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									ABOUT THE AUTHOR.....

Karen Adamedes
Author, Career Chick, Business Executive

Karen Adamedes is the author of the recently released unique new guide for women in business, Hot Tips
for Career Chicks®.

Karen’s new book has recently been featured on national TV on the 9am with David and Kim program and in
the community newspaper, the Mosman Daily. It has also been profiled in Productivity plus +, the newsletter
of the Business and Careers Institute and by the Sydney Writer’s Centre.

Karen is a business executive with experience in sales, marketing, management, sales operations and
business development in the telecommunications, advertising and digital media industries.

Karen is the general manager of sales at which is an exciting and challenging role where
she is responsible for leading and managing the sales division of the online business directory.

Formerly at Telstra, Karen has won numerous awards for her achievements in sales and sales management.

Karen has a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Asian Studies, is an accredited Belbin Team facilitator and has
completed an advanced management program at the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Karen is passionate about the achievement of both business results and the advancement of women. She
also has a lifetime of experience as a chick!

Two minutes with Karen...

I wrote this book ...because I found that when I was working with other women many of them were struggling
with the same issues as I had throughout my career. But thinking it was 'just them'. I want to share what I
have learnt.
When I started in my career …I worked mainly with men, and found that the way that business worked
wasn't as natural for me as it was for them. But I didn’t relate it to gender, just that they ‘got’ the way that
business works.
Over time I discovered …men weren't going out of their way trying to be difficult for women to work with.
They just have a different way of doing things. Which has become accepted as the way business is done.
But it's not necessarily intuitive for Career Chicks.
I've learnt ...that people are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge if you really want to learn. But
you need to know what to ask.
I get excited when ...Chicks tell me they've followed the Career Chick Hot Tips and how they have
helped them.
My hottest tip that when you learn new things you have to be prepared to try them and
make them part of what you do.

                                                           Contact Karen:
                                                           fax: + 61 2 9908 2129
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