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									Guide to Postgraduate

Centre for
Postgraduate Studies

March 2010
Table of Contents

1.      Introduction                         1
2.      Admission requirements               1
2.1     MTech                                1
2.2     DTech                                1
2.3     General requirements                 1
3.      Nature and duration of course        2
3.1     MTech                                2
3.2     DTech                                2
3.3     Duration of studies                  2
3.4     Interruption of studies              2
3.5     Applying at CPUT                     2
4.      Registration procedure               2
4.1     Registration date and topic          2
4.2     Registration of research proposal    2
5       Fees                                 3
6.      Where to start                       3
6.1     The faculty research coordinator     3
6.2     The supervisor                       3
6.3     The choice of topic/title            3
6.4     Collecting & recording information   4
6.4.1   CPUT Library                         4
6.4.2   Consultations                        5
6.4.3   Own research                         5
6.4.4   Research &
        Technology Promotion office          5

6.5     Processing information               5
6.6     Reporting                            5
7.      Dissertation/thesis structure 5
8.      Technical presentation               5
9.      Date of submission            6
10.     Examination                          6
11.     Publication                          7

1.    Introduction                                         Faculty of Education and Social Sciences
                                                           Prof Rajendra Chetty
      This guide is intended for students who              Tel: (021) 680 1532
      wish to register for postgraduate (master’s          Email:
      and doctoral) studies at the Cape Peninsula
      University of Technology.                            Faculty of Engineering
                                                           Prof Daniel Makinde
      The  Master of Technology (Magister                  Tel: (021) 959 6217
      Technologiae)   (MTech) and Doctor of                Email:
      Technology (Doctor Technologiae) (DTech)
      are evaluated by the Department of                   Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences
      Education at the level of a senior certificate       Prof Ernest Truter
      plus five years’ tertiary education (M+5),           Tel: (021) 959 6570
      and a senior certificate plus six years’             Email:
      tertiary education (M+6), respectively. The
      Faculty of Education and Social Sciences             Faculty of Informatics and Design
      offers the MEd and DEd degrees.                      Prof Pieter van Brakel
                                                           Tel: (021) 469 1015
      Further information can be obtained by               Email:
      consulting the website of the Centre for
      Postgraduate Studies (CPGS) (http://                 Faculty managers and postgraduate ) or contacting the              administrators are:
      Centre for Postgraduate Studies by email: of phone: 021 953                    Faculty of Applied Sciences
      8462/3.                                              Mr Peter Franck (Faculty Manager)
                                                           Tel: (021) 460 3188
      The processes of obtaining a postgraduate            Email:
      degree at CPUT are governed by the Higher
      Degrees Committee (HDC) and are                      Faculty of Business (Bellville)
      conducted through the completion of a set            Mr Llewellyn Appel
      of forms (HDC 1.1 to HDC 1.13). These are            Tel: (021) 959 6299
      available on the website of the CPGS                 Email:
      (Http:// )
                                                           Faculty of Business (Cape Town)
2.    Admission requirements                               Ms Michelle Moller
                                                           Tel: (021) 460 4232
2.1   MTech                                                Email:

      A BTech or an equivalent qualification in            Faculty of Business (Cape Town)
      an appropriate discipline.                           Ms Charmaine Basson
                                                           Tel: (021) 460 3765
2.2   DTech                                                Email:

      An MTech or equivalent qualification in an           Ms Sipokazi Bukani (Research Admin)
      appropriate discipline.                              Tel: (021) 460 9025
2.3   General requirements
                                                           Faculty of Education and Social Sciences
      The specific faculty should be approached,           Ms Cheryl Snyders (Faculty Manager)
      through the faculty research coordinator,            Tel: (021) 680 3920
      the faculty officer or the postgraduate              Email:
      administrator, to determine specific faculty
      admission requirements.                              Ms Liteboho Adonis (Research Admin)
                                                           Tel: (021) 680 1585
      Faculty research coordinators are:
                                                           Faculty of Engineering (Cape Town)
      Faculty of Applied Sciences                          Ms Sharon Kimber (Faculty Manager)
      Dr James Odendaal                                    Telephone: (021) 460 3032
      Tel: (021) 460 3199                                  Email:
                                                           Ms Taylia Green (Research Admin)
      Faculty of Business                                  Tel: (021) 959 6666
      Prof André Slabbert                                  Email:
      Tel: (021) 460 3112

                                                           Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences

                                                          3.4   Interruption of studies
      Mr Peter le Roux (Faculty Manager)                        Students who wish to interrupt their studies
      Tel: (021): 959 6158                                      must apply to Senate. The application for
      Email:                                 interruption of studies form (HDC 1.9) is
                                                                available on the Research website. Only
      Mr Taole Lebenya (Research Admin)                         one interruption of studies is allowed, for a
      Tel: (021) 9596917                                        period of one year and application must be
      Email:                                made in advance.

