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					                                   Governor June’s Journal
                                       ARE WE MEETING EXPECTATIONS?
    In this issue:            Dear Presidents, Rotarians and the members of the Family of Rotary,

- Centennial stamp -
                              As we enter the third month in this
  Namibia – Page 2            milestone year of Rotary's history, I
- PR News – Page 5            ask myself – Are we doing enough in
- News from the Southern      the Centennial year? Are we, as
  Cape – Page 6
- Centennial Roses – page 7   Rotarians, doing everything we can
                              to meet the goals that we have set as
The Month Ahead               clubs and as a District. Have we laid
                              a solid foundation these past two
 Thursday 23- Sunday 26       months in preparation for this
   Sept – RYLA Camp
                              mammoth year ahead?
  Dates to Diarise!           Our 100th birthday is the greatest DG June and President Louise Coetzee
Saturday 2 October 2004       opportunity we have ever had to tell
   Rotary Foundation
   Seminar: Windhoek
                              the public what Rotary is and what Rotary does” said PRIP Clifford
Saturday 13 November
                              Dochterman at the Osaka Convention. Let’s get inspired, be creative and with
         2004                 a positive attitude - take the Rotary message out into our community that
 Rotary Foundation Mini       Rotary is a real force for good. It stands for peace, education, integrity, the
  Conference: Knysna          environment, relief from suffering, and the development of humankind and
Wednesday 23 February         fellowship. Let us continue to cross cultural and religious barriers so that we
                              can move forward in our community, together in service and peace.
  Rotary’s Centenary!

   African Centennial
                                    SEPTEMBER IS NEW GENERATIONS MONTH
       Celebration            As we commemorate New Generations Month it is important to remember that
 Johannesburg – 11 – 13       today's youth will be tomorrow's leaders. I encourage every Rotary club to
      March 2004              embrace new challenges. Start an Interact Club - an introduction to Rotary and
                              a stepping-stone to Rotaract. It will take time and effort. And yes, perhaps it did
 Thursday 12 May 2005         not work before. But that's no reason why not to try again! Become involved
        Assembly              with youth.
  Fri, 13 & Sat, 14 May
   Centennial District        One of Rotary's most successful programs is Youth Exchange. Some 8000
       Conference             children travel abroad each year to learn about other cultures and experience
     Baxter Theatre -         new ways of life. Support our first RYLA camp to be launched on 23rd
                              September. Start an EarlyAct Club. Bellville Rotary’s Early Act Club is a first
                              for this District. Two more clubs are in the pipeline.
  Rotary Exchange
 Rate for September:          At the end of the day Rotary's greatest gift to the world's children will be the
        R6.25                 eradication of Polio - an incredible feat. “This will stand as our greatest
                              achievement during Rotary's first century of service” says RI President Glenn.

     Remember!                  As conveyed so eloquently by RI President Glenn in his September
     Swellendam                 message: " During the centennial, I encourage Rotarians to
      Centennial                embrace new challenges and dreams. As we continue to Celebrate
      Fellowship                Rotary, let us not forget the children. Let us continue this historic
     Weekend: 30
                                journey to provide hope and a better life for the next generation."

 100 years of community outreach                                          
                                                                                                 Page 2
Mini Conference 4             September - 2004 Report back
Held at Durbanville Race Course, superbly co-ordinated by Bellville Rotary, this mini conference
surpassed all attendance expectations - 29 clubs represented with 120 attendees – some travelling
from as far afield as Knysna, Mossel Bay, Swellendam and Worcester. Important issues were discussed
with vibrant and constructive audience participation, particularly in the section regarding membership.
Thanks to the presenters – PDG Rodney Mazinter,
John Powell, the five Ambassadorial and World
Peace Scholars and Vyv Deacon, for their
contribution on The Rotary Foundation. PDG Peter
Hugo – Membership, Peter Rogers and Di Rigotti -
YE and Dave Moss – RYLA. Heletia Oosthuizen
and her team on Vocational – Leon van der Walt (all
the way from Knysna) and Herb Mercer. Heletia
provided clubs with a list of 56 Vocational ideas!
Linda Girola provided an update on UAH. The day
ended with a great braai organized by Tygerberg
Rotary and excellent fellowship.                         PDG's Peter Hugo and Rodney Mazinter busy with a
Rotary Centennial Stamp – Namibia
The design of the commemorative stamp for Namibia has been approved. This project is a real “coup”
for our District, and I must add my personal congratulations to Ken for his efforts - the first centennial
stamp design to be released! There is a unique opportunity to sponsor part of this issue, and advertise
on the back of the first day covers. There is an international exposure opportunity. If interested, please
contact Ken Howes on Tel 09264 61233663 or email Orders for the first day cover will
open in October – if you are interested, please contact Ken directly.

