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					                          FROM THE EDITORS
                    “Life is not about the number of times you breathe.
                It is about the number of times your breath is taken away.”
         Flipping through the pages of this magazine, you will encounter a number of
breath taking moments when you are surrounded by the splendid and magnificent
literary works of your beloved friends.
         This magazine contains true life experiences, thought provoking articles,
memorable incidents, extraordinary poems and most importantly the heartbeat of the
Senior Student body of Indian School Muscat.
         It will make you ponder on the mysteries of nature. It will make you sensitive to
the cries of those around you. It will make you laugh out loud. It will make you sit back
and wipe that little tear from the tip of your nose……
Besides everything else, we hope that it will touch the most delicate fragments of your
heart and make you a better person….. A valuable citizen of today’s ever changing world.
         The literary magazine, the first of its kind, is the product of the combined efforts
of a team of students who have worked tirelessly to bring out the best of ISM’s talents in
the English language.
        We hope you have a memorable journey that will remain etched in your heart, if
not forever, at least for quite some time.

                                     Editorial Board

         Neethu Roy            Janani Ramakrishnan            Madhvi Tandon

    Janani Venkatachalam            Aritro Bannerjee            Anwesha Sen

                                    Lydia David
The Principal Speaks...

       Literary Club activities in progressive schools normally
include reflection and understanding of literary magazines, poetry
journals and newspaper articles which generate considerable
amount of interest in the students. Students of the club create and
edit the contents of these publications as well as design the layouts
and publish the Literary Magazine for distribution to their
       The sincerity of the students in reading and writing coupled
with their keen interest in participating in all the activities related
to the vast ocean of literature involves the creation of the
magazine. It may also include book reading and a poetry club.
Essentially this approach to literary activities helps the students to
hone their literary skills while receiving constructive feedback,
lively participation and discussion, all aimed at bringing the joy of
dreams in the literary world.
         I congratulate all the members of the literary club and the
academic support of the English Department for this excellent
initiative and wish them success in their endeavours to bring
Literature alive.

Achuthan Madhav
               From the Vice-Principal’s Desk

Dear Readers,

The versatility of the English Language justifies its claim to ‘the language
of the world’. The ability to communicate well in English both in the
written and the spoken modes has become vital for success whichever is
the chosen field. It is heartening to note that an additional step has been
taken by the Department of English to enhance literary appreciation and
skill among students by commencing the Literary Club, thereby making
them more competent to face the challenges ahead. As a product of the
members of this Club, I congratulate the Editorial Board and the entire
team for bringing out the first issue of the Literary Magazine on the
occasion of the Literary Day 2010. I also wish the Club the very best in all
its future endeavours.

Best wishes,

Sunny Thomas
Vice Principal, Senior Section
Asst. Vice-Principal (Academics) & Head of the Department of English
    From The A.V.P’s and H.O.D’s Desk

The Editorial Board of this magazine deserves all praise for
bringing out an exclusive magazine, a magazine that embraces all
The enthusiasm shown by each individual involved is highly
appreciated. They have inspired writers who think and thinkers
who write.
It is hard for anyone to miss this first issue as it brings with it
creative theme ideas. The distinctive and appealing content with
remarkably creative designs and attention grabbing details would
be a delight for all readers.
This magazine would create a devoted readership as there would
be a colourful blend of different topics from general to special.
This magazine would connect the youth of the senior section, their
thoughts and ideas would mingle and life’s moments would
become all the more meaningful and enjoyable.
My congratulations to the entire team on the launch of this
magazine, my appreciation to the Coordinator of the Literary
Club, Mrs. Shashikala Ravikumar for all her interest.
To all the writers I express my delight; I share my joy in seeing
your imagination soar high.

-Deep Wilson
Asst. Vice-Principal (Academics) &
Head of Department of English
He will have to learn, I know, that all men are not just, that all men are not true.

But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero, and for every selfish
politician there is a dedicated leader.

Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend. It will take time I know: but
teach him, if you can, that a dollar earned is of far more value than five

Teach him to lose and also to win.

Steer him away from envy, if you can, teach him the secret of quiet laughter.
Teach him if you can the wonder of books…but also give him quiet time to
ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun and flowers on a
green hillside.

In school teach him it is far more honourable to fail than to cheat. Teach him to
have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tells him they are wrong….teach
him to be gentle with the gentle and tough with the tough.

Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd when everyone is getting
on the bandwagon. Teach him to listen to all men…but teach him also to filter all
he hears on a screen of truth and take only the good that comes through.

Teach him, if you can, how to laugh when he is sad…but teach him also that
there is no shame in tears.

Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware of too much sweetness….teach him
to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders, but never to put a price tag on
his heart and soul.

Teach him to close his ears to a howling mob and to stand and fight. Treat him
gently, but do not cuddle him because only the test of fire makes fine steel. Let
him have the courage to be impatient. Let him have the patience to be brave.

Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself because then he will always
have sublime faith in humankind.

