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Make History
The University of KwaZulu-Natal brings          redress. To this end, the University strives
together the teaching and research              to provide an enabling environment for all
strengths of two major tertiary institutions    its students so as to ensure their individual
in the province. As a result, it is able to     intellectual development while at the
offer an exceptionally wide range of            same time providing holistic education,
exciting and innovative multi-disciplinary      which promotes an awareness of social
courses that will broaden perspectives,         responsibility and sound ethical practice
foster a capacity for independent, critical
                                                in a diverse society.
thinking and provide intellectual tools for
                                                     And of course not all learning takes
developing your mind, while at the same
                                                place in the lecture theatre. The University
time enhancing your career opportunities
                                                of KwaZulu-Natal offers extensive sporting,
in the local and global marketplace.
     A key goal of the University of KwaZulu-   cultural and extramural opportunities.
Natal is to promote access to learning that          The University of KwaZulu-Natal is
will increase educational and employment        poised to claim its place as one of the
opportunities for the historically dis-         leading tertiary institutions in South Africa
advantaged sectors of our population,           and the world.
and support social transformation and                Make history. Choose UKZN.

                                                  Nelson R. Mandela Medical School
General Information
                                                                             University of
A Choice of Campuses                                                  2
How to Apply                                                          6      KwaZulu-Natal
Selection Procedure                                                   9      (UKZN)
Merger Information                                                   12
Degrees/Diplomas and Entrance Requirements                           13      Contact details
Alternative Access Programmes                                        25
Financing Your Studies                                               28
                                                                             Edgewood Campus
Scholarships and Merit Awards                                        33
The Saturday University – Open Learning                              34      Private Bag X03,
International Applicants                                             35      Ashwood, 3605
Accommodation for Students                                           43      Tel: (031) 260 3414
Student Academic and Support Programmes                              47      E-mail:
Caring for Students’ Needs                                           49
Sports and Recreation                                                52      Howard College Campus
Student Government and Activities                                    53
                                                                             Durban, 4041
Facilities Available for Students                                    55
                                                                             Tel: (031) 260 2212
Introduction to the Academic Programme                               58

Programme Information                                                        Nelson R Mandela School of
Detailed information on all qualifications offered is provided in            Medicine
this section.
                                                                             Private Bag 7, Congella,
                                                                             Durban, 4013
    College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science                 60
                                                                             Tel: (031) 260 4248/260 4377
    College of Health Sciences                                      70
    College of Humanities                                           90
    College of Law and Management Studies                          104
                                                                             Pietermaritzburg Campus
           Visit the University’s Website at:
                                                                             Private Bag X01,
                                                     Scottsville, 3209
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                                                                             Westville Campus
         Services and Public Affairs & Corporate Communications              Private Bag X54001,
                                                                             Durban, 4000
       All information in this Prospectus was correct                        Tel: (031) 260 7877
            at the date of publication, July 2007.                           E-mail:

                                                               UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS           

                                                                                   Pietermaritzburg Campus

                      A Choice of Campuses
                      From the mountain vistas of the Drakensberg to the wild reaches of Maputaland, KwaZulu-
                      Natal is a province of contrasts. The University of KwaZulu-Natal offers prospective
                      students the choice of five campuses, each with its own distinctive character.

                                                                       teacher education and offers university
                       Edgewood                                        higher degrees in a wide range of specialisms
                                                                       in education as well as carrying out research
                      Formerly the Edgewood College of                 and consultancy.
                      Education before its incorporation in 2001,
                                                                           The Education Faculty is actively
                      the Edgewood campus in Pinetown is
                                                                       engaged in policy-making in education
                      the University’s primary site for teacher
                                                                       in South Africa and contributes to the
                      education. Situated in Pinetown with easy
                                                                       international profile of the University through
                      access to the N3 highway and approximately
                      20 minutes drive from Durban, the campus         participation in international conferences,
                      offers sophisticated and attractive facilities   teaching international students, hosting
                      to a growing number of Education students.       international visitors and publishing in
                      Edgewood provides initial and in-service         international books and journals.

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                                                                                                GENERAL INFORMATION
                                                            Howard College Campus

                                               College campus currently offers some
 Howard College                                degree options in the fields of Engineering,
                                               Law, Humanities (including Music) and
Durban                                         Social Sciences (including Social Work). In
                                               addition, the campus offers Architecture and
Durban is a vibrant coastal city renowned
for its beaches and coastal resorts. The
city is also a major South African port. The
magnificent game reserves and estuaries of
Maputaland, north of Durban, are a favourite
                                                Nelson R Mandela
getaway for staff and students alike. Opened    School of Medicine
in 1931 following a generous donation by
Mr. T B Davis, whose son, Howard Davis,        The Medical School has been producing
was killed during the Battle of the Somme in   quality doctors for 57 years. Founded in 1950
World War I, the Howard College campus is      as a ‘black faculty’ in a ‘white institution’,
situated on the Berea and offers spectacular   for most of its history the School has been
views of the Durban harbour. The campus        synonymous with the struggle for democracy
is situated in a successful environmental      and racial equality. On its 50th anniversary
conservancy and the lush gardens of            in 2000, the Medical School received the
the University reflect a commitment to         finest birthday present it could have wished
indigenous flora and fauna. The Howard         for – the agreement of former president and
                                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                
                                                                     uKhahlamba/Drakensberg Park. The city
                                                                     has a rich architectural heritage, with many
                                                                     fine examples of Victorian and Edwardian

                                                                     buildings. The city is the birthplace of the
                                                                     former University of Natal and its forerunner,
                                                                     the Natal University College, which opened
                                                                     its doors to 57 students in 1910. Two years
                                                                     later, Old Main Building was completed and
                                                                     the hub of the present-day Pietermaritzburg
                                                                     campus was established. The campus
                                                                     offers a wide range of innovative academic
                                                                     programmes, which have been successful
                                                                     in responding to local and provincial
                                                                     needs in the broad areas of Science and
                                                                     Agriculture, Education, Law, Humanities
                                                                     and Management Studies. Unique to the
                                                                     Pietermaritzburg campus are the disciplines
                                                                     of Agriculture, Theology and Visual Arts.

                       Edgewood Campus

                      Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela,       Westville
                      to link his name to the School. The campus
                      is also home to the Doris Duke Medical         Located within an environmental con-
                      Research Institute. Launched in July 2003,     servancy about eight kilometres from the
                      it is training a new generation of clinical    CBD of Durban and Pinetown, the Westville
                      researchers, enhancing the clinical research   campus combines state of- the-art infra-
                      infrastructure in KwaZulu-Natal, and           structure with beautiful natural surroundings.
                      fostering collaborations between research
                                                                     The campus’ Hindu temple and an Islamic
                      groups working on similar projects in South
                                                                     place of worship reflect its rich multicultural
                      Africa and other countries.
                                                                     history. It is also the official address of the
                                                                     University of KwaZulu-Natal, housing the Vice-
                       Pietermaritzburg                              Chancellor’s office, the offices of Executive
                                                                     members and University-wide administrative
                      Pietermaritzburg is located in the KwaZulu-
                                                                     divisions. The Westville campus is the home
                      Natal Midlands, close to numerous nature
                                                                     of Management Studies, Science and some
                      reserves and parks, only one hour’s drive
                      from Durban and two hours’ drive from the      Health Science disciplines.

                             UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                                                                                              GENERAL INFORMATION
                                                                  Westville Campus

International                                  future professional life cannot be solved
                                               by a single discipline. The new curricula
Recognition                                    are arranged into modules which will give
                                               you more flexibility in the composition of
The University has a worldwide reputation      your degree package. This will also give
for academic excellence in teaching and        you the freedom to interrupt and resume
research and degrees have international        your studies, depending on your financial
standing. The University has formal links,     circumstances.
exchange programmes and collaborative              UKZN has redesigned its curricula to
teaching and research programmes               include large element of inter-disciplinary
with many other universities around the        work. In this way, you will be exposed a
globe. A large number of agreements and        wider range of disciplines, thus widening
memoranda of understanding have been           your choice of career options, and enhancing
signed with various institutions in Asia,      your understanding of the society in which
Europe, the USA and Africa.                    you will live and work. ISCLAIMER

Leaders In Curriculum                                     DISCLAIMER
                                                UKZN reserves the right to withdraw,
Development                                     wholly or in part, the delivery of
Recognising worldwide trends and the            programmes on certain sites of delivery.
restructuring of the entire South African       Applicants for, and students in, any
educational system towards a more               particular programme who are affected
‘outcome-based’ approach, UKZN has taken        will be informed well in advance of the
                                                commencement of their studies for the
a leading role in curriculum development.
                                                academic year concerned.
Many of the challenges you will face in your

                                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
                         How to Apply                                        •   Applicants need to pay an application
                                                                                 - either by cheque or postal order

                         Central Applications                                         direct to the CAO on submission
                                                                                      of your completed application form.
                         Office (CAO)                                                 The cheque or postal order
                                                                                      must be made out to the Central
                         Applications from new prospective students
                                                                                      Applications Office and the cheque
                         for undergraduate diplomas, degrees or
                                                                                      must be crossed. Do not enclose
                         programmes for this and other universities
                                                                                      cash. OR
                         and technikons in KwaZulu-Natal (insti-
                                                                                 - by direct deposit at any branch
                         tutions listed on page 7) are processed by a
                                                                                      of First National Bank using the
                         single applications office, called the Central
                                                                                      deposit slip from your application
                         Applications Office, or CAO.
                                                                                      form OR
                                                                                 - Internet applicants can print a
                         How does it work?                                            deposit slip quoting the CAO
                                                                                      number for bank deposits.
                         •       The CAO application form allows an          •   You must mail your completed
                                 applicant to apply to more than one             application form, as well as application
                                 institution on the same application form.       fees or copies of your proof of payment
                         •       The CAO handbook provides                       and documentation requested, to the
                                 information on programmes offered               CAO.
                                 at each of the five institutions.           •   After the CAO has received your
                         •       Applicants are required to pay one              application, you will receive a letter, fax
                                 application fee only.                           or e-mail from the CAO confirming that
                         •       Applicants are allowed six choices on           your application has been received. In
                                 their application forms. These choices          this letter the CAO will also confirm your
                                 must be listed in order of preference.          basic information, and the choices made.
                                                                                 They will provide special programme
                         Application procedure (CAO)                             requirements and list outstanding
                                                                                 documentation. Applicants must check
                         •       Application must be made on the CAO
                                                                                 the information thoroughly and if you
                                 application form, available from the
                                                                                 want to change any of your choices, you
                                 CAO, institutions and schools. The
                                                                                 must inform the CAO in writing. A first
                                 University of KwaZulu-Natal sends out
                                                                                 change of mind will be free of charge
                                 forms in response to enquiries.
                         •       The application form has a unique               but any subsequent changes will require
                                 CAO reference number, which must be             payment of a further R100.
                                 quoted in all correspondence with the       •   Applications will be accessed by
                                 CAO and the University. For applicants          institutions via the Internet. Although
                                 who have access to a computer and               the University makes early offers (firm
                                 who wish to apply through the Internet,         or conditional) on the basis of excellent
                                 a number will be generated as soon as           Grade 11, Grade 12 midyear or trial
                                 they apply.                                     results, the majority of selections will

                                    UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
    only be made once the Senior Certificate      on submission of the completed Acceptance
    results have been received.                   of Offer and Consent and Indemnity forms
•   The CAO obtains the Senior Certificate        to the University.

                                                                                                APPLICATION PROCEDURES
    results directly from the Department               No place at UKZN is secured until the
    of Education, but all applicants are          R500 Acceptance of Offer fee has been
    required to submit copies of their Senior     paid and the relevant forms been submitted.
    Certificates to the University as soon as     Selected applicants who are offered a place
    available.                                    in residence must submit the Residence
•   If you want to enquire about the progress     Acceptance of Offer form at the same time.
    of your application or decisions made,        A copy of your ID/passport must also be
    you can contact the CAO call centre on        submitted when you return your Acceptance
    (031) 268 4444. During the latter part of     of Offer form.
    the year an automated response service             The R00 will not be refunded if an
    is available at cell phone rates 24 hours     applicant does not register at UKZN. It
    a day. The number to dial is 083 123          cannot be transferred to a following
    2000. Remember to have your CAO               year or to another student. It can be
    number handy.                                 transferred for another choice at UKZN
•   Applicants who are not offered places         in the same year.
    for any of their choices may contact the
    CAO or consult the CAO Web Page for            CAO Participating Institutions
    information on programmes which still          Applications for undergraduate study at
    have places available. Institutions may        the following institutions are processed
    also contact applicants direct.                by the Central Applications Office
•   More detailed information is provided in       (CAO):
    the CAO handbook which is provided             • University of KwaZulu-Natal
    with the application form and also on the      • University of Zululand
    Internet.                                      • University of South Africa (UNISA)
                                                   • Durban University of Technology
Applicants to UKZN: Acceptance                     • Mangosuthu Technikon
of Offer fee
UKZN will send out official letters to selected    CAO Contact detail
applicants in addition to the notification         Address: Central Applications Office
they receive from the CAO. An Acceptance           Private Bag X06
of Offer form as well as a Consent and             Dalbridge 4014
Indemnity form will be provided with the           Tel: (031) 268 4444
UKZN selection letter.                             Fax: (031) 268 4422
     When an applicant accepts the offer to        Web site:
study at UKZN, a R500 Acceptance of Offer          A 24-hour response service for selection
fee has to be paid to UKZN, using the UKZN         decisions is available on 083 123 2000.
student number provided on their selection
letter. This R500 is credited towards an           CAO Application Fee
applicant’s tuition fee at UKZN and is paid        The application fee for entry in 2008 will

                                                    UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
                         be R150 for applications received before         not accept late applications. Refer to
                         31 October. A late application fee of            the tabulations below for information
                         R300 will be charged from 1 November

                                                                          on closing dates for the University
                         onwards. The application fee is not              of KwaZulu-Natal. Late applications
                         refundable.                                      will only be considered if spaces are
                         Please note that many programmes                 available after on-time applications
                         have earlier closing dates and may               have been considered.

                              Apply direct to KwaZulu-Natal (non-CAO Applications)
                         NOTE: Applicants who have previously            obtain a University of KwaZulu-Natal
                         been registered at the former                   application form. These applications
                         Universities Durban-Westville or Natal,         must be made directly to the University.
                         or UKZN, and wish to further their
                                                                         Application for non-degree admission
                         studies or complete their degrees, must
                         contact the University KwaZulu-Natal            or to programmes with no CAO code
                         Applications and Information Offices at         provided in this Prospectus, must also
                         the addresses provided on page 1 to             be made direct to the University.
                         Application fee payable for applications direct to UKZN
                         Local                                                                              R170
                         SADC and rest of Africa                                                            R280
                         Outside Africa                                                                     $ 80

                         Closing dates
                         Medicine (MBChB):                                Matriculants 3 August. Others 30 June
                         Health Sciences, Science, Engineering, Architecture:                      30 September
                         Education, Humanities, Law, Management, SFP:                                 31 October
                         Late applications may be accepted if spaces are available.                         R270
                         No applications will be accepted by Medical School.

                         Application fees for non-CAO applications can be paid to:
                         First National Bank: Acc. No: 50871932932
                         Durban Corporate Branch: No: 223626
                         Please provide your details on the deposit slip. Submit proof of payment on submission
                         of your application. Provide account reference number F0000 if required.
                         International Applicants: For information on application procedures, closing dates and
                         application fees, please refer to page 37.
                         Please note: Application fees are non-refundable

                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Selection Procedure
Early Selection

                                                                                                  ENTRANCE TO UNIVERSITY
                                                Trial results and the tabulations provided on
                                                page 10. Calculate your total score and only
Applicants with outstanding Grade 11 (Std       apply if you meet the application points for a
9), Matric June/trial or mock results may       specific programme.
be selected on submission of a certified            Meeting the minimum application points
copy of results. Selections will be final       does not guarantee a place as the University
provided selected applicants obtain a           receives more applications than it can
Matriculation exemption and meet Faculty        accommodate. The University will receive
entrance requirements. Other applications       Senior Certificate/Matriculation examination
                                                results from the Central Applications Office.
will be considered after the release of the
                                                Applicants who are offered places at UKZN
Matriculation/ Senior Certificate results.
                                                will receive letters from the University
                                                advising them of the offer and will be
Selection on                                    required to pay an Acceptance of Offer fee
                                                to secure their places. (R500 for 2007).
Matriculation Point
Score                                           Faculty Entrance
Selection commences when Matriculation          Requirements
results are released and continues until all
available places are allocated. Students are    In addition to the general entrance
admitted on the basis of academic merit,        requirements, most Faculties have laid
which is assessed by converting Senior          down specific entrance requirements.
Certificate symbols into a point score. Once    These are listed under Faculty Information
the examination results of all applicants are   in this publication. Also refer to the entrance
known, scores are calculated and ranked in      requirements on pages 13 – 24.
descending order of scores for their choice
of programme. Selection takes place from        Calculation of
the top down, until the number of applicants
who may be accepted for that programme
                                                Matriculation Point
is reached. The minimum point scores for        Score
application have been provided in the tables    The point score is calculated by matching
on pages 13 – 24. Applicants below that         each of the six best Matriculation subject
point score are normally not selected           symbols with the relevant value listed either
and should not make application for             under higher grade (HG) or standard grade
that programme. Please calculate your           (SG) and then adding the scores to give
point score, using mid-year Grade 12 or         the total. Full credit is given for Additional

                                                  UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                 
                         Mathematics, but Advanced Mathematics                              Example
                         is not considered. Functional Mathematics
                                                                         Subject              Grade Symbol Points
                         and Functional Physical Science offered

                         on standard grade will be considered as         English               HG             B        7
                         SG subjects for the calculation of your         Afrikaans (2 Lang)
                                                                                               HG             C        6
                         point score, but will not satisfy entrance      Mathematics           HG             A        8
                         requirements for programmes with a required
                                                                         Physical Science      HG             D        5
                         pass in Mathematics or Physical Science
                         at standard or higher grade. If a seventh       History                  SG          C        4
                         subject was passed with a symbol of at          Geography             HG             E        4
                         least ‘E’ on higher grade or ‘D’ on standard
                         grade, a bonus of two points will be added
                         to the score. If an eighth subject has been
                         passed it does strengthen the application.
                         It is important to note that the bonus points   Submission of
                         will not apply for applications to Health       Senior Certificate
                         Sciences or Medicine (except Nursing). Turn
                         to page 88 for more information on entry to     It is important to note that it is the
                         Medicine.                                       responsibility of registered students to
                              If a subject written on higher grade has   submit a copy of their Senior Certificate
                         been given a condoned standard grade
                                                                         to their Faculty Office as soon as they
                         pass, the points score is to be calculated
                                                                         become available. 2007 Matriculants
                         using the standard grade value . The same
                         values apply to IEB results.                    who qualify for Ordinary Conditional
                                                                         Exemption must contact their school
                                                                         or apply directly to the Department of
                                        Points Table
                                                                         Education for a conditional exemption
                            Symbol           HG             SG
                                                                         certificate.     These        certificates   will
                                A             8              6           stipulate the conditions which have to
                                B             7              5           be met to enable them to qualify for a
                                C             6              4           full exemption. Applicants who need
                                D             5              3           to apply for Foreign or Mature Age

                                E             4              2           Exemption must contact their Faculty
                                                                         Office after registration for assistance.
                                F             3              1

                                UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                                                                                                   ENTRANCE TO UNIVERSITY
                                                               Howard College Campus

  General Entrance Requirements
The basic legal requirement for admission to          conditional exemption certificate on
degree studies at university in South Africa is       grounds of mature age. Certain subject
a Matriculation exemption. Applicants need            requirements apply. Applicants must
to be in possession of one of the following:          have passed at least four subjects at
• A Senior Certificate with Matriculation             Grade 12 and one of these subjects must
    exemption endorsement.                            have been passed at HG. Applicants
• A certificate of Ordinary Conditional               must contact their Faculty Offices for
    Exemption. Matriculants who did not               more information. UKZN will apply to the
    obtain a full exemption and who wish              Matriculation Board for a mature age
    to apply for a conditional exemption              exemption certificates after students
    certificate must contact their school and         have registered at UKZN.
    the Department of Education. Applicants       •   Applicants in possession of non-South
    must contact the Admissions Officer to
                                                      African school leaving certificates must
    establish if the programme chosen will
                                                      enclose certified copies of documents
    consider applicants with conditional
                                                      and translations where necessary.
                                                      UKZN will contact the Matriculation
• Applicants with a Senior Certificate who
                                                      Board to determine if applicants qualify
    do not qualify for an Ordinary Conditional
    Exemption Certificate may apply for               for Immigrant, Foreign or Conditional
    admission through an alternative access           Foreign       Exemption       Certificates
    programme, if exemption is not required.          required for admission and will assist
    On successful completion of the access            students with applications for Exemption
    programme the University will apply               Certificates after they have registered at
    for a Conditional Senate Exemption                UKZN.
    Certificate for the candidates.               •   For admission to certain programmes
• Mature Age Exemption: Applicants                    the possession of a Senior Certificate
    over the age of 23 may qualify for a              (without exemption) is sufficient.

                                                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
                                          Merger Information
                         The merger between the Universities         2. Howard College Campus (Durban)

                         of Natal and Durban-Westville required          Law, Engineering, Nursing, Human,
                         a restructuring and rationalisation of          Development and Social Sciences
                         academic programme offerings across             (including Architecture, Housing and
                         all campuses of the University. In the
                         restructuring and rationalization process
                         some programmes merged, others have         3.   Medical School (Durban)
                         been renamed, new programmes have                MBChB
                         been introduced and a few programmes
                         and majors discontinued on certain          4.   Westville Campus (Durban)
                         campuses. Uniform requirements for               Science, Management Studies and
                         selection have been introduced across
                                                                          Health Sciences (excluding Nursing
                         campuses. Spaces are limited and
                         meeting the minimum cut-off points               and Medicine)
                         published will not necessarily ensure
                         selection into programmes.                  Pietermaritzburg area:
                                                                     1. Pietermaritzburg Campus
                         Sites of delivery for first time                Human, Development and Social
                         entering students in 2008:
                                                                         Sciences (including Theology and
                         Greater Durban area:                            Visual Art), Engineering, Science
                         1. Edgewood campus (Pinetown)                   and     Agriculture, Management
                            Education (BEd)                              Studies, Law

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
The criteria provided on the following tables are the minimum entrance requirements. Due to space limitations
       in certain programmes not all applicants meeting selection requirements may be offered places.

   Degrees/Diplomas and Entrance Requirements

                                                                                                                ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
       College Of Agriculture, Engineering And Science
                             FACULTY OF ENGINEERING
           Italics indicates at which campuses the following qualifications are offered.
           It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                       not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.

PROGRAMMES                          POINTS         ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                         CAO CODE
Bachelor of Science in                  40         Matric exemption with HG ‘B’                  KN-H-BEC
 Chemical Engineering                              in Maths and Physical                         KN-P-BEC
Howard College, PMB                                Science.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering:
Agricultural Engineering                35         Matric exemption with HG ‘C’                  KN-H-BEA
 Howard College, PMB                               in Maths and Physical Science.                KN-P-BEA
Civil Engineering                       35         Matric exemption with HG ‘C’                  KN-H-BEV
 Howard College, PMB                               in Maths and Physical Science.                KN-P-BEV
Computer Engineering                    35         Matric exemption with HG ‘C’                  KN-H-BEK
 Howard College, PMB                               in Maths and Physical Science.                KN-P-BEK
Electrical Engineering                  35         Matric exemption with HG ‘C’                  KN-H-BEE
  Howard College, PMB                              in Maths and Physical Science.                KN-P-BEE
Electronic Engineering                  35         Matric exemption with HG ‘C’                  KN-H-BEF
  Howard College, PMB                              in Maths and Physical Science.                KN-P-BEF
Mechanical Engineering                  35         Matric exemption with HG ‘C’                  KN-H-BEM
 Howard College, PMB                               in Maths and Physical Science.                KN-P-BEM
Bachelor of Science in                  35         Matric exemption with Maths                   KN-H-BSV
 Property Development                              HG ‘D’ or SG ‘B’.
 Howard College
Bachelor of Science in Land             35         Matric exemption with HG ‘C’                  KN-H-BSL
 Surveying                                         in Maths and Physical
 Howard College                                    Science.

                                                            UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                       
                             FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND AGRICULTURE
                                                  WESTVILLE PIETERMARITZBURG

                                   It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                                              not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.

                        PROGRAMMES                        POINTS ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                     CAO CODE
                        BSc (LES Stream) majoring in:        34      Maths SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’ and            KN-W-BS2
                         Biochemistry                                Phys Sci or Biol or
                         Cellular Biology                            Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
                         Environmental Biology
                         Marine Biology
                        BSc (Stream M) majoring in:          34      Maths SG ‘A’ or HG ‘D’ and            KN-W-BS3
                         Applied Maths                               Phys Sci or Biol or
                         Computer Science                            Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
                        BSc (Applied Chemistry)              34      Maths SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’ and            KN-W-BSR
                        BSc (Biological Sciences)                    Phys Sci or Biol or                   KN-W-BSN
                        BSc (Ecological Science)                     Agric Sci SG B or HG E.               KN-W-SCV
                        BSc (Environmental Science)                                                        KN-W-BSS
                        BSc (Geography &
                         Environmental Management)                                                         KN-W-BSJ
                        BSc (Geological Sciences)                                                          KN-W-BSG
                        BSc (Microbial Biotechnology)                                                      KN-W-SBB
                        BSc (Applied Physics)                34      Maths SG ‘A’ or HG ‘D’                KN-W-SIF
                        BSc (Computer Science and                    and Phys Sci or Biol or               KN-W-BSU
                         Information Technology)                     Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
                        BSc (Industrial Mathematics)                                                       KN-W-SIJ
                        BSc (Actuarial Science)              38      Maths HG ‘A’ and Phys Sci or          KN-W-BSQ
                                                                     Biol or Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
                        BSc (Biomedical Sciences)            42      Maths SG ‘A’ or HG ‘D’ and            KN-W-BSO
                                                                     Phys Sci and Biol HG ‘C’.
                        BSc-4yr (Augmented Cur)              28      Matriculation exemption with          KN-W-BS4
                                                                     Maths and Phys Sci or Biology or
                                                                     Agric HG ‘E’ or SG ‘B’.

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
PROGRAMMES                         POINTS ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                       CAO CODE

                                                                                                  ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
BSc-4yr (Foundation Cur)            20     Matriculation exemption with Maths and     KN-W-BS6
                                           Phys Sc or Biology or Agric Sci SG ‘F’.
                                           Selection test.
Science Foundation Programme        20    Senior certificate with Maths and Phys      KN-W-BS5
                                          Sci or Biol or Agric Sci. Selection test.

