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									                            Re-thinking the Curriculum                            in association with NUT CPD

                                          Main Conference 6th November 2009 – Central London
        Pre – Conference One Day Workshop With Kieran Egan 5th November 2009 – Central London

Extending Horizons
Using creativity and critical thinking to enrich teaching and learning

For all teachers                      The Conference Of The Year
and school leaders                    Professor Robin Alexander
interested in                         A New Approach To The Primary Curriculum
developing a creative                 Professor Kieran Egan
primary and secondary                 Putting Imagination Back into Classrooms
curriculum.                           Chris Watkins of the Institute of Education
                                      Letting go of the reins: a new paradigm for teaching

                                      Plus - Tony Hurlin, Sue Lyle, Nina Jackson, Mike Lake and
                                      Matthew Milburn

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Brought        In association with:
to you by:
                                             Extending Horizons
With the Government’s agenda
to engage creativity, improve
independent learning and
encourage critical thinking within
                                             Using creativity and critical thinking to
pupils at all ages, many schools find        enrich teaching and learning
it difficult to know how to manage
                                             For the first time in a generation the curriculum is opening up with a range of
these initiates whilst trying to             government initiatives to take creativity and independent learning skills to the
                                             centre of teaching and learning. This radical shift, which means re-thinking the
address the changing curriculum
                                             way subjects and departments work together and how teaching is practiced
and raising pupil performance.               in the classroom, is proving difficult to manage whilst raising measured pupil
                                             performance. This conference presents three key note speakers whose work
                                             will provide a strategic perspective and a series of seminars which will provide
                                             practice ideas and support for delivering a different style of learning – one aimed
Who should attend                            at inculcating critical thinking skills in pupils of all ages.

The conference is designed for those         Please look through the conference and optional seminar programme to
                                             secure your place at these events. Simply complete and return the booking
responsible for improving learning in
                                             form on the back page. Spaces are limited – so book now.
either secondary or primary schools.
Including:                                   How can creativity and critical thinking be incorporated into the
                                             primary and secondary curriculum in your school?
                                             The National Curriculum website says: “Creativity involves the use of imagination
✔   Directors of teaching and learning
                                             and intellect to generate ideas, insights and solutions to problems and challenges.
✔   Key stage 3 coordinators                 Coupled with critical thinking, which involves evaluative reasoning, creative activity
✔   Head teachers                            can produce outcomes that can be original, expressive and have value.”
✔   Deputies
✔   Curriculum coordinators                  The Conference
✔   Gifted and talented coordinators         Fine words but implementing them requires new paradigms for curriculum
                                             design, cross-subject organisation, classroom teaching and school organisation.
✔   CPD leaders
                                             Professor Robin Alexander will provide a strategic perspective in one of the
✔   Curriculum advisers                      first major discussions of the final report of the Cambridge Review. It will have
✔   Advanced skills teachers                 wide reaching repercussions in primary and secondary school organisation and
✔   Classroom teachers                       teaching and learning practice.

