprano size for its sweet        are an artist, sure enough, but
leles, what are some of your      voice. I have a tenor and a         you are also quite a songsmith.
favorites and why?                Harmony Baritone I play once in     When did you first start writing
                                  a while.                            songs? Did you start with a
A: That's a tough question to                                         collaboration or just start on your
answer, since I have so many      Q: You crafted an entire image,     own?
custom ukuleles right now. My     a stage persona, if you will, but
favorite ukuleles are the 14 inch it seems to be a part of the real   A: I can remember writing songs
scale Stewart LeDomino... but     Craig Robertson. Was there any      when I was 13 or so. I think it was
the ones I own have taken quite design behind this or was it a        because I was just too lazy to
a beating from being played       natural progression?                learn covers properly. It was
so much; so I don't play out with                                     always easier for me to make
them any more.                    A: Persona? What persona?           up something and just play it.
                                  Oh... THAT one. No, if you want
For performing I mostly use       to know the REAL reason I           Also, I come from a poetry
custom made ukuleles,             started playing ukulele... it was   background. I used to write
because they are more stable      because the ukulele is a great      immense amounts of poetry.
on stage and are able to take     accessory for my fedoras.           Still do sometimes. I was
the rigors of performing. Some                                        published in four or five small
of the ones I'm playing right now NOTE: Watching Craig perform        periodicals about twenty years
are: The "Le Noir" soprano from   on stage, and jamming with          ago. Shit, there's less money
Pete Howlett, Two "Josephines"    Craig off stage, I really do get    being a Poet than even a
from Kevin Crossett of Kepasa     the feeling that with him, what     Musician!
Ukuleles, a concert "Devil        you see is what you get. Sure,
Mermaid" from Peter Hurney of     there is an image that he           Q; Ukulele Noir, the whole show
Pohaku and a Dias reproduction projects, the vintage clothing,        has become very widely known
from Dave Means of Glyph. I       fedora, the ukulele, but that       in the ukulele world. How did the
also occasionally play a 50s      really does seem to be the REAL     show begin?
Gibson Tenor tuned to Bb on       Craig. He is the living
stage.                            embodiment of an entertainer.       A: A little over four years ago I
                                                                      was hosting an Open Mic at the
Q: How long was it before you       Q: You have a lot of musical      Sky Bar in Somerville, Mass. I
started playing "live" with a       talent and you really play the    would get up and do a few
ukulele?                            audience. Was that always a       songs on the ukulele and then a
                                    part of your act or did it take   bunch of guys and girls with
A: I think I took it on stage about time to acquire that ability?     guitars would do their bit. The
a year after I started playing it.                                    word got around, I guess, and
Usually if I write a song on an     A: No way. It took a lot of       area ukulele players like jazz uke
instrument, I feel more             performing before I was even      afficiendo Mark Occhionero
comfortable doing the song on halfway comfortable on stage.           and Greg Hawkes of The Cars
that instrument.                    Everyone gets nervous about       fame began showing up and
                                    performing and everyone           playing. Not too long after that I
Q: On stage I have only seen        handles it differently. Some      suggested we have an "all
you play soprano ukuleles. Is       drink, some smoke, some re-       ukulele" night. Ukulele Noir was
that your preference?               block their hat... but everyone   the name I chose because I like
                                    gets nervous. Doing it a lot      Film Noir and my songs are
A: The LeDomino I prefer is         makes you appear more             pretty dark. After the first one I
actually a 14 inch scale, which comfortable with it!                  found that a lot of people
wanted to see it and I did it        A: All 13 songs on this CD are
again and again...                   new. None have ever been
                                     recorded before.
Q: You mentioned that Greg                                              Ukulele Noir has many regular
                                                                        performers and guest artists from the
Hawkes has been a special            Q: So, what comes next?
                                                                        uke world. Here are a few of those:
guest performing artist on the
show, and, of course, Robert         A: More recording and a little
Wheeler. Who are some of the         traveling and touring.
other artists that have
performed on Ukulele Noir?         Q: Ukulele has become so
                                   popular these days and
A: Cripes...most everyone who      performers are getting a lot
plays ukulele. From John King to more attention now. Do you see
Folk Uke. If you go to the Ukulele that as a disadvantage at
Noir website you can see some times?
of the guest performers.
                                   A: Only when the attention is not
Q: Have you ever thought           accompanied by money.
about doing a live album from
Ukulele Noir?                      Q: Now that gasoline prices are
                                   dropping down to what they
A: It's been talked about, but,    were several years ago, have
you know, I really like the "live  you thought about touring a
performance" aspect of the         little farther from home, or is
show. If you're there, you'll see  Ukulele Noir keeping you busy
something you will never see       enough in Boston area?
again. You will hear it in a more
conducive atmosphere. And          A: I will be doing some traveling,
you can drink.                     and, if I have a Ukulele Noir, it
                                   will be with local players.
Q: You have a new CD, tell me
about it. What instruments are                                                             Mark
you playing on this one?                                                                   Occhionero

A: The new CD is called
                                                                                 Fred Fallin
"DeChirico Street" and it comes
out Dec. 7th 2008. thirteen
songs, all mine. I actually
played all the instruments on
this one. Ukuleles, Bass guitar,
acoustic guitar, slide guitar, lap
steel, accordion and                                                                      Robert Wheeler
tambourine (can't forget that!)

Q: I've heard some of the songs
                                                                        Ukulele Man
performed "live" in Columbus,
Ohio, how many songs are on
                                                                         Tom Harker
                                Craig always puts on a great show. If
the new CD and have any         you get the opportunity to see a live
been on previous collections?   performance, don't pass it up.
                                                                       I had a chance to sit down and
                                                                       talk with Dave about his ukuleles
                                                                       and how long he'd been
                                                                       building musical instruments,
                                                                       where he is headed with this
                                                                       and what we can expect to see
                                                                       down the road.

     Waverly Street Ukes                                               Q: How long have you been
                                                                       making ukuleles?