Bachelor of Agriculture             34    Maths SG ‘C’ or HG ‘E’ and Phys Sci or      KN-P-BAG
                                          Biol or Agric Sci SG ‘E’ or HG ‘E’.
Bachelor of Agricultural            34    Maths HG ‘E’ or SG ‘B’ and Phys Sci or      KN-P-BAQ
 Management                               Biol or Agric Sci or Economics or Bus
                                          Economics HG ‘E’ or SG ‘B’.
BSc Agriculture majoring in         34    Maths SG ‘A’ or HG ‘D’ and Phys Sc          KN-P-BSA
 Biochemistry                             or Biol or Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
 Grassland Science
 Plant Pathology
 Soil Science
BSc Agriculture in Agricultural     34    Maths with SG ‘B’, or HG ‘E’ and            KN-P-SAE
 Economics                                Phys Sc or Biology or or Agric Sci or
                                          Economics or Bus Economics HG ‘E’ or
                                          SG ‘B’.
B Sc Agriculture in Agribusiness    34    Maths SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’ and Phys Sc or       KN-P-BSB
                                          Biol or Agric Sci HG ‘E’ or SG ‘B’.
B Sc Agriculture in Forestry                                                          KN-P-BSF
B Sc Agriculture in Agricultural                                                      KN-P-SAP
  Plant Sciences
B Sc Agriculture in Animal                                                            KN-P-SAA
  and Poultry Science
BSc (Dietetics)                           Maths SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’ and Phys Sci or      KN-P-BSD
                                          Biol or Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
BSc (Human Nutrition)                     Maths SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’ and Phys Sci or      KN-P-BSH
                                          Biol or Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
BSc (LES Stream) majoring in:       34    Maths SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’ and Phys Sci or      KN-P-BS2
 Biochemistry                             Biol or Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
 Grassland Science

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                  
                        PROGRAMMES                       POINTS    ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                  CAO CODE

                         Plant Pathology
                         Soil Science
                        BSc (Applied & Environmental              SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.                       KN-P-SIN
                        BSc (Applied Environmental                Maths SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’ and              KN-P-SCO
                         Science)                                 Phys Sci or Biol or Agric Sci.
                        BSc (Biological Sciences)                                                         KN-P-BSN
                        BSc (Chemical Technology)                                                         KN-P-SIK
                        BSc (Crop & Horticultural Sci)                                                    KN-P-SIH
                        BSc (Ecological Sciences)                                                         KN-P-SCV
                        BSc (Environmental Science)                                                       KN-P- BSS
                        BSc (Geography &
                         Environmental Management)                                                        KN-P-BSJ
                        BSc (Industrial & Applied
                         Biotechnology)                                                                   KN-P-SII
                        BSc (Stream M) majoring in:        34      Maths SG ‘A’ or HG ‘D’ and             KN-P-BS3
                         Applied Maths                             Phys Sci or Biol or Agric Sci
                         Computer Science                          SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’.
                        BSc (Computational Physics)                                                       KN-P-SIP
                        BSc (Computer Science and
                         Information Technology)                                                          KN-P-BSU
                        BSc (Operations Research)                                                         KN-P-SIO
                        BSc (Actuarial Science)            38      Maths HG ‘A’, and Phys Sc              KN-P-BSQ
                                                                   or Biol or Agric Sci SG ‘B’ or
                                                                   HG ‘E’.
                        B Sc-4yr (Augmented Cur)           28      Matriculation exemption with           KN-P-BS4
                                                                   Maths and Phys Sci or Biology or
                                                                   Agri Sci at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘B’.
                        B Sc -4yr (Foundation Cur)         20      Matriculation exemption with Maths     KN-P-BS6
                                                                   and Phys Sci or Biology or Agric Sci
                                                                   SG ‘F’. Selection test.
                        Science Foundation Programme       20      Senior certificate with                KN-P-BS5
                                                                   Maths and Phys Sci or Biol or
                                                                   Agric Sci. Selection test.

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS

                                                                                                           ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
                    FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES

              Italics indicates at which campuses the following qualifications are offered.
              It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                          not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.
PROGRAMMES                          POINTS      ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                   CAO CODE
Diploma in Oral Health                 36       Matriculation exemption with Biol at HG KN-W-DOH
Westville                                       ‘D’ or SG ‘C’. Phys Sci or Maths at HG
                                                ‘E’ or SG ‘D’ will be an added
                                                advantage. (Interview required).
Bachelor of Communication              36       Matriculation exemption with            KN-W-BPB
Pathology (Speech                               two of Mathematics, Biology or
Language Pathology)                             Physical Science with a minimum
Westville                                       of HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’ plus interview.
Bachelor of Communication              36       Matriculation exemption with            KN-W-BPA
Pathology (Audiology)                           two of Mathematics, Biology or
Westville                                       Physical Science with a minimum
                                                of HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’ plus interview.
Bachelor of Dental Therapy             36       Matriculation exemption with            KN-W-BDT
Westville                                       Biology at HG ‘D’ or SG ‘C’.
                                                Physical Science or Mathematics
                                                at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’ will be an
                                                advantage plus interview.
Bachelor of Medical Science                     Completed first year BSc. with           KN-W-MBS
(Anatomy)                                       equivalent modules. Contact Institution.
Bachelor of Medical Science            36       Matriculation exemption with            KN-W-SBF
(Physiology)                                    Mathematics and Biology and
Westville                                       Physical Science at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’.
Bachelor of Occupational               36       Matriculation exemption plus               KN-W-BOT
Therapy                                         Mathematics and Physical Science
Westville                                       or Biology at HG ‘E’or ‘D’ plus interview.
Bachelor of Optometry                  37       Matriculation exemption with            KN-W-BOP
Westville                                       Mathematics, Physical Science
                                                or Biology at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’.

                                                        UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                      
                        PROGRAMMES                              POINTS      ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                         CAO CODE
                        Bachelor of Pharmacy                       38       Matriculation exemption plus                  KN-W-BPR

                        Westville                                           Mathematics and Physical Science
                                                                            and Biology at SG ‘D’ or HG ‘E’.
                        Bachelor of Physiotherapy                  36       Matriculation exemption with                  KN-W-BPH
                        Westville                                           Mathematics, Physical Science and
                                                                            Biology at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’ plus an
                        Bachelor of Sports Science                 32       Matriculation exemption.                      KN-W-BRT

                                                        SCHOOL OF NURSING
                                                          HOWARD COLLEGE

                                          Italics indicates at which campuses the following qualifications are offered.
                                          It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                                                      not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.

                        PROGRAMMES                              POINTS      ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                         CAO CODE
                        Bachelor of Nursing                        32       Matriculation Exemption.                      KN-H-BN1
                        Howard College                                      No specific subjects.
                        Bachelor of Nursing                                 Questionnaire.
                        (Advanced Practice)                                 Registration as nurse or
                        Full-time & Part-time                               midwife. See page 70.
                        Howard College

                                   NELSON MANDELA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
                                                           MEDICAL SCHOOL
                                        Italics indicates at which campuses the following qualifications are offered.
                                        It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                                                    not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.

                        PROGRAMMES                              POINTS      ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                         CAO CODE
                        MBChB                                               See pages 88-89.                              KN-M-MBC
                        Bachelor of Medicine &
                        Bachelor of Surgery
                        Medical School

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                                                                                                               ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
                        COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES

                              FACULTY OF EDUCATION

               Italics indicates at which campuses the following qualifications are offered.
               It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                           not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.

PROGRAMMES                            POINTS       ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                       CAO CODE
Bachelor of Education                    32        Matriculation exemption.                    KN-E-EDG
Edgewood                                           Applicants with 24-31 points may be
                                                   invited to write an admission test.
                                                   Specialisation dependent on Matric

                                                           UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                       
                                                FACULTY OF HUMANITIES,
                                           DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL SCIENCES

                                        HOWARD COLLEGE                            PIETERMARITZBURG

                                          Italics indicate at which campuses the following qualifications are offered.
                                         It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                                                      not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.

                        PROGRAMMES                              POINTS       ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                       CAO CODE
                        Bachelor of Arts                           32        * Faculty requirements: Matriculation   KN-H-BA2
                        Howard College and PMB                               exemption. Applicants with 24-31 points KN-P-BA2
                                                                             may be invited to write an admission
                                                                             test. See page 94.
                        Structured BA Programmes
                        BA in Cognitive Science                    32        See * above.                                KN-H-AAC
                        Howard College
                        BA in Cultural and Heritage
                          Tourism                                  32         See * above.                               KN-H-ABT
                        Howard College
                        BA in Drama and                            32        See * above.                                KN-P-ABD
                        Performance Studies
                        BA in International
                            Studies                                32        See * above.                                KN-P-ABI
                        BA in Music                                32        See * above.                                KN-H-BAM
                        Howard College                                       Admission to certain music
                                                                             programmes/modules requires
                                                                             an audition or diagnostic test.
                        BA in Music & Drama                        32        See * above.                                KN-H-BAP
                        Performance                                          Admission to certain music
                        Howard College                                       programmes/modules requires
                                                                             an audition or diagnostic test.
                        BA in Philosophy, Politics                 32        See * above.                                KN-P-ABP
                        and Law PMB
                        BA in Psychology                           32        See * above.                                KN-P-ARP

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
PROGRAMMES                     POINTS   ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                  CAO CODE
BA in Visual Art                 32     See * on page 20.                      KN-P-AAV

                                                                                               ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
Bachelor of Social Science       32     See * on page 20.                      KN-H-SO2
Howard College and PMB                                                         KN-P-SO2

Structured BSocSc Programmes                                                   KN-H-SGE
BSocSc in Geography and          32     See * on page 20.                      KN-P-SGE
Environmental Management
Howard College and PMB
BSocSc in Government,            32     See * on page 20.                      KN-P-SOG
Business & Ethics
BSocSc in Housing                32     See * on page 20.                      KN-H-SOR
Howard College
BSocSc in Industrial,            32     See * on page 20.                      KN-H-SOI
Organisational and
Labour Studies
Howard College
BSocSc in Management and         32     See * on page 20.                      KN-H-SMC
Communication Studies
Howard College
BSocSc in Philosophy,            32     See * on page 21.                      KN-P-SOL
Politics and Law
BSocSc in Psychology             32     See * on page 20.                      KN-H-SOS
Howard College and PMB                                                         KN-P-SOS
BSocSc in International          32     See * on page 20.                      KN-P-SOF
Studies PMB
Other Programmes
Bachelor of Architectural        36     Matric exemption with Mathematics      KN-H-BAR
Studies                                 HG ‘E’ or SG ‘C’.Requires submission
Howard College                          of portfolio of creative work
                                        and completion of questionnaire.
Bachelor of Community and        28                                            KN-H-DBS
Development Studies
Howard College

                                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                    
                        PROGRAMMES                      POINTS   ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                    CAO CODE
                        Bachelor of Criminology           34                                              KN-H-BLC

                        Howard College
                        Bachelor of Practical Music              Completion of 3 year Music
                        Howard College.                          Diploma. See page 100.
                        Bachelor of Music                 32     Faculty requirements and audition        KN-H-BMI
                        Howard College                           or completion of first semester of one
                                                                 of the Music Diplomas. See page 29.
                        Bachelor of Social Work           28                                              KN-H-BSX
                        Howard College
                        Bachelor of Theology              30                                              KN-P-BTH
                        Diploma in Community                     See page 99.
                        and Development Studies
                        Howard College
                        Diploma in Jazz and Popular              Senior Certificate and audition.         KN-H-DMJ
                        Music Howard College
                        Diploma in Music Performance:            Senior Certificate. Admission to music   KN-H-DMP
                          Western Classical, African             programmes requires modules, an
                          Music and Dance, Opera,                audition or diagnostic test.
                          Choral Studies
                        Howard College
                        Diploma of Proficiency in                See page 102.
                        Howard College
                        Undergraduate Certificate in             See page 102.
                        Human & Social Studies
                        Howard College

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS

                                                                                                                ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
                                    FACULTY OF LAW


                Italics indicates at which campuses the following qualifications are offered.
                It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                            not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.

PROGRAMMES                             POINTS       ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                       CAO CODE

Bachelor of Laws                          36        Matriculation exemption or applicants       KN-H-BL1
Howard College and PMB                              in possession of a previous degree          KN-P-BL1
(Full time)                                         English first language                      KN-P-BLZ
PMB (Part-time)                                     higher grade minimum D pass.
                                                    English second language
                                                    higher grade minimum B pass.

Howard College (Part-time)                          Apply to Faculty.


                                  HOWARD COLLEGE
                Italics indicates at which campuses the following qualifications are offered.
                It is necessary to understand that these are minimum requirements and do
                            not guarantee acceptance into any given programme.

PROGRAMMES                             POINTS       ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                       CAO CODE
Bachelor of Administration                30        Matriculation exemption with                KN-W-BAD
Westville                                           Mathematics HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’.
Bachelor of Business                                Matriculation exemption or                  KN-P–BBA
Administration                                      successful completion of the                KN-W-BBA
PMB and Westville                                   (Evenings only) Certificate in
                                                    Business Management.

                                                            UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                       
                        PROGRAMMES                     POINTS   ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS                  CAO CODE
                        Bachelor of Commerce             36     Matriculation exemption. Pass in       KN-P-BC1

                        PMB and Westville                       Maths at HG ‘D’ or SG ‘B’.             KN-W-BC1
                                                                (Subject to availability of
                                                                places); or if Maths
                                                                requirements are not met and
                                                                from a disadvantaged school,
                                                                entry may be via an approved
                                                                alternative access programme.

                        Bachelor of Commerce in          36     Matriculation exemption. Pass in       KN-P-BCN
                        Accounting                              Maths HG ‘D’ or SG ‘B’
                        PMB and Westville                       (subject to availability of            KN-W-BCN
                                                                places); or if Maths
                                                                requirements are not met
                                                                and from a disadvantaged
                                                                school, entry may be via an
                                                                alternative access programme.

                        Bachelor of Business Science     38     Matriculation exemption. Pass in       KN-W-BBS
                        Westville                               Maths HG ‘B’ (subject to
                                                                availability of places).
                        Bachelor of Business Science     38     Matriculation exemption. Pass in       KN-W-BBC
                        (Actuarial Science)                     Maths at HG ‘A’ (subject to
                        Westville                               availability of places).
                        Management Studies             32-35    Matriculation exemption with           KN-W-CBT
                        Extended Curriculum (EC)                 Maths HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D.
                        Westville                               Allow students from
                                                                disadvantaged schools access
                                                                 to B.Com or B.Com Accounting.
                        Certificate in Business                 This programme allows candidates       Apply to UKZN.
                        Administration                          with low points or without exemption
                        PMB and Westville                       access to BBA.
                                                                Offered after hours see page 109.

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Alternative Access Programmes

                                                                                                  ENTRANCE TO UNIVERSITY
Many prospective students come from               requirements at Matric level. Applicants
schools that have not equipped them for           require a Matriculation exemption and at
admission to University on the basis of           least a ‘D’ HG, for English, Mathematics
Matric points. The University has developed       and Physical Science. Proficiency in spoken
innovative alternative access programmes          English is also a strong recommendation.
to identify candidates who have the potential     The UNITE programme enjoys strong
to succeed at University. Students identified     support from sponsoring companies and
by the programmes are recommended to              prospective students who meet the above
Faculties. All final decisions are made by        requirements should submit their applications
the Deans.                                        directly to the UNITE programme. These
                                                  will be forwarded to potential sponsors for
                                                  consideration. Please note that UNITE
College of Agriculture,                           does not guarantee sponsorship but could
Engineering and Science                           facilitate bursaries through the Student
University of KwaZulu-Natal                       Funding Centre.
Intensive Tuition for Engineers
(UNITE)                                           Apply to the programme:
                                                  UNITE, Faculty of Engineering,
The UNITE programme is fully integrated
                                                  University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban,
into the Engineering Faculty, and works with
                                                  4041 or contact Tel: (031) 260 2072;
students from academically disadvantaged
schools. The objective is to develop the skills   Fax: (031) 261 1291
needed for academic excellence, as well as        E-mail:
to produce successful engineers. UNITE
presents a comprehensive curriculum               BSc Augmented
across the spectrum of engineering                Curriculum
disciplines including creditbearing courses       KN-P-BS4/ KN-W-BS4
in Mathematics and Technical Drawing, as
well as support courses in Communication/         It is a four year degree with extended
Life Skills, Chemistry, Mechanics and             support programme for applicants from
Physics. Students are also exposed to             disadvantaged schools. First year study
actual engineering projects through factory       is spread over two years. Matriculation
visits and guest lectures by professional         exemption is required with 28 or more points
engineers. Students who successfully              and Maths and Physical Science, or Biology,
complete the one year UNITE Programme             or Agricultural Science ‘E’ HG or ‘B’ SG. An
will be awarded a Preparatory Certificate in      admission test may be offered to applicants
Engineering which will normally allow them        who did not achieve these symbols.
to enrol in the Faculty of Engineering First      For further information contact:
Year Level. Students gain access to the           Tel: (033) 260 6116 Pietermaritzburg
programme through meeting the academic            Tel: (031) 260 7979 Westville

                                                    UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
                         B Sc Foundation                                  offers access into Humanities and
                         Curriculum                                       Social Sciences for students from
                         KN-P-BS6/KN-W-BS6                                disadvantaged schools. The extended

                                                                          curriculum       programme         combines
                         First year foundation programme for
                         applicants from disadvantaged schools            credit-bearing modules with academic
                         leading to Science or Health Sciences.           development and support over two or three
                         Matriculation exemption is required with         years; students complete their first 4 credit-
                         20 or more points and Mathematics and            bearing modules during the first year. The
                         Physical Science or Agricultural Science or      extended curriculum is structured to enable
                         Biology SG ‘F’. Applicants are required to       successful students to graduate with a BA
                         write an entrance test.                          or BSocSc. For selection to this programme
                         For further information contact:
                                                                          students require Matriculation exemption and
                         Tel: (033) 260 6116 Pietermaritzburg
                         Tel: (031) 260 7979 Westville                    a minimum of 24 – 31 Matriculation points,
                                                                          and they will also be required to pass an
                                                                          entrance test. (A limited number of students
                         Science Foundation
                                                                          without Matriculation exemption can also be
                                                                          accepted). Please apply through the CAO
                         KN-P-BS5/KN-W-BS5                                for the BA or BSocSc degree and not for the
                         One year access programme for                    Extended Curriculum.
                         applicants from disadvantaged schools            For further information, please contact:
                         who do not meet the entry requirements  or
                         to go directly into a Science, Agriculture or or
                         Health Sciences. Senior certificate with 20 or
                                                                          Tel: (031) 260 3407 Howard College or
                         more points and Mathematics and Physical
                         Science or Biology or Agricultural Science       Tel: (033) 260 5754 Pietermaritzburg
                         required. All applicants are required to write
                         an alternative selection test. Successful        Music Foundation
                         completion of the SFP offers entry into          Programme and Certificate
                         Science, Agricultural or Health Sciences.
                         For further information contact:                 This is a one year programme for applicants
                         Tel: (033) 260 6116 (Pmb) or                     with Senior certificate without exemption or
                         Tel: (031) 260 7979 (Westville)                  with low points. Applicants are required to
                                                                          pas an audition and an entrance test. The
                         College of Humanities                            programme does not guarantee admission to
                         Humanities Development and                       another University programme. Successful
                         Social Sciences                                  students with a good level of all round
                         BA or B Soc Sc Augmented                         performance are considered for one of the
                         Curriculum                                       two Music Diplomas.
                         The four-year programme, which is available      For further details contact:
                         at Howard College and at Pietermaritzburg,       Tel: (031) 260 2377 Howard College

                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                                                                                                ENTRANCE TO UNIVERSITY
Music Diplomas                                 with a matriculation exemption and 32 or
                                               more points with Mathematics E HG, or
KN-H-DMJ/KN-H-DMP                              D SG. The programme is designed to
                                               help students to develop competencies in
Senior Certificate applicants without          language, numeracy, writing and critical
Matriculation exemption (or with low points)   thought. Specifically developed learning
may, after interviews and an audition,         opportunities are provided alongside a
be admitted to the Diploma in Music            reduced load of faculty courses to meet the
Performance or the Diploma in Jazz and         needs of students from disadvantaged
Popular Music. Students who successfully       schools but who have the potential to
complete all the first-semester modules of     succeed academically. Hence it gives
the first-year curriculum of either diploma,   alternative access to students who do not
as well as the module Academic Learning in     qualify for direct admission to the degrees on
English, may qualify for a Senate Exemption    the grounds of their Matriculation results.
and may then apply for admission to a          For further information contact:
degree programme; either the Bachelor of       Tel: (033) 260 5185 Pietermaritzburg
Music, or the Bachelor of Arts in Music, or
                                               Tel: (031) 260 3280 Westville
the Bachelor of Arts in Music and Drama
For further details contact:                   Certificate in Business
Tel: (031) 260 2377                            Management
Howard College                                 This is a six months part-time programme
                                               during the evenings for applicants without
College of Law and                             matric exemption or with low points. Students
Management Studies                             who have successfully completed the four
                                               introductory courses may apply for entry
Management Studies                             into the Bachelor of Business Administration
Extended Curriculum (EC)                       Degree.
                                               For further information contact:
KN-P-CBT/ KN-W-CBT                             Apply direct to Admissions Officer,
Three year B Com or B Com Acc degree           Private Bag X01, Scottsville, 3209
extended over four years for applicants        Tel: (033) 260 5185/5212 Pietermaritzburg

                                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
          Financing Your Studies
          Introduction                                       Financing Your Studies
          The Student Funding Centre (SFC)                   Bursaries
          allocates bursaries and loans to needy South
          African and approved refugee students, and         A bursary does not have to be repaid.

          scholarships to academically outstanding           Bursaries are normally awarded to needy
          students regardless of country of origin;          students with excellent academic results
          and provides advice and information on             who are seen to be capable of obtaining their
          financing tertiary studies. Funding for new        degree in the minimum amount of time.
          international students is not available.           Cecil Renaud and Victor Daitz
          For more information see:                          Undergraduate Merit Awards

                                                             Awarded to financially needy and
          The SFC will grant a financial assistance          academically outstanding students, after
          package (not full funding) to needy South          first year of study.
          African students after assessing the total
          costs of study and the expected family
          contribution towards these costs. This
                                                             Contract Bursaries
          package will be mainly a NSFAS loan/               A contract bursary is usually offered by a
          bursary, only available to South African           company or organisation as part of their
          citizens, but will often include a small bursary   human resource initiative and entails
          from the many donors who contribute to the         working for the donor for at least one year
          University of KwaZulu-Natal’s funding for          for every year sponsored. A listing of these is
          needy students, after the first year of study.     available at

          Loans                                              Eligibility
                                                             1.   You are eligible to be considered for
          A loan has to be repaid with interest. Every
                                                                  SFC loans or loan-bursaries if your
          5 – 10 years the loan will double in size, so
                                                                  family’s gross annual income does not
          a loan of R10 000 in 2008, if not repaid after
                                                                  exceed R100 000; or
          2018 may have increased to R20 000.                2.   SFC Bursaries (mostly for returning
              Some loans may be partially converted               students) awarded after registration at
          to bursaries if your academic results are               the University of KwaZulu-Natal if your
          good and these loans are referred to as                 family’s gross annual income does NOT
          loan-bursaries. See NSFAS website at                    exceed R130 000 and your average
                                        year mark is greater than 65%.

Application Procedure                           certainly be in the form of a Government
                                                Loan-Bursary (NSFAS). A loan-bursary is a
You must complete an application form for       loan, of which 40% is written off as a bursary if
admission to the University. If you are an      you pass your courses. The rest is repayable
entrant to this University the dispatch of      with interest, calculated at the average
the SFC Application Form is linked to the       inflation rate per annum. Every student is
academic application form, which can be
                                                expected to pay something towards his or
obtained by contacting the Applications
                                                her own costs. Some students will have to

and Information Office or the Central
                                                pay a family contribution, and all students
Applications Office any time after March for
                                                will have to pay an acceptance deposit of
the following academic year. This is the only
way of being considered by the University       R500 (subject to change without notice) and
for loans or bursaries for entrants based on    to contribute towards their own food and
financial need.                                 book costs. In addition, funding assistance
                                                packages are not 100% of the funding need.
                                                This may vary from year to year.
Who will be offered
funding?                                        Debit order option
A full picture is required of your financial    The Student Fees Section at the University
circumstances. If you are contacted in
                                                of KwaZulu-Natal can arrange a debit
connection with details given on the
                                                order system to assist you in paying your
application, you can speed up a decision on
                                                full fees after an initial minimum deposit of
your SFC application by supplying the proof
                                                approximately R2 500.
of the information you provided as soon as
                                                     Loan recipients who need to pay a high
possible. In 2007 SFC had funding for up to
                                                family contribution can also use this facility.
1 550 new applicants who had applied for
                                                You may contact the Student Fees offices
financial support. Each Faculty can offer
funding to a limited number of entrants and
                                                Edgewood             – (031) 260 3433
offers are based on merit. Some Faculties
                                                Howard College – (031) 260 1673
wait until they have all the applications for
                                                Medical School – (031) 260 4259
funding before they make any decision. This
                                                Pietermaritzburg – (033) 260 5953
means that you may get a response from
the University later than friends who have      Westville            – (031) 260 7885
not applied for financial support. If you are
offered a place at the University you will be   Have you found other
told at the same time whether or not you are    funding for 2008?
getting financial support. Refer to page 31
of this prospectus where costs are set out      If so, please cancel your application for
and discuss with your parents or guardian       financial support. You may then be notified
what your position would be if the University   earlier as to whether you have been
cannot offer you financial support. If you      selected for admission. To cancel your
are offered financial support, it will almost   application for financial support, please
                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                 
          inform the Admissions Officer and the            Planning your finances
          Central Applications Office in writing.
                                                           The cost of University education will vary
                                                           according to individual circumstances, and
          How to access external                           students are advised to calculate carefully
          donors                                           the total financial provision they must
                                                           make. The cost of a year at the University
          The Academic Year 2006 Bursary Register
                                                           of KwaZulu-Natal in 2007 is between

          is available from P.O. Box 178, Florida Hills,   R36 200 and R37 700. The basic costs are
          1716; Tel: +27 011 672 6559, or your school      given in the table below:
          library may have a copy. The University of
                                                            Human             Sciences      Sciences
          KwaZulu-Natal database can be accessed
          through the Student Funding Centre                Academic fee       15 000        16 500
          Offices and directly through the Internet at      Residence fee      10 700        10 700
          the University of KwaZulu-Natal website:
 under ‘Students’ and               Cost of meals      10 500        10 500
          ‘Finance your Studies’. Bursaries offered         TOTALS              00         00
          by companies are also often advertised in
          the jobs section of newspapers. Try writing      You will also need to provide for books,
          directly to a company or to the association      stationery and equipment, personal
          for your intended profession.                    expenses, laundry, transport, sports,
                                                           subscriptions, medical expenses and,
                                                           residence during short vacations.
          Ways of cutting costs
          Live at home or with relatives. Register         Mode of payment
          for fewer courses. This will cost less and
                                                           1.    Payment may be made by means of
          will give you opportunity to work part time.          cheque or postal orders, direct deposit
          Discuss your options of a reduced load                into the relevant University Banking
          with the Dean of your Faculty well before             Accounts, or by credit card. The
          registration.                                         University does not accept cash.
                                                           2.    The University offers a payment by
          Student Funding Centre                                instalment facility, by means of a
          Contact Details:                                      debit order against a bank account,
                                                                for students who are self-funded.
          Edgewood            –    (031) 260 3603               Application may be made at the
          Howard College      –    (031) 260 2231               respective Student Fees Offices on
          Medical School      –    (031) 260 4359               each campus as soon as possible after
          Pietermaritzburg    –    (033) 260 5915               selection and no later than at least a
          Westville           –    (031) 260 7912               week before registration

The fees provided below are for 00. Fees for 00 will be set in the nd semester
of 00. Please allow for a possible change in fees for 00.