This is a big order but see what you can do….

He is such a fine little fellow…My son
                          COZ I AM A ‘SHE’

I’m not being educated,
Can anyone tell me why?
Is this how it is always stated:
“Because you are a ‘SHE’ ”?
Whilst my younger brother
Watches a show on the cable,

I am told to get the dinner ready
And I have to arrange the table
As neatly as can be.
When he goes out to play cricket,
I look at him with pleading eyes.
While I hang out clothes to dry,
I hear his excited shouts and cries.

                                                  At dawn when he goes to school,
                                                       I have to pack his lunch box.
                                                        Though I completely refuse,
                                                     He forces me to find his socks.
                                               All day, all night I am made to work,
                                         Yet I don’t deserve the tiniest little praise.
                                           My brother gets all the encouragement,
                                                           While all he does is laze.
                                                  Why am I not given equal rights?
                                                     And where is gender equality?
                                         Will this discrimination continue forever?
   Cowards die many times before their
   death. The valiant never taste of
                                                          Rakshita Kalasagar
   death but once.
   William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar.
                            Of T.V.

                                                A blast of information,
                                       Sent through every T.V. station.
                                                   A movie to be seen,
                                                By every growing teen.

                                           Action through every word,
                                            Murder, overflowing blood.
                                          Scenes of the dreaded past,
                                  Featuring fake ghosts in cinema cast.

Motion of animated screens,
It is the children’s scene.
Then coming to the musicals,
Rhythmic tune and sweet vocals.

Not to forget the soap operas,
Robbing the comfort of daylight hours.
To fill the mind and keep busy,
Harbouring unkind thoughts and jealousy.

               Ruining our relations, sure,

                                    Thoughts of minds no longer pure.
                                   Breathing sense in what is lifeless,
                                  Those inanimate objects we possess.

                                                 How long do we endure,
                                      This the ads that give little cure.
                                       "Unless man were to make habit,
                                       A life in a hut-out of city orbit."

                                                   Anwesha Sen XII A
                “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely
                players. They have their exits and entrances, and one man in
                his time plays many parts. His acts being seven ages.”

             William Shakespeare. As You Like It

            Harry Potter – A Fantasy that drives Literature
Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels, written by the British author JK
Rowling. It narrates the adventures of Potter and his two other friends, who are
students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As the author,
Rowling puts it, the theme of the book, is death, love and prejudice. The novels
are set in the years 1991 to 1998. They revolve around an orphan Harry Potter,
who discovers his magical abilities at the age of eleven. He realizes that he
needed to avenge the death of his parents by fighting against the Dark Lord who
had lost his powers to Harry .The series reflects the way Harry fights his way
through Hogwarts and finally manages to kill the Dark Lord.

The books fall predominantly under the genre of
fantasy. The books represent a plethora of ideas
derived from various books on the British boarding
school genre. The plot is primarily set in the
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and
thus it resembles the rugby school system in the
novel ‘Tom Brown’s School Days’ by Thomas
Hughes. The book exhibits the style of Sherlock
Holmes in its mystery and adventure. The books
also vividly talk about life in a boarding school
where Harry struggles his way through penalties
and disciplinary actions due to violation of school
rules. Thus, the books follow many precedents of
its genre.
Writer JK Rowling sites many references and influences in the book. She credits
not one author in particular and claims to have taken the liberty with British
folklore and mythology for the sake of entertainment. In an August 2007 issue
of Newsweek, Lisa Miller commented that Harry dies and then comes back to life
to save humankind, like Christ. She points out the title of the chapter in which
this occurs -"King's Cross" and calls it a possible allusion to Christ's cross.
Various accounts in the book can also be traced to The Iliad, The Pardoner’s
tale, Macbeth, Emma, The Wind in the Willows, The Chronicles of Narnia and
many others.
                          “I could easily forgive HIS pride, if he had
                                                not mortified MINE."

                                     -Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice

But can the Harry Potter series truly be considered ‘serious literature’? Widely
lauded critics consider the work to be a well-structured and well-developed
literary piece, but the concept of death that Rowling envisages is not well
appreciated. Several critics don’t find any cultural aspects addressed in the book
and thus regard the books as a mere fantasy that does not tally with the present
day world.
Harry    Potter   has   indeed    produced     an
overwhelming effect on the minds of young
readers and has also gained adult fan clubs.
Rowling brings forth the phantasmagorical world
in deep contrast to the moribund life of the
‘Muggles’. She interweaves several plots to bring
out the character and morality of the protagonist
and the other cast. Her books have proved to be
useful as an example of creative writing in
language classes. Schools have also produced
Harry Potter themed classes and this step has
been well – received.
As of June 2008, the book series has sold more than 400 million copies and
have been translated into 67 languages and the last four books have
consecutively set records as the fastest-selling books in history. Although the
literary aspect of the book is a debatable issue, the sensation it has created is
indeed a testimony to its greatness.