                                                                    A: Since March of 2007.
I had the good fortune of          That makes it physically
meeting Dave Gjessing of           impossible for the bridge to pop Q: So why ukuleles?
Waverly Street Ukes at the very    off a Waverly Street Uke.
first meeting of the Columbus                                       A: I used to make Appalachian
Ohio Ukulele Peeps (COUP) that I   Another innovation is the way    dulcimers, seventeen of them,
attended.                          that Dave mounts the neck on     actually. I got away from it for a
                                   his ukuleles. The body and neck time and hadn't made anything
Jeff Fink, known on Ukulele        appear to be seamlessly          since the Mid Seventies. I made
Cosmos forum as "Juke Jeff"        bonded and a hardwood fret-      a couple of "box fiddles" too. I
told me that Dave would be at board sits above the neck.            tried to play violin a little bit, not
the coming COUP gathering          There is no binding on the neck well enough for anyone to listen
and have some of his ukuleles      or body. The headstock sports    to. In the winter of 2006 I was
there. I was looking forward to    Dave's logo down by the nut.     sitting around and thought, it
meeting Dave and seeing his                                         would be fun to have an
ukuleles first hand.               At the nut, I found another      instrument to play. I went over to
                                   innovation. Dave cuts a "V"      Sam Ash Music and I saw
Dave has been a wood-crafter shaped slot for each string to         ukuleles and I thought they were
for a long time. He has a shop     prevent buzzing so common in "cool looking" and I bought a
at home and spends a lot of        factory-made ukuleles.           "cheap" uke. The intonation was
time working at the bench when                                      off and the frets were in the
he is not running his computer                                      wrong place. Even so, I could
software business. One of the                                       go online to "Chordie" or some
assets of a computer                                                site like that and type in the
programmer is being able to                                         name of a song, download the
find creative solutions to                                          chords and just start playing.
complex problems. Typically,
the simpler the fix, the better it                                  Q: So you started playing
works. Dave uses that same                                          ukuleles before you attempted
principle when building his                                         building them?
ukuleles. He built his own forms
and has created new and                                             A: Well, after my experience
innovative ways of doing things.                                    with the cheap ukulele from
                                                                    Sam Ash, I thought, "Why don't I
Looking at Dave's ukes, I found                                     try to build one." So I started
some distinguishing features                                        working on making my own uke.
that I had not seen before. For
one thing, the strings go through                                   Q: So far, I have seen soprano
the bridge from inside out.                                         ukes and long-necked
sopranos, a couple of
pineapple ukuleles, banjo ukes
(banjoleles), and the new "prim"
inspired tear-drop shaped ukes,
really cool, by the way, do you
have any plans to make
"concert" ukuleles?

A: Well, the "prim" ukes are
concert-scale. I am in the
process of making forms for
standard shaped concert
ukuleles. When the forms are
ready I'll be able to make           prim-inspired ukulele
concert ukes in standard size
and shape.

Q: Will you be making tenor
ukuleles in the future as well?

A: The equipment I have right
now is not large enough to
make tenor or baritone ukes.

Q: You have been building
ukuleles from Appalachian
hardwoods, do you plan to
build any ukuleles in exotic
woods, like rosewood,
mahogany, or koa?
                                     prim's maple back
A: I have thought about it, but,
right now, my cost of materials
is pretty affordable. If I bought
exotic woods for ukuleles, their
prices would have to be much
higher. If you compare my
prices to some of my
competitors, you'd see that the
real difference is material costs.
I would have to sell my ukuleles
for a lot more if I wanted to use
exotic tone-woods. Right now,
though, the price of my ukes
compared with other luthiers is
about the same for the "labor"
involved, the difference is really
the cost of materials.                  banjo-uke
                                        a.k.a. "banjolele"
Q: How many ukuleles are you          A: Well, not really. I buy sets of      from that supply of finished
making per month?                     files and I take one that is            units. It is easier that way. I do
                                      somewhat leaf-blade shaped              take requests for special builds,
A: If I build four at a time, I can   and cut down its sides a bit so         too, but selling from stock on
complete three or four in a           that the tip is triangular. I cut the   hand is easier and faster. Buy
month, but, I am just doing this      string slots in the "nut" and after     one today, I'll ship right away.
in my spare time at this point.       it is in place, I file down the
                                      string slots with that triangulated     Q: Having built ukuleles,
Q: How many instruments have          blade file so that the string sits in   banjoleles and prim-inspired
you built in all?                     a little "V" shaped notch. That         instruments, do you anticipate
                                      means it really can't buzz. I           trying your hand at guitars in
A: About 70 instruments. Well,        literally eyeball the strings and I     the future?
the seventeen dulcimers and           finger chords to check string
the rest are ukuleles.                height. Then, I play test every         A: No, guitars are really a lot
                                      ukulele to make sure it's perfect.      different. You have much more
Q: I know that you have your          I fine tune it at the end.              bracing and lots of other
ukulele plans for sale on your                                                differences in overall
website. Is there interest in         Q: You are experimenting with           construction. My equipment is
those? Are they selling?              different techniques. The neck          really made specifically for the
                                      on this "prim" ukulele is really        size range I need to make
A: Yes, actually, they are. I don't   beautiful. What is so unique            ukuleles.
know if this means anything, but      about what you are doing here?
most of my buyers are from the                                                Q: Do you repair ukuleles and
UK. I have been selling oh,           A: I have build a lot of ukuleles       other instruments?
maybe one set of plans every          with walnut fret-boards. Most
three weeks or so.                    makers are using rosewood or            A: I do minor repairs. I reset a
                                      ebony. What I have done here            neck on a guitar not long ago. I
Q: So what is the hardest part        is used tight-grained oak               have done a few repairs, but,
about making a ukulele?               stained to look like ebony. The         building new instruments has
                                      grain is very similar to ebony, in      kept me pretty busy.
A: Making the neck. I use a           fact. Oak is a very hard wood
band saw and cut the basic            with a similar grain, but, it is less   Q: Have you planned building
shape. I trim it down. Then I use     expensive, being an                     an acoustic-electric uke?
a rasp to curve the corners and       Appalachian hardwood. The
shape it. Then I sand it smooth.      result is a beautiful fret-board        A: I put a little piezo mic I
                                      that is very durable, fairly light,     bought from Radio Shack in a
Q: How much time does it take         and every bit as beautiful as           ukulele to see what it would be
to do all of that work?               ebony.                                  like, but people told me that it
                                                                              sounded awful. It was tinny and
A: I can make the neck in about Q: Start to finish, how long does             sounded really bad. I haven't
two hours.                      it take you to build one ukulele?             thought anymore about it.