Centennial Supplements
We are planning newspaper supplements for the week when Rotary celebrates its centenary. To date we
have had no response from any Rotarian regarding advertising support. We have had a volunteer who
contacted PR Chair Cathy Stagg offering to write the Polio editorial - Until the ad space is sold, we
cannot start telling any of Rotary's success stories.
Why should Rotarians buy advertising space in these once-off supplements?
Because Rotary's 100th birthday is so special it is worth spending some of your firm's advertising,
marketing or promotions budget to associate your business or profession with Rotary's high ideals. By
placing a "happy birthday Rotary from Joe Bloggs and Co" type ad, you let your clients or customers
know that your firm is linked to high ethical standards, and the kudos that Rotary has world-wide. It is an
honour to be invited to be a Rotarian - please show how proud you are to be one, and give us the
opportunity to celebrate our last century and to work towards a new century of success, by ensuring that
the newspaper supplements are supported.
To get a representative from Die Burger, The Cape Times or the Weekend Argus to contact you, send
your details to or call Dave Holtzhausen on 082 780 2010. Do it soon as we need
to book these supplements now to ensure we can send a strong Rotary message out through these

100 years of community outreach                                     
                                                                                               Page 3
Centennial                                                                                 Highlights
Hats off to President Gail Oberholzer and Melkbos Rotary! The Melkbos Rotary Club had half a tabloid
page in this week's Tabletalk. The headline: "Rotary swim raises money for children". There were four
pictures (two below). The last paragraph of the story reads: "The successful swim, organised by Rotarian
Jennie Hancock, brought in R12 000 which will feed the children (the feeding scheme cares for children
from squatter camps whose parents are unemployed or farm labourers) for another 10 months." Vaaitjie
Plaas Farm School forms part of Melkbos Rotary’s Centennial Project. Club members provide and
deliver meals to 194 children three times a week. That’s commitment!

                                                        Margot Pickard (87) completed 30 lengths, and
   Rtn Joe O'Brien after completing 100 lengths           Shaun Oberholzer (7) who completed 56
Rotary Exchange Rate
The Rate of Exchange for September is 6.25 (previously 5.95). It is doubtful whether we will be able to
negotiate such a favorable rate in October and the following months. Be warned - pay your
contributions to The Rotary Foundation as well as semi-annual dues as soon as possible!
Rotary Foundation Contributions
For the first time in many years (if ever) Rotary Foundation Contributions at the end of August totalled
R241701,75. (US$40,340.97) Pierhead Rotary’s contribution at US$120 per capita is well worth a
Rotary Africa Subscriptions
A reminder to 17 outstanding clubs - subscriptions to Rotary Africa are now overdue. Please settle
Unite Against Hunger
! A Paul Harris for Ainsley Harriott
At a dinner in the Cape Town Waterfront on 7th August hosted by District 9350, Ainsley Harriott - the
British celebrity TV chef - was recognized by Rotary as a Paul Harris Fellow for his untiring efforts in
promoting and supporting the Unite Against Hunger campaign in South Africa.
                                                     Ainsley is the Goodwill Ambassador for the UAH
                                                     Campaign. It is through his enthusiasm, warmth
                                                     and selfless work that the campaign has garnered
                                                     public and corporate support.

                                                     This function raised a further R20 000 for
                                                     Sustainable Food Garden Projects in the District
                                                     and highlighted the meaningful partnership forged
                                                     between Tiger Brands and Rotary to alleviate
                                                     hunger in District 9350. Thanks to Linda Girola for
                                                     her tireless energy in co-ordinating this function
                                                     and for assisting Marius Boraine in constructing the
                                                     UAH web page at – well
                                                     worth a visit.
Ainsley with DG June

100 years of community outreach                                    
                                                                                                Page 4
! MTN Food Buckets
3500 Buckets of staple food (6.5 kg) and branded MTM Clothing is available for        distribution to club
projects. Collection of buckets of food is Sunday, 12th September from 10:00          – 12:00 at Brand
Engineering in Montague Gardens. Please advise Muriel Hugo at the DSC by              not later than 8th
September whether your club will be participating, otherwise your club will           miss out on this
unique food collection opportunity.