  Degree                                                           R (in 00)

  Architectural Studies                                                   0

  Arts, Education, Development, Social Science,

  Theology, Community Development                                         000

  Accounting, Commerce and Business Science                       00 –  0

  Agriculture – B.Agric, BSc Agric.                                       00

  Business Administration (Pmb)                                           00

  Chemical Engineering                                                    0

  Education (Edgewood)                                                    00

  Engineering (all fields except Chemical)                                0

  Health Sciences (depending on courses taken)                    0 –  000

  Land Surveying                                                          0

  Law (LLB)                                                               0

  MBChB                                                                   0

  Music                                                           00 –  0

  Nursing                                                                 0

  Property Development                                                    0

  Science                                                                 00

  Social Work, Psychology                                         000 –  0

                                                  UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS     
          The Academic Fee System: How it works
          1. Application Fee                                  5. Balance of Fees (First
          1.1 Undergraduate applicants pay an appli-             Semester)
               cation fee of R150 directly to the Central     After registration the actual costs for tuition
               Applications Office (CAO) (R300 late           fees for the first semester will be calculated.
               fee). (Local applicants)                       The R2 500 (R500+R2 000 for 2007) paid will
          1.2 Returning students to University of             be subtracted from the total and an account for

               KwaZulu-Natal pay an application fee of        the balance will be mailed to you. The balance
               R170 directly to the University (R270 late     of the first semester fees must be paid before
               fee). (Local applicants).                      the end of May. Students will not be allowed
          1.3 The application fee is non-refundable and       to write the first semester examinations if
               does not form part of the tuition fees at      their first semester fees are not paid in
               the University of KwaZulu-Natal.               full.
          2. Offer of a Place:                                6. Second Semester Fees
          If your application is successful, you will         Second semester fees are payable in full at
          receive a letter from the University offering you   the start of the second semester in August.
          a place at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.         Students who are registering for subjects for
                                                              non-degree purposes, or for a reduced load,
          3. Acceptance of Offer Fee:                         must contact the Student Fees Office or
          If you decide to accept the offer you must          Faculty Office to determine the correct amount
          make a payment of R500 (in 2007) to the
          University in order to secure your place. This
          Acceptance of Offer fee is nonrefundable and        7. Bursaries or Loans
          the amount may change for 2008.                     Students who have any form of bursary or loan
                                                              must ensure that the funding is available at the
          .    Provisional Fees (R 00 in 00).            time of registration.
          Provisional fees are payable before or at
          registration. At registration, you will make your   8. Scholarships from University
          final decisions about the courses/ subjects for     Qualifying students will receive letters advising
          which you will register. Tuition fees are charged   them of their awards from the Scholarships
          per subject per semester. The Acceptance of         Office before registration. Faculties will
          Offer fee forms part of the R2 500 payable          be notified of awards made for clearance
          before registration.                                purposes.

                                        Tuition fees can be paid into the following bank accounts and
           Banking Details              proof of payment must be faxed to: +27 (0)31-260 3099.
           Campus                   South African Students                 International Students
                                                                           (including SADC students)
           All campuses             First National Bank                    First National Bank
                                    Acc: 50870095682                       Acc: 62017326168
                                    Branch: 223626 Dbn Corporate           Branch: 223626 Dbn Corporate
           Please quote your student number as reference when you are making payments

Scholarships And Merit Awards
Scholarships                                  Merit Scholarships
And Merit Awards                              Exceptional Achievement
                                              90% – 100% aggregate, based on best six
Matriculants                                  higher grade subjects excluding Advanced

Merit Awards are offered to the top           Mathematics, is valued at R15 000.
matriculants intending to study at the
University of KwaZulu-Natal. They are         Outstanding Achievement
awarded on receipt of the Matriculation       80% – 89% aggregate, based on best six
symbols from the Education Department         higher grade subjects excluding Advanced
and no application is necessary. This         Mathematics, is valued at R10 000.
does not apply to any individual who has
studied beyond the Matriculation year         Good Achievement
before coming to the University of KwaZulu-   75% – 79% aggregate, based on best six
Natal and/or is not within two years of the   higher grade subjects, excluding Advanced
applicant’s Matriculation date.               Mathematics, is valued at R4000.

Prestige Scholarships                         NB. The above scholarships may be
                                              renewed if an excellent degree average
KZN Prestige Entrance Scholarships            is maintained. (for details consult the
Students must be ranked in the top ten by
                                              Scholarships Office.)
the KZN Provincial Education Department.
Generous awards are made based on the
annual cost of study., up to R30,000.         Equity Merit Scholarships
Prestige Entrance Scholarships                Students from disadvantaged backgrounds
(Other Provinces)                             with exceptional qualities and good matric
Students must be ranked in the top five by    results. Selection by Faculties, valued at
any of the eight other Provincial Education   R10 000.
Departments. Generous awards are made
based on the annual cost of study, up to      Prestige Sports Scholarships
R30 000.                                      Students must have played sport at
                                              National level in the year immediately
Independent Examination                       before registration with the institution. The
Board (Independent Schools)                   scholarship is intended to cover tuition
Prestige Scholarships                         fees.
Students must be ranked in the top
five nationally by the IEB Departments.       WOSA
Generous awards are made based on the
                                              Women only in Science, Agriculture &
annual cost of study, up to R30 000.
                                              Engineering disciplines with above 80%
                                              aggregate (applications from Scholarship
Prestige Equity Scholarships
Top ten African female entrants at UKZN.      Offices.). Valued at R45 000. Renewable for
The value being R15 000.                      up to three years.

                                                UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
                The Saturday University
                Open Learning
                Undergraduate Programme                        Regional Study Centres

                Open Learning is a study programme that        These class study sessions are scheduled
                combines study materials with tutor support    over several Saturdays during each
                sessions. This means that study material for
                                                               semester at regional centres.
                the course is given to the student who works
                at his or her own time and place. The tutor-       This means that even students from
                supported class group sessions are held on     rural on numbers, study centres operate
                Saturdays at the regional meeting venues,      in such places as Durban, Empangeni,
                so students can receive assistance from        Ladysmith, Newcastle, Port Shepstone or
                the tutors and interact with other course      Pietermaritzburg. Please note that these
                participants. The student can choose a
                                                               programmes are for practicing teachers and
                study programme according to individual
                                                               nurses only.
                needs within a tutor-supported framework.

                 Programme Enquiries
                 Education                                     Intermediate Phase
                                                               Senior Phase
                 Bachelor of Education (Honours)
                 Professional Development Studies              Vocational Training
                 Education Leadership & Management             Contact Tel: (033) 260 6189 or
                 Contact Tel: (033) 260 6245                                 (031) 260 7602

                 Advanced Certificate in Education
                 Values and Human Rights in Education,         Nursing
                 Information and Communication
                 Technology Integration, School Library        Bachelor of Nursing
                 Development and Management, Natural           Advanced Practice
                 Sciences.                                     Contact Tel: (031) 260 2375 or
                 Contact Tel: (033) 260 6130                            Fax: (031) 260 1543
                                                               The Decentralised Programme offers
                 National Professional Diploma in              professional development short
                 Education                                     courses for registered nurses.
                 Foundation Phase                              Contact Tel: (031) 260 2499

                       UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
International Applicants
Entrance Requirements

                                                                                               INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
International applicants are subject to a
selection procedure based on academic
merit and the number of spaces available.
The qualifications of applicants who
wrote non-South African school leaving
examinations will be assessed as soon as
we receive the applications and copies of
     International applicants may qualify
for exemption through AEB or Cambridge
examinations if they have two A-levels (‘A’
– ‘E’) and three O-level passes (‘A’, ‘B’ or
‘C’) or equivalent. However, certain subject
groupings are also required. It is not
sufficient to pass in O-levels only. Please
note that Faculties may have subject,
level and minimum performance (in O             register international students who do not
and A levels) requirements for admission        hold valid study visas. Study visas cannot
to their programmes. Consult the tables         be applied for in South Africa.
on pages - more information on
subject requirements. The University            Study Permit
seeks clarification on foreign qualifications
from the Matriculation Board and will           Application Procedures
assist selected applicants with their           In terms of revised policy on the admission
applications for foreign conditional            of international students it is imperative
exemption certificates after they have          that students await the outcome of their
registered at the University. Please ensure     applications for study permits in their
that you have your original documents           countries of origin or residence. Study
available at registration and arrange for       permits are renewed prior to expiry. It
official translations where applicable.
                                                normally takes six weeks for study permit
                                                applications to be processed.
Study Permit
Requirements                                    Where to go to
                                                apply for a study permit
Prior to leaving for South Africa applicants
must approach a South African Embassy,          You are required to apply for a study permit
Consulate or Trade Office in their home         at the South African High Commission,
country and obtain a study permit. In terms     Embassy, Consulate or Trade Mission in
of current South African legislation, South     your country of origin. If there is no South
African universities are not allowed to         African representative in your country,
                                                  UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS             
                         you must apply to the South African High                       undertaking as provided in the
                         Commission, Embassy, Consulate or Trade                        application form BI-159, you will
                         Mission nearest to your home country.                          be required to lodge a cash deposit

                                                                                        or bank guarantee equivalent to
                         When do you apply for                                          airfare or transportation costs
                         a study permit?                                                to your country of origin for
                                                                                        repatriation purposes, or forfeiture
                         You may make an application for a Study                        to the South African government
                         Permit/Visa once you have received a letter                    should permit conditions not be
                         from the University offering you a place to                    complied with.
                         study, together with a letter in support for an           •    The repatriation guarantee deposit
                         application for a study visa.                                  should be paid by the student
                                                                                        or the sponsor. The University
                         How do you apply for                                           does not accept responsibility for
                                                                                        payment of           repatriation
                         a study permit?                                                guarantee deposits.
                         1.        Collect the appropriate study permit            •    Study permit application fee.
                                   application from the South African                   You are advised to submit the
                                   Embassy, Consulate, High Commission                  above      documentation as soon
                                   or Trade Mission in your country.                    as possible to the South African
                         2.        Complete and return the study permit                 High Commission, E m b a s s y ,
                                   application to the office where you                  Consulate or Trade Mission. Do
                                   collected the form initially together                not send the above documents
                                   with:                                                to the University of KwaZulu-
                                   •      A valid passport.                             Natal. Please keep copies of all
                                   • Our letter offering you a place.                   documentation submitted for your
                                   •       Proof that you are financially in            reference and future use.
                                         a position to pay tuition fees and
                                         have adequate means of support.       Accommodation
                                   • A medical certificate as provided
                                                                               Applications for residence accommodation
                                         on the study permit application
                                                                               should be made at the time of application.
                                         form and details of arrangements
                                         made with regard to medical or        The Housing Offices in Pietermaritzburg
                                         insurance cover.                      and Durban assist students to find off-
                                   • Repatriation guarantee: Where             campus accommodation. The cost of off-
                                         a South African sponsoring            campus accommodation varies depending
                                         body, South African citizen or        on location and facilities available. In this
                                         permanent resident of the country     regard students should take into account
                                         is not prepared to give a written     the cost of transport to campus.

                                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Financial Aid                                    Application Fees
Regrettably, financial aid is not available
                                                 1.   SADC applicants and applicants from

                                                                                                 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
to international students. International              African countries pay an application
students are advised to make enquiries from           fee of R280 (South African Rand)
their Ministries of Education or Scholarship          directly to the University on submission
Offices at universities in their country of           of applications.
origin.                                          2. Other international applicants pay
                                                      $80 (70 US Dollars) on submission of
Refugee Applicants                                    applications.
                                                 3. The closing date for applications for the
You should be in possession of a valid Section        first semester 2008 is 30 September or
41 permit/Refugee identity document which             31 October 2007 depending on the
grants you permission to study. Application           Faculty and for the 2nd semester 2008
                                                      is 30 April 2008. Application fees can
procedures and application fees as for local
                                                      be paid as follows:
students are applicable. Apply via CAO.            University of KwaZulu-Natal
See page 6. When submitting an application         Bank: First National Bank
please include:                                    Acc: 0
• payment of the local application fee             Branch: Durban Corporate 
• certified English translations of high           Please state your name on deposit
                                                   slip and attach proof of payment
     school/university documents The
                                                   to your application. Use reference
     Alliance Francaise assists with French        number F001 32020 if required.
     to English translations. Please contact
     them to establish the cost.
Financing your studies                           1.  SADC students pay the local fees as
                                                     listed on page 31 plus an international
Scholarships administered by the United              levy of R680 per semester.
Nations High Commission for Refugees             2. Non-SADC undergraduate students
are limited and few students succeed in              paid $840 per course per semester for
securing a scholarship. The few who do               short-term candidates OR $5 780 per
                                                     year for full-time candidates in 2007.
succeed in securing a scholarship should be
                                                     These fees may change for 2008.
willing to save and or work during vacations     3. Accommodation fees: as quoted for
to contribute to study expenses. Those who           South African students on page 45.
do not secure a scholarship may wish to           For more information please contact:
consider less expensive study options e.g.        Tel: +27 (0) 31 260 2426
correspondence study, which allows you            E-mail:
to work full-time and to finance your own         For information on banking details for
                                                  tuition fees, refer to page .

                                                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS             
                         When deciding where to study you should           English Proficiency
                         enquire about the cost of study and
                         compare costs of different KwaZulu- Natal         The University of KwaZulu-Natal is an

                         universities/technikons. This will help you       English-medium University. Its policy on
                         make realistic decisions to suit your financial   English language proficiency requires that
                         means.                                            applicants demonstrate at least one of the
                                                                           following levels of proficiency in English:
                                                                           1. A pass in an examination equivalent
                         International Student                                  to English at the Higher Grade (First
                         Support Offices                                        or Second language) at South African
                         In addition to the official response to the            Senior Certificate level (Matriculation).
                         University, successful applicants should          2. A pass in English Language at A-
                         e-mail or phone the International Student              level, or O-level (C symbol or higher),
                         Support Office to advise:                              or the International Baccalaureate, or
                         • acceptance of offer to study                         equivalent examination.
                         • acceptance of offer to stay in                  3. International applicants who do not
                              residence                                         satisfy the above and for whom English
                                                                                is a foreign language must attain
                         • date of arrival.
                                                                                an overall band score of 7.0 on the
                             Howard College:
                                                                                International English Language Testing
                         Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2819 / 2205
                                                                                System (IELTS) for postgraduate
                         Fax: +27 (0)31 260 1274
                                                                                studies, and 6.0 for undergraduate
                                                                           For information on the IELTS, contact the
                                                                               British Council at the British Embassy
                         Tel: +27 (0)33 260 5194 / 5313
                                                                               or consulate in your home country.
                         Fax: +27 (0)33 260 5729
                                                                               The system tests the complete range
                                                                               of English language skills required by
                                                                               students studying or training in the
                                                                               medium of English. Modules include
                                                                               listening, speaking, reading, writing,
                         Tel: +27 (0)31 260 7253/260 8223
                                                                               academic and general training. Contact
                         Fax: +27 (0)31 260 7638                      or www.ielts.
                         E-mail:                     org for more information.
                         E-mail:                 • A test score of at least 550 on the Test
                                                                               of English as a Foreign Language
                         Please quote your University of                       (TOEFL). Contact the United States
                         KwaZulu-Natal student number in all                   Information Service (USIS) at the USA
                         correspondence.                                       embassy or consulate in your home

                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
    country, or contact TOEFL direct, at
    PO Box 6155, Princeton, New Jersey         Important notes
    08541.6155 USA. e-mail:

                                                                                            INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
                                               •   The University is not permitted
                                                   to register you until you have
The UKZN Language Centre offers students           produced your study permit and
without a score an alternative route into          Proof of Health Insurance.
the University by offering intensive English
language instruction, which is designed        •   You must present your passport
to raise competence levels to the required
                                                   with valid study permit and health
IELTS band score. Once registered in a
degree programme, students may choose to           insurance to the International
continue taking English Language courses           Student Support Office during
on a part-time basis. After testing by the         registration.
Language Centre, students whose scores
are comparable to the IETLS can move           •   Students who change their choice
directly into a degree programme, or are
                                                   of institution should obtain a new
advised to spend one or two semesters (at
the most) learning English in the Language         permit from the Department of
Centre. The LC test is designed to be              Home Affairs.
facilitative rather than exclusionary.
                                               •   An offer of a place to study at
Language Centre assessment:                        University does not bind the
undergraduate studies
                                                   Department of Home Affairs in any
• Candidates who achieve a level
                                                   way to allow that person into the
   equivalent to IELTS band 5 will be
   placed in a one-year pre-degree course          country, nor does it remove the
   of 1 000 hours to raise their level to          need to obtain official permission
   band 6, which allows entry into a degree        from the Department.
   programme. Unsuccessful candidates
   will be required to undertake a second      •   A study permit does not qualify an
   year of study.
                                                   international student to become
Language Centre assessment:                        a South African citizen. Students
postgraduate studies                               wishing to become South African
• Candidates who achieve a level                   citizens after finishing their studies
    equivalent to IELTS band 6 must take           should go back to their home
    a one-year advanced course of 1 000            countries from where they can
    hours (Course Two) to be adequately            apply through a South African
    equipped for postgraduate studies in
    the medium of English.
                                               UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                

                         •        Candidates who obtain the equivalent       For further information on the cost of
                                  of IELTS band 5 are required to take       courses, etc, please contact:
                                  a one-year intermediate course of 1        The Secretary, The Language Centre
                                  000 hours (Course Two) to raise their      Private Bag X01, Scottsville
                                  band level sufficiently for entry into     University of KwaZulu-Natal
                                                                             Pietermaritzburg 3209
                                  a degree programme. Candidates
                                                                             Republic South Africa
                                  who do not attain band 7 in one year       Tel: +27 33 260 5308
                                  are required to undertake a second         Fax: +27 33 260 5575
                                  year of study. Students entering the
                                  Language Centre at level 5 are advised
                                                                             Howard College (Durban)
                                  to budget adequately for the time spent    The Secretary, The Language Centre
                                  doing courses in English for academic      University of KwaZulu-Natal
                                  purposes. Students are urged to make       Durban 4041
                                                                             Republic of South Africa
                                  every attempt to gain a sufficient level
                                                                             Tel: +27 31 260 1130
                                  of proficiency in English, and a test      Fax: +27 31 260 1014
                                  score, before arriving in South Africa.

                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Healthcare Insurance
International students are not entitled to receive      Example:

                                                                                                                  INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
free care at state and provincial facilities. Medical
                                                        If your study period is nine months, the contribution
costs are high and therefore all international          will be Rx (9 x Rx). (If your study period is cut short
students need adequate insurance cover while            for any reason, contributions for the remaining
in South Africa. The University has a policy of         period will be refunded, providing one month’s
insurance which is limited to cover accidents           advance notice is received). The full contribution
only. All registered students, both full and part-      is payable to Ingwe in advance. Cover is for the
time, are automatically covered by this personal        full duration of study i.e. nine months (Feb – Jun
accident insurance policy. Since the accident           and Aug – Nov). If you intend remaining in South
cover offered by the University policy is limited,      Africa for vacations, field trips or for research you
                                                        are advised to take cover for vacation periods.
your own personal insurance policy is essential
                                                        Postgraduates with three to six months thesis
to cover excess accident and other medical              submission time left to completing their studies
costs. International students should hold health        should consult the International Student Support
insurance cover from various companies both             Office as it is possible to take cover for this period
South African and from home. You may wish               only. Application forms are available directly from
to contact health insurance companies of your           Ingwe at:
choice to enquire about the costs and overall               Ingwe, - Caregate Rd,
cover. It is important that the health cover that           La Lucia Ridge, 0
you purchase includes hospitalisation cover. It is      Enclose proof of payment with your
                                                        application to Ingwe Health Plan.
your choice to take extra cover for dentistry and
                                                              On arrival students should contact the
optometry. When purchasing an insurance in              International Student Support Offices. Students
your home country please ensure that the claim          who are able to provide proof of insurance, which
procedures are explained to you since several           would provide appropriate cover for them whilst in
insurance companies require that you pay for            South Africa, will be exempted from membership
treatment in South Africa and thereafter submit         of Ingwe, if such proof is provided to the
your claim to them. The University has chosen           International Support Office during registration.
Ingwe Health                                            For further information, contact Ingwe Health
     Plan to provide hospital cover for students.       Plan directly at:
Ingwe provides comprehensive cover for all                  Ingwe (Durban)
                                                            Suite 902, 9th Floor, 85 Field Street
medical costs incurred whilst an in-patient at a
                                                            Durban 4001
hospital. Claims are paid at 100% of the South              Tel: +27 (0)31 573 4199
African Representative Association of Medical               Fax: +27 (0)31 573 4953
Schemes (RAMS) tariff and no excesses or                    E-mail:
limitations apply. Cover will run for the duration of   Note: All payments for medical cover must be
the study period. The monthly cost of the cover         made directly to Ingwe.
increases annually and should be confirmed              Ingwe banking details: Ingwe Health Plan
with Ingwe. Full contributions must be paid to          Nedbank, Commercial Northrand Branch Clearing
Ingwe in advance. Cover also includes dentistry         Code: 146905 Account number: 1469009021
and optometry. The benefits for dentistry include        Hospitals require students with non-South
conservative dentistry i.e. cleanings, fillings,         African health insurance to settle their
extractions and fluoride treatment. The benefits         accounts and then claim from their medical
                                                         funds. We urge you to immediately inform
for optometry includes single-vision, bi-focal           your sponsor/government of the health care
lenses plus a frame.                                     insurance requirements.

                                                           UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                      
                         International School

                         The University of KwaZulu-Natal Inter-             multilingualism and language policy, social,
                         national School offers international students      cultural & media perspectives as well as
                         the opportunity to visit KwaZulu-Natal for an      political perspectives of the region.
                         intensive five-week study programme from
                         the end of June to the beginning of August.        Zulu Language & Culture
                         KwaZulu-Natal has a rich cultural heritage.        The language part of this course focuses
                         Khoisan speaking hunter-gatherers, who             on communication. Students are gradually
                         lived in the region until the 19th century, left   taken through simple everyday situations
                         one of the most spectacular legacies of rock       for which they are taught vocabulary and
                         paintings to be found anywhere in the world.       grammatical structures so that during
                         The African population in KwaZulu is largely       their stay in South Africa they are able to
                         isiZulu-speaking, with a recorded history          communicate correctly and fluently in basic
                         dating back to the African kingdoms of the         isiZulu. The cultural aspect of the course
                         late 18th century, including that of Shaka,        focuses on cultural traditions and heritages
                         the legendary Zulu king. Iron-age sites            which include Zulu customs, beliefs, arts
                         suggest that their ancestors settled in the        and music.
                         region as early as the 2nd or 3rd centuries
                         AD. The region today has a sophisticated           Service Learning
                         economy, with a modern communication,              This course will be tailored to suit the
                         education and health infrastructure.               particular needs of the student as much
                         The region provides a microcosm of the             as possible. In addition to a secure and
                         changes which post-apartheid South Africa          supervised placement, the student will
                         is experiencing in business and the fields         visit urban and rural environmental and
                         of government, agriculture, health, housing        development projects and will be exposed to
                         and education. The International School            a range of social, cultural, and historical sites
                         programme is designed to let international         during their stay. It offers service learning as
                         and South African students experience the          part of a broader package of exciting and
                         rich heritage and diversity that the region        enriching experiences which, we hope, will
                         has to offer.                                      leave an indelible mark on our participants.

                                                                            For further information please contact the
                         Courses offered on
                                                                            International School Coordinator
                         Howard College Campus                              E-mail:
                                                                            Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2677
                         Culture and Diversity in the                       Fax: +27 (0)31 260 2967
                         Rainbow Nation                                     URL:
                         A course comprised of various modules              ukzninternational/international/international.
                         that touch upon the history of the region,         html

                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Accommodation for Students
                                                  buildings, but close to most sports fields
 Edgewood                                         and the Old Mutual Sports Centre. All
                                                  residences have access control, lounges
Residence accommodation is available              and television rooms, intercom systems,

on Edgewood campus. Both catering and             call boxes and parking space. All students
self-catering options are available. A total of   are accommodated in single rooms. All
631 students are housed in 11 residences          residences are self-catering while a cafeteria
on campus. Men and women are housed               facility is available for students. Limited
separately and 55% of the residents are           accommodation for postgraduate students
female. Double as well as single rooms            is offered at Scully House, Princess Alice
are available. Some residences offer self-        Avenue (six bedrooms).
catering facilities. All residences have
access control doors. An additional five flats
                                                  Off-Campus Residences
housing five students each are available for
post-graduate students.                           Mixed Gender Residence – St Hillier
                                                  St Hillier comprises fully furnished two/
                                                  three bedroom flats. Each student has a
 Howard College &                                 single bedroom. Occupants share a lounge,
                                                  kitchen and bathroom. A laundry facility and
                                                  parking are available. St Hillier is situated
 Medical School                                   opposite Queensmead Shopping Mall in
                                                  Umbilo and is a few minutes walk from the
On-Campus Residences
                                                  Medical School campus. It is on a bus route
The University residences for Howard              to Howard College campus.
College and Medical School in Durban
accommodate approximately 2313 students.          J V Smit Residence
Competition for places is keen and it is not      This residence has 90 large single rooms
possible to accept all applicants. Residences     with entertainment and study rooms as well
                                                  as tennis courts. It is a catering residence.
are grouped into two halls, namely Charles
                                                  Laundry and parking facilities are available.
Smith Hall and Albert Luthuli Hall. Charles
                                                  J V Smit is close to the Medical School
Smith Hall is comprised of 12 individual          campus and is situated on a bus route to
residences close to the main academic             Howard College campus and the city.
buildings, banks, shops and Medical
School. Albert Luthuli Hall is comprised of       Olivier Residence
the Cluster Residence and the six-storey          This residence has 212 large single rooms
Tower Residence. Situated on the western          with entertainment and study rooms.
side of the Howard College campus, this           Laundry and parking facilities are available
complex is furthest from the academic             and the residence is selfcatering. This

                                                    UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
             residence is located in Bartle Road, close to     is situated on Durban Road opposite
             the Medical School. It is situated on a bus       the University gate. Male and female
             route to Howard College and the city.             accommodation is separate and the
                                                               common rooms and TV lounge are shared.
              Pietermaritzburg                                 The residence possesses a quadrangle
                                                               planted with trees, shrubs and lawn where

                                                               students play ball games or relax. There
             Approximately 1 640 students are
             accommodated in residences. About a third         is also a braai area. It is within walking
             of the students registered stay in one of the     distance of the Students’ Union, the Science
             four halls of residence. The Student Housing      Block, the Old Arts Block, shops, banks and
             helpdesk can be contacted for assistance          the Post Office. It is however 10 minutes’
             with off-campus accommodation.                    walk from the New Arts Block, Commerce,
                                                               Law, Agriculture or Life Sciences Blocks.
             Petrie Hall of Residence                          The Malherbe Flats (postgraduate students)
             Petrie Hall is a cluster of residences            are called Brucian House, and Robleigh
             for mainly first and second-year female           House. Consisting of three, four and
             students. The three large residences are          five-bedroomed flats, they are suited to
             Eleanor Russell Hall, University Hall and         small groups of students wishing to share
             Lodge and are situated close to the Science       accommodation. No sharing of individual
             Block, Administration, Student Services, the      rooms is permitted. Rooms are basically
             library and tennis courts, shops, Post Office     furnished and selfcatering. A number of
             and banks. A student committee ensures            lock-up garages are available to rent.
             the smooth running of student life in all
             residences.                                       Denison Hall of Residence
                                                               Denison (men and women) is situated in
             William O’Brien Hall of                           quiet park-like surroundings on the old golf
             Residence                                         course portion of campus. Denison has
             Situated on the main campus, William              its own kitchen complex and a clubhouse,
             O’Brien residence (men) consists of single        consisting of a large communal lounge and
             rooms distributed over six blocks, with           the Denison pub. The residence has gym,
             communal kitchens. Extra-mural activities         TV, snooker and table tennis facilities.
             are well catered for via the residence sports
             programme, senior and junior lounges, a
             large communal games room, and a visitors’
             reception lounge. Additional facilities include    Westville
             a braai area, car repair and wash bays and
             secure parking for all residents’ cars.           Westville campus offers a range of
                                                               accommodation including off-campus and
             Malherbe Hall of Residence                        self-catering flats and on-campus residences
             Malherbe Residence (men and women)                where meals are provided on request.