Q: Your set-ups are really great. I   A: It takes ten to twelve hours of      Q: So, how many years
have been very impressed with         labor to build one ukulele. The         experience do you have
every ukulele I've seen. They are     time it takes me to ship an order       building musical instruments?
all very playable and there are       on a "commissioned" uke is
no buzzing strings. The               about three weeks. I'd rather not       A: I have thirty-four years
intonation is great. Is there some    sell that way, if given a choice. I     experience building dulcimers,
neat little tool that you've          like building them and putting          box fiddles, and ukulele.
created to get it this way?           them online for sale and selling
                                                                            With a solid spruce top, this
                                                                            ukulele does put out more
                                                                            sound than some previous
                                                                            models made by Applause.

                                                                            One big change in this model is
                                                                            the use of passive rather than
                                                                            active electronics. The benefit
                                                                            here is that you don't have to
       Applause UAE20e                                                      worry about changing batteries
                                                                            during a performance.
                                                                            Without a screwdriver, the way
Kaman Corporation, the guys             best suit their own playing style   this uke is constructed, you
that make Ovation, Takemine,            and preferences.                    would not be able to change
and Hamer guitars, produces                                                 one anyway.
the Applause ukulele UAE20e.            I was very impressed with these
                                        ukuleles the first time I heard     This ukulele was made for the
The UAE20e is a soprano uke             one played live. Ukulele Man,       stage. It has everything a
with a small body and a big             Tom Harker uses one and I           performing musician needs at a
sound.                                  watched him perform using this      very modest price. You can find
                                        same model. His sounded great       one online between $170 and
The model we review here has            and so does this one.               $180 dollars (US). I'd
a matte black finish, twenty little                                         recommend a hard case to
"acoustic holes", crimson               This little uke is a tad heavier    protect it. Something this sweet
colored geared Grover tuners, a         than most solid wood                deserves a hardshell case.
lyrachord rounded back, and             instruments, but, it is also
passive electronics.                    rugged and can be taken             Our recommendation is that if
                                        almost anywhere without worry.      you gig, you need one of these.
From the factory, the ukulele           It holds tune very well, even       If you must have a wooden uke,
was supplied with clear GHS             under adverse conditions. That      well, you might be put off by this
strings. The first thing we did was     may be attributed to the            one, but, give it a try, you'll be
remove those and install Aquila         lyrachord back.                     glad you did.
Nylguts (imitation gutt nylon
strings). That gave this little axe a
louder voice unplugged, and a
nice bright voice through the

The rosewood fretboard is nicely
finished and sports pearl-like
dots at the fifth, seventh, tenth,
and twelth frets. The frets are
nicely dressed and there are no
sharp edges.

Straight from the factory box the
action was a little high. That is
typical of most mass-produced
ukuleles. That way, a player can
have the action lowered to - excitement, music, lively discussion, and a whole lot more...

        Martin S-0 Review
After abandoning the ukulele for      none of them had any issues
many years Martin Guitar              that I could tell. I even bought
Company returned to the scene         one and played it for a year or
with the tiny S-0, based on the       two. I sold it to a musician who
original vintage "0" style ukulele.   planned to use it on stage every
                                      now and then.
In the 1920s, Martin ukuleles
were so popular that even             Martin must have enjoyed some
Hawaiian players were all             success with the S-0, because
grabbing them. It seems that          they have since released a
everywhere people were either         whole series of reproductions of
playing a Martin or a knock-off       previously designed "classic
of one.                               ukuleles" from the Golden Age
                                      of the uke in America.
The Martin "0" was brought to life
anew in the "S-0", at least it       One thing I can say for certain,      sans gig bag. I don't know. They
would appear. The new S-0 is         the specimen that I have              don't have gig bags for their
essentially built on the same        played all had wonderful fit and      Ovation Applause ukes, but their
plan as the original, but it is      finish. They were boisterous little   Flukes and Fleas all have gig
assembled in Mexico to save          instruments, surprisingly so. They    bags.
manufacturing costs.                 all had excellent intonation. I
                                     really wish that Martin had           If you ask many long-time
If you are not familiar with it, the something similar to Aquila           players and collectors, they
S-0 is a soprano ukulele built top Nylgut strings. The S-0 sounded         might tell you to buy a vintage
to bottom from solid                 much better after I swapped           "0" rather than the S-0, but, give
mahogany. The nut is Dupont          the Martins that came on it with      one a try. You might really love it
Corian and the saddle is             my choice of strings.                 and for $299, an all solid
Micarta. It sports Gotoh friction                                          mahogany Martin uke is not a
tuners. This uke is fully spec'd     I bought one of the S-0 ukes          bad player and may even
with solid mahogany, even in         from Sam Ash and they could           prove to be a good investment
the internal bracing.                not find the gig bag that is          with the popularity of ukuleles
                                     supposed to come with them.           increasing.
You may have heard rumors            They gave me a Martin
that this little ukulele had some    mandolin gig bag for it. While        I have enjoyed every S-0 I've
quality issues, if that is the case, thickly padded, it did not fit as     played thus far. You can find
by the time I got my hands on a well as the one that should have           them at Sam Ash, Musician's
few of them, those problems          been with it. Maybe Sam Ash           Friend, Elderly Instruments, and
must have been resolved. I           worked out some deal to buy           other music stores online and in
have played several now and          these ukuleles from Martin            your neighborhood.
                                                                        Q: Amber, I know that you are in
                                                                        Cincinnati and by day, you
                                                                        are a school teacher. After
                                                                        hours, you are Amber Nash,
                                                                        member of UkeBucket, ukulele
                                                                        player, and singer-songwriter.