Update on the Pilot Club Project
PDG Humphrey writes “It is interesting to see how the Pilot Project is progressing. We have had feed
back from RI telling us of some of the changes that certain of the pilot clubs have implemented to try and
make club constitutions more 'member friendly'. Most changes surround the rules associated with
membership and attendance.
Here are some -
! Trial Membership allows for a three month trial with no subs to see if the candidate likes it; Business
   membership allows for business people to assign stand ins to do Rotary things on their behalf;
   Spouses become members automatically; Youth members; Social member and Corporate Members.
! With regard to attendance, there is the new one of 'on-line’ attendance (urgh!); no attendance; self
   authorised leave of absence; a point system whereby you earn points for club attendance and
   participation in club activities; meet at week-ends; and a personal attendance 'budget'.
Participating clubs are Helderberg, Constantia and Newlands. We look forward to reports from our pilot
clubs as to what they have implemented and what success they are having.”

One-to-One – Sunday, 8th August 2004
                                                      Once again this event was a resounding success –
                                                      in no small measure due to the dedicated
                                                      organization of PHF Albert Glass – the convener
                                                      for the past 24 years. Three thousand mentally
                                                      challenged special guests were entertained during
                                                      the day. The sterling efforts of 30 Rotary, Rotaract
                                                      and Interact Clubs who participate with stalls and
                                                      provided security, is acknowledged with sincere
                                                      and grateful thanks.

                                                      See you all the same time next year!

First RYLA Camp needs your support!
Our first RYLA camp is to be held from the 23rd to 26th September at "Gecko Camp" near Touws Rivier,
where students will receive intensive training as youth leaders. The camp apparently is in a really rustic
& beautiful setting – “camp” being the operative word. By all accounts the students will return from the
weekend having had a truly meaningful and memorable experience. Clubs are urged to have their
student applications in by the 10th Sept. Enquiries should be directed to Dave Moss. Tel: 8724063 or
Public Relations News
District PR chair Cathy Stagg reports that she met Rotarians from Oostenberg, Durbanville, Bellville,
Goodwood and Paarl as well as an Ann from Bellville and a Durbanville Inner Wheel club member on
Saturday 7 August. Everyone at the workshop left with a press release tailored for their club. There was
good fellowship too – thank you to those who took part, especially as it was during a long weekend.
Congratulations to the many clubs – too many to list – who got Rotary into the spotlight, with special
thanks to those who assisted at the National Immunisation Days contributing to the fight against Polio,
and who took the trouble to record their participation in the media.

100 years of community outreach                                     
                                                                                                  Page 5

During September every club’s New Generations director needs to ensure that our work with young
adults is highlighted on radio or in the press.
    • Rotarians set up a meeting with the president of your Interact club/s in the first week of the
        month. Help him or her to prepare a statement. Not sure how to do it? Go to the download
        section on our website and look at the PETS form and adapt the tips intended for Rotary
        presidents. Also look at the tips for dealing with the media. Work with the Interact president until
        you are both happy with the result. Then ensure the statement is sent off to the media in the first
        half of September – don’t procrastinate!
    • Rotaract presidents, check out the downloadable form from the PETS session at and adapt it for your own needs if you haven’t already appeared in the
        media. Let other young adults know what fun it is to help others.
If there are any Rotary, Inner Wheel or Anns Presidents out there who haven’t yet introduced
themselves to their community through the media, do it before the first quarter of the Rotary year is
behind us. Don’t hide your light under a bushel – we want quality new members, so tell people what we
stand for and about the work we’ve done and are doing.
Improve your photography. There is a downloadable form, based on the workshop, available on our
Swellendam Fellowship Weekend
The Rotary Club of Swellendam are hosting a fellowship weekend on the 30th October. The invite has
been sent as a separate document with this newsletter, or contact President Louise on email
International Fellowship of Cricketing Rotarians
The 4th World Festival of Cricket is to be held in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia, from the
6th to 13th November 2004. PDG Gordon Dowsett extends a warm welcome to all Rotarians to join with
them “down under”. For more information contact Gordon Dowsett –
                            News from the Southern Cape
! International friendship par excellence
Eckhard Muller of George Rotary visited the RC of St. Petersburg in Russia in June and promised to
send their banner to their President, Mark Livshits. The handing over of the banner took place recently
in the presence of their District Governor, Pertti Sarkomaa, from Finland. (Regrettably, we do not have
space for the photo)
! The Pick ‘n Pay Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour 2004
Elwin Thompson writes that “The Pick ‘n Pay Rotary Knysna Cycle Tour took place on Saturday 3rd and
Sunday 4th July 2004 in the picturesque town of Knysna. The first tour in 1987 attracted 120 cyclists.
The tour is now the biggest and most popular event in the Southern Cape and this year the event entries
increased from 4000 cyclists in 2003, to an impressive 6230 entries. The Pick ‘n Pay Rotary Knysna
Cycle Tour is now also the largest event on the Pick ‘n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival calendar. For the first
time ever – the cycle race entries exceeded those of the Pick ‘n Pay Forest Marathon.

