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Cuckoo Clocks are Works of Art


									Most cuckoo clocks today are made in the "traditional style" to hang on a wall in your
home or office. In the long history of clock making and time keeping, cuckoo clocks
play a large role in the appreciation of art in clocks. The traditional style of the cuckoo
clock is a wooden case decorated with carved leaves and animals and an automation
of a bird that appears through a small door while the clock is striking. A cuckoo clock
is typically pendulum driven, striking the hour and half hour, using bellows and pipes
that imitate the cuckoo call. Today's cuckoo clocks are almost always driven by
weights. The weights are made of cast iron in a pine cone shape.

As early as 1650, the call of the cuckoo bird in a clock was being heard in parts of
East Germany and a region of the Czech Republic. It took nearly a century for the
cuckoo clock to find its way to the Black Forest. The cuckoo clock, as we know it,
comes from the region in southwest Germany, the Black Forest, where a tradition of
clock making started late in the 17th century. The cuckoo clock is a favorite souvenir
of travelers in Germany, where there are several different firms making the whole
clock or parts of it. The people who make cuckoo clocks are dedicated craftsmen
whose products are works of art. Black Forest, and Black Forest style-cuckoo clocks
command big prices and are highly sought after in antique stores, flea markets and
retail shops. They are valuable because of their elaborate hand carvings and unique
artistry. The basic cuckoo clock today, is the railway-house form with is carved leaves,
birds, deer heads and other animals, that have become a symbol of the Black Forest
and recognized anywhere in the world. In the present market there are also quartz
battery powered cuckoo clocks that produce a digital cuckoo each hour.

Cuckoo clocks are sold for all budgets, from modest pieces with little decoration to
colossal works of art which demand high prices. Whether as pendants, toys, games,
postcards, in movies, music and literature, the cuckoo clock has been or is used in
everyday life. The cuckoo clock is part of our culture and is still one of the most
familiar clocks today. Cuckoo clocks make great gifts, souvenirs and timepieces that
will add charm and character to any home or office. Cuckoo clocks truly are unique
artistic creations.

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