                                                                        A: Actually, I'm trying to get

                Amber Nash                                              away from the "of ukebucket"
                                                                        part. ukebucket was more of a
                                                                        project between two long-time
      singer-songwriter on the rise...                                  friends, Rikk Palmer and Barry
                                                                        Canfield. Right now I'm really
                                                                        just trying to focus on my solo
When you grow up surrounded         Music is one of my passions. As     stuff and meeting and playing
by professional musicians and       such, I find it a pleasure when I   with as many local musicians as
singers, like I did, you see and    meet someone that justs loves       I can.
hear a lot. Stories of struggling   to sing and play. You know that
artists and rags to riches tales    sort of person by the smile that    Q: How long have you played
are everywhere. Occasionally,       never seems to leave their face     ukulele?
you come across someone with        whether on stage or jamming.
an uncommon voice, someone                                              A: I've been playing for about 4
that has star potential, Amber      Before I met Amber face-to-         years.
Nash is one of those people.        face, I saw a few of the videos
                                    that she posted on YouTube          Q: I know that when we first met,
                                    and heard some of her songs         you came to Mid Ohio to meet
                                    on MySpace. Oh, yes, this is one    with "Columbus Ohio Ukulele
                                    talented lady. Meeting her was      Peeps" a.k.a. COUP. You
                                    a treat. Not only did she have a    brought a "Fluke" ukulele with
                                    great voice, she has lots of        you. Do you still play it?
                                    energy and an endless supply
                                    of enthusiasm. What's even          A: I remember that first meeting!
                                    better is that she writes and       Having so many uke enthusiasts
                                    performs original material, too.    in one room was awesome! But
                                                                        yes, I'll still play my Fluke from
                                    I wanted to interview Amber for     time to time. Right now I'm
                                    this issue of ukulele player        letting a friend borrow it. I am
                                    because hers is a fresh young       spreading the uke love! I think
                                    face emerging on the music          Jumpin' Jim would be proud.
                                    scene and she is not far from
                                    where I live, in Columbus, Ohio.    Q: You have a great voice.
                                    Amber is based in Cincinnati.       When did you first start singing?