On-Campus Residences                               •    International students must apply for
                                                        accommodation on the University of
The on-campus residences accommodate
                                                        KwaZulu-Natal application form.
910 students. Competition for places is keen
                                                   •    The closing date for submission
and it is not possible to accept all applicants.
                                                        of applications by undergraduate
There are four blocks of residences, namely
                                                        applicants is 31 October 2007.
S-Block, R-Block, P-Block and O-Block. O-

Block only accommodates females while all
others are mixed gender. All residences have
access control, television rooms and parking       •    Admission to residence is based on
space. All residences are self-catering while           need, academic potential, ability to pay
a dining facility is still available at O-Block.        and distance from home.
                                                   •    The University cannot guarantee
Off-Campus Residences                                   that applicants will be offered a place
The off-campus residences accommodate                   in residence if they are offered a
863 students. Competition is also                       place to study at the University, and
keen and it is not possible to accept all               it may be necessary for them to find
applications. These residences are fully                accommodation off campus.
furnished. All students share in double            •    All students will be required to sign a
rooms while postgraduate students can be                Residence Code of Conduct.
accommodated in a single room if available.
Occupants share a kitchen and a bathroom.          Residence fees
The Residence of Bedford Hall and San
Sabil are situated in Hospital Road in town.       In 2007, residence fees consisted of an
Dunstaple Heights is in Varsity Drive whilst       accommodation charge of R11 500 per
Santa Cruz, for postgraduate students only,        annum. The accommodation deposit was
is in Reservoir Hills.                             R2 500. These fees do not include the cost
                                                   of meals.
Admission to
                                                   All residences in Pietermaritzburg and at
Applications                                       Howard College have self-catering capacity.
•    Local first-year applicants must apply        Students are responsible for preparing their
     for admission to University residence         own meals. Students are responsible for
     on the application form supplied by           their own crockery, cutlery, pots and other
     the Central Applications Office (CAO).        cooking utensils. In addition food outlets are
     No separate application is required. It is    available on campus. Meals are provided in
     not always possible to accommodate a          on-campus residences on Westville campus.
     student in the residence of first choice.     Edgewood has self-catering.

                                                       UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS             

             Linen, laundry and                               Howard College and Medical School
             cleaning                                           Tel: (031) 260 2028
                                                                Fax: (031) 260 1396
             Students are responsible for their own             E-mail:
             linen and laundry. All residences have
             internal laundry facilities. Students are also   Pietermaritzburg
             responsible for the cleaning of their own           Tel: (031) 260 3611
                                                                 Fax: (033) 260 5798

             Vacations                                        Westville
             Students may stay in residence during the          Tel: (031) 260 8070
             vacations on request and information on            Fax: (031) 260 7113
             costs can be obtained from the Student             E-mail:
             Housing Offices.
                                                              For advice on securing
                                                              accommodation off campus, please
             For more information contact:                    contact:
                                                                 Howard College and Medical School
             Edgewood                                                  Tel: (031) 260 2028
                Tel: (033) 260 6226                              Pietermaritzburg:
                                                                        Tel: (033) 260 6226
                Fax: (031) 260 3426
                E-mail:                              Tel: (031) 260 7363

Student Academic & Support

                                                                                                 STUDENT SEVICES AND DEVELOPMENT
Academic Support programmes are                •    B Sc Foundation Curriculum
provided by the University to assist those          First year foundation programme
students whose academic potential has               for applicants from disadvantaged
not been realised due to disadvantaged              schools leading to Science or Health
educational backgrounds. These take                 Sciences. Matriculation exemption is
the form of access and foundation                   required with 20 or more points and
programmes, restructured first-year                 Mathemathics and Phys Science or
courses or additional courses in essential          Agricultural Science or Biology SG
skills such as communication and                    F. Applicants are required to write an
academic writing. Pre- University courses           entrance test.
prepare students for the challenges of the          For further information contact:
academic environment while mentorship               Tel: (033) 260 6116 Pietermaritzburg
and internship programmes promote the               Tel: (031) 260 7979 Westville
academic and vocational development of
                                               •    Science Foundation Programme
                                                    One year access programme for
Faculty of Science and                              applicants from disadvantaged schools
Agriculture                                         who do not meet the entry requirements
                                                    to go directly into a Science, Agriculture
                                                    or Health Sciences. Senior certificate
    Pietermaritzburg and
                                                    with 20 or more points and Mathematics
    Westville                                       and Physical Science or Biology or
                                                    Agricultural Science required. All
•    BSc Augmented Curriculum                       applicants are required to write an
     It is a four year degree with extended         alternative selection test. Successful
     support programme for applicants from          completion of the SFP offers entry
     disadvantaged schools. First year study        into Science, Agricultural or health
     is spread over two years. Matriculation        Sciences.
     exemption is required with 28 or more
                                                    For further information contact:
     points and Maths and Physical Science,
                                                    Tel: (033) 260 5695 (Pmb) or
     or Biology, or Agricultural Science E
                                                    Tel: (031) 260 8176 (Westville)
     HG or B SG. An admission test may
     be offered to applicants who did not
     achieve these symbols.                    •    Scientific Writing and Reporting, a
     For further information contact:               credit bearing course which focuses on
     Tel: (033) 260 6116 Pietermaritzburg           language and communication skills in
     Tel: (031) 260 7979 Westville                  the sciences.
                                                    Contact: Tel: (031) 260 1404
                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
             Pre-University                                    Goals and Objectives:
             Orientation and                                   It is the ambition and drive of the Student
                                                               Mentorship Programme to:
             Support Programmes                                • Entrench an environment where
                                                                     excellence underlines the endeavours of
             Pre-University Accounting                               the programme.
                                                               • To primarily assist all students irrespective

             A two-day course offered prior to registration,
                                                                     of race, gender and socioeconomic status
             is designed to help matriculants with no                with regard to academic performance.
             knowledge of accountancy to cope with             • Programme resources are focused on
             Accounting 1 (recommended but not a                     student development; this includes the
             prerequisite for Accounting 1).                         induction and socialisation of students.
             Contact: Tel: (033) 260 5592/260 5497             • Continuous research is viewed as a
                                                                     tool for constant re-engineering and
                                                                     redefinition of the organisation’s focus.
             Community Internship                                    In this manner, the Programme hopes
                                                                     to identify niche areas which can be
               Howard College and                                    exploited by the University for the benefit
               Medical School                                        of learning enhancement.
                                                               • Continuous and rigorous research
             Students work in communities in either                  assist the Programme to ensure that
             research, development or educational roles.             the University expands the capacity
             They are closely monitored by Community                 for retaining the majority of first-entry
             Internship staff. The selection of students             students.
             is based on financial, educational and            • Mentoring is a process which all students
             domestic criteria.                                      must undergo, so that the induction
                                                                     process is optimised. The value of
             For more information contact:                           informal academic assistance has been
             Tel: (031) 260 2850 or                                  professed by many, and mentoring is the
             Tel: (031) 260 1478                                     essence of this. Mentoring will allow the
                                                                     university to track and understand the
             Student Mentorship                                      performance of every individual student.

             Programme. Westville                              Mentors
             The Student Mentorship Programme has              Mentors are senior students who are
             been specifically created to assist first         academically competent and socially
                                                               adept in guiding students in their first year
             entry students in adapting to the University
                                                               at university. Mentors undergo a stringent
             environment. The primary objective                selection procedure. The primary criteria for
             centres on the maintenance of academic            being selected are an excellent academic
             proficiency. The programme desires to             record and outstanding communication and
             foster academic excellence amongst all first      leadership abilities. Mentors will also be
             year students. The programme strives to           given training and will be allowed to develop
                                                               themselves into a complete graduate.
             create an environment which is conducive          For more information contact:
             for meaningful and effective learning.            Tel: (031) 260 7804

Caring For Students’ Needs

                                                                                                STUDENT SEVICES AND DEVELOPMENT
The University’s approach is to provide for     Student Counselling
the needs of all students in a holistic way.
Student counselling, career assessment,         Services
and degree planning assistance are              The Student Counselling and Career Centres
available, but it is up to students to avail    cater for the educational and personal needs
themselves of these opportunities. Health
                                                of students and prospective students. The
clinics, support groups and employment
                                                main objective of the Centres is to further
programmes form an integral part of the
                                                the overall academic, vocational and psycho-
caring campus environment. Disabled
                                                social development of students within the
students are welcome and the University
                                                educational environment of the University.
is committed to responding to their needs.
                                                The Student Counselling Centres cater for the
More detailed information is available at
                                                needs of students on the Edgewood, Howard
                                                College, Medical School, Pietermaritzburg and
                                                Westville campuses. Qualified staff provide
Health Clinics                                  the following professional services:
Fully trained nurses on duty – doctor by        • career counselling and careers library
appointment                                     •     curriculum and course counselling
• Assessment/treatment of health                • personal counselling and therapy
     problems (referral as necessary)           • crisis and trauma counselling
• Contraception & counselling emergency         • study skills, life skills and diversity
     contraception (morning-after pill), free        awareness
     condoms, pregnancy testing                 • HIV/AIDS education and prevention
• Treatment of Sexually Transmitted                  programmes
     Diseases and AIDS tests (pre and post-     • HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and
     test counselling)                               testing (VCT)
• Assessment and referral of drug and           • counselling for residence students
     alcohol-related problems                   • advocacy and mediation work
• Monitoring of health problems eg. blood       • internships in Counselling, Educational
     sugar level, blood pressure.                    and Industrial Psychology.
• Health Education                              All counselling services are strictly
• Voluntary Counselling/Testing                 confidential.
Contact us at:                                  Contact us at:
Edgewood            Tel: (031) 260 3252         Edgewood            Tel: (031) 260 3665
Howard College Tel: (031) 260 3285              Howard College Tel: (031) 260 2668
Medical School Tel: (031) 260 4506              Medical School Tel: (031) 260 4595
Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5208            Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5233
Westville           Tel: (031) 260 7302         Westville           Tel: (031) 260 7087

                                                  UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
                                                                                 Career Development and

                                                                                 Student Employment
                                                                                 Career Development and Student Employ-
                                                                                 ment provide the following services:
                                                                                 •   Student Employment (part-time and
                                                                                 •   The Work and Study and Entrepre-
                                                                                     neurship Programme (earn and gain
                                                                                     work experience while studying)
                                                                                 •   Job Search skills training and
                                                                                 •   Life Skills training and workshops
                                                                                 •   the Graduate Recruitment Programme
                                                                                     and Career Exhibitions (for job op-
                                                                                     portunities, learnerships, internships,
                                                                                     vacation work and job mentoring)
                                                                                 •    Careers Resource Centre and Internet
                                                                                      facilities. Prospective and registered
                                  Students with                                       students are encouraged to use the
                                  Disabilities                                        services and facilities available.
                                                                                      Personal and individual care and
                                  The University is committed to responding           attention is given to every student.
                                  to the needs of students with disabilities.
                                                                                      The staff aim to guide, help and
                                  The Disability Unit in collaboration with
                                                                                      support you with your career choice
                                  University departments is responsible for
                                                                                      and decisions, curriculum planning,
                                  developing and facilitating a wide range of
                                  services for the special needs of students          career paths, job preparation and
                                  eg. academic support, accommodation,                postgraduate studies. Our main
                                  finance, access, etc. It is recommended that        objective is to empower you and
                                  applicants with special needs contact the           develop your capacity to succeed at
                                  Disability Co-ordinator at:                         university and in your career. For more
                                  Howard College Tel: (031) 260 3070                  information, please contact:
                                                      Tel: (031) 260 1310        Howard College Tel: (031) 260 1429/
                                  Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5213                                 Tel: (031) 260 3072
                                                      Tel: (033) 260 5233        Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5740
                                  Westville           Tel: (031) 260 7706        Westville             Tel: (031) 260 7337
                                                      Tel: (031) 260 7888

                                         UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Professional Career                              are also provided during Orientation and at

                                                                                                  STUDENT SEVICES AND DEVELOPMENT
Assessment Services                              Contact:
A team of counsellors provides:                  Howard College Tel: (031) 260 2668 or
• computerised careers assessment                                       (031) 260 2669
• individual psychometric assessments            Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5233
• individual consultation with a                 Westville         Tel: (031) 260 7296
• personalised reports on profiles:
     personality and interests
                                                 Student Leadership
• career options and action required to          Development Office
     make your choice successful
                                                 The University of KwaZulu-Natal is
• access to a comprehensive careers
                                                 committed to producing graduates who
     resource centre
                                                 are good leaders. This means:
• follow-up consultations to make sure
                                                 • fostering students’ personal and
     you are on the right path
                                                      intellectual development and their
A fee is charged for assessment (reduced
                                                      capacity to bring about positive change
rates for registered students).
                                                      in the institution and
For further information on costs and for
bookings please contact:                         • creating opportunities for students
Howard College Tel: (031) 260 2668 or                 to develop leadership qualities
                          (031) 260 2669              and practice leadership skills. The
Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5233                  Student Leadership Development
Westville            Tel: (031) 260 7337 or           Office works collaboratively with
                          (031) 260 7751              the academic and Student Services
                                                      sectors to increase opportunities for
                                                      all students, specifically those who
Help in Planning                                      occupy positions of leadership, to
Degree (Matriculants)                                 develop their leadership capabilities. It
Starting in January, individual and group             offers an 8-day certificated leadership
career and curriculum counselling is available        course in the winter vacation as well
throughout the academic year at the Student           as short courses and workshops in
Counselling Centre. To participate in this            various aspects of leadership and
career advisory programme, advance                    conflict resolution. These are open to
booking is essential. Strategies to select            all students. Contact:
subjects towards specific careers and advice     Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5869
regarding Faculty rules for such selection       Westville              Tel: (031) 260 7804

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
                      Sports And Recreation
                                                                        activities are presently offered at the Howard
                                                                        College and Pietermaritzburg campuses:

                                                                        athletics, aerobics, basketball, ballroom
                                                                        dancing, canoeing, chess, cricket, cycling,
                                                                        hockey, karate, mountaineering, netball,
                                                                        rowing, rugby, soccer, softball, squash,
                                                                        swimming, tennis, underwater sports,
                                                                        volleyball, water polo and yachting. Howard
                                                                        College, which has its own indoor sports
                                                                        complex, also offers gymnastics, surfing and
                                                                        badminton, while Pietermaritzburg also offers
                                                                        waterski, golf and boxing. The Westville
                                                                        campus boasts a well equipped and modern
                                                                        indoor sports complex and an Olympic-size
                                                                        swimming pool. The following sports are
                                                                        offered on the Westville campus: athletics,
                                                                        aerobics, badminton, basketball, boxing,
                                                                        ballroom dancing, chess, cricket, gymnastics,
                      Sport is an important part of University          golf, hockey, karate, netball, soccer, softball,
                      life and the University caters for everyone       squash, swimming, table tennis, tenniquoite,
                      – from the recreational through to highly         volleyball and weightlifting. All sport is
                      competitive persons.         The Edgewood,        administered by the Sport Administration
                      Howard College, Pietermaritzburg, and             Office on each campus.
                      Westville campuses all have an impressive              University sport is affiliated to SASSU
                      range of indoor and outdoor facilities. Each      (South African Student Sports Union)
                      of the campuses has its own tennis and            and many opportunities are provided for
                      squash courts, swimming pool, jogging areas       competition at regional and national level,
                      and gymnasium for those who want to enjoy         culminating in the World Student Games
                                                                        which are held biennially. Bursaries are
                      recreational sport in their own time. Those
                                                                        available for top performers. Any student
                      interested in a more structured sporting and
                                                                        who is selected for provincial or national
                      competitive experience can join one or more
                                                                        representation can apply to the Sports
                      of the available sports clubs, which provide
                                                                        Administration for financial assistance.
                      excellent facilities, coaching and equipment
                      for students who wish to compete at any
                      level, from beginner through to international     For more information please contact:
                      level. Some of the major sporting activities      Edgewood          Tel: (031) 260 3610
                      offered at the Edgewood campus include            Howard College Tel: (031) 260 2281
                      rugby, football, tennis, swimming, squash         Medical School    Tel: (031) 260 2197
                      hockey and athletics. There are both indoor       Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5189
                      and outdoor facilities The following sports and   Westville         Tel: (031) 260 7362

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Student Government & Activities
Student Governance                                matters affecting them both as individuals

                                                                                                    STUDENT DEVELOPMENT
                                                  and as a body, and to serve the student
for University of                                 body; to fight for student rights, by striving
KwaZulu-Natal                                     for a just standard of general welfare and
                                                  services for all students, regardless of race,
The Students Representative Council of the        sex, colour and greed and further facilitate
UKZN (hereinafter referred to as the SRC)         communication between students and other
is comprised of a university-wide committee       stakeholders within the University, and the
known as the Central SRC (CSRC) and               higher education sector. Currently, the CSRC
five campus-based SRCs known as Local             is represented in all wide-based University
SRC (LSRCs). The term SRC is taken to             committees and also LSRC on campus-
refer collectively to both CSRC and LSRC.         based committees. It is further represented
The CSRC is comprised of 10 elected               in the highest decision-making body of the
members occupying portfolios and five             University, Council, and academic decision
LSRC Presidents; and LSRC comprised of            making body, Senate.
10 elected members occupying portfolios.               The University has developed support
The election of the CSRC and LSRCs                service mechanisms out of recognition of
are contested only by recognized student          the importance of the role by the SRC in
organisations, rather than individuals.           the institution through the establishment of
To contest the CSRC elections (held               offices such as Executive Dean of Students,
simultaneously with LSRC elections) student       Deputy Deans of Students and Student
organisations must have been recognised           Governance.
on at least three campuses of the University.
The operations of the SRC are guided by
the SRC Constitution and the authority of its     RAG (Remember
Constitution, subject to the provision of the     And Give)
Higher Education Act of 1997 (as amended),
the Institutional Statute of the University,      RAG is a student-managed fundraising
and all other relevant law of the Republic        organisation. The goal is to raise and allocate
of South Africa, as well as to the authority      funds to a number of welfare organisations
of the University Council, its Constitution is    in the local community. Allocation is based
the supreme authority in relation to student      on non-racism and non-sexism and has
governance and its affairs at the University of   as its main focus housing, education and
KwaZulu-Natal and is binding on the Student       healthcare. RAG also focuses on the
representative Council, subordinate student       creation of self- sufficient organisations
structures, and all registered students. The      that will eventually be able to operate
SRC is to represent students in all University    independently. Funds are raised through a

                                                    UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                

                                                                               Pietermaritzburg Campus

                      number of sources and include corporate       Clubs and Societies
                      sponsorship, student and public events
                      and RAG Magazine sales, sports week,          There are several religious, cultural and
                                                                    sporting clubs and societies on each of the
                      business breakfasts, wine auctions and the
                                                                    five campuses. Students are encouraged to
                      prestigious RAG Ball. RAG operates on 13      sign up as members or to start up their own
                      university campuses countrywide and raises    clubs and societies with the support of the
                      over R3 million a year.                       Students Representative Council (SRC).

                      Faculty Councils                                Co-curricular
                      Faculty Councils are structures which           Transcripts/Records
                      represent students within each Faculty.
                                                                      Participation     in     extra-curricular
                      Councils are concerned with the academic        activities will be recognised by way
                      and social interests of students. Each          of a co-curricular record similar to the
                      Council has representation on the SRC           academic transcript/record. All non-
                      through the Inter-Faculty Council (IFC), of     academic activities such as sports,
                      which each Faculty Council is a member. The     community outreach, participation in
                      IFC represents the students on Senate.          clubs and societies will be catered for.

                             UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Facilities Available to Students
Information &                                     Libraries
Communication                                     The five campuses of the University of

                                                                                                 CAMPUS LIFE
                                                  KwaZulu-Natal have excellent library
Technology                                        collections. Qualified subject librarians
The       Information       Technology      and   provide general reference and instructional
Communications Division (ITCD) main-tains         services to students, staff and the
a highly sophisticated data network and           wider community. The libraries are fully
places a strong emphasis on facilities for
                                                  computerised and operate in a networked
students. All students have access to the
network through PC labs, many of which            environment that provides access to the
are open 24 hours a day. All labs have laser      computerised catalogues and a range of
printing facilities and consultants are on duty   local, national and international databases.
to assist students. Available software includes
the standard office suites from our scanning,
colour printing and linuxlab, Microsoft,
as well as more specialised academic
software packages such as Mathematica             The E S Edminson Library on the Edgewood
and SPSS. All students receive an e-mail          campus serves the Faculty of Education.
address and have access to the Internet.
Expert consultancy in advanced statistical            Howard College
and mathematical software packages is also
available to postgraduates.
                                                  On the Howard College campus, the E G
For further information, contact the
ITCD on:                                          Malherbe Library (main library) caters for
Howard College, Edgewood and Medical              a wide range of disciplines, including the
School                 Tel: (031) 260 2481        Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering
Pietermaritburg        Tel: (033) 260 5635        and Science. In addition, the following
Westville              Tel: (031) 260 8131        branch libraries serve specialised academic
Driving Lessons
                                                  •    The G M J Sweeney Law Library in the
City Wise Driving School, based at Howard              Faculty of Law, Howard College.
College Campus, offers driving lessons to
                                                  •    The Eleanor Bonnar Music Library in
staff and registered students from all UKZN
campuses. For more information and to book             the School of Music, Howard College.
lessons please contact: Howard College            •    The Barrie Biermann Architecture
Tel: (031) 260 2882                                    Library, Howard College.

                                                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS           
                                                                  journals, tapes, videos, posters, artefacts
                                                                  and information on aspects of resistance to
                                                                  apartheid with a focus on the KwaZulu-Natal
                                                                  Midlands. Included is a major collection of
                                                                  Alan Paton’s literary works and related
                                                                  documents and manuscripts, as well as
                                                                  papers pertaining to the Liberal Party and

                                                                  other political organisations. The University
                                                                  Archives houses a collection of archival
                                                                  material relating to the University’s history
                                                                  and the achievements of its staff and
                                                                  students. CATNIP is a network of over 26
                                                                  libraries in the Pietermaritzburg region. The
                                                                  holdings of these libraries are included in the
                                                                  UKZN Library Catalogue (Pietermaritzburg).
               Nelson R Mandela                                   CATNIP members include the Natal Society
               School of Medicine                                 Library, Natal Museum, Cedara Agricultural
                                                                  Institute, and members of the Theological
              The Medical Library, situated at the Nelson         Cluster.
              R Mandela School of Medicine in Umbilo
              Road, caters for Health Sciences, as does
              the Victor Daitz HIV/AIDS Information
              Gateway at the Doris Duke Medical Research          The Westville Campus Library consists
              Institute, a virtual library which specialises in   of the Main Library which is situated in B
              HIV/AIDS research and information.                  Block near the centre of campus and the
                                                                  Joe Ryan Dentistry Library which is located
                                                                  at the Dental Hospital. The library holds
               Pietermaritzburg                                   a large volume of books, journals and
              The Cecil Renaud Library (main library)             audiovisual materials in its collections and
              serves the Humanities, Social Sciences,             in addition provides access to electronic
              Commerce and Management disciplines                 resources including bibliographic and full-
              and the Sciences. The Law Library and               text databases, as well as links to academic
              the Life Sciences Library serve Law and             and other resources on the Internet. In close
              the Biological Sciences respectively. The           collaboration with Faculties, the branches of
              Life Sciences Library is one of the most            the University Library provide information
              important research collections for natural          services and access to an impressive
              sciences in South Africa. There are also            collection of academic resources to support
              outlying collections of periodicals in the          the learning, teaching, research and
              Schools of Physics and Chemistry. The               development endeavours of the University
              Alan Paton Centre and Struggle Archives             community.
              collects, preserves and conserves                        More information can be found at: www.
              documents, manuscripts, papers, books,    

                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                      A Secure Environment
Risk Management Services (RMS) offer a         •     Occupational, Health and Safety
comprehensive range of security services:            Committees have been established
•     Trained security guards are posted             for all Faculties and support sections
    around all campuses.                             to deal with potentially hazardous
•    Student identity cards are issued/ re-          situations.

                                                                                                 CAMPUS LIFE
    validated at registration and must         •     Fire protection and detection
      be carried on your person at all               equipment is installed on all campuses,
    timeswhilst on campus.                           evacuation procedures are in place
•     Residences have 24-hour electronic             and drills are held at regular intervals.
    access control.                            •     24-hour guard escort services are
•     Campus perimeter entrances have                available for students who require an
    pedestrian/visitor access control.               escort on campus
•      Vehicle parking discs are issued        •     Access to University buildings is
    annually at registration. The issuing            controlled after hours.
    of these discs helps to control traffic,   •     Various campus areas are covered by
    prevent parking problems and combat              CCTV cameras.
    vehicle theft. Controlled parking areas    •     Students/staff/visitors are not permitted
    are patrolled by guard dogs.                     to bring firearms on to campus.
• Accidents on campus are immediately          •     Student lockers are provided.
    dealt with.
•    If you are ever a victim of a sensitive
    crime, RMS will assist you in obtaining    A parking fee will be charged for the use
    medical, counselling and other             of the secure student parking areas on
    available support services.                campus. However, owing to high demand
•    RSM views all gender violence (see        and limited parking space not all requests
    numbers*below) incidents such as           for discs may necessarily be granted.
    rape, indecent assault, assault and
    crimen injuria/verbal abuse as serious         If in trouble, call this -hour number:
    and will take immediate action::
                                                   Edgewood              Tel. (0) 0 
    - complainant to make statement to
          RSM as soon as possible                  Howard College Tel. (0) 0  or
    - matter will be referred to RSM                                          (0) 0 0
          Investigation section                    Medical School Tel (0) 0 0
    - statement will be required from              Pietermaritzburg Tel (0) 0 
          the offender                             Westville             Tel (0) 0 
    - RSM Investigation section will file                -hour campus crime info line:
          report                                                 HC and Med Sch:
    - report submitted to Proctor or                            Tel: 0 0 *
          Employer Relations (if staff                 - hour campus emergency only:
          related)                                               HC and Med Sch:
    - report is perused and hearing set                         Tel: 0 0 *
          where applicable 031-260 3333
                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
                      Introduction To The Academic

                      Structure of Faculties and                           Course choices
                      Schools                                              •   Each Faculty has different rules. Rules
                                                                               are found in your Faculty Handbook
                      •        Degree or Diploma programmes are
                                                                               and on the website (
                               offered by Faculties.
                      •        The Head of Faculty is the Dean, assisted   •   Advice about module choices is given
                               by the Deputy or Assistant Dean, Heads          out during Orientation Week in each
                               of Schools, Faculty Officer, Dean’s
                               Secretary, and Admissions Officer.          Faculty.
                      •        A Faculty consists of Schools               •   Some professional degrees have fixed
                               corresponding to different disciplines          module combinations. In Faculties
                               (Biology, History, Public Law, Sociology,       such as Humanities, Development and
                               etc.) Each School has a head, lecturers         Social Sciences, there is a wide choice
                               and administrative staff.                       of possible module combinations,
                                                                               depending on what modules can be
                      •        When you are enrolled in a module
                                                                               combined according to the timetable.
                               which is taught by a number of lecturers,
                                                                               Also pay attention to prerequisites and
                               determine who the Module Organiser
                                                                               compulsory co-requisite modules.
                               is. Tutorials may be conducted by other
                               members of the department, or by            Course changes
                               graduate assistants.                        •   In each semester there is a date by which
                                                                               registration in modules must be finalised
                      Who to go to for what                                    (about three weeks into the semester).
                                                                           •   If you are not making progress in a
                      •        You will be told during Orientation Week        module, it is better to de-register. You
                               about the way your Faculty functions.           can change to another module by this
                      •        Registration documents must be                  date, but it is often risky to start a module
                               approved by the Dean. This also applies         late in the semester as you may have
                               if you want to de-register and register         missed some important work.
                               for another module by the due date.
                               Academic Advisors will advise you if you    Duly performed (DP)
                               have enquiries about your academic          requirements
                               choices or progress. For some problems      •   Each module has DP requirements
                               you may need to see the Module                  which are specified in the module
                               Organiser.                                      material. The Module Organiser will give
                      •        For bigger personal problems, the               out this information in the first week.
                               Student Counselling personnel are           •   DP requirements include attendance
                               available.                                      requirements and a certain number of
                                                                               assessed tasks.