      Faculty of Informatics and Design
      Mr Jameson Cona (Faculty Manager)                   3.5   Applying at CPUT
      Tel: (021)460 4236
      Email:                                   All applicants must complete the University
                                                                application form, as well as the application
      Mr Courtley Pharaoh (Research Admin)                      form for advanced studies. These forms
      Tel: (021)469 1012                                        can be obtained from the following
      Email:                                sources:
                                                                     •    Postal address: Applications Office,
      Senate may, in exceptional cases, waive the                         PO Box 652, Cape Town, 8000 or
      prescribed admission requirements or treat                     •    Applications Office, PO Box 1906,
      an application as a case deserving of                               Bellville, 7535.
      special merit.      Faculties may also                         •    Physical address: Applications
      determine their own additional admission                            Office, Second floor, Administration
      requirements.                                                       Building, Cape Town campus or
                                                                     •    Physical address: Application Office,
      A dissertation/thesis rejected by any other                         First Floor, Administration Building,
      tertiary institution may not be submitted to                        Bellville campus
      obtain a postgraduate qualification at the                     •    CPUT website,
      Cape Peninsula University of Technology.                  
      Similarly, a dissertation or thesis which has
      been rejected by the Cape Peninsula                       Completed forms are to be sent to the
      University of Technology, may not be                      Applications Offices by post or by courier.
      submitted to any other tertiary institution.
                                                          4.    Registration procedure
                                                          4.1   Registration date and registration of topic
3.    Nature and duration of course
                                                                    Students enrolled for a course-work
3.1   MTech                                                         master’s degree must comply with the
                                                                    registration dates as determined by the
      A thesis                                                      specific faculty (generally 28 April or
      or                                                            31 July for semester courses).
      A combination of course work and a                            Students enrolling for full thesis
      dissertation. The research component                          research degrees may in some cases be
      (dissertation) shall comprise at least 50%                    allowed to register at other times of the
      of the programme content.                                     academic year.
3.2   DTech                                                         Registration for a DTech or an MTech
                                                                    comprising a thesis only (no course
      A thesis, which should show proof of                          work) and for the 50% course-work
      originality,  and     make     a   definitive                 dissertation (on successful completion
      contribution    to    knowledge    or     the                 of the course-work component) is as
      application of specialist knowledge.                          follows: Where a research topic has
                                                                    been provisionally decided on but the
3.3   Duration of studies                                           complete research proposal still needs
                                                                    to be developed, the candidate
      MTech                                                         registers as a postgraduate student,
                                                                    and     submits     form     HDC     1.1
      A minimum of one calendar year full-time                      (Registration      of      Topic      for
      or two consecutive calendar years part-                       Dissertation/Thesis) to the faculty
      time. Registration lapses after five years. A                 research coordinator, the faculty
      course-work MTech requires a minimum                          officer     or     the      postgraduate
      registration of two years.                                    administrator for submission to the
                                                                    Higher Degrees Committee (HDC). The
      DTech                                                         research proposal must then be
                                                                    finalised for ratification by the HDC
      A minimum of two consecutive calendar                         within six months.
      years. Registration lapses after six years.