                                    Cincinnati is a music town.         A: Why, thank you! I guess I
I met Amber in a very casual                                            started singing in high school
setting, just a gathering of        There have been acts large and
                                    small since the early days of       when I auditioned for the show
ukulele players that assemble                                           choir. I was very much into
from time-to-time and play          jazz and swing. What a great
                                    place for an up and coming          theatre at the time and REALLY
music for recreation and                                                wanted to be in the choir. I
friendship. So, in walks Amber      artist to live and begin her
                                    career in the music business.       remember I sang "Moon River."
with a Fluke and a smile.
I think that was my sophomore          and my passions and interests            with pretty shallow lyrics but
year of high school.                   change pretty frequently. I think        amazing music. I try to pull from
                                       it's only natural that my music          lots of different places. As far as
Q: When did you know that you          reflects that.                           an influence regarding my
wanted to play solo gigs before                                                 ukulele playing... I'm afraid I'm
an audience?                          Q: How many ukuleles do you               not good enough for my
                                      now own? I know of the Fluke, a           influences to really take effect!
A: Well, I've loved performing for baritone, is there a concert uke             But, I think the two that stand out
a long time, pretty much since in your stable? What else?                       in my mind are Victoria Vox
the 7th grade when I started in                                                 and Craig Robertson. They write
community theatre in                  A: Right now I have a concert             original music, stick to their
Shelbyville, Indiana. But I've only Pono, a Fluke, and a Regal                  guns, and do their own
since really gotten into playing      baritone. I'd love to have                thing. Victoria is an inspiration
solo original music. It's very        more, but my bank account                 as a female singer-songwriter
strange. It's a much different        won't let me. I've been toying            and Craig is...well...pretty much
feeling than performing with a        with the idea of getting a                just awesome.
cast in a play or even playing        custom from Peter Hurney.
with others in a band. I like it. I                                             Q: Tell me about ukebucket...
hope to do more of it.                Q: Let's talk about your songs. I         How did it begin?
                                      have heard "Canary in a Coal
Q: I know that you'd love to          Mine" and "No Doz and Booze",             A: Ukebucket consists of myself,
have a career in music. Is there how many other songs have                      Rikk Palmer, and Barry Canfield.
a particular genre that you           you written?                              I've known Rikk forever. His
favor?                                                                          mom was my kindergarten
                                      A: I've probably written over 40          teacher and he was my
A: I would definitely love to have or so, what with Project 52, my              brother's best friend growing
a career in music, although my work with ukebucket, and my                      up. We started playing music
day job does have me spoiled current writing purge.                             together after we did a show in
a bit with that steady paycheck!                                                Rushville, Indiana when we were
You know, I've thought about          Q: Do you have any influences
                                                                                both in high school. It was Jesus
the whole "genre" thing. I'm still    vocally? How about as a
                                                                                Christ Superstar; I was Mary
not quite sure where I fall. I think songwriter or ukulele player?              Magdalene and he played
that a label might have to                                                      electric guitar in the pit. We
come later. Right now I'm just        A: I listened to a lot of musical
                                      theatre growing up, so I'm sure           started writing songs then.
writing what comes to me and
I'm not really thinking about if it   that's had an impact. Julie
                                                                                From then until we met Barry,
fits with a particular style. I guess Andrews was my hero when I                which was early college, we just
I could be put in the "singer-        was a kid, as well as Liza
                                      Minelli. Some Ella Fitzgerald has         tinkered around, recorded (he
songwriter" category.                                                           majored in audio recording so it
                                      probably rubbed off on me
                                      along the way as well. I've been          was great for both of us!), and
Q: I know thus far, you have
                                                                                wrote whatever popped into our
recorded a rather ecclectic mix told I sound like Norah Jones,
                                      Sara McLachlan or Allison                 heads. After meeting Barry and
of tunes. Can we expect more
                                      Krauss. As a songwriter, I think I        jamming more often, we
of the same?
                                      just listen to a LOT of music. I          decided to start working toward
                                      keep an open ear, and hear                an "end product" to our time
A: I hope so. I think if I marry
                                      what others are doing.                    together. Gigging was never
myself to a certain style of
                                                                                really mentioned... I think we just
music I'm going to feel too
                                      Sometimes when I feel that my             wanted something to show for
stifled. My personality is very
                                      lyrics are trite, I'll listen to a band   all those years of playing
ecclectic, or so I've been told,
                                                                                together and making music. So
for the past year and a half or     Q: Tell me a little about your       A: Thanks! It was really hard to
two years or so, we've been         collaboration work with Jodi         keep my cool... hence all the
working on the album,               Mathews, Dirty LIttle Secret. I      ridiculous outtakes. I have had a
sometimes steadily and              know that you have done a few        lot of comments about that
sometimes... not steadily.          recordings and videos. Is there      video. Folks seem to like it when
                                    anything else planned?               I play it live, as well. Although,
We recorded it in Orlando,                                               I'm not able to do the kazoo
Florida. As of now we're not        A: Jodi's great. She's so fun to     part because I don't have a
really collaborating. The           record with. I hope to do more       kazoo holder yet. I think this is
distance makes that pretty          videos, definitely. I believe I met the main reason why I need a
difficult. I wrote the songs,       Jodi through the Ukulele             roadie. Any takers?
except for the last track, and      Cosmos (online forum).
Rikk and Barry added what they                                           Q: You did a cover of "The Way I
felt necessary. It was a really fun Q: You have a video with a toy Am" and it was really great! I
project.                            piano... who came up with that think I was a fan at that point.
                                    idea?                                Have you thought about writing
Q: There are not many players                                            some material with similar style?
that I have known in Cincinnati,    A: Well, I think Jodi just had it in
is that changing?                   her living room when I was there A: That is a really great song.
                                    a while back. I remember             Ingrid Michaelson is also a
A: Sadly, there are not a lot of    getting really excited about it.     singer-songwriter I respect and
ukulele musicians in Cincinnati,    I've always wanted a toy piano. admire. I think that vocal style
at least not ones that gig.         I'm not sure who came up with        will come along in my music,
There are a few, though,            the idea... probably Jodi. She's sometime.
although none feature the uke       pretty creative.
full time (not that I know of).                                          Q: So, what lies ahead?
                                    Q: Rumor is that you are
I played a show with a group,       learning to play guitar. How is      A: I'm in the very beginning
Sara Songbird and the               that coming? Will we hear any        stages of a solo album. I'm
Moontoons, that played the uke      new recordings featuring guitar figuring out my song list, writing
on a couple of numbers. A           anytime soon?                        new songs, and figuring out
friend of mine is just starting a                                        instrumentation and things like
                                    A: I AM learning to play guitar!     that. I don't really have a
band that uses it in a couple
                                    It's coming along nicely,            timeline for it, but I'll keep folks
numbers as well, actually, they'll
                                    although the guitar strings are a posted. I'm going to have my
proabably be using my Fluke. I
                                    LOT harder on my fingers than        own website here in a month or
think the word is spreading.
                                    the uke ones! I'm learning new       so, so I'll hopefully start to
Q: So with UkeBucket being on       chords bit by bit, though. I think promote things a little more
hiatus, have you found another the guitar is going to start              through that. I'm really excited
group?                              popping up a lot more, maybe to enter the 2008 Bushman
                                    with some ukulele solos as           Ukulele World Video Contest. I'm
A: Right now I don't have a         well. The last two songs I've        going to collaborate with a
"group". I've met some local        written have been on guitar.         couple of friends... so look for
musicians that I plan to play                                            that. Generally, I think just
with, though, and something         Q: The kazoo on Canary in a          playing out as much as I can
might come from that. I've got      Coal Mine, you really had me         and meeting musicians is my
a duet thing going, and also        laughing. I watched the out-         focus. I think that might open
possibly a trio female group with   takes and they were really cute. some doors for me, as well as
uke, percussion, and cello.         Have you had a lot of                doing interviews with kind and
                                    comments about them?                 gracious folks like yourself!
                Special Feature Interview
       Alli Bee, Founder of Ukulele Cosmos
First, I'd like to take a moment to Q: "Alli Bee", you are the founder    tired of the ads that regularly
introduce Ukulele Cosmos to our of Ukulele Cosmos. Tell me                took over every post! In its
readers.                            about how it all began. What          current incarnation it has been
                                    was the incentive for creating a      active since July 2006
Ukulele Cosmos is an Internet-      ukulele forum? How old is
based forum, a bulletin board, if Cosmos, now?                            Q: So, why the name "Alli Bee"?
you will, that is dedicated to all
things ukulele. While other         A: It all began when I was very       A: Well, my forename name is
forums exist on the topic,          new to playing the ukulele. I was     Allison and my surname starts
Ukulele Cosmos is set apart         looking around online and             with a ‘B’. Like a lot of people
from the others in many ways.       found a few forums but they           using the internet I was cautious
                                    were all based in the USA. I          of giving my full name so I
People can visit the forum and      needed to ask questions about         opted for ‘Alli Bee’. Some of my
become part of the community how to get hold of decent ukes               friends in my day to day life call
of players from around the          in the UK and wanted to make          me that anyway so it fits nicely.
world. The participants             contact with other UK players in      Since becoming quite deeply
contribute a lot by sharing         order to learn. I found Ray           involved with the ukulele
techniques, video clips, audio      Shakeshaft’s website                  community, and having been
recordings and lots of insight      ( which was           lucky enough that quite a few
into playing and entertaining       really informative and did put        players I’ve met online have
with ukuleles.                      me in touch with other UK             come to stay at my house here
                                    players, but the only thing it        in Suffolk, my home is now
Thanks to the hard work of Alli,    didn’t have was a forum. I felt it    referred to by some as “The
Cosmos has built relationships      would be beneficial for us UK         Beehive”. Quite nice I think. It
with the manufacturers of           players to have somewhere             conjures up an image of
ukuleles, and local shops           online where we could stay in         organised chaos, which anyone
(based in the UK), and these        constant contact. So, what            who has visited will tell you is an
relationships have enabled Alli     started as something for UK uke       apt description of my life
to conduct special prize            players has grown into an             generally!
drawings and other events that international forum with new
keep people coming home to          members from every corner of          [Editor's Note: A large number of
