Cure Eczema with a Natural Cure by aihaozhe2


									If you have eczema, you'll understand the phrase, "Eczema made me dread summer." I
suffered from eczema and can't tell you how many summers I spent in long sleeved
shirts so others didn't see the horrible red sores on my arms. I couldn't hide it all
because it would peak through the bottom of the sleeves and make people queasy if
they shook my hand. I'm sure most of them ran for their bottle of hand sanitizer
immediately. I almost felt like yelling "unclean" as I walked through areas, as the
lepers did in antiquity.

I tried almost every medical doctor for a cure, every prescription possible and many
home remedies and the only thing that went away was my money and hope. Some of
the medications and treatments made me sicker and even irritated my skin more.
Others were ridiculous and I had to hide out because of either the appearance or smell
of the cure. It seemed there was no hope for me and I was destined to live cloaked in
long sleeves for the rest of my life. That is, until I found a natural eczema cure that

The problem with most of the remedies I used is that they only focused on the results
of the eczema and treated the symptoms. Unless you eliminate the original cause of
the eczema, you're only putting out a fire with a thimble of water and sometimes a cup
of gasoline. You know what I mean by that, you use a new treatment with high hopes
of a cure only to find it worse the next day. Of course, your doctor tells you to give it
time, but it never improves.

One day, I came across an article on a natural eczema cure. I was skeptical but
decided that I would make one more attempt at curing my problem. The price was far
more reasonable than most of the cures and according to the article, was the only
expense, aside from some inexpensive items normally found in the home, that I'd have.
After spending thousands on prescriptions, this natural cure was surly worth a try.

The premise of the natural cure is that eczema comes from three things. The first is an
overactive and extremely sensitive immune system. The next two are high toxicity in
the body and extremely low amounts of an essential amino acid. According to the
article, if I cleared up these conditions, my eczema would disappear. I decided to try

It didn't take long, once I started the program, to see results. I didn't have to be patient
and wait several weeks; the eczema began to clear within days. First, the horrible
itching ceased and then I proceeded with the other two steps and within days, the
eczema lost the bright red glow and began to heal.

Like many other people today, I'm more and more aware of the way we poison our
bodies with so-called treatments only to create new problems far more lethal than the
eczema. That's one of the reasons that I love the natural eczema cure. It treats the
underlying condition and doesn't harm your body but actually makes you healthier.
I now look forward to summer and wearing short sleeves appropriate for the weather.
With the eczema cleared, I find that I actually want to go more places and meet more
people. I'm back to not only the person I was before I developed eczema but actually
more outgoing. I guess I'm making up for the lost time.

I even feel better after making those simple changes recommended. I guess it wasn't
just my arms and hands affected by the underlying problem; it was my whole body.
The effects of this natural cure are remarkable. No wonder drug companies and
doctors try to keep it a secret; it doesn't cost a lot of money and doesn't require you to
keep coming back for more medication.

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