          At the time of submission of the HDC                          approval of the project proposal is
          1.1 form, the student and supervisor                          granted by Senate.
          must     discuss    and   sign    the
          Memorandum       of     Understanding                         If a candidate will be working with
          between supervisor and postgraduate                           confidential information, a statement
          student; this must be submitted with                          to this effect with supporting evidence
          the HDC 1.1 form.                                             should     be    submitted.         Such
                                                                        confidentiality will be respected by the
                                                                        Cape      Peninsula      University   of
4.2   Registration of research proposal                                 Technology. A statement to this effect
                                                                        should     be     published     in   the
          Once the research proposal has been                           dissertation/thesis.
          completed, in consultation with the
          supervisor, students are required to             5.    Fees
          complete the form Registration of
          Proposal for Dissertation/Thesis (HDC                         Registration fees are payable annually
          1.2). The final version must be word                          or per semester as determined by the
          processed and submitted to the                                specific faculty. Information regarding
          supervisor. This form should be                               fees may be obtained from the specific
          accompanied by a research proposal.                           faculty office.
          The research proposal will be
          evaluated by a team of reviewers within                       Bursaries:
          the faculty (HDC 1.3), tabled at the                          A limited number of CPUT bursaries
          specific faculty research committee,                          for MTech and DTech studies are
          approved by the faculty executive                             available. However candidates who
          committee, submitted to the HDC for                           qualify should apply for NRF funding
          ratification, and finally be tabled at                        before applying for a CPUT grant.
          Senate.                                                       Information    is     available    and
                                                                        application forms are downloadable
          Some faculties require doctoral                               from the Centre for Postgraduate
          candidates to do an oral presentation                         Studies                         website
          to the faculty research committee.                            Http:// Contact:
                                                                        email: or Tel: (021)
          Students are urged to take great care                         953 8462.
          in arriving at a scientific formulation of
          the proposed topic and a clear                                Cape     Peninsula     University    of
          definition of the nature and objectives                       Technology staff should note that Cape
          of the project as these are subject to                        Peninsula University of Technology
          scrutiny by the relevant committees                           staff members are not eligible for
          which advise the Senate on the                                these bursaries, since they qualify for
          approval of topics. It is important to                        Human        Resources        monetary
          consult and follow scrupulously the                           incentives.
          Cape      Peninsula       University    of
          Technology Guidelines for research               6.    Where to start
          proposals, and to take cognisance of
          faculty research ethics requirements.            6.1   The faculty research coordinator
                                                                 After an initial meeting with the Centre for
          Ethics approval is required for many                   Postgraduate Studies and then the head of
          research projects; the proposal must                   department, it is important for any
          be submitted for consideration by the                  prospective       student       undertaking
          faculty ethics review committee and if                 postgraduate study to contact the research
          necessary ethics approval must be                      coordinator of the faculty as soon as
          obtained. Proof of this process must be                possible. Students in fulltime employment
          submitted with the HDC 1.2 form.                       are advised to discuss their proposed
                                                                 studies with their employers to ensure that
          Bibliographic citation should be done                  the research project can be reconciled with
          according to the Cape Peninsula                        their work programme, and if necessary
          University of Technology document                      obtain a statement of support from the
          Research and the Harvard method of                     employer.
          bibliographic citation: a research writing
          and style guide for postgraduate                 6.2   The supervisor
          students, unless a faculty specifies a
          specific   style   (e.g.   Vancouver).                 An appropriately qualified, knowledgeable
          Research ethics documents and style                    internal supervisor will be appointed by the
          guides are on the Research website.                    faculty. It may be necessary to appoint an
                                                                 additional    co-supervisor    or   external
          After consideration by the faculty                     supervisor outside the university to
          research committee and the HDC, final                  augment existing expertise. This decision

      rests with the faculty, which will also                        universities (national database of
      nominate external examiners.                                   theses and dissertations completed at
                                                                     SA universities, available on Sabinet).
      After the allocation of the supervisor, the
      student and supervisor should discuss the
      proposed research topic. As an initial step,               o   Navtech   (national       database     of
      the student would generally be advised to                      technikon research        available    on
      consult the available literature on the                        Sabinet).
                                                                     For research to be rigorous and of
6.3   The choice of topic/title                                      international repute, especially at
                                                                     doctoral level, it is important to search
      The choice of a topic/title is an important                    international     bibliographic    control
      one. It is advisable to discuss the proposed                   tools. The following is helpful:
      topic with the supervisor/s and, where
      applicable, with the employer.                                 Dissertation abstracts international (US)
                                                                     (on CPUT Library website)
      The Cape       Peninsula University of
      Technology encourages research projects                        A more comprehensive list may be
      leading to practicable results and aligned                     found in Research and the Harvard
      with its own research interest areas. When                     method of bibliographic citation: a
      a research topic has been identified, it                       research writing and style guide for
      should be tested against the following                         postgraduate students. This guide is
      criteria:                                                      available on the Research website.