                                                                      Janani Ramakrishnan
                                                                                       XII B

                                      DID YOU KNOW???

              “Dreamt” is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt”.
              China has more English speakers than the United States.
              Cotton candy’s original name was `fairy fluff’.
              In Shakespeare’s time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes.
              When you pulled on the ropes the mattresses tightened, making the bed
              firmer to sleep on. Hence the phrase………`Goodnight, sleep tight. `
                           There is only one word in the English language
                           with three consecutive sets of double letters....


                                                        All holds still, when the dusk is in motion;

                                                            As the big red head sinks in the ocean.

                                                                 Time turns new, from day to night;

                                                        As the moon’s semblance covers half light.

                                                         The sunrays thaw and blend with the air;

                                                         Every memory is but a star everywhere...

                                                            A sparkling wish, a dream, or a sigh…

                                                          The occult nothingness, forever too high.

The sky is eclipsed to a tranquil glow;

From the niche of sunset, life goes slow…

The beauty is fulsome, far too bestriding;

The dimness not hostile, only welcoming.

From the kingdom of day, to the night-like nation,

God is their King, giving creation its perfection

                                                                                     -Lydia David

                                                                                               XI J

                                   There is only one word in
                                   the English language with a
                                   vowel, which occurs six
                                   times: "indivisibility."
                     There is a seven letter word in the English
                     language that contains ten words without
                     rearranging any of its letters, "therein": the, there,
                     he, in, rein, her, here, ere, therein, herein.

                         CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY
I was not born in that country but it is my beloved mother
land. Just a couple of years ago, I was walking on one of the
streets of my city when I found a bunch of balloons floating
in air. A small boy of hardly four years was holding this
bunch. At that age he was drawn into selling balloons to earn
his bread. Beneath the bunch of balloons I could hardly see
the small he was! His name was Akash. As my father’s
workplace was nearby, we often kept meeting him and he too
came to visit us occasionally. One evening we were on our
way back home when we saw him staring at one of the sweet
shops. I asked him what he would like to have from there. I
offered him four pieces of the sweet he showed me. He took it
and sat at the parapet as I pretended to walk away from him.
I was watching him from a distance and to my surprise he
deliberately dropped one of the sweets on the ground. I
continued observing. He ate the rest with great enjoyment
and pleasure. I was now curious about this behaviour...My
curiosity made me go back to him and ask him the reason
behind his act.
“Akash, why did you drop the sweet even when you liked it?!”
“I liked it very much but... but you know... you know that is for my sister.”, he

“But you could have given it to her...”

“Well, then I can give it to her only through God. She left us all a few months ago...
she liked this sweet very much. So whenever I have money I buy this sweet and keep
some for her.....” he kept talking but I was completely lost.
The love and sensitivity that such a small boy had displayed was so genuine and
uncontaminated that I felt incomparable. Akash came from a strata of society that
does not even earn a dollar a day. We spend trillions of rupees for their upliftment.
But no one knows what happens to the money. In the name of Akash, the scheme
money is looted... in the name of his education... in the name of his welfare..
Our country serves men who do not care for their motherland and when it comes to
their own benefit, they deceive people like Akash who share their loved bounty with
their beloved ones who are no more in this world.

I am sure, with the billions spent on the young and poor
Akashs’ of the country the ruthlessness of the undeserved
will keep mounting and eventually the sensitivity of Akash
will also get diluted. Akash faces the wrong turn on the
street every day, every minute. No one knows when he will
take such a turn... But the day he does, the sensitivity will
be the first casualty amongst the many of the virtues we
keep preaching for.
Will anyone be there to guide Akash, wipe his tear, and
support him before such a tragedy happens?

                                                                 –Kalyani Deshpande

                                                                                XI J

                                  REMEMBER IT
  1.    The Most Essential Ten-Letter Word……….Confidence, Trust It.
  2.    The Most Powerful Nine-Letter Word…….Knowledge, Acquire It.
  3.    The Most Rewarding Eight-Letter Word……Patience, Imbibe It.
  4.    The Most Soothing Seven-Letter Word………..Silence, Experience It.
  5.    The Most Impressive Six-Letter Word………...Purity, Radiate It.
  6.    The Most Desirable Five-Letter Word…………Peace, Spread It.
  7.    The Most Popular Four-Letter Word………...Love, Value It.
  8.    The Most Omni-Potent Three-Letter Word……….God, Remember Him.
  9.    The Most Uniting Two-Letter Word…………We, Use It.
  10.   The Most Resourceful One-Letter Word……….….I, Empower It.
                              There are two words in the English language
                              that have all five vowels in order: "abstemious"
                              and "facetious".

