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					 How I Raked -N-60,000
in 2 Months With just $15
   Internet Investment.

         Olajide Adesina

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This report is for personal use only. Please note that I cannot guarantee the amount of income
 you will make. This will all depend on how much time and effort you put into the system.
  However, if anyone can apply what I reveal in this report, you are guaranteed of making
                           N60,000 or more within the next 60 days.
                                          Thank You.

        Discover how a Final Year Law Student turns
        2hours a day to $250 a week with simple online

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The purpose of this report is to assist any person who is willing to invest little
               money online for huge but legitimate returns.

Hello and firstly I will like to thank you for downloading this free report. I had second thought
before writing this report as I did not want to share my secret strategy as to how I made
N60,000 in just 2-month with a token of $15.

However, I decided to write this report and give it out to few numbers of people. The same
method I am about to reveal has been done in the past but people have been complaining and
not been putting it into good use. Therefore from internet marketing perspective I will reveal
the exact strategy I use to rake unending flow of cash into my bank account.

Before you read on, I must warn you that whatever your opinion, this method is guaranteed to
make you money if you follow my step by step system.

                           So what does this method involve?

It involves the one method which you might be familiar with – Matrix Cash.
You will make money by investing just $15 (This is Not HYIP).

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I will outline the steps I took and how I turned $15 to -N-60,000 in 60 days.

Therefore before you start shaking your head I must warn you that this method has been done
before but people have given up easily.
However, with my simple system you will not fail.
Let me outline this method step by step, and I hope you can start making money just like
I do.


The first thing you need to do is to open a Liberty Reserve account (Proceed to step 2 if you
already have one)
LibertyReserve is one of the largest and most secure payment processor online.
To open an account visit on your web browser, this takes you to a
page like this.

Click on “Create Account” then follow the instruction on your computer to complete your
registration. You will be given a Password, Login Key and Master Key which you will
always use to access your account. PLEASE write all these down in a save place.

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Your personal Liberty Reserve Account Number will be sent to your Email address. This
account number and your password is what you will always use to access your account
anytime you want to transact on your account.
Once you have successfully opened a Liberty Reserve account, proceed to the next step.


The next thing to do is to FUND your Liberty Reserve account with $15. You can fund your
account through any Liberty Reserve exchanger in your country. See the list of accredited
Liberty Reserve exchanger in your country by clicking on “Buy/Sell LR” from Liberty
Reserve home page.

If you want me to help you fund your LibertyReserve account, simply make the payment of
N-2,640 (this is the cost of $16 LibertyReserve at N165 per $1) to my GTBank Account using
your LibertyReserve account number as the Depositor when filling the bank teller.

My GTBank Account details is as follows;

Account Name:        OLAJIDE ADESINA

Account Number: 904-4501691-590

After payment, just send your TELLER NUMBER and your LIBERTY RESERVE
ACCOUNT NUMBER to 08053616595 or 08069149846

NOTE: Order for $16 LibertyReserve when you want to fund your account so that you can
still have $15 in your account after the transaction charges has been deducted. After funding
your account, proceed to next step.


This is where the real business begins. I will now show you where to invest the $15 and how
you will have multiple returns on your investment.
Firstly, let me show you how you will multiply your investment.

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After making a one time payment of $15 you will be given your unique personal website
address (referral URL), FREE e-books worth $2000. You will then refer just 3 people through
your referral URL and make instant profit. So, all you need to do to make money is to
promote your referral URL. Don’t worry about how to promote your referral URL, I will show
you how to get your 3 referrals with ease.

There are many website that offers this same program, but the one I use with over 11,000
satisfied investors is this website is unique and allows you to make
withdrawal directly into your LR account. Unlike other website, you can withdraw as little
as $20, that is, you can make withdrawal the moment your income get to $20.

If you go straight to to Sign Up without any referral, the system will
automatically place you under any active member which is likely not to be me. Since am the
one revealing this secret to you FREE of charge, kindly reciprocate my kind gesture by
registering through my referral URL which is

To sign up, visit
You will be taking to Lancopay home page as shown in the image below.

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Just click on Join Now or Sign Up button. You will then be taken to the next registration page
like the one below:

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Click on “Pay with Liberty Reserve”, you will then be taken to the Liberty Reserve Shopping
Cart Interface as shown in the picture below;

Login to your Liberty Reserve account to pay the $15 sign up fee. After you have successfully
made the payment, click on Return to Merchant. You will be directed to the last step of your
registration process where you will enter your sign up information.

Just fill the form with accurate information and click Enter Information.
Your referral URL will be sent to your Email Address immediately.
You are now ready to start making money by promoting your referral URL.

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Why should you invest with LancoPay?
I am recommending due to my experience with their Matrix system. This
system is a unique investment for all internet users who want to make constant income online
with little capital. Here are some reasons why you should think of joining this system.

    $15 signup fee is less than -N-3,000

    By referring just 3 people your account will be credited with $24 (that means $9 instant
     profit) you will make additional $37,077 when your 3 referrals fill their matrix level up
     to 10 levels deep. Even if it takes 1-year to get 3 people, the fact is that you will never
     loss your money. If you are able to make your 3 referrals and your 3 referrals are able to
     make their 3 referrals and finish their matrix level within a year it means that you will
     make $37,077 within one year with just $15. If you convert this amount to Naira @
     N150/$1 you will have 5,561,550 i.e. Five Million Five hundred and Sixty-one
     Thousand Five hundred and Fifty Naira. If you think this is not possible, then take
     your calculator and do the math.
     At the time of this report has over 11,000 members, which means
     people are joining everyday due to their credibility.

    Another advantage is that you can refer as many people as possible. The more people
     you refer, the more money you will make.

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If you are ready to invest, I am ready to help you.

Here is the deal!

I will show you all the strategies I used to get over 50 referrals in 2 months and how you too
can do the same.

I will give you the Microsoft Word format of this same report so that you can edit it and put
your own referral URL and start sharing it to people who will read and sign up through your
referral link.

You may be thinking of how much you will need to pay me for all these. NOTHING! I am
not asking for any extra payment. All I need from you is to signup through my referral URL
which is
When you are set to signup, simply type on you web
browser or just click on the link.

After signing up through my referral URL, simply send your USERNAME to my Email:

When I receive your mail, I will login to my LancoPay account to confirm if you have
been added to my down-line. After confirmation I will reply your mail with all my

If you can follow all the instructions I will send to you, I guarantee that you will have at least
20 referrals within 30 days. I am not just saying this; this is the exact methods I use to have
over 50 referrals in 60 days.

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If you need any assistance at any point, feel free to mail me through Or Call: 0805-361-6595 or 0806-914-9846

          Discover how a Final Year Law Student turns
          2hours a day to $250 a week with simple online

To Your Online Success,

Olajide Adesina

                                        THE END

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