Cruise holidays for young people by aihaozhe2


									According to statistics the average age of cruise ship passengers is fifty, yet thirty
percent are under forty, and it is becoming more and more the in thing for young
people looking for nightlife. Taking a cruise was once only for the rich but now there
are some excellent cruise lines that are budget as well as comfortable, yet another
reason making cruise holidays a more attractive package for young people.

One of the best-known companies is Carnival, who sails around Europe from the UK
and also to the exotic east and west Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexican Riviera and Baja
Mexico to more than sixty destinations, via numerous routes.

They were the pioneers of budget shorter cruises and offer non stop entertainment in a
party like environment, which has made them one of the most popular cruise lines in
the world especially with the younger generation.

The Carnival Conquest caters extensively for young people and sails to the Caribbean,
which is known for its countless discos, dance clubs, bars and various types of music,
such as reggae, jazz, steel bands and even rock and roll. So what ever your choice
there will be music all the way.

However young people expect more than just night life and the Conquest doesn't fall
short in any way, as it provides you with thirteen decks, four swimming pools, a water
slide, basket ball court, jogging track, golf centre and wide ranging spa facilities.
Although there are two formal restaurants, there are also casual options and a
café, sushi restaurant and twenty-four hour pizza station, as well as a choice
of bars.

If you are under thirty and looking for a budget cruise but not sure how to get the best
value for money and have the best time ever, then here are a few tips that may help:

Firstly inquire about bespoke theme packages, for example 18 - 30's, single, lesbian,
gay and if it's a family affair see if family discount packages are an option, as you will
find that most cruise lines have something for everyone.

If your timetable is flexible you may be able to get a better deal at the last minute, or
some cruise lines offer a discount for booking early and also look for departures close
to home.

If you use a travel agent who only deals in cruises you will find that they have access
to better deals. Always ask what is available, as some fares are fax specials and are
not publicized.

Another budget cruise line providing an essential product for a basic cost in cruise
holidays for young people and worth looking out for is Thompson who sails to Europe,
Mediterranean, Scandinavia, the Baltic's and North Africa.

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