                                The Mystery Me

We were born as a pair,                                 But, how could I run away from
To Avenge our Fate, Rule our Destiny,                   myself?
A deep bond is what we share,                           A capability I heartily desired,
It’s what I call ‘The Mystery Me’.                      Sadly, not in God’s shelf,
                                                        It’s in the way humans have been
Hiding in the shadow,                                   wired.
Our faces are similar,
It sees no sorrow,                                      You all come in twos’, God said to
Says it’s my well-wisher.                               me,
                                                        Like fire and ice, land and sea,
It talks, it sees, it walks,                            How to live in harmony,
I always wonder why it’s a part of my hue.              Is what ‘you’ and ‘Mystery Me’
My brain is in locks,                                   have to see.
What is it here to do?                                  That’s when a thought came to
The Mystery Me as it softly glides,
Catapults ideas of the dark,                            The answer became crystal clear,
Every situation reveals its daring sides,               I had to become a part of me,
Every decision its mark.                                I had to become one with my
Why, I scream, why me?
I don’t need you, Mystery Me,                           Thus it saw the world through my
It never listens, remaining silent to me,               eyes,
As all it can do is walk, talk and see.                 And I used its intelligence for me,
                                                        Together we outshine, together
It made me do all the wrong,                            we rise,
Even the sun appeared dull to me,                       This is the story of ‘The Mystery
I couldn’t take it for long,                            Me’
I needed to escape from it, I needed to be free.

                                                                            -R E Trough

                                                                           (Aritro Banerjee)

                                                                                 XII E
                              The sentence: “The quick brown fox
                              jumps over the lazy dog” uses every
                              alphabet of the English Language.


Man has always used clothes as a way of expressing himself. The colour, style, and shape
of our clothes tell the world a lot about us. It is not surprising, therefore, that expressions
using various items of clothing have become an integral part of the English language.
Though we use many of these idioms connected to clothes in our daily conversation, we
rarely think about how these interesting expressions evolved.

Have you heard anyone say “That can be done ‘at the drop of a hat’.”? This means that it
can be done instantly or immediately!! If you are asked to ‘keep something under your
hat,’ it means that you have to keep it a secret.

If you are told that ‘you are talking through your hat,’ it is an uncomplimentary remark; for it
means that you are talking nonsense!!! If however, you promise to ‘eat your hat,’ it means
that you will do something disagreeable and unpleasant if an unlikely event comes to pass.

If your teacher has ever urged you to ‘put your thinking cap on’, it means that you should
take time to think over carefully!!! When you are told that you have earned ‘a feather in
your cap’ it means that you have achieved something noteworthy. The expression ‘keep
your shirt on’ is a way of saying ‘don’t get excited – restrain yourself.’ A person who ‘wears
his heart on his sleeve’, is one who shows his affections openly in public.

An action or a speech that is not premeditated or is done
on the spur of the moment is often referred to as being ‘off
the cuff.’ A ‘turncoat’ is a person who has no loyalties and
who changes sides as it suits him. When we speak of a
person who ‘lines his pockets’, we mean that the person is
one who makes a lot of money in a doubtful manner.

Have you ever heard anyone say that it is unfair to ‘hit below the belt?’ This means that it is
wrong to indulge in underhand tactics that are against the rules. Anything that ‘knocks your
socks off’ is something that really surprises and delights you. Speaking of shoes, do you
know that if you ‘are on a shoestring budget,’ it means that you have very little money or
resources? When you are very well dressed, it’s usual to say that you are ‘dressed to the

These are just a few examples. Our surroundings are filled with lots and lots more.

                                            -Divina Anil
                       “Stewardesses” is the longest word
                       typed with only the left hand and
                       “lollipop” with your right.                                            IX
                       No word in the English language rhymes
                       with month, orange, silver, or purple.

                             GOD’S MASTERPIECE

Oh! That blue that stretched above,
A vast expanse of heavenly love.
It meets the green and splendid land,
Or the dusty light brown sand.
A scene coloured with the choicest colours,
An oblivious blend of stars and flowers...
A fiery red sun whose rays glow gold;
And a silvery moon that glitter’s bold.

                                                 Days are a blessing and nights are a dream.
                                                    Flowing perennial, over a life like stream.
                                                      Those aged mountain heads are white.
                                                               A mingled ecstasy in the light!
                                                     The clouds drop dew or pour down rain,
                                              Those sparkling showers give fields their grain.
                                                      There are wellsprings by the orchards;
                                                   With fruits like ruby, topaz and emeralds!

The sky is covered with so many birds;
And is as rife as the rife hale herds...
The colours combined in one brilliant rainbow,
Highlights the blessing that God did bestow.
Nature is history that the future will borrow;
It’s void of pain, sickness and sorrow!
Perfection’s complete and par paradise;
Earth without nature wouldn’t suffice…

                         Let’s let the extravagance live on forever;
                   For there’s no masterpiece on earth as that of nature!

                                                                                  -Lydia David
                                                                                          XI J
            The longest one-
            syllable word in the
            English language is
                                     Teacher’s day
     A little child once stood on a doorway,                     Sometime later in life,
       To enter what was to be his world,                When he became his true self again,
                 For years to come.                      He realized that he missed someone
       Looking around for a friendly face,            In spite of the horde that surrounded him.