          Are you really interested in researching               It is highly desirable to align your research
          this problem? Research may take a                      with the research strengths of the
          long time, and should you lose                         department and faculty and postgraduates
          interest, it may become difficult to                   are advised to find out what these are, and
          continue.                                              to consider working with an existing
                                                                 research group. A faculty may require you
          Is the problem clearly defined?                        to work within a certain CPUT/NRF niche
          Vaguely stated problems complicate                     area.
          matters, while a clearly stated problem
          makes it easy to structure the                 6.4     Collecting and recording information
          dissertation/thesis and to report on any
          progress.                                              The basic sources of information are:

          Any research implies that you master           6.4.1   Cape Peninsula University of Technology
          new techniques, but be realistic and                   Library:
          keep in mind your skills and abilities.
                                                                 Subject librarians are trained to assist
          Can the research be done with the                      with local and international database
          funds and equipment at your disposal?                  searches. Consult the subject librarian for
          Also ascertain whether the equipment                   your faculty.
          and facilities you may need are
          available to you, if not at the Cape                   Books:
          Peninsula University of Technology,                    Consult the Cape Peninsula University of
          then at other institutions nearby.                     Technology online public access catalogue
                                                                 (OPAC) to source general scientific and
          Is the extent of the research such that                technical literature, and pay especial
          it can be completed within a realistic                 attention to currency, especially in fields
          period? Also ensure that the subject of                such as technology and legislation. SACat
          study is comprehensive enough to                       on Sabinet indicates all material available
          qualify for a postgraduate degree.                     in libraries in South Africa.
                                                                 Scientific and scholarly journals:
          Has this topic been researched before?                 A great deal of scientifically valid and
          Consult the following national and                     comprehensive information is available in
          international bibliographies which list                scientific and scholarly journals. These are
          research in progress and completed                     available from the university library or
          research:                                              through the inter-library loan service.
                                                                 Access to scientific and scholarly journals
      o   Current   and  completed    research                   is obtained through, amongst others:
          (national NRF database available on
          Sabinet).                                              o   Index to South African periodicals
                                                                 o   NISC
      o   Union catalogue         of theses and                  o   Wilson periodical indexes
          dissertations of         South   African               o   EbscoHost

o   Science Direct                                                    citing format and bibliographies
                                                                      literature review support
These are available via Sabinet and                                   database use training
MetaLib in the library. Consult the CPUT                              finding additional and “invisible”
library website.                                                      material online.

Calico:                                                      Contact: Rolf Proske at tel: (021)460
The Cape Library and Information                             3156, email (Cape
Consortium (Calico) comprises the libraries                  Town).
of the four higher education institutions in
the Western Cape:         Cape Peninsula             6.4.2   Consultations and assistance
University of Technology, University of
Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch and                    Your employer:
University of the Western Cape. All these                    Your employer may be a valuable source of
library catalogues may be accessed from                      information. Large organisations often have
the    Cape    Peninsula    University    of                 specialised research and technical libraries
Technology Library.     Publications from                    which may be consulted.
these libraries may be ordered on inter-
library loan and are generally available                     Your supervisor/s:
within 48 hours.                                             Supervisors are appointed to help you -
                                                             consult them about possible sources of
Should you wish to visit these libraries and                 information.
make use of their facilities, fill in the
appropriate form available at the issue desk                 Lecturers at the university:
at the Cape Peninsula University of                          Consult other lecturers via your internal
Technology Library to obtain a letter of                     supervisor, especially if you are making use
introduction from the Director: Library                      of techniques outside the field of
Services.                                                    specialisation of your supervisor.

