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									Missions Services, Fees and Rates
Missions Department Services Provided
                                                            Limited Service                          Full Service

Reception and deposit of donated funds
                                                                   Yes                                    Yes
Sending tax-deductible receipts to donors
                                                                   Yes                                    Yes
Providing monthly donor spreadsheet report to
missionary                                                         Yes                                    Yes
Access to fundraising training materials
                                                                   Yes                                    Yes
Publishing, printing and distribution of bi-
monthly or quarterly newsletters                                     No                                   Yes

Pre-field Assessment Fees
$300 per person (spouse of applicant must take the assessment). This fee is non-refundable. Fee must be submitted with

Missionary Support
Minimum average monthly income levels required within 18 months.
    • Limited Service Missionary       $750.00
    • Full Service Missionary          $1,000.00
These amounts are minimum and do not determine the income needed for support. You will develop a budget to determine
needed monthly income levels. Foreign missionaries are expected to achieve 100% of budget prior to leaving.

Missions Sending Agency Fees (all missionaries)
The IMF Missions Sending Agency withholds 10% from missionary donations plus $15.00 per month to help pay for the cost
of services provided.

Newsletter Publishing Fees (full-service missionaries only)
Monthly Newsletter Costs for bi-monthly and quarterly newsletters.

                                                          Per item                                 Monthly fee
Base Cost                                                                                             $70.00
Mailing Cost (one sided)                               $.63 / per piece
Mailing Cost (two sided)                               $.68 / per piece
Extra Postage (Mexico)                           $.23 / Additional per piece
Extra Postage (Canada)                           $.28 / Additional per piece
Extra Postage (Foreign)                          $.38 / Additional per piece
Extra copies printed – one sided                       $.20 per piece
Extra copies printed – two sided                       $.40 per piece

    •    The 10% deduction from your donations is applied to the monthly newsletter fees.
    •    Quarterly newsletters are pro-rated for costs to be spread over a 3 month period.
    •    Skipping newsletters or newsletter delays on the part of the missionary does not constitute a reduction or refund of
         monthly newsletter fees.

                           All fees and rates are subject to change without notice.

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