     The little one stood still for a while.               So, he returned to that doorway,
     Then came that warm helping hand                  Through which years ago he entered his
               That held him tight,                                     world.
    With glittering eyes, a reassuring smile                 He stood still for a moment,
                 And a face that glowed.                       Knowing not what to do.

 As the little one grew, in both body and mind,       He searched for that hand that once held
  She stayed with him through thick and thin.                         him tight,
                                                             Making him feel sheltered.
             His unsteady hand                         For the eyes that glittered in darkness,
      That misspelt every word at first                         Showing him the trail.
  Soon wrote at a stretch, pausing no where.             For the smile that reassured him,
                                                       Pushing him further and further ahead.
   She held him safe and sound all the time.
         The little bulging eyes of his                           Then he found her.
    That feared to face his very own class,
           Looked at every stranger                           Her face wrinkled, hair grey
        With a new found confidence.                          Yet her heart still the same.
                                                     For this time, another little one stood beside
           She smiled at his progress                                     her.
            And loosened her grip.                     Holding her hand like how he once held
           Heights at first terrified him,
But after a couple of falls, an encouraging thrust               He walked up to her,
And the feeling that she was always beside him,           His steps steady, eyes confident
       Made him climb higher and quicker.                              And said
                                                               “THANK YOU TEACHER
 She let him go and faded away into the crowd                  FOR WHAT I AM TODAY
      While strangers poured into his life.                       I OWE IT TO YOU”
           But she never forgot him,                          That day, two pairs of eyes
       For like many other little children                   Shed tears of joy and pride.
  Who once held her hand through the years.           While the third one looked on expectantly.
 He too had seized a special place in her heart.

     Once free, the bird then soared high,
  Reaching new clouds and touching success                                           Neethu Roy
               Time and again.                                                              XI B
         A fresh life lay ahead of him
    Applause and roses, quite familiar then.

This is a crossword on English literature and grammar, solve it with the help of the clues given

                                       11             22


                       44                                          5

                                                66                               8

                            77          9


                                                            10              15

                             12                        16



                                                                                     Janani Venkatachalam
                                                                                                      XI J
CLUES ACROSS:                                        CLUES DOWN:
1) Famous play written by Ben Jonson (7)             2) A statement that seems self-contradictory
4) An expression including a subject and             but in reality expresses a possible truth. (7)
predicate but not constituting a complete            3) Tragedy written by Shakespeare (6)
sentence (6)                                         5) The Man _______ Prize for Fiction is a
6) Middle name of Samuel Coleridge (6)               literary prize awarded each year for the best
7) A figure of speech in which an implicit           original full-length novel, written in the
comparison is made between two unlike                English language (6)
things that actually have something in               8) Robert Frost's: ______with the night (10)
common. (8)                                          9)Surname of author of "The Scarlet Letter"
10) First Name of author of "To Kill a               (9)
Mockingbird" (6)                                     11) The surname of the person to whom the
12) ______imagery is used to represent a             Nobel Prize in Literature, 1948 was awarded
smell (9)                                            (5)
13) The definite article (3)                         15) A mystic poet and saint of India whose
14) 18th Century movement in literature              writings have greatly influenced the Bhakti
emphasizing emotion and imagination,                 movement. (5)
rather than logic and scientific thought (11)        16) The “Awakening Age” was written by Ben
                                                     ______. (4)

To be popular nowadays is a great feat,
No one cares if you are studious or neat.
The main emphasis is on how you look;
Whether you have read a particular book.
The key factor is your hairstyle,
You have to change it every little while.
Social cliques cause a lot of trouble,
The dream of belonging to one is a fragile bubble.

Not being included results in low esteem,
These things are not as simple as they seem.
“Have you heard this new song?”
“Did you know that your earrings are too long?”
Are the types of conversations you hear all around.
From the top of the building to the floor on the ground.
While around the globe endangered species are dying out
Is being popular all we care about?
                                                                             -Shreya Zalani


                                      DID YOU KNOW???

           Most Commonly used word: the
           Most Commonly Misspelled word: difenitely defenitely definitely
           Word with most number of definitions in the English dictionary: set
           The longest word in the English language:
        pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis. (A lung disease caused by
        the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.)
                          "Rhythm" is the longest English word without a vowel.
                          The word "queue" is the only word in the English
                          language that is still pronounced the same way when
                          the last four letters are removed.
                          ‘Go.’ is the shortest complete sentence in the English

                                                         1                2

                                           3                      4


                                                6    7





                                                                                    -Shrey Viren Tanna

                                                                                                 IX G

CLUES ACROSS:                                       CLUES DOWN:

1) A false statement that damages                   2) Pay attention to (5)
somebody's reputation. (6)                          4) Beginning (5)
3) Similar to (6)                                   5) General tendency (9)
6) An opinion which is not based on firm
                                                    7) Unaware of (9)
evidence (7)
9) Stupid or careless mistake (7)                   8) Something that obstructs or delays
10) Cause to become thick (e.g. blood or fat)       progress (4)
11) Provide (4)
12) Reach the end of an agreed period of
time (10)
                      'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia' is the fear
                      of long words.