Cosmos for their ukulele fix.       the planet signing up every day.      Cosmos members are from the
                                    The Cosmos will be four years         USA and other countries.
Ukulele Cosmos is FREE to the       old in July 2009. It was originally   Cosmos does not show
readers and contains a wealth       set up on a free site but that        favoritism toward members in
of information. Donations are       only lasted for about a year          Great Britain. While it is based in
accepted.                           because we all got sick and           the UK, it is totally impartial]
Q: Ukulele Cosmos has                 comes with that, twinned with      Room) who is one of the most
become "the place to be"              the regularity that people pop in helpful vendors out there. The
online when it comes to ukulele       to catch up on the day’s gossip! only downside is that I can’t put
forums. How long after you                                               my name in the hat for these
started did that happen?              Q: JukeJeff contacted me and give-aways since I’m the one
                                      told me to check out Cosmos,       pulling the names out! In
A: It’s very kind of you to say so!   that's how I found it. Do most     addition to the promoted give-
It started quite quickly. I knew a    people find Cosmos by word of aways there are also all kinds of
lot of people online already          mouth, or do you advertise?        swaps going on. I’ve given a
from various other forums and                                            banjo-uke to someone that
had help from some of them to         A: Word of mouth is probably       wanted one and I’ve had some
set up the Cosmos as it is now,       the biggest form of referral,      lovely ukes given to me by
for which I am eternally grateful.    whether that be face to face or generous souls. Of course there
So, a lot of people were there        links via other websites. Internet is also the exchange of
at the start but the membership       search engines are next in line. information from professional
has risen in line with the general    I don’t advertise the Cosmos as uke makers like Pete Howlett, to
rise in popularity of the             such although I did add it to the Arch Larizza sharing his
instrument. I’m not sure that the     Wikipedia entry on ukuleles!       technical knowledge. Every
current interest in the ukulele                                          day is a give-away of some sort
would have been quite so              Q: I have seen a couple of         or another on the Cosmos. It
intense if it weren’t for the         promotional give-aways at          may not always be a ukulele
internet though. There are            Cosmos. The latest was an          -sometimes it will be something
several uke forums that have all      Ohana ukulele give-away. What as simple as showing someone
helped to fuel the interest. I        other special raffles and give-    how to play an
believe there is room for us all      aways have you had at              "E" chord!
but the Cosmos is one of the          Cosmos?
very few that is not driven by                                           Q: How many members do you
commercial interests and has          A: Oh yes, the Ohana give-         have now... ballpark figure?
always been about the people          away was great. The Ukulele
that play ukuleles rather than        Shop (       A: 1500 and rising. Can
simply an information site about      approached me and asked if         someone please tell me how to
the instrument. Of course, the        I’d do that. It helps promote      eliminate spammers though? I
wealth of knowledge that our          businesses such as theirs and      must have deleted about
members bring with them               I’m happy to do that for people 20,000 of them over the years.
means there is rarely a question      who are helpful, prompt and
about the instrument that goes        fair, and who go above and         [Editor's Note: You won't be
unanswered and the Cosmos             beyond just selling ukuleles. In   plagued with spammers as a
goes way beyond the ukulele.          return, the Cosmos members         reader, Alli painstakingly
People may start using it             get to have a bit of fun. I don’t removes them from the roster.
because they have that                tout for freebies - people         Noone is able to post until they
common bond but it soon               approach me. Other give-           are officially approved as a
changes into something much           aways have included several        member, thus preventing
more sociable for a large             Makalas from Almuzo who is a       marketing and spam from porn
proportion of the users. I think      Cosmos member and a                sites - which are the vast
this is a great part of its           wholesaler of ukes - these         majority of bogus sign-ups]
popularity. So many of its            made their way to various
members have met up in ‘real          winners around the world - and Q: When did you realize that
life’, both nationally and            a silent Eleuke from               you had such a big hit on your
internationally, and there is a       MusicGuyMic (http://               hands?
real feeling of camaraderie that
A: Ooh err.. it still doesn’t really   since most people don’t let on     quieter. On average we get
occur to me that the Cosmos is         how old they are. Perhaps I        about 70,000 hits per day
a ‘big hit’. It is not something       should start a poll?               according to the stats, but a lot
that I control in that respect. Its                                       of those will be spambots. Our
popularity is down to the users -      Q: How about the median            most frequent visitors are from
without them it simply wouldn’t        number of years playing            the USA closely followed by the
exist! It is nice, though, when        ukulele?                           UK, France, Australia, Holland,
you meet people at various                                                Sweden, Germany, Japan,
functions who have used it and         A: Again, not everyone             Canada, Ireland, Italy and
appreciate it. We do have              mentions it but I’d say, from      others. So, despite being
some quite well known public           what I’ve seen, most people        based in the UK, you can see
figures that use it incognito (and     have been playing for 5 years      how international it really is.
sometimes openly) - that’s quite       or less. Rufus Yells (aka Uncle
a buzz.                                Rufus and Gibson uke fanatic) is Q: I have seen more than a few
                                       probably the member with the        times when people really get
Q: You started a MySpace site          most mileage in this repect!        uptight and fights occur. I know
for Cosmos, does it get a lot of                                           that you have resisted the
traffic? Has it introduced new         Q: Has anyone asked what the temptation to filter things, have
people to Cosmos itself?               ratio is of male to female          you any regrets on that?
                                       Cosmos members? Do you
A: It does get quite a lot of          know that ratio?                    A: No, none whatsoever. I took
traffic. I’m sure it would get a lot                                       the decision to be light handed
more if I had the time to update       A: Well, without getting too        in moderation after
it more regularly and yes, it has      scientific I would say that the     considerable thought. There
introduced new members to              ratio is at least 40 men to 1       are other forums that are quite
the Cosmos and has                     woman (not bad eh girls?). I’m strict with this aspect but I feel
introduced me to some players          not sure if this is partly based on that moderation is a form of
I’d never have otherwise heard         the male users being more           censorship. Someone said
of. I am fairly thinly stretched       talkative or if the female players recently that moderating too
as it is though and time is a          are shy! Not everyone has a         much is like telling people that
luxury that I don’t have a lot of. I   gender specific user name and they can play music but only in
didn’t realise that the Cosmos         unless they state whether or not the major scale. I agree with
would take off the way it has,         they are male or female then I      this. I also feel that the
and at the moment I am the             can’t tell. I can feel yet another members of the Cosmos are
only person involved in                poll happening.                     adults who are capable of
maintaining the sites. I’m                                                 having heated debates
fortunate enough to have a             Q: How many hits a day do you (extremely heated sometimes)
ukulele playing partner who is         get?                                but will always work it out in the
very patient and supportive of                                             end. This has been proven time
everything I do though so he           A: It varies and it depends on      and time again and to my
takes the pressure off a bit.          your definition of hits. If we      knowledge only a handful of
                                       have a give-away or if our          people have found this too
Q: Do you have any idea what           Open Invitational (a monthly        much to bear. It is certainly a
the median age is at Cosmos?           virtual open mic where each         very delicate balancing act
                                       performer does their own            though as people have different
A: No. But I’d hazard a guess          version of a well known song) is thresholds when it comes to
that it’s about 36. The youngest       about to be announced then          sense of humour etc. At the
member that I know of is about         the traffic booms. If it’s          end of the day, the Cosmos is
18 and the oldest is in their          Christmas Day or Thanksgiving       not a forum for kids and I make
seventies. It’s hard to tell though    then it tends to be much            this very clear. At the same
time, however, it is not a den of     Moonlighters", Craig Robertson,      coverage of the UK Ukefest and
iniquity. If you like it then stick   Bosko & Honey and "Hot Time          that kind of thing. Finding the
around and you will be made           Harv’s Rollercoaster of Kicks". So   time to do it is another matter.
very welcome. If you don’t            memorable for so many
then you have free choice to          reasons!                          On a more personal level I’d like
leave. I am pleased to say that                                         to find the time again to teach
very few people choose the        I have participated in Ukulele        the ukulele to children. That was
latter option though and fierce   Wednesdays held every week in a very rewarding job but one
disagreements are rare when       The George pub, Soho, London that I could only do before I
you put them in the context of    and regularly perform with a          went back to full time work. For
all the good that comes out of    bunch of local musicians who          now I am happy to play the
the Cosmos.                       form part of a ukulele club here ukulele and sing with my friends
                                  in my hometown. Next year I will while continuing to enjoy it all.
Q: How long have you been         be organising the UK Ukefest in       The day it becomes a chore is
playing ukulele?                  July at Hollesley, Suffolk which is the day to step back but I don’t
                                  something that grows and              see that happening anytime
A: I have been playing the        grows each year. Ray                  soon.
ukulele for about four and a half Shakeshaft has organised this
years.                            for the past few years but I think
                                  he’d like to sit back and enjoy it I'd like to thank Alli Bee for this
Q: What events do you attend      next year. We already have            interview and also for her
in the ukulele world? Do you      some fantastic performers lined ongoing effort and upkeep of
have a Cosmos booth or official up so make a date in your diary Ukulele Cosmos.
presence or is it just a casual   and look for more information
attendance for you?               as it comes up on the Cosmos Alli gives a lot of time to the
                                  nearer the time. I never attend Ukulele Cosmos and also to
A: I have been lucky enough to these things on anything other           cultivating relationships with
attend various uke events. At     than a casual basis and there is groups in the UK and elsewhere.
one end of the spectrum I have no Ukulele Cosmos booth. I               Sites like hers are not easy to
been to The Ukulele Society of    don’t feel the need for one           maintain and the more
GB’s ( Digswell since it is a not-for-profit activity. successful they become, the
meeting, which has traditionally I just really enjoy spending time harder it is to keep everything
been the bastion of George        with other players.                   running nicely.
Formby fans (although more
recently it has attracted a wider Q: Do you have any future plans Cosmos has helped to build the
audience), and tipping the        for Cosmos you'd like to share? current popularity of the ukulele
scales at the other end was       How about Alli, the ukulele           by becoming a valuable
New York’s Ukulele Cabaret        player, any personal goals?           resource to players from around
which is run by Jason and Ted                                           the globe.
of,       A: Well, there is a Ukulele
which couldn’t be further away    Cosmos YouTube space in the           Thank you, Allison (Alli Bee), for
both demographically and in       works. It is up but I am trying to all of your hard work and
terms of performances! In 2007 decide what direction to go in           perserverence with Cosmos.
I flew to the New York Ukulele    with it. I think that it will be some
Festival where I met many         kind of video-diary bringing
wonderful people, including       people up to date on all things should be on every ukulele
plenty of Cosmos members,         uke. Similar to an information        player's list of "favorites" (or
and was fortunate enough to       website, only in video format.        bookmarks, if you prefer).
be in the audience of             I’d like to include visits to my
performers such as "The           place by fellow uke players,
                                                                     professional and amateur
                                                                     musicians alike.