Inter-library loans:                                         Experts outside the university:
Books, journal articles and other material                   Experts in your field of study may also be
not in the Cape Peninsula University of                      consulted.
Technology library may be ordered through
the inter-library loan service at the Cape           6.4.3   Own research
Peninsula University of Technology Library.                  Postgraduate students are required to
Inter-library loan request forms may be                      obtain information through their own
obtained from the library or downloaded                      research and/or fieldwork.       Supervisors
from the Library Services’ Inter-library loans               should guide students on the collection,
web page. Requests may be also be                            organisation and processing of results.
submitted using the e-form.
                                                     6.4.3   The Centre for Postgraduate Studies
Postgraduate Research Support Centre:                        provides support through workshops and
An innovative new support unit exclusively                   seminars run during the course of the
for the use of postgraduate students and                     academic year. These cover general topics
academic staff, the Postgraduate Research                    including writing research proposals and
Support Centre in the Cape Town campus                       theses, and are widely advertised to faculties.
library incorporates an existing Research                    Email:
Information Support Centre (RISC) and
provides    dedicated    computing    and                    Research Directorate (see Research
information services.                                        website) Room 2.8, Administration, Cape
The Centre is conveniently situated near                     Prof Liz van Aswegen offers help in sourcing
the library entrance.                                        information, bibliographic citation, and
                                                             research writing. Contact her at:
Facilities and services include:                             Tel: (021)460 3539
          Desktop PCs exclusively for                        Email:
          postgraduate use
          internet,    email     and word-
          processing facilities                      6.5     Processing information
          online guidance
          scanning,     photocopying  and                    Some guidelines:
          printing done on site                                 Keep to the topic and state only
          wireless access                                       relevant facts.
                                                                Avoid verbosity and circumlocution -
Research information support includes:                          write as concisely as possible.
        the use of electronic resources for                     Do not commit plagiarism. Academic
        information-finding                                     integrity demands acknowledgement of
        designing research strategies                           sources, whether cited directly or

          referred to indirectly. State your own                Consult Research and the Harvard method of
          views clearly and scientifically.                     bibliographic citation: a research writing and
          Pay careful attention to spelling,                    style guide for postgraduate students for a
          grammar and punctuation. Set your                     full discussion and examples of the above.
          word-processing program to language                   This    document    should  be    followed
          (UK) or (SA).                                         scrupulously.
          Good writing involves substantial
          proofreading, editing and rewriting.                  A thesis template is also available on the
          Adhere scrupulously to the university’s               Centre for Postgraduate Studies website.
          or faculty’s bibliographic style guide.

6.6   Reporting

      Regularly reporting (at least once a month)          8.   Technical presentation
      to your internal supervisor regarding your
      progress is essential. The Memorandum of                  The following aspects should be noted:
      Understanding between supervisor and
      postgraduate student should record an                         Preliminary pages are numbered in
      agreed schedule of meetings for this                          small Roman numerals. The title page
      purpose.                                                      is not numbered, although technically
                                                                    it is number i.
6.7   Protection of Intellectual Property                           Text (pages from Chapter 1) is
                                                                    numbered in Arabic numerals.
      In some cases the research reported in a                      Tables are numbered sequentially
      thesis   maybe     constitute    intellectual                 within each chapter in Arabic
      property which needs to be protected                          numerals, e.g. Table 2.4 or Table 2-4
      before publication. This should be                            (the fourth table in Chapter 2).
      discussed by the supervisor and student                       Tables should be provided with concise
      well before submission of the thesis.                         and appropriate captions, and should
                                                                    be self-explanatory.
                                                                    Maps,      graphs,   photographs,    and
7.    Dissertation/thesis structure                                 illustrations are referred to as figures
                                                                    and are also numbered sequentially
      The structure of a dissertation/thesis may                    (Figure 3.4 or Figure 3-4).        Once
      differ from faculty to faculty. A basic                       again, captions should be concise and
      structure should include the following:                       appropriate.
                                                                    Source references should be indicated
          Title page. This must include a                           in the text (see Research and the
          statement of copyright as indicated on                    Harvard method of bibliographic citation:
          the thesis template on the CPGS                           research writing and style guide for
          website.                                                  postgraduate students).
          Declaration by candidate that the                         Footnotes should be kept to a
          contents of the dissertation/thesis                       minimum, be brief, and numbered
          represent his/her own work; that the                      sequentially. A footnote is only used if
          opinions contained are his/hers, and                      the author wishes to make a comment
          not necessarily those of the university;                  about a matter which does not fit into
          and that the dissertation/thesis has not                  the text.
          previously     been     submitted      for                The metric system should be used
          academic examination towards any                          throughout.
          qualification.                                            The dissertation/thesis should be
          Abstract: this is a concise summary or                    proofread and edited for correct
          synopsis of the thesis or dissertation.                   grammar, spelling, punctuation, style
          Dedication (optional).                                    and bibliographic citation.
          Acknowledgements. Include major                           It should be typed in double or 1½-line
          contributors of funding, such as the                      spacing, on one side of A4 paper.
          NRF.                                                      Margins should be set at 3cm (left),
          Table      of     contents,     including                 and 2cm (top, right and bottom).
          preliminary pages, chapters (with
          sections         and        sub-sections)                 NB.
          bibliography, appendices, lists of                        Consult Research and the Harvard
          tables and figures.                                       guide to bibliographic citation: a
          Text (body of the thesis), containing an                  research writing and style guide for
          introduction, literature review, research                 postgraduate students for full details
          methodology, analysis of results and                      of all technical requirements. A
          their interpretation.                                     concise version, titled Harvard for
          Conclusion and recommendations.                           Beginners, and a Thesis Template
          Bibliography or List of references.                       are also available on the Centre for
                                                                    Postgraduate Studies website.