When I was a little child of two,
My parents left me forever.
I was left, an unwanted parcel,
Shunted from one relative to another.

I grew up unwanted and unloved,
And it became quite certain,
That I was treated as nothing more
Than just a burden.

The hurt wouldn’t go and the tears wouldn’t stop,
I just couldn’t understand what I’d done wrong.
The slightest mercy was denied to me,
And I suffered for long.

                                                            I’d had enough of this painful life,
                                                              I didn’t want to lead it anymore.
                                                                       But I was a mere child,
                                                                   Where could I possibly go?

                                                            The other children were so happy,
                                                          My jealous heart burned painfully,
                                                       They had parents, who cared for them,
                                                     While I, ‘The Orphan’, looked on silently.

                                                                      But a little ember of hope
                                                                           Still burns inside me,
                                                         And I know that someday I will find,
                                           That this is not all an orphan’s life is destined to be.

                                                                            -Shreya Shreeraman
                                                                                                   IX A


Life, as we know, can be pretty tricky at times. It pushes you to your
utmost limit to see whether you stay on or fall off. But eventually
time heals all things. It also plays a drastic role in changing people.
But time cannot be changed. The past, the present and the future
have been written out for us. We just follow it, in Shakespeare’s
words we are mere actors. But no matter how fast or slow it goes,
you can never replay any part of your life. You can’t even look into
the future and prepare yourself. What you can do is live the present
and cherish every moment of it.

The present is a gift given along with many others. Isn’t that why it is called the ‘present’ in the first
place? It comes with the tiny additional packages of joy like your amazing family, your fabulous group
of friends and several other things that spread joy in your life.

Every day of your life is like a huge game of monopoly. Sometimes you get through by just playing
along with a pinch of luck. At times you have to pay for landing at the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Sometimes, life throws at us ‘a chance card’ to do the things we dreamt of. Minute things like that little
voice at the back of your mind telling you to study one chapter a day is a relevant example of ‘a chance
card’. But if you don’t take that chance (which is usually always the case), then it’s gone. You will have
to keep playing until you land at another chance. Little things like telling your family and friends you
love them can make their day like the weird smiles’ that your friends send in a text message can
actually make you smile when you are low. When you make every second of your life count, by making
others smile, then you have, in a way, made your day.

I like to think of it this way, life is a giant canvas. It’s up to you where you put your colours that
ultimately turn out into a beautiful picture. And the people you love are the first colours on your
paintbrush. Make the memory last.

                                                                                     -Mellissa Dessa

                                                                                                    XI J

               "All that glitters is not gold . . ."

                        -William Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice
                 The verb ‘cleave’ is the only word in English Language with two

                 synonyms that are antonyms of each other- adhere and separate.

                                         The Candle
                                                                  I am at first a single stick,

                                                             Made up of only wax and wick.

                                                       When exposed to the smallest spark,

                                                                I glow for hours in the dark.

                                                              In olden days, I used to glow,

                                           To provide some warmth when it used to snow.

                                                           I also glowed to give some light,

                                                          To frightened people in the night.

                                                                I glow, I glow but after that

                                                       My wax drips down and forms a mat.

                                                      A little wax, with every minute flows,

                                                     And every minute the little mat grows.

My height goes down, little by little,

This makes me more and more brittle.

At last, I am nothing but a pool of wax,

And here and there, small piles of ash.

But while burning out by flame or air,

I am happy that I have pleased someone.

Now you’ve read the life of a candle,

And so, me with more care, you will handle.

                                                                               -Keith D’Souza

                                           A soft and silent voice I hear outside my room.
                                                              Wait! Something just moved.
                                                                   Oops! It was the broom.
                                                The whisper was faint but near somehow.
                                                           I got out of bed and took a bow.
                                                 Looked under the bed to find any spooks
                                                   But instead I found a number of books.
                                                                          I heard it again…
                                                             But it was fainter than before.
                                                                        So, I ran to the door
                                                    I followed the voice from door to door,
                                                              Until the doors were no more.
                                  The basement was the only place which I hadn’t checked,
                                                      For I had only checked the top deck.
                                          I walked down the stairs and it started to creak.