                                                                     The UB1202 Mixer uses 4580 Op
                                                                     Amps to control amplification
                                                                     and has a 3-band EQ on every
                                                                     channel to give you great tone
                                                                     and very low noise. It features

   Behringer 1202 Mixer                                              XLR and 1/4 inch jacks to allow
                                                                     professional and dynamic mic
                                                                     use, and it has 48v phantom
At some point, it seems that      of two things, either you have
every musician wants to make a    bad microphones, or you really     This tiny board gives you big
recording. That used to mean      need better control of your        performance. There is 130 db
booking recording studio time.    incoming signal. In the former     dynamic range and 60 db gain
With the introduction of          case, buying good                  on the volume controls. This
lightweight "home studio" gear,   microphones is an investment in    mean you get excellent control
average musicians can make a      your music craft. In the latter,   and lots of power behind it.
pretty nice demo right in their   you can get a pre-amp, but a
own living-room.                  better solution is a mixing        You get much better results
                                  board.                             using a project mixer like the
If you have tried home                                               UB1202 when you record. Sure,
recording equipment and were      Behringer, a company based in      it is possible to just grab a
not impressed with the results,   the Germany, makes low-cost        portable recording unit, plug
chances are good that it is one   products to serve the needs of     into it and start playing, but with
                                                                     a mixing board you get the
                                                                     same sort of results professional
                                                                     recording engineers can give