                                             Professor Kieran Egan will discuss how education can be re-organised around
Benefits of attending                        a more sound, research-based understanding of the way children learn and
                                             how that changes as they grow older. His theories on narrative and imaginative
                                             learning provide an important under-pinning for constructing cross-curriculum,
1. Hear Professor Robin Alexander and
                                             cross-subject programmes.
   Professor Kieran Egan – two of the most
   original thinkers in education            Chris Watkins will look at the different styles of teaching and planning that are
                                             required to develop children’s thinking and independent learning skills and their
2. PLUS 6 other key practitioners who
                                             motivation. His contention is that the principles of learner-driven learning and
   are experts in creative thinking and      Pupil Voice have to be written into the design of all new curriculum initiatives.
                                             Mathew Milburn is head of Kingstone School, a Creative Partnerships School of Creativity,
3. Hear the key issues to emerge from the
                                             will show how his school has transformed its curriculum by re-organising it around drama,
   Cambridge Primary review                  and the thinking skills approaches of Mantle of The Expert and Philosoply4Children. The
4. Discover how enterprise education,        pupils performance outcomes have grown remarkably as a result.
   drama techniques and the arts can
   re-model the curriculum                   The Seminars
                                             There are a series of interactive seminars where you can hear from top educationalists
5. Hear imaginative approaches to
                                             and creative thinkers. They will share their successful classroom approaches and
   curriculum design                         show you how key aspects of the curriculum can be reshaped in practice.
6. Develop the tools you need to
   encourage creativity and critical         Additional Workshop day
   thinking in your school                   Kieran Egan Pre Conference Workshop Day
7. Discover a range of creative techniques   You are also invited to attend a additional one day training workshop (priced
                                             separately) where Professor Kieran Egan will discuss a new, radical addition to the
   and activities for both in and outside
                                             curriculum as well as providing training to facilitate the incorporation of Imaginative
   the classroom                             Education (IE) into curriculum design.
Conference Timetable – Extending Horizons November 6th London
09.30 to 10.15 am Coffee and registration
10.15 to 10.30 am     Introduction by Paul Collard
                      Paul Collard, Chief Executive of Creativity, Culture & Education (CCE) - the new organisation which manages Creative Partnerships
10.30 to 11.20 am     Professor Robin Alexander – A new approach to the primary curriculum
                      Robin Alexander will be addressing the key issues from the long-awaited final report of the Cambridge Primary Review.
11.20 to 11.45 am     Questions
11.45 to 12.30 pm     Professor Kieran Egan – Putting imagination back into classrooms
                      Kieran Egan will talk on how research into how children learn can be incorporated into curriculum design to create a more
                      powerful, imaginative educational experience for children.
12.40 to 1.40 pm      Questions
12.40 to 1.40 pm      Lunch
1.40 to 2.30 pm       Chris Watkins – Letting go of the reins: a new paradigm for teaching and learning
                      Chris Watkins, a leading UK education theorist and teacher-trainer on Cooperative and Learner-Driven Learning, will
                      address some of the key obstacles to effective, creative learning and how they can be overcome.
2.30 to 2.45 pm       Questions
2.45 to 4.15 pm       Seminars
   Tony Hurlin                      Sue Lyle                     Nina Jackson                        Mike Lake                   Matthew Milburn
Learning without Limits:      The Power of Narrative:            Music and The Mind:          Reading With Imagination:            Creative Assessment:
 Using art and images to       A demonstration of how          How music can be used in          A large does of fun and        A creative curriculum needs
  develop higher order       stories and narrative can be      the classroom to improve         imagination needs to be          new forms of assessment,
     thinking skills.       used to deliver Philosophy for       student’s motivation,       added to phonics programmes             especially with the
                             Children. Egan’s Imaginative       behaviour and thinking.       to instill in children a strong   disappearance of KS3 SATs.
                             Education techniques in the                                          internal need to read.         Kingstone Secondary has
                                      classroom.                                                                                       devised both.

Tony is a NACE consultant          Sue Lyle is Head of       Nina Jackson is Head of Music      Mike Lake is one of the         Matthew Milburn is head of
 and UK delegate to the       Professional Development       at Ogmore School and lecturer   country’s leading educational      Kingstone School, a Creative
 World Council for Gifted      at Swansea Metropolitan          at Swansea Metropolitan       psychologists and author of          Partnerships School of
 and Talented Children.                University.                    University.                various thinking skills.                Creativity.

4.15 to 4.45 pm       Panel: Creative Pedagogy: The Implications for Teacher Training with Kieran Egan, Sue Lyle, Chris Watkins and Paul Collard
4.45 pm               Close

Pre - Conference One Day Workshop With Kieran Egan November 5th London
An Introduction To The Principles of Imaginative Education
An intensive workshop, recommended as an initial introduction for teachers and education leaders interested in what is distinctive
about Imaginative Education and its implications for teacher training and curriculum design.
10.00 to 10.30 am      Introduction. Basic Ideas and Principles
10.30 to 11.00 am      Learning in Depth – a simple innovation that can transform education.
11.00 to 11.15 am      Break
11.15 to 12.00 pm      Frameworks and Sample Lessons – This highlights the difference to traditional teaching and planning and will include
                       instruction on the planning frameworks and how they can be used to create engaging and imaginative lessons
12.00 to 1.00 pm       Lesson Planning and Cognitive Tools – Delegates will break into small groups and will be helped by the workshop
                       leaders to sketch a lesson plan using one of the planning frameworks. They will also be introduced to the use of
                       Conceptual Tools for planning lessons.
1.00 to 2.00 pm        Lunch
2.00 to 2.50 pm        Circular Frameworks and Lesson Planning – This looks at another of Imaginative Education planning frameworks
                       which teachers have said they find useful in initial planning. The participants will break into small groups to plan lessons
                       using Circular Framework charts.
2.45 to 3.30 pm        Generating Ideas, Planning Units – Delegates with be given techniques help them develop lesson ideas with Cognitive
                       Tools. The participants will then be helped to a whole unit of their own consisting of several lessons.
1.00 to 2.00 pm        Break
3.15 to 4.00 pm        Conclusion of The Day – This will draw together some of the experiences of the day, the insights gained and the
                       problems emerging. The practical and research work of the Imaginative Education Research Group will be discussed.
4.00 pm                Close
Extending Horizons
Using creativity and critical thinking to enrich teaching and learning
Major Conference and Additional Workshop Day
Additional Workshop Day: 5th November 2009 – Central London
Major Conference: 6th November 2009 – Central London
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