I didn't want to look around so I took a little peak.
Saw the boiler and ran away,
Thinking everything was going to be okay.
When suddenly I heard the whisper again
And it made my hair stand on its end.
I went back down the stairs and looked around
When suddenly I tripped and tumbled to the ground.
I got up and patted the dust off my pants
Then the dust appeared on my hands.
Again I heard it loud and clear
And that made me quiver with fear.
I slowly looked around and saw moving pipes.
It turned out that the boiler was boiling all through the night.
Silly me! for thinking it was a ghost.
If you think you were scared, I was scared the most
                                                                            -Jessica Bensam
                                                                                       XI J
         The only other word with the same amount of letters as
         the longest word is
         pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconioses, it’s
                 List of Palindromes

                              Don't nod
                         Dogma: I am God
                        Never odd or even
                      Too bad – I hid a boot
                      Rats live on no evil star
                     No trace; not one carton
                   Murder for a jar of red rum
                 May a moody baby doom a yam?
               Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas!
            A Toyota! Race fast... safe car: a Toyota
        Straw? No, too stupid a fad; I put soot on warts
   Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?
Doc Note: I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod
       No, it never propagates if I set a gap or prevention
           Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna
              Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus
                  Some men interpret nine memos
                    Madam, in Eden I'm Adam
                    Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo
                     Ah, Satan sees Natasha
                      Lisa Bonet ate no basil
                        Do geese see God?
                        God saw I was dog
                           Dennis sinned
                                                                          IX F
                  Footsteps of Man

         Since the earliest of time, the first step of man,
      We’ve seen growth during this short geological span.
         Faster than bovines or the famed clawed cats,
             Faster than birds and the winged bats.
      From spears to wheels and the art of mastering fire,
           To armour plates, engines to robots of wire.
     From the time we’ve started there was no turning back,
       Till the day past we shifted our evolutionary track.
Separated from other quadrupeds and created a niche of our own.
        To the extent of studying them in our little homes.
             Mastered to nurture physics, theology,
      Expanded our knowledge to derive nature in theory.

         Questions we asked of where all came from,
      For answers we sent probes into planets to roam.
     We expanded our field and found space at the bottom,
               To play with the invisible atom.
          We’ve created and destroyed, we’ve done it all,
             Our will we place above the will of God.
          Masters we are over the seas and landscapes,
        ‘Incredible’ – a word we have added to our name.
          Did the first of our kind ever stop to think?
     Where his steps were to lead the other human beings?
      All praises and thanks to our mighty human brain
     That enables a vision of a marvellous future we await.

                                                              -Anwesha Sen
                                                                                           XII A

                         THE FIRST TOUR OF MY LIFE

“Ma, can I go for this.....”I asked my mom, giving her the circular sent by the school. She read
it and gave it to my dad. I watched her face anxiously. Her face did not give away much. My
dad read it and made an eye contact with my mom. They had this conversation with their eyes
that parents always do. I was hopping from one foot to another, trying my best to feign
patience, to look mature enough to go for the 15 day tour.

So this summer, I was one of the 56 students to visit Delhi, Agra and Manali with Mr and Mrs
Hussaini, Mr Arul, his wife and kids. It was an amazing experience. We spent 14 days together
–from the crazy plane journey from Muscat to Delhi (on the day Cyclone Phet had hit Oman),
to the last day when we separated to different parts of India. We visited the QutubMinar,
the Lotus Temple, the Red Fort and the TajMahal. All the monuments I had seen only in
history textbooks and never even dreamt I would, one day, see in reality! When we were
visiting the Taj, I had just gone shopping and was juggling the bags in one hand, when a 1000
rupee note in my other hand fell down. I saw a small child in tattered clothes pick it up. I
watched him anxiously and got ready to shout “Thief...” Instead to my surprise the boy
actually walked over to me and gave me the money and said “Didi, you dropped this.” I was so
touched by his honesty that I gave him the 1000 rupee note. I was warned by many people
about thieves and pick-pocketing in Delhi, but this little boy had proved them all wrong.

Then we spent five lovely days in the green and beautiful Manali, going for long but wonderful
treks, saw a gorgeous waterfall, visited villages, bathed in hot sulphur springs, shopped till we
dropped and learnt many new things. We learnt many rope knots and ‘rappelling’ - climbing
down a mountain (we practised on giant rocks) while hanging on ropes.

 Aside from the annoying fact that even after spending fourteen long days together, some
people did not even say ‘Hi’ in the school corridors, I made good friends and we became very
close during the two weeks we spent together.

We accomplished a lot during those days. I stayed away from home for a fortnight for the
first time and I lost 4 kgs!!

So this trip was a once in a lifetime experience for me .Thank you my beloved ISM and the
teachers who made this trip the most wonderful fortnight of my life.

                                                                             -Sharanyan Menon

                                                                                           XI F

Automagically - automatically and in a way that seems ingenious, inexplicable
or magical
Cheeseball - lacking taste, style, or originality
Chill pill - a notional pill taken to make someone calm down
Chillax - calm down and relax
Dictionary attack - an attempt to gain illicit access to a computer system
by using a very large set of words to generate potential passwords
Freemium- a business model, especially on the Internet, whereby basic
services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be
paid for
Frenemy - a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike
or rivalry
Hater - negative person
Interweb - the Internet
LBD - little black dress