                                                                   to graduate, all amendments should be
                                                                   made to the satisfaction of the
                                                                   supervisor and examiners and ratified
                                                                   by the HDC.
                                                                   Proof of submission of a journal article
                                                                   is required prior to graduation.
                                                                   After examination, and after any
                                                                   required corrections and amendments
                                                                   have been made, a minimum of four
                                                                   copies of the dissertation/thesis
                                                                   should be bound in hard cover. The
                                                                   name of the author and the title should
                                                                   appear on the spine and front cover.
                                                                   (See the Harvard document for
9.    Intention to submit and date of                              examples.)
      submission of dissertation or thesis                         Submission of bound hard copies
                                                                   and the pdf are required before
      Candidates who consider that they are                        graduation will be permitted.
      ready to submit their theses          should                 Binding in hard cover may be done at
      indicate this to the supervisor and research                 any bindery. Below are the details of
      coordinator six months before the planned                    binderies experienced in
      graduation date. They must then notify the                   dissertations/theses:
      faculty officer 3 months before they plan to
      submit the thesis.                                                University of Cape Town Bindery
                                                                        Hiddingh Hall campus
      Candidates who wish to graduate in                                Orange Street
      March/April        must     submit      the                       Cape Town
      dissertation/thesis for examination by 15                         Tel: (021) 480 7138
      September       of   the   previous   year.
      Candidates submitting after this date                             BN Bookbinders
      cannot be guaranteed graduation at the                            Salesian Institute
      March/April graduation ceremony, but will                         2 Somerset Road (corner of
      graduate at the September ceremony.                               Chiappini Street
                                                                        Cape Town
                                                                        Tel: (021) 4199338

10.   Examination                                                  Three of the four hard-bound copies
         Students should submit three copies                       are submitted to the faculty office. The
         in plastic ring-binding for examination                   remaining copy is for the candidate’s
         to their faculty office.                                  own use. Please note that a pdf of the
         Examination is by a panel of examiners                    thesis should be submitted to Mr Rolf
         appointed by the Cape Peninsula                           Proske (Cape Town Library).
         University of Technology.
         Names of examiners shall not be                           Candidates are advised to contact the
         divulged to candidates, and candidates                    research coordinator of the faculty or
         and supervisors may not correspond                        the supervisor in order to ascertain
         with or contact examiners.                                whether additional copies are required,
         Each examiner awards a mark                               for example, for co-supervisors, or for
         independently of the others. A pass                       each of the examiners.
         mark is 50%. All examiners must pass
         the dissertation/thesis. The degree is                    An examination mark will only be
         awarded cum laude if the candidate                        awarded after ratification by the HDC
         obtains a mark of 75% or higher. No                       and Senate and after submission of the
         percentage mark is allocated for the                      final hard-bound copies.
         DTech.      A     course-work     MTech
         dissertation comprises 50% of the
         final mark. All the course-work                 11.   Publication of the dissertation/thesis
         modules and the dissertation must be
         passed. A average of 75% plus must                    The university owns the copyright of any
         be obtained for both the course work                  thesis. The dissertation/thesis may not be
         and for the dissertation for the                      published either in part (in scholarly,
         candidate to be awarded a cum laude                   scientific or technical journals), or as a
         degree.                                               whole (as a monograph) unless permission
         Doctoral candidates may be required to                has been obtained from the university.
         defend their dissertation in a viva voce
         (oral examination).                                   Publication of the work in a journal is
         Before a dissertation/thesis is finally               encouraged (see Registration of Proposal
         approved and the candidate is allowed                 for Dissertation/Thesis HDC 1.2); consult

your supervisor or the Research website for
lists of accredited, subsidy-generating
journals. The supervisor (as co-author) and
the    Cape    Peninsula    University   of
Technology, as well as any external
sponsors, must be acknowledged.


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