               More information is available on the District website
The cycling festival, held over two days, was made up of a variety of mountain bike races on Saturday
3rd July. Distances included a 15km fun ride, a 42km race and the Mazda Series 85km race through

100 years of community outreach                                      
                                                                                                Page 6
pristine indigenous forest and forestry roads. More information and photographs are available on the
District website Well done Knysna on retaining ROTARY in the naming rights of
this cycling event!

The 2007 Council on Legislation
Tentatively scheduled for 22-28 April 2007 in Chicago. Representatives for the Council will be elected
during their 2004-05 district conferences or through a ballot by mail. Legislation for the 2007 Council is
due at World Headquarters no later than 30 June 2006. A report of Action of the 2004 Council on
Legislation of Rotary International has just been received and will be kept in the library of the DSC for
those interested in reading the publication.
Decline in numbers of Anns/Partners/Inner Wheel Clubs (APIC)
                                                      In this Centennial year we need to acknowledge
                                                      the important role that partners have played in this
                                                      District since our “Mother Club” was chartered in
                                                      1925. Numbers of APIC’s are unfortunately
                                                      declining for various reasons. Although APIC’s are
                                                      not officially part of RI they should be
                                                      incorporated into the Family of Rotary of each and
                                                      every Rotary Club. At least six proposed
                                                      resolutions at the recent COL to recognize Ann's
                                                      /Inner Wheel/ Partners’ clubs by RI were defeated.
                                                      The “Family of Rotary” without doubt is the way to
                                                      DG June with Henriette Venter and President
                                                      Joan Neusch at the Mini conference
Centennial Celebration – 23rd February 2005 –
“Showtime” at the Old Mutual Business School
The Rotary Club of Kromboom is co-ordinating a special Rotary event on Wednesday 23rd February
2005 at Old Mutual Business School, to showcase and Celebrate Rotary. We hope to have a strong
media presence attending. The venue can accommodate 700 guests and the function will take the form
of a cocktail function with entertainment. A meeting with Club Presidents in the greater Cape Town
precinct to "buy in" to this event will be convened soon.
African Centennial Celebration
The good news is that RI President Glenn Estess is definitely attending the African Centennial
Celebration in Johannesburg over the weekend 11 – 13 March 2004 - a unique opportunity to meet with
him and enjoy the fellowship of the oldest Rotary club in Africa, Johannesburg. More details on the
District website. DGE Johann Gerber is the “On to the African Centennial Celebration Officer” as well as
the “Chicago Convention Officer” and is a mine of useful information!
The Rotary Centennial Rose (June issue of Rotary Africa – page 16)
100 Centennial Roses will be available for
purchase from The Rotary club of Bellville.
Collection at Stodels in Bellville from 15th
September. Cost: R50-00, R20 of which goes to
the Rotary Foundation. The Centennial District
Events Committee plans to distribute a further 20
Centennial Roses to mayors in all major cities and
towns in District 9350 through Rotary clubs, to
mark the Centennial and create awareness. Ideally
a small plaque should be installed in the public
garden with the roses, to explain to visitors the
history of the rose and highlight the Centenary of
Rotary. Please contact David Holtzhausen on 082-
780-2010 or email to reserve
your roses.
The Centennial Rose