                                  UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
•   Do not lose your DP by careless              •     If you are not progressing at the rate
    absenteeism. If you are absent from a              which is expected you may receive
    tutorial, a test or a laboratory session,          warning about slow academic progress.
    you should submit proof of the reason        •     If you fail badly, or are not making

                                                                                                    ACACEMIC PROGRAMMES
    for your absence. If you are ill, you may          progress after warning, you may be
    require a doctor’s certificate.                    excluded. It is possible to appeal against
Assessment                                             exclusion. Documentary proof is required
                                                       if you are claiming difficult personal
•   Previously, student work was assessed
    by means of semester examinations.                 circumstances, and letters from Student
    This is now changing to a mix of end-              Counselling may be required to show
    of semester exams and continuous                   that you sought counselling.
    assessment or ‘class marks’, made            •     Dean’s Commendation is reflected on
    up of assessed tasks done during the               the academic records of students who
    semester.                                          perform exceptionally well, usually at
•   If a student fails an exam with a                  an average of more than 75% (the rules
    mark between 40-48% the student is                 vary from Faculty to Faculty).
    usually given the chance to write a
    supplementary examination for which          Financial aid and
    there is an extra fee per course.            accommodation
•   Some modules (such as the core               •     The University has a policy of granting
    modules) have done away with end                   financial aid and rooms in residence
    of-semester examinations. Tests are                only to students who have a reasonable
    done under examination conditions                  chance of completing a programme.
    during the semester. Those who pass          •     Financial aid and a place in residence
    the assessment do not have to sit the              will continue if a student’s academic
    examination.                                       performance is satisfactory. Students
•   Class marks in all modules are important.          in doubt must consult with the Student
    Make sure you submit your assignments              Funding Centre to determine if further
    on or before the due date. Marks are               funding will be available.
    deducted for late submission.                •     If there is a poor chance of funding, is
Academic progression                                   sensible to start making alternative
                                                       arrangements or enquire about less
•   The progression rules for each Faculty             expensive study options.
    are listed in the Faculty Handbook. You
    have to obtain a certain number of credits                 The Academic Year
    before you are allowed into second year.         For full-time students, there are two
    You are allowed to take second-level             semesters in the year:
    modules only if you have passed first-           Semester  – February to late
    level modules which are pre-requisites           June
    to the second-level module you wish to           Semester  – August until early
    register for.

                                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
 College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science
The College of Agriculture, Engineering and
Science is made up of two Faculties:
• The Faculty of Science and Agriculture
• The Faculty of Engineering

These two Faculties offer programmes
in the Durban and Pietermaritzburg
centres. Science is offered at both centres.
Engineering is offered in Durban, but
students may do the first year of Engineering
at Pietermaritzburg. Agriculture is taught
only at Pietermaritzburg.
    The Faculty of Science and Agriculture
aims to ensure graduates are equipped to
meet the challenges of leading South Africa
to the forefront of the world. Educational
                                                and turn them into products that are useful
objectives are outcomes-based and
                                                to society.
graduates acquire an understanding of
                                                    The professional degree programmes in
the fundamental principles and skills
                                                the Faculty of Engineering offer a wide variety
and the basis of their specialisation, as
                                                of challenging, high-status careers that allow
well as an understanding of the inter-
                                                you to add value to your community. Not
relatedness of sciences and how to apply
                                                only are all of the programmes listed below
scientific methods. The Faculty is divided
                                                offered at undergraduate level, but the
into a number of Schools. Many of these
                                                College provides postgraduate programmes
Schools offer specialised career-orientated
                                                at Diploma, Honours, Masters and Doctoral
programmes. Of all the careers in the world
today, few take raw materials of low value

                    FACULTY OF ENGINEERING
Degrees Offered                                 Upon completion of this 3-year under-
Bachelor of Science in Engineering              graduate degree students can enrol
 (4 years), Howard College and PMB              for the Bachelor of Science in Property
Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying           Development Honours degree in either
 (4 years), Howard College only
Bachelor of Science in Property                 Construction Management or Quantity
Development                                     Surveying 1- year full-time, 2-years part-
 (3-year degree), Howard College only.          time).

Overview                                         Alternative Admission
Professional degrees are offered in              Programmes
Engineering, Land Surveying and Property         Applicants from disadvantaged schools not
Development. These are structured degree         qualifying for direct entry into programmes
programmes in the applied sciences which         may be considered for admission to
stretch over four years of full-time study (3-   alternative access and foundation pro-

years for Property Development). Emphasis        grammes. Please refer to the information
is placed on training in the fundamental         on alternative access programmes for
principles, which equip engineers,               Engineering and Land Surveying on page
connstruction managers, land surveyors           25 of this Prospectus. Please note that
and quantity surveyors to deal competently       there is no alternative access programme
with the manifold problems they will meet in     for admission to the Bachelor of Science in
their professions.                               Property Development.
We offer degrees that are up-to-date,
relevant to industry and internationally         Early Selection
recognised. Our graduates readily ind top
                                                 Early firm acceptance (prior to the Matri-
jobs with good companies.
                                                 culation examinations) into Engineering
                                                 and Land Surveying programmes may be
 Entrance Requirements                           gained, at the discretion of the Dean.
 For the Bachelor of Science in Engineering
 and the Bachelor of Science in Land             The following criteria applies:
 Surveying degrees, applicants must              For the Bachelor of Science in Engineering
 have passed Mathematics and Physical            and the Bachelor of Science in Land
 Science on the Higher Grade (HG) and            Surveying degrees, applicants must have
 have a minimum Matriculation point score        passed Mathematics and Physical Science
 of 35.                                          on the Higher Grade (HG) and have a
                                                 minimum matriculation point score of 38.
      Normally a mark of at least 60%
                                                 Normally a mark of at least 70% (B on
 (‘C’ on HG) in each of Mathematics and
                                                 HG) in each of Mathematics and Physical
 Physical Science is required. Applicants        Science is required. Applicants to Chemical
 to Chemical Engineering must aim for            Engineering must aim for a minimum
 a minimum point score of 40 and a               point score of 42 and an A symbol at HG
 ‘B’ symbol at HG in Mathematics and             in Mathematics and Physical Science.
 Physical Science.                               For the Bachelor of Science in Property
      For the Bachelor of Science in             Development, candidates shall have passed
 Property Development, candidates shall          Mathematics at HG ‘C’ or SG ‘B’ and English
 have passed Mathematics at HG ‘D’ or SG         HG ‘C’. Applicants should have a minimum
 ‘B’. Applicants should have a minimum           36 matriculation points.
 35 Matriculation points for Property
 Development.                                     * Early firm selection can only be granted
                                                    where there is historical evidence of a
      Selections are based on academic
                                                    consistency between the school results
 merit and are subject to the availability of
                                                    in grades 11 and 12 and the final
                                                    Matriculation results.

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
              Applicants who do not meet the Faculty       useful products and the machines that
              entrance requirements but display academic   make them. The engineer also manages
              potential may be accepted at the Dean’s      production processes and services, ensuring
              discretion, subject to the availability of   that these meet the needs of the customer,
              space.                                       and uses computers in one way or another.
                                                           The Faculty of Engineering offers seven
              Where can you study                          different professional specialisations within

              Engineering?                                 engineering. These are:

              The first year of the BScEng is offered on   Agricultural (Bioresources) Engineering:
              both the Howard College and Pietermaritz-    Bioresources engineers work at the cutting
              burg campuses. However, not all program-     edge of technology and the environment and
              mes may be offered on both campuses.         in a variety of areas such as water resource
              Students may choose to complete their 1st    management, forestry, mining rehabilitation,
              year at the Pietermaritzburg campus but      machinery design, management and ecology.
              years 2, 3 and 4 must be completed at the    If working with living and life-giving things
              Howard College campus.                       appeals to you then you should consider a
                                                           career in Bioresources Engineering.
               * For Agricultural Engineering either the
                 first three years must be completed       Computer Engineering:
                 at Howard College campus and              Computer Engineers design and manage
                 the 4th year to be completed at the       computer systems from small Local Area
                 Pietermaritzburg campus OR the 1st        Networks (LANs) to networks that span the
                 and 4th years may be completed in         world connected via cables, optical fibres
                 Pietermaritzburg but year 2 and 3 must    and radio and satellite links. Computer
                 be completed at Howard College.           networks are the backbone on which our
                                                           economy is based. Computer Engineering
              Property Development and Land Survey-        is a rapidly expanding field.
              ing are only offered at the Howard College
              campus.                                      Chemical Engineering:
                  The CAO codes provided for each          Chemical engineers are concerned with
              programme make provision for applying        the design, construction, and operation of
              to specialisations on Howard College and     industrial plants in which materials undergo
              Pietermaritzburg campus. Please use the      physical and /or chemical change. e.g.
              relevant codes provided when completing      minerals, fertilisers, fuels and chemicals.
              the CAO application form.
                                                           Civil Engineering:
              What is an Engineer?                         Civil engineers are concerned with planning,
              It is the engineer who identifies people’s   designing, constructing and managing the
              needs and who use innovation, ingenuity,     physical infrastructure and facilities needed
              science and technology to provide optimal    for the smooth functioning of contemporary
              solutions to meet these needs. In other      society so that the optimal quality of life can be
              words, the engineer invents and designs      ensured for its people. Examples are water

supply systems, including dams and major
                                                All BScEng Degree programmes are
pipelines, transportation systems such as
                                                accredited by the Engineering Council
roads, railways, airports and harbours; and     of South Africa (ECSA).
structures such as bridges, sports stadiums,
office blocks and convention centres.          Degree Programmes in
Electrical Engineering:                        Engineering

Electrical engineers work with the             Bachelor of Science in
generation, transmission, distribution and
control of electrical power from generating    Engineering
sets at power stations, through switch gear,   This is a four-year degree, in which seven
transformers and transmission lines to         Programmes are offered on Howard
places such as factories and homes.            College and Pietermaritzburg campuses.
                                               These are:
Electronic Engineering:
Electronic engineers are responsible for       Agricultural Engineering
the design, management and specification         KN-H-BEA (Howard College) and
of an almost endless list of hi-tech             KN-P-BEA (Pietermaritzburg)
                                               Chemical Engineering
appliances, equipment and systems.
                                                 KN-H-BEC(Howard College) and
Some examples of these would be: cellular
                                                 KN-P-BEC (Pietermaritzburg)
and land-line telephones and networks,         Civil Engineering
satellite transmitters and receivers, global     KN-H-BEV (Howard College) and
positioning systems, CD and DVD players,         KN-P-BEV (Pietermaritzburg)
Hi-Fi equipment, computers and software,       Computer Engineering
high speed fibre optic communications links      KN-H-BEK (Howard College) and
as well as television and radio transmitters     N-P-BEK (Pietermaritzburg)
and receivers.                                 Electrical Engineering
                                                 KN-H-BEE (Howard College) and
Mechanical Engineering:                          KN-P-BEE(Pietermaritzburg)
Mechanical engineers are involved in the       Electronic Engineering
construction, design and management of           KN-H-BEF (Howard College) and
items as diverse as ballpoint pens, earth        KN-P-BEF (Pietermaritzburg)
moving equipment, and space crafts.            Mechanical Engineering
                                                 KN-H-BEM (Howard College) and
Mechanical Engineering is the broadest-
                                                 KN-P-BEM (Pietermaritzburg)
based engineering discipline with the
opportunity to specialise in areas such as      Note that not all Programmes will
machine design, materials engineering,          necessarily be offered on both
aerodynamics, power generation, mec-            Howard College and Pietermaritzburg
hatronics, and dynamics to name a few.          campuses and preferred locations
                                                may not be available.

                                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS             
              Degree Structure                                  and entrepreneurship, to name but a few.
                                                                Construction Management is a highly
              The first year is designed to provide the basic   skilled production management position
              knowledge and skills required for engineering.    which co-ordinates the complex interaction
              On both campuses equivalent programmes            of materials, manpower, machinery and
              will be run to provide a foundation in subjects   money involved in large works projects.
              including the following:                          The Quantity Surveyor acts as the financial
                   Applied Mathematics                          and development consultant to the property

                                                                development sector.
                   Introduction to Engineering Materials
                   Drawing and Design                            Entrance Requirements
                   Mathematics                                   For the Bachelor of Science in Property
                   Physics                                       Development, candidates shall have
              Please visit the University website:               passed Mathematics at 50 percent ‘D’ on
     for de-           the Higher Grade or 70 percent ‘B’ on the
              tailed information regarding 1st, 2nd, 3rd and
                                                                 Standard Grade. Applicants should have a
              4th year modules offered in the Faculty of
              Engineering. Click on ‘Engineering’. Apart         least 35 on the Matriculation point score.
              from the lectures during the semester, all
              Engineering students are required to obtain
                                                                Degree Structure
              practical experience in machine shops, in         First year subjects will include
              industry or in construction work during part of       Construction Technology & Processes
              their vacation.                                       Construction Drawing
              Bachelor of Science in                                Quantitative Methods
              Property Development                                  Intro to Design Appraisal &
              KN-H-BSV (Howard College only)                           Measurement
                                                                    Intro to the Built Environment
              The Bachelor of Science in Quantity
              Surveying and the Bachelor of Science in          Second year subjects will include
              Construction Management are no longer                Commercial Law
              available to new entrants. They have                 Construction Technology &
              been replaced by the Bachelor of Science              Processes
              in Property Development (BScPropDev)                 Design Appraisal & Measurement
              (3 years full-time). Graduates from this              Construction Economics &
              Programme may choose to follow either                Management
              the BScPropDev Honours degree in                     With recommended elective modules
              Construction Management or in Quantity                in the 1st and 2nd semester
              Surveying (1 year full-time) after completion
              of the Bachelor of Property Development           Third Year subjects will include
              degree. The Honours year will lead to                 Commercial Law
              professional status.                                  Construction Technology & Processes
                  The BScPropDev can lead to a                      Design Appraisal & Measurement
              variety of careers in the broad field of              Construction Economics &
              property development, namely, production               Management
              and project management, development                   With recommended elective modules
              management, quantity surveying, consulting,            in the 1st and 2nd semester

                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Bachelor of Science in                              Theory of Adjustments
                                                    Surveying (Engineering)
Land Surveying (BScSur)                             Cadastral Surveying
KN-H-BSL (Howard College only)                      Remote Sensing
                                                    With one elective module in the
The BScSur is a four-year professional
                                                    1st and 2nd semester
bachelors degree which is tailored towards
registration as a professional land surveyor,   Third Year subjects will include
but which also accommodates other closely           Cadastral Surveying
related disciplines such as geographical            Hydrographic Surveying
information systems (GIS), land information         Photogrammetry
systems (LIS), and global positioning               Introduction to Town and Regional
systems (GPS). These subjects are part of a         Planning
growing area of knowledge called geomatics.         Co-ordinate Systems and Geodetic
In brief, geomatics encompasses modern                Projections
measurement science, land information               Layout design
science, and spatial data management.               Satellite Surveying
                                                    Survey Camp 3 (in July vacation)
Degree Structure                                    With one elective module in the
First Year subjects will include                    1st and 2nd semester
    Geomatics                                   Fourth Year subjects will include
    Applied Mathematics (Eng)                      Land Tenure
    Mathematics                                    Business Management
    Engineering Physics                            Project Planning
    Survey Camp (in July vacation)                 Law for Planners
    Statistics and Adjustment                      Research Methodology
Second Year subjects will include                  Geodesy
   Computer Methods 1                              Surveying and Mapping Project
   Geomatics                                       Geodetic Surveying
   Optics and Wave Motion                          Precision Engineering Surveying
   Mathematics                                     Geographic Information Systems
   Survey Camp 2 (in July vacation)                Professional Practice

                                                  UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
The Faculty of Science and Agriculture              least one of Physical Science, Biology or
offers programmes at Westville and                  Agricultural Science with SG ‘B’ or HG
Pietermaritzburg. Not all programmes are            ‘E’.
offered on both campuses.                                In addition, for subjects that involve
    In particular, Agriculture is offered only on   more Mathematics (such as Mathematics,
the Pietermaritzburg campus and Geology             Statistics, Physics, Computer Science
only on the Westville campus. Details of            and Actuarial Science), the minimum
what degrees are available at each campus           Mathematics requirement is an ‘A’ at SG
are given in the tables on page 69.                 or a ‘D’ at HG. Programmes that demand
                                                    this higher Mathematics qualification
General Information                                 are marked by an asterisk in the tables
Qualifications offered
                                                    . Bachelor of Science (Actuarial
The following qualifications are offered
in the Faculty:                                     In addition to the above, the BSc
• Bachelor of Agriculture                           in Actuarial Science demands 38
• Bachelor of Agricultural Management
                                                    Matriculation points, with an ‘A’ at HG in
• Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
                                                    Mathematics as well as an ‘E’ at HG or a
• Bachelor of Science in Dietetics
• Bachelor of Science in Human                      ‘B’ at SG in Physical Science, Biology or
     Nutrition                                      Agricultural Science.
• Bachelor of Science                               . Bachelor of Science (Biomedical
• Bachelor of Science (Actuarial                       Sciences)
     Science)                                       In addition to a Matriculation exemption,
• Bachelor of Science (Biomedical                   the BSc in Biomedical Sciences demands
     Sciences)                                      42 Matriculation points, a ‘C’ at HG in
Access programmes                                   both Biology and Physical Science, as
• Four-Year Bachelor of Science                     well as an ‘A’ at SG or a ‘D’ at HG in
     (Augmented stream and Foundation
• Science Foundation Programme                      . Bachelor of Agriculture
                                                    Matriculation exemption with a minimum
 Entry Requirements
                                                    of 34 points is required. Candidates
 1. BSc, BSc (Agriculture),                         should also have at least a ‘C’ at SG
    BSc (Dietetics),                                or an ‘E’ at HG in Mathematics and at
    BSc (Human Nutrition), Bachelor of              least one of Physical Science, Biology
    Agricultural Management,                        or Agricultural Science with SG ‘E’ or HG
         For all of these programmes a              ‘E’.
 Matriculation exemption with a minimum
 of 34 points is required. Moreover,                . BSc (Augmented) Programme
 candidates should also have at least a             Candidates     from    educationally
 SG ‘B’ or HG ‘E’ in Mathematics, and at            disadvantaged schools who meet the

                                                                                             SCIENCE AND AGRICULTURE
minimum requirements for entry into the
BSc but do not have 34 Matriculation         With the exception of the Bachelor of
points, may apply for the BSc4               Science in Agriculture, all first degrees
(Augmented) programme. At least 28           require a minimum of three years of full-time
points are required.                         study. The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
                                             requires a minimum of four years. Students
. BSc (Foundation) Programme               in the BSc4 programme (Augmented or
Candidates       from       educationally    Foundation) will take an additional year,
disadvantaged schools who do not meet        while students in the Science Foundation
the above minimum requirements but           Programme do a preliminary year before
have Matriculation exemption and at          embarking on degree studies.
least 20 Matriculation points, may apply
for the BSc4 (Foundation) programme.         Bachelor of Science
Candidates are required to write a
selection test.                              Stream M (Mathematical)
                                             KN-W-BS3 Westville
. Science Foundation Programme              KN-P-BS3 Pietermaritzburg
Candidates         from    educationally     Stream LES (Life and Earth Sciences)
disadvantaged schools who do not meet        KN-W-BS2 Westville
the above minimum requirements and           KN-P-BS2 Pietermaritzburg
do not have Matriculation exemption but
have at least 20 Matriculation points,       A Bachelor of Science (BSc) runs over three
may apply to the Science Foundation          years. Students may take a BSc, majoring
Programme. Candidates are required to        in two disciplines, that is to say taking two
write a selection test.                      disciplines up to third year, or else take a
                                             more specialised BSc degree, called a
It should be understood that the above are   focused programme.
minimum requirements. Due to limitations         Majors for the BSc (Streams M and
on space, satisfying the minimum entry       LES) are offered on both campuses, but not
                                             every major is offered on each campus. The
requirements does not guarantee entry
                                             table on the next page shows which majors
into a particular programme or Faculty.
                                             are offered on which campus.
                                               UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
                          Specialised BSc programmes                     •   Industrial & Applied Biotechnology
                                                                         •   Operations Research*
                          Focused programmes are offered at
                          different campuses. The following list gives

                                                                         *An asterisk denotes a programme for
                          a summary of what is available. The CAO
                                                                         which the Mathematics entry requirement is
                          application codes are provided in the table
                                                                         a higher grade ‘D’ or standard grade ‘A’. The
                          on pages 14-16.
                                                                         other programmes require mathematics HG
                                                                         ‘E’ or SG ‘B’. Actuarial Science requires a
                                                                         pass in Mathematics of HG ‘A’.
                          • Actuarial Science (needs HG A in
                          • Applied Chemistry                            Bachelor of Agriculture
                             Applied Physics                             and Bachelor of
                          • Biological Sciences                          Agricultural Management
                          • Biomedical Sciences
                          • Computer Science and Information             Pietermaritzburg only.
                             Technology*                                 KN-P-BSA and KN-P-BAQ.
                          • Ecological Science                           These are both three-year qualifications. The
                          • Environmental Science                        Bachelor of Agriculture is aimed at producing
                          • Geography & Environmental                    graduates who will become development
                             Management                                  programme/project managers and leaders.
                          • Geological Sciences                          This should not be confused with the Bachelor
                          • Industrial Mathematics*                      of Science in Agriculture (see below).
                          • Microbial Biotechnology
                          Pietermaritzburg                               The Bachelor of Agricultural Management
                          • Actuarial Science (needs HG ‘A’ in           is aimed at producing graduates who
                                                                         understand economics, finance and business
                                                                         and who can apply this knowledge at farm,
                              Applied and Environmental
                                                                         agribusiness and policy levels.
                              Applied Environmental Science
                          • Biological Sciences                          Bachelor of Science in
                          • Chemical Technology                          Agriculture
                          • Computational Physics*                       Pietermaritzburg only.
                          • Computer Science and Information             CAO code KN-P-BAG
                          • Crop and Horticultural Science               This is a four-year qualification. Students
                          • Ecological Science                           may specialise in:
                          • Environmental Science
                          • Geography & Environmental                    •   Agribusiness with specialisation in
                              Management                                     Animal Science, Crop Science, Food

                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
     Processing, Horticultural Science,   Bachelor of Science in
     Wildlife Management Science
•    Agricultural Economics               Dietetics and Bachelor
•    Animal and Poultry Science           of Science in Human

                                                                                        SCIENCE AND AGRICULTURE
•    Biochemistry
•    Crop Science
•    Forestry                             Pietermaritzburg only.
•    Genetics                             KN-P-BSD and KN-P-BSH
•    Grassland Science                    These are three-year qualifications.
•    Horticultural Science                The programmes educate competent
•    Microbiology                         professionals who can practice in the areas
•    Plant Breeding                       of Dietetics and Human Nutrition and who
•    Plant Pathology                      can adapt to the changing needs of the
•    Soil Science                         communities in which they work.

    Major Subjects for BSc
                                          Westville             Pietermaritzburg
    Applied Maths*                           X                         X
    Biochemistry                             X                         X
    Botany                                                             X
    Cellular Biology                         X
    Chemistry                                X                           X
    Computer Science*                        X                           X
    Entomology                                                           X
    Environmental Biology                    X
    Genetics                                                             X
    Geography                                X                           X
    Geology                                  X
    Grassland Science                                                    X
    Hydrology                                                            X
    Marine Biology                           X
    Mathematics*                             X                           X
    Microbiology                             X                           X
    Physics*                                 X                           X
    Plant Pathology                          X
    Soil Science                                                         X
    Statistics*                              X                           X
    Zoology                                                              X

                                            UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS            
                   College of Health Sciences

                            SCHOOL OF NURSING
                         HOWARD COLLEGE CAMPUS
The School of Nursing strives to establish
itself as a centre of excellence in Nursing
and Midwifery education in Africa and the
rest of the world. The School is committed to
developing national and global communities
of health professionals and scholars by
extending the boundaries of knowledge
through innovative research and education
in Nursing and Midwifery.
For more information on the qualifications
listed on the next pages, please contact:
Tel: + (0) 0 .

General Information
The School of Nursing offers the following
• Bachelor of Nursing                              study, depending on the qualification, while
• Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced                    the Diploma and Certificate courses require
     Practice)                                     a minimum of one year of full-time study.
• Diplomas and Certificates in Nursing
                                                   Bachelor of Nursing
  Entry Requirements
  Unless otherwise stated, the requirements        This Nursing degree is a four-year
  for application for the qualifications offered   problem-based, community health-oriented
  by the School are the possession of a Senior     programme which leads to registration as
  Certificate with Matriculation exemption and     a general nurse, psychiatric nurse, midwife
  a minimum of 32 points.                          and community heath nurse.

Duration of Study                                    Entry Requirements
The degrees offered by this School require           School requirements as indicated
a minimum of three or four years of full-time        above.