                                                                     What is nice about the Behringer
                                                                     UB1202 is that you can find it in
                                                                     most popular music store
                                                                     chains and also several big
                                                                     online stores, like Sam Ash or
                                                                     Musician's Friend and it is under
                                                                     $100, a great investment for
                                                                     your performance gain.

                                                                     If you buy a 4-track recorder, a
                                                                     mixing board will allow you to
                                                                     easily record more than one
                                                                     instrument at a time. We highly
                                                                     recommend the UB1202 for
                                                                     your home recording needs,
                                                                     and if you want to use it for gigs,
                                                                     it is great on stage, too. A great
                                                                     value, a great price.
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Nuked Ukes
We are in Auburn California. Welcoming players from all levels.
contact: Loyce Smallwood'sblog

Kansas (and Western Missouri)

Kansas City Ukesters

New Mexico
The High Desert Sand Fleas

Meet the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month at the
Albuquerque Press Club [6pm - 9pm]
2101 Highland Park Circle
Albuquerque, New Mexico - USA
contact: Stephen Hunt


COUP (Central Ohio Ukulele Peeps)

      Ukulele Clubs continued

Robert S. Sparkman

Lone Star Ukulele Club (in North Dallas)

The Dallas Ukulele Headquarters
Go to and search The
Dallas Ukulele Headquarters to join the group. Lots of fun events and jams!


Vermont Ukulele Society                                               
Meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.


Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA)



Ukulele Society of Great Britain
43 Finstock Road, London W10 6LU
Tel: 020 8960 0459

Cambridge Ukulele Co-operative [Cuckoo]                             
Meet alternate Sundays 2pm-6pm
The Portland ArmsCambridge CB4 3BAIf
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Ukulele Philharmonic Orchestra of Sudbury
Tuesdays evenings from 7.00pm
The Institute, Station Road, Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2SP
Beginners Welcome

Uke Wednesday Jam
Every Wednesday 7 till closing
Downstairs @ The Royal George
Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0EA, U.K.
contact: Quinc
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SCUPA - Second City Ukulele Players Association
Venue: The Camp Inn, 1 Camp Lane, Kings Norton, Birmingham
West Midlands B38 8SP
Details: We meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7:30pm in the upstairs room.

Whickham & District Social Club
Simonside View, Whickham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 4AQ.
We meet every 2nd Wednesday 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.


Irish ukulele club meets on the second saturday of
each month.Players from all over Ireland. Ukeplayers of all levelswelcome. If
you are a visiting uke player please feel free to come along. The meetups are
held at 2, eden park, Dunlaoire, Co. Dublin


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      Making beautiful music is your passion, helping you do it is ours.
Lone Star Ukulele Festival
dates are 4/30-5/2 in Dallas
UkeLadyMusic and The Dallas Ukulele Headquarters are organizing the event.
more information coming soon.

UK Ukefest

July 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th 2009
Run Cottage
Suffolk IP12 3RQ
more information available soon on

 Essential Links from the World-Wide-Web
UkeTalk -
"Ukulele Spoken Here" is one phrase that comes to mind. It you
want to talk ukulele or catch all the news that is news, this is a can't
miss website.

Brudda Bu's Ukulele Heaven
If you'd like to learn the history of some of ukulele's greatest
players, this site is absolutely essential.

Ukulelia -
The World's Greatest Ukulele WebLog" Need I say more?

Ukulele Cosmos -
One of the hottest ukulele forums on the web. Don't Miss It!

Ukulele Underground
Another really popular ukulele forum, lots of Hawaiian players and
folks from the West Coast of the Mainland USA.

Flea Market Music -
This is Jumpin' Jim Beloff's website. He has lots of great resources
and an excellent forum as well. You can buy Flukes and Fleas
there, too. Jim also has lots of songbooks, DVDs, and other great
stuff there for all of you ukulele enthusiasts.

UkeLadyMusic -
Auntie Noel runs a really great shop. Her passion is ukulele and it
shows. ontact Us: phone 214-924-0408 or email

      Making beautiful music is your passion, helping you do it is ours.
     Online Resources Continued...
Kiwi Ukulele
New Zealand's Ukulele Companion

Bounty Music

Brick & Mortar location in the Hawaiian Islands serving you:
open 9 :00 to 6:00 Monday thru Saturday * Sunday 10:00 to 4:00

Bounty Music Maui
111 Hana Hwy. #105
Kahului, Maui, HI 96732

Phone: (808) 871-1141
Fax: (808) 871-1138

     Making beautiful music is your passion, helping you do it is ours.

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