100 years of community outreach                                     
                                                                                                    Page 7
Centennial Awards
Rotary International has recently introduced the Rotary Centennial Service Award for Professional
Excellence. This award (10 per District) recognises community members for exceptional professional
achievement consistent with the ideals of Rotary. Closing date for receipt of nominations is 15th March.
Final selection by 1st April. Candidates and Award Criteria will be posted on the DG’s Notice Board soon.
Adult Literacy
Calling on Rotarians with a teaching background or with a passion for literacy to join a Vocational sub-
committee which will focus on Adult Literacy. Please contact Heletia Oosthuizen -
Minki van der Westhuizen book appeal - Rotary to the rescue!
An appeal made through YOU and Huisgenoot magazines resulted in the donation of 21 000 books by
its readers. These books (both in English and Afrikaans) were passed on to Rotary D9350, who in turn
passed them on to the Literacy Committee. Because of the close liaison built up with the Western Cape
Education Department through the CLE Project, the Literacy Committee passed these books on to the
WCED. The good news is that these books will shortly be distributed by the WCED to needy high school
libraries throughout the Western Cape. Thank you PDG Lloyd and Vyv Deacon who were the facilitators.
Please note change in contact details –
! RC of Stellenbosch - New Meeting times:
The Club meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month for an evening meeting (20:00) and generally the
3rd Wednesday of the month for an afternoon meeting (13:00). The venue is still Bergzicht Restaurant.
New Secretary: Hill, Peter
22 Kommandeurs Ave, Simonswyk, Stellenbosch, 7600
P.O Box 86, Stellenbosch, 7599
Tel (h) 021 - 887 4318 (w) 021 - 887 1034 (fax) 021 - 886 4636 (Cell) 082 820 1753
Email (B) (H)
! Rotaract Representative
Shelley Dunn - new e-mail address:
! Lions Head
Owing to building alterations at their venue, Lions Head will now be meeting at the Greek Community
Centre, Bay Road, Mouille Point. This is about 200m down the road from the Metropolitan Golf Club.
! Correction to telephone numbers
(Lions Head) Dave Ferguson's correct number is 083 456 2005 and (Mossel Bay) Don Cohoe's is 082
2100 108
Need single bed mattresses for your project?
Contact Virginia Elissac – 082 200 6844 –email
That’s all for now. Take care and enjoy Rotary.
Yours in Rotary
June & Borg

       District Contact Details                             Newsletter Contributions
           PO Box 255, Newlands 7725                           Please e-mail any contributions to
          56 Porter House, Belmont Road                
             Rondebosch, Cape Town
               Tel: +27 21 686 4499
              Fax: +27 21 689 3970                               Contact DG June

                                 FOR MORE INFORMATION

100 years of community outreach                                     
                                                                                          Page 8

                            Membership / Attendance
                                 Monthly                                                Monthly
                   Membership Attendance %                            Membership     Attendance %
          Clubs     June July July   YTD                               June July     July     YTD
                    2004 2004 2004                                     2004 2004     2004
Beaufort West        17   18   62%      62%         Newlands            48    47        64%     64%
Bellville            29   29   83%      83%         Oostenberg          20    18        82%     82%
Blouberg             21   19   70%      70%         Otjiwarongo         19    19        72%     72%
Bredasdorp           10    8   72%      72%         Oudtshoorn          21    20        71%     71%
Caledon              16   13   63%      63%         Paarl               39    39        63%     63%
Cape of Good Hope    26   26   62%      62%         Pierhead            14    14        62%     62%
Cape Town            60   54   57%      57%         Pinelands           27    26        64%     64%
Claremont            50   50   75%      75%         Plettenberg Bay     25    25        71%     71%
Constantia           44   43   87%      87%         Roggebaai           24    24        81%     81%
Drakenstein          13   13   91%      91%         Rondebosch          13    13        69%     69%
Durbanville          20   20   64%      64%         Saldanha            27    26        62%     62%
George               25   25   76%      76%         Sea Point           25    25        68%     68%
Goodwood             12   12   86%      86%         Signal Hill         36    31        67%     67%
Gordons Bay          28   29   48%      48%         Somerset West       27    30        81%     81%
Groote Schuur        15   15   63%      63%         Stellenbosch        18    16        59%     59%
Helderberg           35   35   65%      65%         Strand              27    25        68%     68%
Hermanus             22   23   76%      76%         Swakopmund           8     6      100%     100%
Hout Bay             40                             Swellendam          32    32        48%     48%
Kirstenbosch         28   28   49%      49%         Table Bay           26    22        65%     65%
Kleinmond            20   19   58%      58%         Tokai               14    14        57%     57%
Knysna               46   47   74%      74%         Tygerberg           31    31        75%     75%
Kromboom             26   23   86%      86%         Upington            15    14        88%     88%
Le Cap des Tempetes 24    20   62%      62%         Walvis Bay          16    19        65%     65%
Lion's Head          23   22   74%      74%         Waterfront          43    45        69%     69%
Luanda               28   28   66%      66%         Wellington          11    11        76%     76%
Luderitz              7    7   86%      86%         Windhoek            62
Malmesbury            6    6   71%      71%         Windhoek-Auas       22
Melkbos              14   14   77%      77%         Worcester           31    33       55%      55%
Milnerton            20   20   71%      71%         Wynberg             39    37       63%      63%
Mossel Bay           22   22   75%      75%         Total              1472 1350

 Note: Where there are no figures for your club, the district has not been notified of your current
      Membership / Attendance figures. Please send this to the district office immediately!

100 years of community outreach                                

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