Bachelor of Nursing                             LEVEL :  Credits
                                                General Nursing 1b                 32 Credits
(Advanced Practice)                             General Nursing 1a                 2 Credits
The degree is open to registered nurses         Fundamental Non-Nursing
only.                                           modules from Open

                                                                                                HEALTH SCIENCES
    The Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced           Learning or other faculties        64 Credits
Practice) is a three-year degree full time.
Candidates who are not able to attend full      TOTAL CREDITS                  CREDITS
time shall be required to devote not less
than 10 semesters to the programme. A           Advanced Clinical Practice
total of 384 credits are required to complete
the degree. Candidates may have to take         Leads to one or two clinical registrations
additional modules outside the School of        in the area of Critical Care and Trauma
                                                Nursing, Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal
Nursing to meet the requirements.
                                                Intensive Care, Advanced Mental Health,
                                                Oncological and Palliative Care including
The following options are available:
                                                Primary Care.
Comprehensive practice
                                                  Entry Requirements
The option is aimed at nurses who need one
or more of the basic registrations (General       A registered nurse with an appropriate
Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Mental         basic registration in the chosen clinical
Health Nursing and Midwifery).                    nursing specialisation(s) and six months
                                                  experience in the selected field(s)of
  Entry Requirements                              pecialisation. In addition, general
                                                  University entry requirements apply.
  Registration as a nurse and midwife.
  In addition general University entry          Degree structure:
  requirements apply.
                                                LEVEL :  Credits
Degree structure:                               Specialisation 2 (Critical Care;
                                                Oncology, Advanced Midwifery)      32 Credits
LEVEL :  Credits
                                                Evaluation of Health Programmes    16 Credits
Mental Health Nursing 2          32 Credits
                                                Managing Learning Organisations    16 Credits
Community Health Nursing 2       32 Credits
                                                Nursing Research (Project)         32 Credits
Nursing Research (Project)       32 Credits
                                                Nursing Research (Theory)          16 Credits
Nursing Research (Theory)        16 Credits
Nursing Philosophy               16 Credits     Nursing Philosophy                 16 Credits

LEVEL :  Credits                            LEVEL :  Credits
Mental Health Nursing 1          32 Credits     Specialisation 1 (Critical Care;
Community Health Nursing 1       32 Credits     Oncology, trauma or Neonatal ICU) 32 Credits
General Nursing 2b               32 Credits     General Nursing 2b                32 Credits
General Nursing 2a               32 Credits     General Nursing 2a                32 Credits

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                
                  LEVEL :  Credits                                  Degree structure:
                  General Nursing 1b                   32 Credits       Nursing Management
                  General Nursing 1a                   32 Credits
                  Fundamental Non-Nursing                               LEVEL THREE:                  credits
                  modules from Open                                     Nursing Management 2           32 Credits

                  Learning or other faculties          Credits        Managing Learning
                                                                        Organisations in Health
                  Elective modules from any level
                                                                        Services                       16 Credits
                  or school:                                            Evaluation of Health
                  Any two (16 credit) modules or one (32 credit)        Care Programmes                16 Credits
                  module within and/or outside the School of Nursing,   Nursing Research (Project)     32 Credits
                  for example, Open Learning or any other faculty.      Nursing Research (Theory)      16 Credits
                  These modules could be for example:                   Nursing Philosophy             16 Credits
                  • Social Sciences, e g: Sociology, Psychology,
                        Anthropology                                    LEVEL TWO:                    Credits
                  • Natural Sciences, e g: Anatomy or                   Nursing Management 1          32 Credits
                        Physiology, etc                                 General Nursing 2b            32 Credits
                  • Pharmacology                                        General Nursing 2a            32 Credits
                  • Community Development
                  • Computer Literacy                                   LEVEL ONE:                  Credits
                  • International Nursing                               General Nursing 1b           32 Credits
                  • Service Learning                                    General Nursing 1a           32 Credits
                  • Midwifery                          32 Credits       Fundamental Non-Nursing
                  TOTAL CREDITS:                    CREDITS          modules from Open Learning
                                                                        or other faculties           64 Credits
                                                                        Elective modules from any
                  Nursing Management/                                   level
                  Education                                             Any two (16 credit) modules or one (32
                  Leading to registration as a nurse manager or nurse   credit) module within and/or outside the
                  educator.                                             School of Nursing, for example, Open
                    Entry Requirements                                  Learning or any other faculty. This module
                                                                        could be for example:
                    Registration as a nurse and/or midwife.             • Social Sciences, eg: Sociology,
                    A minimum of one year practising as a                    Psychology, Anthropology
                    registered nurse is required for entry              • Philosophy
                    into the nursing education degree. A                • Natural Sciences, eg:
                    minimum of one year experience as a                      Anatomy or Physiology, etc
                    registered nurse working in a hospital/             • Special Science 32 Credits
                    clinic setting is required for entry into           • Pharmacology
                    nursing management. In addition general
                                                                        • Community Development
                    University entry requirements apply.
                                                                        • Computer Literacy

                          UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
• International Nursing                          • Special Science
• Service Learning                               • Pharmacology
TOTAL CREDITS                    credits      • Community Development
                                                 • Computer Literacy
Nursing Education                                • International Nursing

                                                                                                HEALTH SCIENCES
                                                 • Service Learning      32 Credits
LEVEL THREE:  credits                         TOTAL CREDITS            credits
Facilitation of Recognition
of Prior Learning                32 Credits
Issues in Health Professional                    Bachelor of Nursing via
Education                        16 Credits      Open Learning
Curriculum Development           16 Credits      This option is available for part-time
Nursing Research (Project)       32 Credits      students only. Current centres are Durban,
Nursing Research (Theory)        16 Credits
                                                 Pietermaritzburg, Queenstown, Kokstad,
Nursing Philosophy               16 Credits
                                                 Newcastle, Empangeni, Eshowe and
                                                 Umtata. A minimum of 6 semesters of
LEVEL TWO:  Credits
                                                 registration is compulsory.
Theories of Learning for Health Care
Professionals                    16 Credits
Principles and Methods                             Entry Requirements
of Teaching                      16 Credits        Registration as a nurse and/or midwife.
General Nursing 2b               32 Credits        In addition, general University entry
General Nursing 2a               32 Credits        requirements apply. Registered nurses
                                                   may be able to obtain credits for
LEVEL ONE:  Credits                             previous qualifications towards this
General Nursing 1b               32 Credits        degree. A maximum of 192 credits
General Nursing 1a               32 Credits        made up of the following can be used
Fundamental Non-Nursing                            towards this degree.
modules from Open
Learning or other faculties      64 Credits
                                                 General Nursing 1,2             128 Credits
                                                 And/or Midwifery                32 Cedits
Elective modules from any
level                                            The balance of the 192 credits can be
                                                 drawn from the following:
Any two (16 credit) modules or one (32 credit)   Community Health Nursing          64 Credits
module within and /or outside the School of      Mental Health Nursing             64 Credits
Nursing, for example, Open Learning or any
                                                 Nursing Management                64 Credits
other faculty.
                                                 Primary Care 1,2                  64 Credits
These modules could be, for example:
• Social Sciences, eg: Sociology,                Students who do not have a Matriculation
     Psychology, Anthropology                    exemption or who do not fit the requirements
• Philosophy                                     for Mature-Age Exemption, may be able to
• Natural Sciences, eg: Anatomy or               use their General Nursing qualification to
     Physiology, etc                             gain entrance to the University. They will

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS             

                  have to forfeit this credit, and will not be able   Certificates in Nursing
                  to use it towards the degree.
                  Applicants apply via Open Learning.                 The School of Nursing offers five basic
                  Tel: (031) 260 2375                                 programmes through a decentralised mode
                                                                      of delivery. Only qualified registered staff
                                                                      nurses with a minimum of  years work
                  Undergraduate Diplomas                              experience can apply for the following
                  and Certificates in                                 programme:
                                                                      General Nursing -               128 credits
                  Undergraduate Diplomas and Certificates in          Only qualified registered general nurses
                  Nursing are offered in the following fields:        can apply for the following programmes:
                  • Mental Health Nursing                             Community health nursing        64 Credits
                  • Community Health Nursing                          Mental health nursing           64 Credits
                  • Primary Care                                      Primary health care             64 Credits
                  • Oncological and Palliative Care                   Nursing management              64 Credits
                  • Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology                These modules can be used to upgrade
                  • Neonatal Nursing                                  the individual’s skills and knowledge or
                  • Critical Care and Trauma Nursing                  can be used towards obtaining the BN (adv
                  • Nursing Management                                practice) degree.

                          UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                               WESTVILLE CAMPUS
Degrees and Diploma offered                          an added advantaged. 36 Matriculation

                                                                                                HEALTH SCIENCES
•     Diploma in Oral Health                         points required for application. Closing
•     Bachelor of Communication Pathology            date: 30 September.
                                                   Structure of Diploma
•     Bachelor of Communication Pathology
      (Speech Language Pathology)                  Level One
•     Bachelor of Dental Therapy                   • Academic Skills & Development: Life
                                                       Skills, Study Skills
•     Bachelor of Medical Science (Anatomy)
                                                   • Changing Society: Culture, Ideas &
•     Bachelor of Medical Science
                                                   • Psychosocial Orientation For Health
•     Bachelor of Occupational Therapy                 Care: Psychological/Sociological
•     Bachelor of Optometry                            Perspectives on Health
•     Bachelor of Pharmacy                         • Introduction to Anatomy &
•     Bachelor of Physiotherapy                        Neuroanatomy
•     Bachelor of Sport Science                    • General Basic Physiology
                                                   • Oral Biology: Structures of the Oral
Diploma in Oral Health                                 Cavity & Peri Oral Tissues & Organs
KN-W-DOH                                           • Anatomy of the Head, Neck & Back
The School of Dentistry provides learning          • Oral Biology: Functions of System,
                                                       Organs & Tissues of the Peri-Oral
opportunities within the field of Oral Health at
undergraduate level. The School subscribes
                                                   • Cariology, Peridontology & Prevention,
to lifelong learning and therefore offers two
                                                       Dental Caries (Decay), Peridontal
programmes for continuous professional                 (gum)
development. In contributing to the National           Diseases & their Prevention
Health Plan, relevant research is conducted        • Community Studies
in this field of study. The Diploma programme      • Clinical Practice (attendance)
aims to train Oral Health Professionals            • Radiography & Photography Radio
as part of the dental team in order to play            physics, Radiographic, Techniques,
preventive, promotive, supportive, curative            Close up
and rehabilitative roles in the public and             Photography
private sectors.                                   • English Language Development, Basic
                                                       Zulu, Intermediate Zulu.
    Entry Requirements
                                                   Level Two
    Matriculation exemption and a pass
                                                   • Cariology, Periodontology &
    in Biology at HG ‘D’ or SG ‘C’ plus
    interview. A pass in Physical Science or
                                                   • Community Oral Health (epi/
    Mathematics at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’ will be
                                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
                  •        General Medicine & Special Patients           resources and obligations. A minimum
                  •        General Pathology & General                   of 36 Matriculation points required for
                           Microbiology                                  application. Closing date: 28 September.
                  •        Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology &               Interview required.
                           Clinical Pharmacology
                  •        Radiography                                 Degree Structure

                  •        Community Oral Health (ethics, law,
                                                                       Level One
                                                                       • Introduction to Communication
                  •        Restorative Dentistry & Dental
                                                                       • Clinical Phonetics
                  •        First Aid
                                                                       • Introduction to Anatomy, Head and
                  •        Minor Oral Surgery
                  •        Radiography
                                                                       • Basic Human Physiology
                  •        Diagnostics, Infection Control & Dental
                                                                       • Introduction to Psychology A
                           Specialties Oral Health Clinical Practice
                                                                       • Clinical Linguistics
                                                                       • Introduction to Audiology and
                  Bachelor of                                              Assessment
                                                                       • Hearing Sciences
                  Communication                                        • Speech Sound System Disorders
                  (Pathology Audiology)                                • Community Studies
                                                                       • Introduction to Psychology B
                                                                       • One of the modules (see Rule
                  The purpose is to provide South Africa                   SCTR10)
                  and KwaZulu-Natal in particular, with skilled        • English Language Development
                  audiologists, to ensure effective, efficient         • Basic isiZulu Communication Skills
                  and accessible hearing health care service           • Intermediate isiZulu Communication
                  delivery in the public and private sectors,              Skills
                  e.g. hospitals, special schools and private
                  practice. The service delivery includes              Level Two
                  hearing assessments (infants to the                  • Diagnostic Audiology
                  elderly), specialized diagnostic testing, the        • Clinical Practice: Initial Audiological
                  fitting of hearing aids, hearing conservation            Assessment
                  programmes in industry, and therapy with             • Clinical Practice: Speech Sound
                  hearing impaired children and adults.                    System Disorders
                                                                       • Developmental Psychology
                      Entry Requirements                               • Social Psychology
                                                                       • Developmental Language Disorders
                      Matriculation exemption with at least            • Paediatric Audiological Assessment
                      two of Mathematics, Biology or Physical          • Clinical Practice: Audiological
                      Science with a minimum of HG ‘E’ or                  Assessment: Initial and Diagnostic
                      SG ‘D’. Applicants will be subject to            • Advanced Neuroanatomy
                      selection, which will be based on their          • Introduction to Severe Developmental
                      academic and experiential background,                Communication Disorders
                      special abilities, and the University’s          • Managing Health Behaviour

                              UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Level Three                                      language pathology services in the
• Rehabilitation Technology                      public and private sectors, e.g. hospitals,
• Aural Rehabilitation: Children                 special schools and private practice. The
• Clinical Practice: Paediatric & Special        service delivery will include assessment
    Populations                                  and treatment of Speech Sound System

                                                                                               HEALTH SCIENCES
• Clinical Practice: Developmental Language      Disorders, Voice Disorders, Cleft Palate
    Disorders                                    and other Cranio-facial Disorders, Fluency
• Augmentative and Alternative                   Disorders,    Developmental      Language
    Communication & Early Intervention           Disorders, Language Learning Disability,
• Applied Clinical Sciences                      Neurologically Acquired Communication
• Auditory Processing Disorders                  Disorders in children and adults as well
• Sign Language and Deaf Culture                 as individuals with specific disorders
• Auditory Evoked Potentials: Early              e.g. cerebral palsy, autism and cognitive
    Responses                                    impairment.
• Clinical Practice: Rehabilitation Technology
• Aural Rehabilitation: Adults
                                                   Entry Requirements
• Applied Research Methods
                                                   Matriculation exemption with at least
Level Four                                         two of Mathematics, Biology or Physical
• Clinical Practice: Auditory Evoked               Science with a minimum of HG ‘E’ or SG
    Potentials & Vestibular Assessment             ‘D’. 36 points required for application.
• Clinical Practice: Aural Rehabilitation          Applicants will be subject to selection,
• Clinical Practice: Community Based               which will be based on their academic
    Rehabilitation                                 and experiential background, special
• Clinical Practice: General and Advanced          abilities, and the University’s resources
• Auditory Evoked Potentials: Late                 and obligations. Students from groups
    Responses and Vestibular Assessment            designated as desirable to correct past
• Industrial Audiology
                                                   inequalities in the profession and who
• Research Practice
                                                   have between 30 and 36 Matriculation
• Service delivery models and professional
                                                   points as calculated by the University,
• Clinical Practice: Industrial Audiology          may be selected. Closing date: 28
• Special topics in Audiology                      September. Interview required.

Bachelor of                                      Degree Structure
Communication Pathology                          Level One
(Speech-Language Pathology)                      • Basic Human Physiology
                                                 • Clinical Phonetics
KN-W-BPB                                         • Introduction to Anatomy, Head and
The purpose is to provide South Africa and           Neck
KwaZulu-Natal in particular, with skilled        • Introduction to Communication
Speech-Language Therapists, to ensure                Pathology
effective, efficient and accessible speech-      • Introduction to Psychology A

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
                  •        Clinical Linguistics                 •     Augmentative and Alternative
                  •        Community Studies                          Communication and Early
                  •        Hearing Sciences                           Communication Intervention
                  •        Introduction to Audiology and        •     Clinical Practice: Fluency
                           Assessment                                 Disorders Neurologically Acquired
                  •        Speech Sound System Disorders              Communication Disorders &

                  •        Introduction to Psychology B               Dysphagia
                  •        One of the modules (see Rule         •     Sign Language and Deaf Culture
                           SCTR10)                              •     Auditory Processing Disorders
                  •        English Language Development
                  •        Basic isiZulu Communication Skills   Level Four
                  •        Intermediate isiZulu Communication   • Clinical Practice: Language Learning
                           Skills                                   Disability
                                                                • Clinical Practice: Severe
                  Level Two                                         Developmental Communication
                  • Clinical Practice: Behavioural                  Disorders
                      Screening Audiometry for the Speech-      • Clinical Practice: Neurologically
                      Language Therapist                            Acquired Communication Disorders
                  • Clinical Practice: Speech Sound             • Clinical Practice: Initial Assessment
                      System Disorders                          • Clinical Practice: Community Based
                  • Developmental Language Disorders                Rehabilitation
                  • Behavioural Screening Audiometry for        • Research Practice
                      the Speech-Language Therapist             • Service Delivery Models and
                  • Neuroanatomy                                    Professional Practice
                  • Managing Health Behaviour
                  • Speech Disorders: Cleft Palate and
                                                                Bachelor of Dental
                  • Intro to Severe Developmental               Therapy
                      Communication Disorders
                  • Paediatric Audiological Assessment
                                                                The programme aims to train Oral Health
                  • Developmental Psychology
                                                                Professionals as part of the dental team
                                                                in order to play preventive, promotive,
                  Level Three
                                                                supportive, curative and rehabilitative roles
                  • Aphasia & Motor Speech Disorders
                                                                in the public and private sectors.
                  • Clinical Practice: Cranio-Facial
                                                                    Entry Requirements
                  • Clinical Practice: Developmental
                      Language Disorders                            Matriculation exemption with Biology
                  • Clinical Practice: Voice Disorders              at HG ‘D’ or SG ‘C’. A pass in Physical
                  • Fluency Disorders                               Science or Mathematics at HG ‘E’ or SG
                  • Severe Developmental Communication              ‘D’ will be an advantage. 36 Matriculation
                      Disorders                                     points required for application. Closing
                  • Applied Clinical Sciences                       date: 28 September. Interview
                  • Applied Research Methods                        required.

                             UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Degree Structure
Level One
• Academic Skills & Development:, Life
    Skills, Study Skills
• Changing Society: Culture, Ideas &

                                                                                           HEALTH SCIENCES
• Psychosocial Orientation For Health
    Care: Psychological/Sociological
    erspectives on Health
• Introduction to Anatomy &
• General Basic Physiology
• Oral Biology: Structures of the Oral
    Cavity & Peri Oral Tissues & Organs
• Anatomy of the Head, Neck & Back
• Oral Biology: Functions of System,
    Organs & Tissues of the Peri-Oral
• Cariology, Peridontology & Prevention,
    Dental Caries (Decay), Peridontal      •    First Aid
    (gum) Diseases & their Prevention      •    Minor Oral Surgery
• Community Studies                        •    Radiography
• Clinical Practice (attendance)           •    Diagnostics, Infection Control & Dental
• Radiography & Photography Radio               Specialties
    Physics, Radiographic, Techniques,
    Close up Photography                   Level Three
• English Language Development, Basic      • Restorative Dentistry & Dental
    Zulu, Intermediate Zulu                    Materials
                                           • Diagnostics & Radiology
Level Two                                  • Minor Oral Surgery
• Cariology, Periodontology &              • Medical Emergencies & Clinical
    Prevention                                 Pharmacology
• Community Oral Health (epi/
• General Medicine & Special Patients      Bachelor of Medical
• General Pathology & General              Science (Anatomy)
• Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology &          KN-W-MBS
    Clinical Pharmacology                  The purpose of the degree is to offer a
• Radiography                              unique programme in health sciences that
• Community Oral Health (ethics, law,      allows a wide choice of career specialisation
    practice)                              after graduation requiring core knowledge in
• Restorative Dentistry & Dental
                                           Anatomy. Opportunities for graduates exist
                                               UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS            
                  in medical institutions, research units, and      •   Anatomy of the Head, Neck & Back
                  tertiary education institutions and in the food   •   Bio-Energetics & Integrated
                  and pharmaceutical Industries. The program            Metabolism Electives modules from
                  extends over six semesters, with the level        •   Microbiology
                  one modules (over the first 2 semesters)          •   Zoology
                  registered in the Faculty of Science.             •   Pharmacology

                                                                    Level Three
                    Entry Requirements
                                                                    • Anatomy of the Upper Lower Limbs
                    Application for first level: Matriculation      • Anatomy of the Trunk & Embryology
                    exemption and Faculty of Science                    Electives modules from
                    requirement would apply. Application            • Biochemistry
                    for second level: Passes of all first           • Microbiology
                    level equivalent modules. Application           • Zoology
                    forms can be obtained from the                  • Pharmacology
                    secretary of the discipline. Closing date
                    is 30 September. Selection will be on
                    academic merit and may include an               Bachelor of Medical
                    interview.                                      Science (Physiology)
                  Degree Structure
                                                                    The three-year interfaculty programme
                  Level One                                         involves an in depth study of how the human
                  • Introductory Biology for Health                 body functions. The student will acquire
                     Sciences                                       knowledge of the subcellular, cellular and
                  • General Principles of Chemistry                 whole body mechanisms by which the
                  • Introductory Physics for Life Sciences          human organism survives and interacts
                  • Introductory Biochemistry and                   within its environment both in health and
                     Microbiology                                   disease. Career opportunities for graduates
                  • Chemical Reactivity                             exist in medical, pharmaceutical and
                  • Electromagnetism and Modern                     biological research laboratories, the food
                     Physics for Life Sciences                      and beverage industries and in the education
                  • English Language Development or one             sector including schools, technikons and
                     of the following if passed English.            universities.
                  • Basic isiZulu Communication Skills
                  • Introduction to Psychology                      Purpose
                  • Mathematics for Life Sciences
                     Students are encouraged to do                  To enable learners to acquire an in depth
                     mathematics and or statistics.                 knowledge of how the human body functions.
                                                                    They will acquire skills that will enable them
                  Level Two                                         to observe, investigate, demonstrate and
                                                                    report in accordance with the scientific
                  • Introduction to Anatomy &
                                                                    method, on aspects of body function using
                                                                    human, animal and computer models.
                  • Introduction to Biomolecules
                                                                    Learners will acquire a social responsibility

                          UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
to constructively apply the knowledge and        Level Three
skills to enhance both the quality of life and   • Neuroendocrine Physiology
the environment. Qualified learners will be      • Human Genetics and Applied
encouraged to engage in postgraduate                 Physiology Electives
studies.                                         • Advanced DNA Chemistry

                                                                                                  HEALTH SCIENCES
                                                 • RNA Chemistry and Gene Expression
  Entry Requirements                             • Advanced Protein Chemistry and
  Matriculation exemption and pass in                Dynamics
  Mathematics, Biology and Physical              • Physiological Biochemistry, Virology
  Science at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’. 36                    and Immunology
  Matriculation points required for              • Biotechnology
  application. Closing date is 30                • Advanced Bacteriology
  September.                                     • Advanced Mycology

Degree Structure                                 Bachelor of
Level One                                        Occupational Therapy
• Biology : The Smaller Side of Life             KN-W-BOT
• General Principles of Chemistry
                                                 Occupational therapy is a person-centered
• Maths and Statistics for Natural
                                                 profession that utilises human potential
                                                 to enable and empower people who are
• Introductory Physics for Life Sciences         impaired or at risk of impairment, to be
• Introductory Biochemistry and                  able to engage in the occupations of daily
    Microbiology                                 life. Occupational therapy uses human
• Chemical Reactivity                            occupation as a modality to promote health
• Electronmagnetism and Modern                   and well-being and to address problems
    Physics for Life Sciences                    related to independent living that may
                                                 arise as a result of illness, physical or
Electives                                        psychological impairment and disability or
• Life on Earth                                  adverse social conditions.
• Advanced Mathematics for Natural                    The programme in Occupational
    Sciences                                     Therapy aims to provide South Africa and
                                                 KwaZulu-Natal in particular, with a cadre
                                                 of skilled Occupational Therapy staff to
Level Two
                                                 ensure effective, efficient and accessible
• Foundations of Physiology
                                                 occupational therapy service delivery in both
• Cardiorespiratory and Renal                    public and private sectors. The programme
    Physiology                                   more specifically aims to develop competent
• Introduction to Biomolecules                   and confident occupational therapists who
• Bio-energetic & Integrated Metabolism          are able to practice occupational therapy in
    Electives modules from                       a wide variety of health, welfare, educational
• Microbiology                                   and industrial settings. The qualification,
• Zoology                                        Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, allows
• Pharmacology                                   the graduate professional to register with

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
                  the Health Professions Council of South        Level Three
                  Africa as an Occupational Therapist.           • OT: Fundamentals 3
                                                                 • OT: Theory + Fieldwork (Physical)
                    Entry Requirements                           • OT: Methods 3
                   Matriculation exemption plus Mathematics      • Clinical Sciences (Pathology,

                   and either Physical Science or Biology
                                                                 • Clinical Sciences(Medicine,Surgery)
                   all at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’ plus interview.
                                                                 • Psychology
                   36 Matriculation points required for
                                                                 • OT: Theory + Fieldwork (Psychosocial)
                   application. Closing date 30 September.
                                                                 • Clinical Sciences (Othopaedics,
                        Students from groups designated as           Orthopeadic Trauma)
                   desirable to correct past inequities in the   • Clinical Sciences (Rheumatoid
                   profession, and who have between 30               Arthritis, Occupational Health)
                   to 36 Matriculation points as calculated      • Applied Research Methods
                   by the University, may be selected. Only
                   first choice to be considered except          Level Four
                   in the case of applicants from groups         • Research Project
                   designated as desirable to correct past       • OT: Fundamentals 4
                   inequities in the profession.                 • OT: Theory and Fieldwork (as applied
                                                                     to Physical conditions)
                                                                 • OT: Theory and Fieldwork (as applied
                  Degree Structure                                   to Psychosocial conditions)
                  Level One                                      • OT: Theory and Fieldwork (as applied
                  • OT: Fundamentals 1                               to Community Based Rehabilitation)
                  • OT: Procedures: Assessment                   • OT: Theory and Fieldwork (as applied
                  • OT: Procedures: Planning                         to Paediatrics)
                  • OT: Methods: Introduction
                  • Psychology                                   The undergraduate degree comprises of
                  • Introduction to Anatomy &                    a number of theoretical modules, several
                      Neuroanatomy                               of which contain a fieldwork component.
                  • Anatomy                                      This means that the student is placed at
                  • English Language Development or              various sites under supervision of a qualified
                      Basic isiZulu Communication Skills         occupational therapist.
                  • Community Studies
                                                                 Bachelor of Optometry
                  Level Two
                  • OT: Fundamentals Theory 2                    KN-W-BOP
                  • OT: Theory + Fieldwork (Psychosocial)        The purpose is to produce optometry
                  • OT: Procedures (Performance Areas)           graduates equipped with appropriate
                  • OT Methods 1                                 knowledge and skills to adequately
                  • Physiology                                   contribute to the health needs of the country.
                  • Psychology                                   In addition, the programme is designed to
                  • OT: Theory and Fieldwork (Physical)          enhance the life-long learning skills of the
                  • OT: Procedures (Performance Areas)           learner for continuous clinical and research
                  • OT: Methods 2                                development.

                         UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                                                                                     HEALTH SCIENCES
                                             Level Two
  Entry Requirements                         • Ophthalmic Optics I
  Matriculation exemption with Mathe-        • Clinical Techniques I
  matics, Physical Science or Biology        • Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
  at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘D’. A minimum of 37       • Biochemistry for Optometry
  Matriculation points is required for       • Integration and Communication
  application. Selection is done on merit.   • Introduction to Anatomy &
  Closing date: 30 September.                    Neuroanatomy
                                             • Managing Health Behaviour
Degree Structure                             • Ophthalmic Optics 2
                                             • Clinical Techniques 2
Level One                                    • Optical Dispensing
• Mathematics for Life Sciences              • Microbiology for Optometry
• Introductory Biology                       • Homeostasis
• Physics for Optometry                      • Anatomy of the Head, Neck & Back
• General Principles of Chemistry
• English Language Development               Level Three
• Basic isiZulu Communication Skills         • Contact Lenses I
• Chemical Reactivity                        • Public Health
• Introductory Optometry                     • Physiological Optics I
• Physical & Geometric Optics                • General Pathology and Clinical
• End User Computing                             Medicine

                                               UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS         
                  •        General Clinic                         of therapy and by being actively involved in
                  •        Contact Lens Clinic                    the design, implementation and monitoring
                  •        General and Ocular Pharmacology        of pharmaceutical plans provider of cost-
                  •        Physiological Optics 2                 effective and efficient pharmaceutical
                  •        Diagnosis and Management of Ocular     services.

                                                                    Entry Requirements
                  •        Applied Research Methods
                                                                    Matriculation      exemption       with
                  Level Four                                        Mathematics, Physical Science and
                  • Contact Lenses II                               Biology at SG ‘D’ or HG ‘E’. Students
                  • Paediatric Optometry                            must have a minimum of 38 points.
                  • Binocular Vision                                Selection is based on academic merit.
                  • Low Vision                                      Closing date: 30 September. 1st and
                  • Research Publication                            2nd choices will be given preference.
                  • General Clinics/Grand Rounds
                  • Neuro-Physiology of Vision                    Degree Structure
                  • Optometric Management &
                      Jurisprudence                               Level One
                  • Contact Lenses Clinic II                      • Chemistry for the Health Sciences
                  • Paediatric Clinic                             • Intro to Physics for Life Sciences &
                  • Binocular Vision Clinic                           Agriculture
                  • Low Vision Clinic                             • Introductory Biology for Health
                                                                  • Mathematics and Stats for Natural
                  Bachelor of Pharmacy                                Sciences
                                                                  • End User Computing
                  KN-W-BPR                                        • Community Studies
                                                                  • English Language Development/Basic
                  Pharmacy is a dynamic, information driven,
                  product-and patient-orientated profession. In
                                                                      Managing Health Behaviour
                  accordance with the requirements laid down
                  by the South African Pharmacy Council, the      Level Two
                  Bachelor of Pharmacy degree is designed to      • Introduction to Anatomy &
                  produce healthcare professionals who are            Neuroanatomy
                  committed to meeting the pharmaceutical         • Physical Pharmacy
                  needs of all health seeking communities by      • Medicinal Chemistry 1
                  being the:                                      • Pharmaceutical Calculations 1
                      Custodian of medicines formulator,          • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
                  manufacturer, distributor and controller of     • Integration & Communication
                  safe, effective and quality medicine advisor    • Introduction to Pathology
                  on the safe, rational and appropriate use       • Pharmaceutical Technology
                  of medicine provider of essential clinical      • Pharmacology 1
                  services including screening and referral       • Medicinal Chemistry 2
                  services provider of health care education      • Homeostatic Mechanisms in the
                  and information provider of pharmaceutical          Human Body
                  care by taking responsibility for the outcome   • Pharmaceutical Analysis 1

                             UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Level Three                                        allowing for basic and clinical research in
• Institutional Pharmaceutics                      neuromuscular and cardiopulmonary fields.
• Medicinal Chemistry 3
• Pharmaceutical Analysis 2                          Entry Requirements
• Pharmacology 2
                                                     A matriculation exemption with a

                                                                                                 HEALTH SCIENCES
• Pharmacy Logistics, Economics &
    Management                                       minimum of an ‘E’ symbol at higher
• Pharmaceutical Care 1                              grade or a ‘D’ symbol at standard grade
• Sterile Products                                   is required in Mathematics, Physical
• Medicinal Chemistry 4                              Science and Biology / Physiology. A
• Pharmacology 3                                     minimum of 36 matriculation points is
                                                     required for application. The selection
• Pharmaceutical Care 2
                                                     of students is based on academic
• Health Law & Ethics 1
                                                     achievements as well as an interview
• Applied Clinical Chemistry
                                                     to assess the interpersonal skills and
                                                     relevant knowledge related to the
Level Four                                           practice of Physiotherapy.
• Pharmacology 4                                         Closing date for applications is 30
• Health Law and Ethics 2                            September. Only students applying for
• Pharmaceutical Care 3                              Physiotherapy as first choice will be
• Biopharmaceutics                                   considered.
• Research Project
• Pharmaceutical Care 4                            Degree Structure
• Pharmacology 5
• Pharmaceutical Calculations 2                    Level One
• Advanced Drug Delivery                           • Introduction to Physiotherapy Science
                                                   • Kinesiology for Physiotherapy
                                                   • Introductory Biology
Bachelor of                                        • Physics for Life Sciences 1
Physiotherapy                                      • Introduction to Psychology A
                                                   • English Language Development
KN-W-BPH                                           • Introduction to Psychology B
                                                   • Physics for Life Sciences 2
The Discipline of Physiotherapy is the
                                                   • Massage and Manipulation
only training centre for physiotherapists
                                                   • Physiotherapy Selected Competency
in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. It offers
                                                       Skills Choose one elective: Basic
programmes that are modularized and
                                                       isiZulu Communication Skills End
designed to accommodate a range of                     User Computing
learners with diverse backgrounds, interest
and abilities. The qualification that it           Level Two
offers has both national relevance and             • Introduction to Anatomy &
international recognition. The discipline has          Neuroanatomy
extensive access to clinical training facilities   • Integration & Communication
for general, specialized, and community            • Anatomy of the Upper Lower Limbs
practice. The Discipline has a well-equipped       • Kinesiology for Physiotherapy 1st
fully computerized research laboratory                 Semester
                                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS             
                  •        Massage & Manipulation                •     Physiotherapy Clinical Practice B
                  •        Electrotherapy for Physiotherapy      •     Physiotherapy Ethics & Practice
                  •        Selected Competency Skills                  Management
                  •        Kinesiology for Neurology 2nd         •     Clinical Science (Orthopedics +
                           semester                                    Cardiothoracic urgery)
                  •        Community Rehabilitation &            •     Clinical Science (Pharmacology, ENT,

                           Development Physiotherapy                   Dermatology &
                  •        Homeostatic Mechanisms in Human             lastic Surgery)
                           Body                                  •     Physiotherapy Clinical Elective
                  •        Anatomy of the Head, Neck and Back    •     Physiotherapy Research
                  •        Anatomy of the Trunk and Embryology

                  Level Three                                    Bachelor of Sports
                  • Clinical Sciences, (Medicine,                Science
                       Pediatrics, Neurology)                    KN-W-BRT
                  • Clinical Sciences, (Medicine, General        This programme aims to provide students
                      Surgery,                                   with a greater understanding of the
                      bstetrics & Gynecology)                    physiology and scientific bases for human
                  • Electrotherapy for Physiotherapy             performances in training, competition and
                  • Physiotherapy in Orthopedics and             recovery from sport and exercise. Further,
                      Sport                                      it provides students with skills for recreation
                  • Kinesiology for Physiotherapy                management, the health and fitness industry,
                  • Physiotherapy Clinical Practice,             coaching, teaching, working with disabled
                      (Cardiopulmonary &                         persons, with chronic disease patients and
                    Orthopedic Conditions)                       the enhancement of sport performance
                  • Research Design                              through psychological means and the
                  • Physiotherapy Clinical Practice              prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.
                      (Neurological Conditions & Community            The three-year programme provides
                      Physiotherapy)                             opportunities for graduates in the field
                  • Principles of Physiotherapy Practice in      of personal training, sports coaching,
                      Neurology,                                 management of Health and Wellness
                      heumatology, Respiratory, Surgery &        Centres, medical representatives for
                      Gerontology                                pharmaceutical companies and recreation
                  • Clinical Science, (Orthopedics)              officers in the private and government
                  • Clinical Science, (Rheumatology,             sectors.
                      Occupational Health, harmacology &
                      First Aid CPR)                                 Entry Requirements
                  • Peripheral Manipulations for
                      Physiotherapy                                  A full Matriculation exemption with
                  • Managing Health Behaviour                        a minimum of 32 Matriculation
                                                                     points required for application.
                  Level Four                                         Eligible applicants shall be subject
                  • Principles of Physiotherapy                      to selection, which shall be based
                  • Physiotherapy Clinical Practice A                not only on academic achievement

                             UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                                           •    Exercise Biochemistry, Sport Injuries &
                                                First Aid
                                           •    Practical Component level 2A
                                           •    Practical Component level 2B
                                           •    Introduction to Psychology A

                                                                                              HEALTH SCIENCES
                                           •    Introduction to Psychology B
                                           •    Introduction to Business Management
                                           •    Introduction to Functional
                                           • Introduction to Economic Systems and
                                              Elements of Price theory
                                           • Introduction to Microeconomics &
  in the Matriculation examinations.
                                              International economics
  Preference will be given to applicants
  with outstanding sporting achievement.
  To achieve the transformation goals      • Human & Physical Geography of Africa
  of the discipline and the University,    • Spatial Variability of Population &
  the selection criteria may be adjusted      Resources
  accordingly. The closing date is 30      • Development Challenges facing South
  September.                                  Africa
Degree Structure                           • Health Psychology
                                           • Neuropsychology and Cognition
Level One
• History & Adapted Physical Activity      Level Three
• Elements of Human Anatomy                • Sport Psychology
• Principles of Coaching & Conditioning    • Recreation
• Kinesiology & Health Education           • Applied Exercise Physiology
• Practical Component level 1A
                                           • Rehabilitation Science
• Practical Component level 1B
                                           • Practical Component level 3A
• General Basic Physiology
                                           • Practical Component level 3B
• Life Support Functions & Interactions
    with the environment                   • Applied Research Methods
• Basic isiZulu Communication Skills       Since its inception in 1951, the Medical
• Computer Literacy                        School has committed itself to producing
• English Language Development             highly qualified and experienced medical
                                           practitioners dedicated to improving the quality
Level Two                                  of life of the people of Southern Africa. The
• Evaluation, Statistics & Measurement     MBChB programme at the Nelson R Mandela
    of Sport Science                       School of Medicine achieves this using a mix
• Sport Organisation and Management        of problem-based learning, didactic lectures,
    Legal Aspects                          clinical bedside teaching, ural attachments
• Biomechanical Principles of Sport
                                           and research electives.
                                               UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
                      SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

Qualifications offered                            entitled to register as Medical Practitioners
                                                  in terms of the Medical, Dental and
Bachelor of Medicine &                            Supplementary Health Service Professions
Bachelor of Surgery                               Act 1974 (Act 56 of 1974).
                                                       (Visit regarding the
(MBChB) KN-M-MBC                                  Health Sciences Placement Test or contact
The Faculty offers a course leading to the        the School of Medicine.)
registerable basic medical qualification,
the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine                    Entry Requirements
and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB). The                   Entry is possible for candidates who have
two degrees are taken concurrently.                    matriculated or obtained matriculation
The course is composed of a number of                  exemption at a sufficiently high standard
modules distributed over five years.                   as defined by the Rules, or for students
     The last two years of study consist               who have shown success or potential for
of clinical modules. The undergraduate                 success at tertiary education in any field.
medical training programme combines                    Importantly, in addition, students are
traditional taught modules with integrated,            evaluated in terms of additional factors,
student centred, self-directed and problem-            which are constantly under review and
based modules, as well as clinical rotations.          which are prescribed by the University
Candidates will be exposed to clinical                 Senate and Council.
situations in the programme, starting early in
the programme, and increasing in time spent
                                                  A. Policy
and responsibility taken. The course is planned
to ensure the highest possible standard of        1.     The Nelson R Mandela School of
education and training by stimulating and                Medicine (“the School”) is guided by
encouraging understanding rather than rote               the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s
learning.                                                Mission Statement and its General
     All medical undergraduate education will            Admissions Policy, and aims to redress
be administered and directed by the School               past inequalities in the production of
of Undergraduate Medical Education in                    doctors. The Faculty may set targets
accordance with the training requirements                for different population groups as a
laid down by the Health Professions Council              measure designed to achieve the
of South Africa (HPCSA) for the degree of                objectives of the University’s said
MBChB. After meeting the requirements                    policy.
prescribed by the HPCSA, medical graduates        2.     Students will be admitted to the first
of the University of KwaZulu-Natal will be               year of study only.

3.   This policy is subject to any contractual   3.    Subject to A1, the HSPT result will
     agreements that the University has                contribute 30% and the final grade 11
     with other parties and to Government              results after proportional adjustment
     protocol.                                         for higher and standard grades in
4.   All applicants must write the Health              accordance with B6, plus any bonus

                                                                                                     HEALTH SCIENCES
     Sciences Placement Tests (HSPT) in                points as described in clause B6
     the year of application. Failure to write         hereunder, will contribute 70% towards
     the HSPT will result in an unsuccessful           the mark used for academic ranking of
     application.                                      matriculation applicants for selection.
5.   The HSPT result will contribute 30%         4.    Applicants must maintain or improve
     and the final grade 11 results (plus              their grade 11 academic standard of
     any bonus points) will contribute 70%             results in their matriculation (grade 12)
     towards the mark used for academic                examination results.
     ranking of matriculation applicants         5.    Those candidates who have not been
     for selection in accordance with the              pre-selected may be considered for
     provisions set out below. This policy             selection on the basis of their HSPT
     will enable the Medical School to pre-            scores and grade 12 results.
     select candidates.                          6.    Subject to A1, failure to achieve a
6.   Those candidates who have not been                minimum mark as determined by the
     pre-selected may be considered for                school in the HSPT test will result in an
     selection on the basis of their HSPT              unsuccessful application.
     and grade 12 results.                       7.    While there are no specific subject
7.   The entrance policy and requirements              requirements for entry, additional graded
     may be reviewed from time to time and             bonus percentage points will be given for a
     are subject to change.                            maximum of two highest scored subjects
                                                       from the following: Biology, Mathematics
                                                       or Additional Mathematics, Physiology
B. Matriculants                                        Physical Science, Physics
1.   Only applicants who have obtained a full
     matriculation exemption or equivalent at    Disclaimer Delivery of
     first attempt will be admitted.             Programmes
2.   All applicants must write the Health
     Sciences Placement Tests in the year        The University reserves the right to withdraw,
     of application at a venue, date and time    wholly or in part, the delivery of programmes
     to be determined by the School. Failure     on certain sites of delivery. Applicants for, and
     to write the HSPT (or any repeat HSPT       students in, any particular programme who
     which may be allowed on good cause          are affected will be informed well in advance
     shown) will result in an unsuccessful       of the commencement of their studies for
     application.                                the academic year concerned.

                                                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
                            College of Humanities
The Faculty of Education and the Faculty            development of the region through teaching
of Humanities, Development and Social               and learning, research, development and
Sciences together constitute one of the             community outreach, both as a measure of
four Colleges making up the administrative          social responsibility and in the furtherance
structure of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.       of the professional and academic concerns
The College is concerned with the intellectual      of many of our disciplines.

                        FACULTY OF EDUCATION
                  EDGEWOOD                   PIETERMARITZBURG
The Faculty of Education is located on                   The Faculty brings together two facilities
two sites namely, Edgewood (Pinetown)               that have strong national reputations for
and Pietermaritzburg. The Faculty offers            teacher education programmes, adult
the Bachelor of Education undergraduate             education, workplace learning and higher
degree, a wide range of undergraduate               education. Prospective students are urged
diplomas as well as postgraduate                    to discuss their needs with the relevant staff
certificates, Honours, Masters and Doctoral         at the two centres:
studies programmes.
     Our vision is of an education that is          Enquiries:
accessible and relevant to the full range of        Edgewood:         Tel: (031) 260 3663
learners, appropriate to both national and          Pietermaritzburg: Tel: (033) 260 5368
global contexts, of high quality and that           Email:
contributes to lifelong learning in a South
Africa characterised by social justice and
sustainable economic development.                   Qualifications Offered
     We understand ourselves to be a Faculty
                                                    Initial Teacher Education
located within an African university that is
socially inclusive, contextually relevant and       Those who are interested in teaching
has as its primary function the generation          as a career should note that there are
of knowledge needed in the society that it          two routes that lead to professional
serves.                                             qualification.
     The Faculty sees as its first responsibility
the study of education in the context of
lifelong learning through teaching, research        Bachelor of
and service. This study informs the                 Education(BEd)
professional development of educators and
leaders in education. The faculty adheres           KN-E-EDG
to and promotes principles of equity,               The BEd is a four-year programme of study
access, quality, collaboration and academic         that integrates academic and professional
freedom.                                            training.

  Edgewood Campus

Entrance requirements                           Professional and Career
 Matriculation exemption, selection             Development
 process and may include academic
                                                The following programmes are on offer.
 ranking.                                       Please contact us for information on the
                                                different specialisations or phases on offer.
Contact Edgewood on (031) 260 3414 for
more information.
                                                Advanced Certificate in
Postgraduate Certificate                        Education (ACE)
in Education (PGCE)                             This route enables qualified teachers to
                                                upgrade, retrain or further specialise in
The PGCE is a one-year full time or two-
                                                a subject, learning area, role or phase of
year part time programme that follows, or
‘caps’, a suitable degree.
  Entrance requirements                           Entrance requirements
  A degree or an equivalent qualification         An approved education diploma or
  approved by Senate.                             teaching certificate of at least three
Please contact us for information on the          years duration.
different specialisations or phases on offer.
                                                Contact details:
Edgewood:         (031) 260 3414                Edgewood:         Tel:(031) 260 3617
Pietermaritzburg: (033) 260 6259                Pietermaritzburg: Tel:(033) 260 6130

                                                  UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
            National Professional                             Certificate in Education
            Diploma in Education (NPDE)
                                                              The Certificate in
            The NPDE has as its purpose the upgrading
            of currently under- and unqualified (REQV 12
                                                              Education (Participatory
            or lower) school and FET college educators        Development)
            thus providing them with the opportunity          This is a two-year part-time programme

            of becoming fully qualified professionals         which aims to produce qualified community
            (REQV 13).                                        development practitioners who understand
                 The NPDE has a strong classroom focus        and can plan and implement education and
            and equips educators with the foundational,       development projects with communities.
            practical and reflexive competences required
            for further study. It is directed at foundation     Entry requirements
            phase, intermediate phase, senior phase
            and FET (vocational training) educators.            Grade 12 pass plus three years’
                                                                relevant experience.
              Entrance requirements
                                                              Contact details:
              Applicants are subject to a selection           Pietermaritzburg: Tel: (033) 260 5366
              process based on the following:

              •    A Senior Certificate Grade 12/
                                                              The Certificate in
                   Standard 10 and a Primary                  Education (Workplace
                   Teaching Certificate (PTC) or a            Learning)
                   Certificate in Education or Junior
                                                              This is a two-year part-time programme which
                   Secondary Teaching Cerfitificate.
                                                              equips industry trainers, skills development
                                                              facilitators,    learnership     coordinators,
              •    A qualification at a Grade 10/
                                                              education officers, etc with appropriate skills
                   Standard 8 level and a recognised
                                                              to train adults in an industry context.
                   teaching qualification OR
              •    A Senior Certificate Grade 12/
                                                                Entry requirements
                   Standard 10 and a minimum of
                   FIVE years teaching experience               Grade 12 pass plus three years relevant
                   OR                                           experience.
              •    Qualifications and experience in
                   technical subjects equivalent to a         Contact details:    Tel: (031) 260 7004
                   year’s post-school education.
                                                                NB: There is a wide range of
            Contact details:                                    programmes on offer at postgraduate
            Edgewood:         Tel: (031)260 7602 or             level – please visit our website:www.
            Pietermaritzburg: Tel: (033)260 6130      

             SOCIAL SCIENCES
           HOWARD COLLEGE                        PIETERMARITZBURG

Introduction                                     toward professional qualification. Similarly,
                                                 diplomas are offered in Community and
The Faculty of Education and the Faculty         Development Studies, Music Performance
of Humanities, Development and Social            (comprising African Music and Dance,
Sciences together constitute one of the          Western Classical Music, Opera and Choral
four Colleges making up the administrative       Studies) and Jazz and Popular Music, and
structure of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.    in Proficiency in Translation.
The College is concerned with the intellectual       For those applicants who would not
development of the region through teaching       otherwise qualify for university study, or who
and learning, research, development and          would not be able to compete for a place in
community outreach, both as a measure of         degree courses, there are access routes
social responsibility and in the furtherance     and foundation courses available. Finally,
of the professional and academic concerns        the Faculty offers a range of certificates
of many of our disciplines.                      which can be obtained for studies in certain
                                                 areas that do not lead to graduation with a
Overview                                         degree or the award of a diploma.
The Faculty of Humanities, Development and
Social Sciences administers a wide range         Qualifications offered
of undergraduate degrees of international        Please note that a specific qualification may
standing. Those interested in the intellectual   not be offered on both campuses.
concerns of the Humanities, the Arts and the
Social Sciences will find many stimulating       Bachelor of Arts, Howard College,
subjects which they can pursue as majors
or as ancillary courses toward a Bachelor of
                                                 Bachelor of Social Science, Howard
Arts or a Bachelor of Social Science degree.
This type of degree can form a useful              College, Pietermaritzburg
background to postgraduate study in one          BA/BSocSc structured degrees
or other of the majors, in education and in        (see below)
certain professional disciplines.                Bachelor of Architectural Studies
    In addition, those interested in more          Howard College
directed study may register for a structured     Bachelor of Community and Development
degree (see below) or for one of the specific      Studies, Howard College
qualifications (such as the Bachelor of          Bachelor of Criminology, Howard College
Theology), which can lead to professional        Bachelor of Music, Howard College
status, sometimes upon graduation                Bachelor of Practical Music, Howard
with the degree itself, but more often by          College
providing access to postgraduate study           Bachelor of Social Work, Howard College
                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               
                              Bachelor of Theology, Pietermaritzburg           Entrance requirements

                              Diploma in Community and Development
                                Studies, Howard College                        Unless otherwise stated, the basic
                              Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music,               requirements for application for all the
                                Howard College                                 qualifications offered by the Faculty are
                              Diploma in Music Performance, Howard             the possession of a Senior Certificate

                                College                                        with     Matriculation      Endorsement
                              Diploma of Proficiency in Translation,           (Exemption) and at least 32 points. A
                                Howard College                                 score of 32 points or more will usually
                              Certificate of Proficiency in Translation,       ensure admission to the degree of your
                                Howard College                                 choice, provided that there are still
                              Undergraduate Certificate in Human
                                                                               places available, but some degrees
                                and Social Studies, Howard College,
                                                                               have higher requirements.
                                                                               Applicants with scores ranging from
                              Structured Curricula                             24 to 31 points will be required to write
                              BA in Cognitive Science Howard College           an admission test, and final selections
                              BA in Cultural and Heritage Tourism              will be based on the test results.
                                Howard College                                 Applicants with good test results
                              BA in Drama and Performance Studies
                                                                               (above 70%) may gain direct admission
                              BA in International Studies Pietermaritzburg     to the degree of their choice, if there is
                              BA in Music Howard College                       space. Applicants from disadvantaged
                              BA in Music and Drama Performance                contexts who get a satisfactory score
                                Howard College                                 in the test (usually 50% to 67%) may
                              BA in Philosophy, Politics and Law               be selected for the HDSS Extended
                                Pietermaritzburg                               Curriculum Programme, which is
                              BA in Psychology, Pietermaritzburg               offered at both Howard College and
                              BA in Visual Art, Pietermaritzburg               Pietermaritzburg. Applicants without
                              BSocSc in Geography and Environmental            Matriculation exemption may qualify
                                Management                                     for exemption through the successful
                                Howard College, Pietermaritzburg
                                                                               completion of the first semester of this
                              BSocSc in Government, Business and
                                Ethics, Pietermaritzburg                       access programme.
                              BSocSc in Housing, Howard College
                              BSocSc in Industrial, Organisational and       Duration of qualifications
                                Labour Studies, Howard College               Unless otherwise stated, the degrees and
                              BSocSc in International Studies,               diplomas offered by this faculty require a
                                Pietermaritzburg                             minimum of three years of full-time study
                              BSocSc in Management and                       or four years of part-time study, while the
                                Communication Studies,                       certificate courses require a minimum of
                                Howard College                               one year of full-time study or two years of
                              BSocSc in Philosophy, Politics and Law,
                                Pietermaritzburg                             part-time study. Please note that only a few
                              BSocSc in Psychology, Howard College,          courses and qualifications are offered in
                                Pietermaritzburg                             part-time hours.

                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Degree structure                                    structured programme. Its purpose is

                                                                                                     HUMANITIES, DEVELOPMENT AND
                                                    to produce competent experts who are
General studies (i.e. the BA and the BSocSc)
                                                    able to act as managers, administrators,
degrees consist of 2 majors and a relatively
free choice of elective modules. (A major is a      entrepreneurs, tour operators, researchers
subject that is studied, usually, from first-year   and educators in the emerging field of

                                                                                                          SOCIAL SCIENCES
level through to third-year level.)                 cultural and heritage tourism. Graduates will
Structured degrees (e.g. the BA in Drama            be sensitized to current debates in this field
and Performance Studies or the BSocSc in            of study, where ‘heritage’ extends beyond
Psychology) consist, usually, of one major          historical sites and artifacts to include the
subject and a group of cognate elective             environment and contemporary cultural
modules, but some structured degrees include        practices.
two full major subjects.
A ‘normal’ curriculum consists of four
modules per semester at the first and second        BA in Drama and
levels, and two to four modules per semester        Performance Studies
at the third level. See tabulations on pages
102-103.                                            KN-P-ABD
                                                    The BA in Drama and Performance Studies
BA in Cognitive Science                             is a three-year degree allowing for in-depth
                                                    involvement in all aspects of Applied Drama
KN-H-AAC                                            and Performance Studies. Modules offered
Cognitive Science is a coalition of separate        cover dramatic literature and performance
disciplines that together attempt to understand
how humans and other systems extract and            studies, acting, directing, dance and
process information to control their behaviour.     choreography, applied drama for education
Traditional disciplines in Cognitive Science        and development, scriptwriting and technical
include Computer Science, Linguistics,              theatre design and implementation.
Philosophy and Psychology. Students taking          Specialisation is possible at third level.
the BA in Cognitive Science will choose any
two of those subjects as majors, and must           Recent graduates work in professional
study at least one more of them at first and        theatre, education, development, law, public
second level.                                       relations, psychotherapy and the media.
     Students who choose to include Computer
Science in their curriculum must have achieved
a D for Higher Grade Mathematics and an E           BSocSc in Geography
for Higher Grade Physical Science, Biology          and Environmental
or Computer Studies in the Senior Certificate
examinations.                                       Management
BA in Cultural and                                  The Geography and Environmental
Heritage Tourism                                    Management programme is a three-year
                                                    degree designed to enable students to
KN-H-ABT                                            understand, assess and provide solutions
The BA in Cultural and Heritage Tourism is          to environmental problems. The programme
a three-year degree in an interdisciplinary,        is structured around a core of Geography
                                                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               

                              and Environmental Science modules. The         •   the skills and knowledge that will enable
                              environmental management component                 them to slot into a variety of educational
                              of the programme provides skills and               and career paths – thus enhancing their
                              tools for applied problem-solving. This            mobility and choices
                              focus is complemented by a range of            •   the basis to understand the nature,
                              elective modules that deepen students’             responsibilities and value of good
                              understanding of the social, political and         citizenship
                              historical context of environmental issues.    •   an appreciation of the importance of
                              Although not a requirement, it is highly           intellectual and professional probity, and of
                              recommended that both Mathematics and              critical thinking and analysis
                                                                             •   an understanding of the value of ethics
                              Geography have been taken as Grade 12
                                                                                 in the pursuit of public service and
                                                                                 entrepreneurial opportunities
                              For further information, please contact:       •   the awareness and understanding of the
                     (HC) or                       societal norms, values and varied cultures
                     (Pmb)                         that shape our domestic and global
                              BSocSc in Government,
                              Business and Ethics                            BSocSc in Housing
                              KN-P-SOG                                       KN-H-SOR
                              The undergraduate programme is designed        The Housing Programme in the School of
                              to combine training in the government          Architecture, Planning and Housing offers
                              and business fields with a strong and          a structured undergraduate degree, the
                              complementary foundation in ethics. The idea   Bachelor of Social Science in Housing. It
                              is to prepare graduates broadly and better     is designed to provide skilled graduates
                              for an increasingly competitive job market     across the full spectrum of housing delivery
                              through training that will equip them with:    and management. It includes prescribed

                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
modules in Economics, Business Studies,              the world. Increasingly, the most attractive

                                                                                                        HUMANITIES, DEVELOPMENT AND
Commercial Law and Management. Housing               career paths require knowledge and skills that
subjects are taught in the studio or in lecture      go beyond one’s own community or country.
venues of the extensive facilities within the        The BA or BSocSc in International Studies is
School of Architecture, Planning and Housing.        a new age degree programme that aims to
Candidates who successfully complete the             prepare graduates for lives in a fast-changing

                                                                                                             SOCIAL SCIENCES
degree of Bachelor of Social Science in              world or for postgraduate training in a wide
Housing may be eligible to proceed to the            variety of fields.
degree of Masters in Housing.
                                                     BSocSc in Management &
BSocSc in Industrial,                                Communication Studies
Organisational and                                   KN-H-SMC
Labour Studies                                       The programme is structured around a
                                                     core of communication and management
KN-H-SOI                                             modules. It addresses the role of pro-
The programme consists of a major in                 fessional communications in careers in
Industrial, Organisational and Labour                the business world, such as in sales and
Studies, complemented by a range of                  marketing, tourism, public relations – in other
compulsory and elective modules drawn                words, where communication, language
from Sociology, Economics, Development               in problem solving and the generation of
Studies, Industrial Psychology and other             ideas, and management-related issues are
cognate disciplines.                                 central.
                                                         For further information, please contact:
BA or BSocSc in
International Studies                                BA in Music
KN-P-ABI/KN-P-SOF                                    KN-H-BAM
International Studies prepares learners for          The BA in Music offers students a flexible
life both as broadly trained professionals and       curriculum that can be tailored to the career
as citizens of the world. The multi-disciplinary     plans of students who wish to specialise
approach of the programme exposes graduates          in music. It can include both the academic
through intellectual explorations to different       and the practical study of music. The degree
social norms, values, cultural contexts, and         prepares students for many careers, including
political systems around the world. Also, it seeks   teaching, music technology, music journalism,
to prepare learners to develop a more flexible       community development and music research.
outlook for understanding and evaluating the         Students must earn at least 60% of their credits
complex societies and institutions that help give    from Music modules, drawn from a range of
shape to our world. In this way, graduates are       Music subjects, and at least 8% from non-
better positioned for employment in a variety        Music subjects. They may major in another BA
of businesses and multinational agencies and         subject, or may choose to complete only the
organisations such as the intergovernmental          compulsory minimum of non-Music subjects.
and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)                There are no special requirements for
that have clients or conduct business around         entrance to this degree, but admission to some
                                                        UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                
                              modules depends on satisfactory performance

                              in a diagnostic test or in a music audition.
                                   For further information, please contact:
                     or Tel: (031) 260 2377

                              BA in Music and Drama
                              This theoretical and practical degree is
                              designed for students interested in a career in
                              the South African performance industry, with
                              the majority of modules selected from Music
                              and from Drama and Performance Studies.
                              Those intending to register must consult with
                              the Academic Co-ordinator and with a Drama
                              adviser to ensure that they structure their
                              options correctly. Admission to certain Music
                              modules requires an audition or a diagnostic      Psychology and for those wanting to apply
                              test.                                             for the Bachelor of Psychology in their
                                   For further information, please contact:     third year. The degree involves taking a
                     or Tel: (031) 260 2377           structured degree in Psychology (PMB)
                                                                                which comprises compulsory and elective
                              BA or BSocSc in                                   modules in Psychology, or a “double”
                                                                                Psychology major in General Psychology
                              Philosophy, Politics and                          and Industrial Psychology (HC).
                              Law                                                    For further information, please contact:
                                                                       (HC) or grantham@
                              KN-P-ABP/KN-P-SOL                        (PMB)
                              The Philosophy, Politics and Law Programme
                              is designed to provide a strong foundation for    BA in Visual Art
                              those considering a career in Law or some form
                              of management. It involves majoring in one        KN-P-AAV
                              or more of the three disciplines, and making      The BA in Visual Art is a three-year degree with
                              up the rest of the degree from a structured       a full programme of studio-based courses and
                              combination of the other two as well as from a    Art History. The practical curriculum includes
                              few elective courses.                             drawing, painting,ceramics, printmaking
                                                                                and computer graphics. Recent graduates
                                                                                are following careers in education, design,
                              BA/BSocSc in                                      animation, museology and illustration. Although
                                                                                most candidates have studied art for Grade
                              Psychology                                        12, those who have not done so are welcome
                              KN-H-SOS or KN-P-ARP/KN-P-SOS                     to try introductory courses.
                              The BA/BSocSc in Psychology is for                For further information contact:
                              students with a specialised interest in 

                                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Bachelor of Architectural                      community development practitioners who

                                                                                               HUMANITIES, DEVELOPMENT AND
                                               are able to work in areas such as local
Studies                                        government, NGOs, CBOs, corporate social
KN-H-BAR                                       responsibility programmes and training
                                               organisations. Graduates will be equipped
  Entrance requirements                        with both theoretical knowledge and practical

                                                                                                    SOCIAL SCIENCES
                                               skills to initiate, implement and manage
  To enter this programme, students will       community development programmes.
  require at least 36 Matriculation points     Students who successfully complete the first
  with Maths at HG ‘E’ or SG ‘C’. In           two years of the programme may qualify for
  addition applicants will be required to      the Diploma in Community and Development
  submit a portfolio of creative work, write   Studies .
  an essay and complete a questionnaire.            For further information, please contact:
  Selection of applicants will be influenced
  by the responses to the above.
                                               Bachelor of Criminology
This programme provides an introduction
to Architectural Design and related issues.    KN-H-BLC
Graduates will be qualified to apply for
registration with the SA Council for the         Entrance requirements
Architectural Profession as a Senior
                                                 Applicants must have at least 34
Architectural Technologist. Graduates
who attain a minimum of 60% in their             Matriculation points.
major courses in their final year of the
undergraduate degree may proceed to            The purpose of this programme is to
postgraduate studies in Architecture. Other    develop competent professionals with a
areas of related postgraduate studies          sound knowledge and understanding of
include Planning, Housing and Development      the complexities of crime, the motivation of
Studies. For further information, please       offenders, the vulnerability of victims, and
contact:                      the management of crime.

Bachelor of Community                          Bachelor of Music
and Development Studies                        KN-H-BM1
                                                 Entrance requirements
  Entrance requirements                          In addition to the normal faculty
  Applicants must have at least 28               entrance requirements, admission
  Matriculation points.                          to the BMus requires success in an
                                                 audition or successful completion of
The Bachelor of Community and                    the first semester of one of the Music
Development Studies is an undergraduate          Diplomas and the module Academic
programme intended to produce qualified          Learning in English.

                                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS              
                              This is a four-year degree in which students   For further information, please contact:

                              specialise in one of the following:   or Tel: (031) 260 2377
                              • African Music and Dance
                              • Composition                                  Bachelor of Social Work
                              • Jazz Studies

                              • Music Education
                              • Musicology and Ethnomusicology
                              • Music Technology                               Entrance requirements
                              • Orchestral Performance                         Applicants must have at least 28
                              • Performance                                    Matriculation points. Please note
                              • Popular Music Studies                          that, because of limited space in the
                              The degree includes mandatory common             programme, 28 points do not guarantee
                              modules in: Music, Culture & History;            acceptance. Applicants with fewer
                              Practical Study; Music Ensemble; Music           points or with Mature Age Exemption
                              Theory & Perception; and English. The            may be admitted into the programme at
                              rest of the degree is comprised of electives     the discretion of the Head of School.
                              chosen by the student, which may include
                              non-music modules.                             The purpose of this four-year undergraduate
                              For further information, please contact:       qualification is to provide qualifiers with
                     or Tel: (031) 260 2377        graduate-level knowledge, skills, values and
                                                                             competencies in Social Work, registrable
                                                                             with the South African Council for Social
                              Bachelor of Practical                          Service Professionals. This will enable
                              Music                                          individuals to practise as private practitioners
                              KN-H-BMO                                       and in governmental and non-governmental
                                                                             organisations including industry, education,
                                Entrance requirements                        health, and correctional services within both
                                                                             urban and rural settings.
                                A three-year Diploma in Jazz and
                                Popular Music, or equivalent, and            For further information, please contact:
                                a successful audition, subject to   or
                                approval by the Head of School and/or
                                interviewing panel.
                                                                             Bachelor of Theology
                              This is a one-year programme at fourth
                              level, with a curriculum designed to build
                              on the existing Diploma in Jazz and            KN-P-BTH
                              Popular Music or on the Diploma in Music
                              Performance. Students with Diplomas from         Entrance requirements
                              other institutions may be admitted at the
                              discretion of the interviewing panel if they     Applicants must have at least 30
                              fulfil the above requirements.                   Matriculation points. Success in

                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
  an accredited alternative selection            For further information, please

                                                                                                HUMANITIES, DEVELOPMENT AND
  procedure may also secure admission.           contact: or
                                                 Tel: (031) 260 2377
The Bachelor of Theology structure and
the syllabuses of the various subjects in it
have been designed with a wide range of          Diploma in Music

                                                                                                     SOCIAL SCIENCES
prospective students in mind. Provision is       Performance (Western
made for students who need to study Greek
and Hebrew. At least two modules in a            Classical, African Music
language must be taken.                          and Dance, Opera, Choral
Diploma in Jazz and
Popular Music
KN-H-DMJ                                           Entrance requirements
                                                   A Senior Certificate is required for
  Entrance requirements                            admission, and applicants must show
  A Senior Certificate is required for             their musical ability in an audition
  admission, and applicants must show              (performance).
  their musical ability in an audition
  (performance).                                 These three-year programmes concentrate
                                                 on music performance. Students without
This is a three-year programme with a            Matriculation Endorsement (Exemption) who
strong practical component. Students who         successfully complete all the first-semester
successfully complete the Diploma with a         modules of the first-year curriculum of the
satisfactory level of all-round performance      diploma (including Academic Learning in
may apply to continue with a fourth year and     English) may, on the basis of these modules,
attain the Bachelor of Practical Music degree.   apply for Senate Exemption, and may then
Candidates who do not fully meet the above       apply for admission to the Bachelor of Arts
entrance requirements may be admitted            in Music, the Bachelor of Arts in Music
to a one-year foundation programme in            and Drama Performance, or the Bachelor
Music.      Students without Matriculation       of Music. Practical courses (instrument
Endorsement (Exemption) who successfully         lessons and ensembles) are the same for
complete all the first-semester modules          diploma and degree students, and some
of the first-year curriculum of the diploma      of the requirements for the BMus or BA
(including Academic Learning in English)         degrees are available as electives. Students
may, on the basis of these modules, apply        must complete one of the English language
for a Senate Exemption and may then apply        modules.
for admission to the degree programme for
the Bachelor of Arts in Music, the Bachelor      For further information, please
of Arts in Music and Drama Performance, or       contact: or
the Bachelor of Music.                           Tel: (031) 260 2377

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS             0
                              Diploma in Proficiency in                        Undergraduate Certificate

                              Translation                                      in Human and Social
                              This is a two-year diploma that can be           Studies
                              completed during the course of either a BA       This certificate may be awarded on

                              or a BSocSc degree programme. Students           application to students who have
                              must study English and another language
                                                                               successfully completed a full first-year
                              up to second-year level, as well as a number
                                                                               curriculum covering a specified range of
                              of cognate and elective subjects. Students
                              who gain at least 70% in the course              learning fields, such as communication skills
                              Translation and Intercultural Communication      in English and information handling. The
                              may also earn a Certificate of Proficiency in    first-year curricula of most of the degrees
                              Translation. For further information, please     offered by the Faculty will allow students to
                              contact:                    qualify for this certificate.

                              BA and BSocSc Majors
                              The following table shows which majors are offered by the Faculty of Humanities, Development
                              and Social Sciences for the BA Degree [(Howard College (KN-H-BA2) Pietermaritzburg
                              (KN-P-BA2)] and/or the BSocSc Degree [(Howard College (KN-H- SO2), Pietermaritzburg
                                Major subjects for BA and BSocSc              Howard College         Pietermaritzburg
                                Afrikaans en Nederlands                             •                       •
                                Anthropology                                        •
                                Applied Language Studies                                                       •
                                Art History                                                                    •
                                Biblical Studies                                                               •
                                Classical Civilisation                               •                         •
                                Community Development                                •
                                Criminology                                          •
                                Cultural and Heritage Tourism                        •
                                Development Studies                                  •
                                Drama and Performance Studies                        •                         •
                                Economic History                                     •
                                English Studies                                      •                         •
                                Ethics Studies                                                                 •
                                Fine Art                                                                       •
                                French                                               •                         •
                                German                                               •                         •
                                Greek                                                •                         •
                                History                                              •                         •
                                Industrial, Orgnisational & Labour Studies           •
                                Industrial Psychology                                •

                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
  Major subjects                              Howard College     Pietermaritzburg

                                                                                        HUMANITIES, DEVELOPMENT AND
  Internet Studies                                   •
  IsiZulu (mother tongue/non-mother tongue)          •                   •
  Language in the Working World*                     •
  Latin                                              •                   •

                                                                                             SOCIAL SCIENCES
  Linguistics                                        •
  Media and Cultural Studies                         •                   •
  Music                                              •
  Philosophy                                         •                   •
  Political Science                                  •                   •
  Psychology                                         •                   •
  Religion                                           •
  Sociology                                          •                   •
  Translation Studies                               •*                   •
  * Subject to confirmation
Majors from other faculties accepted for the BA (KN-H-BA2/KN-P-BA2) and/or the BSocSc
(KN-H-SO2/KN-P-SO2) (Additional subjects may be accepted as majors with the approval
of the relevant deans.).

  Major subjects                              Howard College     Pietermaritzburg
  Community Resource Management                                         •
  Computer Science*                                                     •
  Economics*                                        •                   •
  Education and Development                                             •
  Geography                                         •                   •
  Human Resource Management*                                            •
  Information Systems & Technology                                      •
  Legal Studies                                     •                   •
  Management                                        •                   •
  Marketing*                                        •
  Marketing Management*                                                  •
  Mathematics*                                                           •
  Public Administration**                           •
  Rural Resource Management                                              •
  Statistics*                                                            •
* Registration for these subjects may be refused if students do not meet the entrance
  requirements set by the respective Faculties or School
** Subject to confirmation
                                                 UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS       0
             College of Law and Management Studies

The College of Law and Management Studies                 The Faculty of Law is situated on both
is one of the largest professionally-driven          the Howard College and Pietermartizburg
Colleges in the University of KwaZulu-Natal.         campuses and offers degrees at both
The College comprises two Faculties:                 campuses while offering a limited number of
                                                     service modules on the Westville campus.
•         The Faculty of Law
                                                          In the case of the Faculty of Management
•         The Faculty of Management Studies
                                                     Studies, it is envisaged that the Faculty
Both Faculties offer a wide range                    will have its headquarters on the Westville
of undergraduate and postgraduate                    campus, and will offer degrees at both the
qualifications that are geared to preparing          Westville and Pietermaritzburg campuses
candidates for a professional career in the          while offering various support courses on
world of law, commerce and industry.                 the Howard College campus.

                                 FACULTY OF LAW
               HOWARD COLLEGE                        PIETERMARITZBURG

Faculty Overview                                     with critical knowledge and understanding
                                                     of the law, can also provide insight into the
The Faculty of Law operates on two                   many practical aspects of legal practice.
campuses; one in Durban (Howard College)             The Faculty has a long established and
and one in Pietermaritzburg.                         highly respected Moot Court programme in
    Undergraduate and postgraduate                   which all students must argue a point of law.
courses are run by dedicated staff who are           The entire process including the research,
specialists in their own particular field. Faculty   preparation and presentation is conducted
staff are rich in practical experience and           as if the students were arguing an appeal
therefore, in addition to providing students         before the High Court or the Supreme Court

of Appeal. Preliminary rounds are judged by
                                                   the case of students applying after

                                                                                                   LAW AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES
members of staff, and after the semi-final,
                                                   having obtained a prior degree) an
the best students proceed to the final which       average mark of 65% in prior studies
is judged by three judges of the High Court.       with no failures in law modules.
The final is the premier event in the calendar
of the Law Faculty and is attended by            Part time Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
members of the legal profession, University      Howard College
management, staff and students, donors           Apply to the Faculty directly
and visitors from other universities and         Pietermaritzburg
institutions.                                    Apply via CAO KN-P-BLZ
     The Moot Court programme, together
with visits to local law courts, exposes           Entrance Requirements
students to some of the realities of the law
in practice.Law students may also gain             Matriculation exemption with English
practical experience by assisting in the           First language (HG) D. Admission will
Campus Law Clinic (Howard College)and              be at the discretion of the Selection
the Legal Advice Centre (Pietermaritzburg).        Committee.

Degree offered                                   Degree Structure
                                                 This degree may be completed over 8
Bachelor of Law (LLB)                            semesters (4 years) of full-time study or
The degree is offered on a full-time as well     10 semesters (5 years) of part-time study.
as part-time basis on both campuses.             Alternatively, students who elect first to
                                                 complete a Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor
Full time Bachelor of Laws (LLB)                 of Social Science degree with a major in
Howard College KN-H-BLI                          law, can complete the degree in a further 4
Pietermaritzburg KN-P-BLI                        semesters (2 years) of full-time study, i.e. a
                                                 total of 5 years.
  Entrance Requirements
  Matriculation exemption with English           For information on part time studies
  First language (HG) D or English               contact:
  Second language (HG) B is required             Tel: (031) 260 3301/3046 Howard College
  for admission. Applicants require a            or
  minimum of 36 points on the Matriculation      Tel: (033) 260 5014 Pietermaritzburg
  scale. Alternatively, students may elect
  first to complete a Bachelor of Arts or        Students who have completed an LLB can
  Bachelor of Social Science degree with         apply to study towards a masters degree in
  a law major, before seeking admission          Law on either campus. Accepted students
  to the LLB degree. In either case the          specialise in a field of law of their interest.
  number of places available is limited,         This degree can be obtained in one year
  and selections are made in accordance          of full time study and two years of part time
  with established criteria, including (in       study.

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS                0
                                         FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES

                                                WESTVIILLE               PIETERMARITZBURG

                              Overview                                          be completed in a minimum of three to four
                                                                                years depending on whether first registration
                              Management Studies focuses on the                 is in the first or second semester and
                              provision of educational opportunities to         whether the student is registered on a full or
                              equip candidates for careers in the wide          part-time basis, although part-time students
                              field of commerce and industry. A wide            are strongly encouraged to take four years
                              theoretical training and sound foundation         of study. All other undergraduate degrees
                              in the principles of Accounting, Economics,       – the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of
                              Finance, Information Systems, Management,         Commerce in Accounting and the Bachelor
                              Human Resource Management and                     of Administration – require a minimum of
                              Public Administration are provided. The           three years of full-time study.
                              undergraduate degree courses offered are
                              specially designed to develop in candidates
                              an innovative and entrepreneurial outlook         Other programmes offered
                              as well as an adaptability of mind which          Alternative Access Programmes:
                              will enable them, after a brief period of
                              practical experience, to become eligible          Management Studies Extented Programme,
                              for responsible managerial positions (in the        Pietermaritzburg and Westville
                              private and/or public sectors) or, if desired,    Certificate in Business Admininstration,
                              self-employment.                                    Pietermaritzburg Enriched Management
                                                                                  Studies (EMS) Programme, Westville
                              Qualifications Offered
                                                                                  NOTE: In the context of the merger
                              Bachelor of Administration, Westville               Management Studies and Commerce
                              Bachelor of Business Administration,                from the Howard College and Westville
                                Pietermaritzburg & Westville                      campuses are now consolidated on
                                (Evening lectures only)                           the    Westville campus
                              Bachelor of Commerce, Pietermaritzburg &
                              Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting,               Bachelor of
                                Pietermaritzburg & Westville                    Administration,
                              Bachelor of Business Science, Westville
                                                                                Westville KN-W-BAD
                              Bachelor of Business Science (Actuarial
                                Science), Westville                               Entrance Requirements
                                                                                  Matriculation exemption with HG ‘E’
                              Duration of Degrees
                                                                                  or SG ‘D’ in Mathematics is required.
                              The Bachelor of Business Science requires a         Applicants require at least 30
                              minimum of four years of full-time study, while     Matriculation points for application.
                              the Bachelor of Business Administration can

                                      UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
Degree Structure: A three-year full-time        Programme. (Refer to Access Programmes

                                                                                                   LAW AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES
qualification that allows for specialisation    on page 25).
in Human Resource Management,
Management and Public Administration.           Degree Structure
                                                A three-year full-time qualification that allows
Bachelor of Business                            for specialisation in Accounting, Economics,
Administration                                  Finance, Human Resource Management,
                                                Information Systems, Law (Pietermaritzburg
Pietermaritzburg KN-P-BBA
                                                only), Management, Marketing, Politics/Philo-
Westville        KN-W-BBA
                                                sophy/Economics, Supply Chain Management
  Entrance Requirements                         and Public Administration.
  Entry will be by means of:
  a) Matriculation Exemption                    Bachelor of Commerce
  b) completion of the Certificate in
     Business Administration
                                                in Accounting
  Degree Structure: A three to four year        Pietermaritzburg KN-P-BCN
  qualification offered through evening         Westville        KN-W-BCN
  classes that provides a well-balanced
  management education.                           Entrance Requirements
                                                  Matriculation exemption is required.
Bachelor of Commerce,                             Students wishing to pursue the BCom
                                                  in Accounting require a minimum of 36
Pietermaritzburg KN-P-BC1                         Matriculation points as well as at least
Westville        KN-W-BC1                         a HG ‘D’ or SG ‘B’ for Matriculation
                                                  Mathematics for automatic admission
  Entrance Requirements                           subject to availability of places.
  Matriculation exemption is required.
  Students wishing to pursue the BCom           Applicants with 40+ Matriculation points for
  require a minimum of 36 Matriculation         both Grade 11 and mid-year or Trial Grade
  points as well as at least a HG ‘D’ or        12 will be considered for early selection.
  SG ‘B’ for Matriculation Mathematics          Applicants who have Matriculation
  for automatic admission subject to            exemption but do not meet the Matriculation
  availability of places.                       points requirements or the Matriculation
                                                Mathematics requirement may seek
Applicants with 40+ Matriculation points        admission to the Faculty’s Alternative
for both Grade 11 and mid-year or Trial         Access programme. Refer page 27.
Grade 12 will be considered for early
selection. Applicants who have Matriculation    Degree Structure
exemption but do not meet the Matriculation
points requirements or the Matriculation        A three-year full-time qualification that is
Mathematics requirement may seek                specifically designed to prepare students for
admission to the Faculty’s Alternative Access   a career as a professional accountant.
                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               0
                             Bachelor of Business                              both grade 11 and mid-year or Trial Grade

                                                                               12 will be considered for early selection.
                             Westville KN-W-BBS                                Degree Structure
                                                                               A four-year full-time qualification that allows
                               Entrance Requirements                           for intensive specialisation in Actuarial
                               Matriculation exemption is required.            Science.
                               Students wishing to pursue the BBusSc
                               require a minimum of 38 Matriculation
                               points as well as at least a HG ‘B’ for         Alternative Access
                               Matriculation Mathematics for automatic         Programmes
                               admission (subject to availability of
                               places).                                        Candidates who have Matriculation
                                                                               exemption but do not meet the Matriculation
                             Applicants with 40+ Matriculation points for      points requirement or the Matriculation
                             both Grade 11 and mid-year or Trial Grade         Mathematics requirement are advised to
                             12 will be considered for early selection.        seek admission to the Faculty’s Alternative
                                                                               Access Programmes:
                             Degree Structure
                             A four-year full-time qualification that allows
                                                                               Management Studies
                             for intensive specialisation in Economics,        Extended Curriculum (EC)
                             Finance, Human Resource Management,
                                                                               Pietermaritzburg KN-P-CBT
                             Information Systems, Management and
                                                                               Westville        KN-W-CBT
                                                                               An extended curriculum stretches the 3-
                                                                               year degree over four years in a programme
                             Bachelor of Business                              designed to help students to develop
                             Science (Actuarial                                competencies in language, numeracy, writing
                                                                               and critical thought. Specifically developed
                             Science)                                          learning opportunities are provided
                             Westville KN-W-BBC                                alongside a reduced load of faculty courses
                                                                               to meet the needs of students who have not
                               Entrance Requirements                           had the benefit of good schooling but who
                                                                               have the potential to succeed academically.
                               Matriculation exemption is required.            Hence it gives alternative access to students
                               Students wishing to pursue the BBusSc           from disadvantaged schools who do not
                               (Actuarial Science) require a minimum           qualify for admission to the faculty on the
                               of 38 Matriculation points as well as
                                                                               grounds of their matriculation results, but
                               at least a HG ‘A’ for Matriculation
                                                                               who do have matriculation exemptions, 32-
                               Mathematics for admission (subject to
                                                                               35 matriculation points and at least a HG ‘E’
                               availability of places).
                                                                               or SG ‘D’ in Mathematics.
                                                                               For further information, please contact:
                             Applicants with 40+ Matriculation points for      Tel: (031) 260 2160/2593

                                     UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS
                                                                                                  LAW AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES
Certificate in Business                          for selected students, but they still graduate
                                                 after 3 years, like all our BCom students.
Administration,                                  Learners with exceptional potential are
Pietermaritzburg                                 selected, partnered with business through
Westville                                        bursaries and provided a holistic, learner-
                                                 centred educational experience that helps
This alternative access programme is offered     them to achieve excellent academic results.
after hours. Applicants without Matriculation    This approach also enables students to
exemption, or with low Matriculation points      develop the kind of personal confidence
may apply. Students who have successfully
                                                 needed for good communication and
completed the four introductory courses
                                                 critical thought as well as the attitudes and
are selected for entry into the Bachelor of
Business Administration each year. This          competencies needed to operate effectively
programme does not provide access to the         both as students and in the workplace.
BCom degree.                                     Students are recruited onto this programme
For further information please contact: The      and do not apply in the normal way. If you
Admissions Officer:                              think you might meet the programme’s
Pietermaritzburg Tel: (033) 260 5185 or          stringent selection criteria, please send:
                        (033) 260 5212           (a) your name, address and contact
Westville          Tel: (031) 260 3166           telephone number; (b) the name, address
                                                 and telephone number of your school, with
Other Programmes                                 school reports from Grades 11 and 12, (and
                                                 Senior Certificate, if applicable) to:
Enriched Management                              EMS Programme, Faculty of Management
Studies (EMS) Programme,                         Studies
                                                 University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville
                                                 Campus, Private Bag X54001, Durban 4000
The EMS programme offers a curriculum            For further information, please contact:
with significant extra learning opportunities,   Tel: (031) 260 2083
                                                   UNDERGRADUATE PROSPECTUS               109