Matchy-matchy - excessively color coordinated.
Microblogging - the posting of very short entries on a blog
Netbook - small light laptop
Paywall - an arrangement whereby access is restricted to users who have
paid to subscribe to a website
Social media - websites and applications used for social networking
Staycation - holiday spent in one's home country
Steampunk- a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-
powered machinery rather than advance technology
Turducken - a roast dish consisting of a chicken inside a duck inside a
Tweetup - a meeting organized by means of posts on Twitter
Vuvuzela - long horn blown by fans at soccer matches
                                                                        Tanvi Gupta

                                                                                IX I


                   R   H   N   E   R   D   L   I   H   C   M
                   S   U   U   K   L   A   Z   B   Y   L   G
                   I   C   E   B   R   E   A   K   E   R   S
                   L   Y   G   C   R   E   D   I   T   H   U
                   C   S   H   T   E   N   I   E   C   E   R
                   D   N   I   R   H   M   A   D   J   C   R
                   L   I   L   Y   T   G   E   R   J   A   I
                   T   T   H   G   I   N   I   T   M   M   C
                   E   L   S   N   E   E   Z   E   E   G   I
                   O   L   L   A   B   D   N   A   H   R   Z
                   Z   B   N   S   T   O   J   N   A   B   Y

                   WORDS TO SEARCH:

                                                               -Akshay Sharma
                                                                         IX A

“`Ough` can be pronounced in eight different ways. The following sentence
contains them all: `a rough-coated, dough-faced ploughman strode through
          the streets of Scarborough, coughing and hiccoughing thoughtfully.’   ”

                                 MY MOTHER

A soul so kind
Is difficult to find,
Even amongst angels
So bright and sweet.

A heart of gold -
Neither hard nor cold
But soft and gentle.
Her child she kindles.

A person so holy
Not angry but jolly,
Always loving and sharing
Her child's love she is preciously caring.
                                                            In the deepest blue waters,
                                                           In the farthest wide craters,
                                                           Never a treasure so priceless
                                                                        Was ever found.

                                                           At the bottom of our hearts
                                                      Hidden amongst its various parts
                                                                  We find undying love
                                                       For the tranquil dove – Mother.

                                                           Quarrel and bicker you may,
                                                     Not enough "Thanks" can you say,
                                                For the little everyday things she does
                                                         In spite of our haste and fuss.

                                                                           Neethu Roy
                 ‘Underground is the only
                                                                                 XI B
                 word in English Language
                 that begins and ends with
                                 The Widow’s Woe

                                                              They untied the oxen
                                                        The iron gates were broken
                                            And, the peasant’s wife stood watching
                                                   As the barns they tried to open.

                                                 They were the lender’s strongmen
                                                          With eyes ready for war
                                                       Carrying sticks and shovels
                                                         And papers speaking law.

They whipped, they ripped and stripped
The cottage and the yard
Doors grew wider, holes replaced
The windows that were barred.

She pleaded, they didn’t hear her
She wept, her knees met clay
She said her man would have paid his dues
If he hadn’t passed away.

Few moments they did linger
In minutes they were gone
Warning her to leave the place
Before it was morning.

                                                                -    Rochelle Vaz
                                                                              IX A
Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding a stupid person that stops bright ideas from
penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near
Sarchasm (n): The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get

"What time does the library open?" the man on the phone asked.
"Nine A.M." came the reply. "And what's the idea of calling me at home in the middle of the
night to ask a question like that?"
"Not until nine A.M.?" the man asked in a disappointed voice.
"No, not till nine A.M.!" the librarian said. "Why do you want to get in before nine A.M.?"
"Who said I wanted to get in?" the man sighed sadly. "I want to get out."

My parents recently retired. Mom always wanted to learn to play the piano, so dad bought
her a piano for her birthday. A few weeks later, I asked how she was doing with it. "Oh, we
returned the piano." said My Dad, "I persuaded her to switch to a clarinet instead." "How
come?" I asked. "Because," he answered, "with a clarinet, she can't sing."

Two elderly couples were enjoying friendly conversation when one of the men asked the
other, "Fred, how was the memory clinic you went to last month?"
"Outstanding," Fred replied. "They taught us all the latest psychological techniques -
visualization, association - it's made a big difference to me."
"That's great! What was the name of that clinic?" Fred went blank. He thought and thought
but couldn't remember. Then a smile broke across his face and he asked, "What do you call
that flower with the long stem and thorns?"
"You mean a rose?"
"Yes, that's it!" He turned to his wife. "Rose, what was the name of that clinic?"
A woman woke up one morning to find a ferocious-looking gorilla in a tree on her African
plantation. She quickly phoned the local game warden, who arrived minutes later. In one
hand he held a shotgun, and in the other the leash of a fierce Doberman pinscher. As they
walked to the tree, the warden explained, "What's going to happen is that I go up the tree,
throw the gorilla out, and the dog clamps his teeth on the gorilla." The woman nodded and
was surprised when he handed her the gun. "You know how to use this?" he asked. "I do,"
she said, "but what's it for?" The warden replied, "Well ..... sometimes the gorillas are pretty
tough and throw me out of the tree. If that happens, I want you to do one thing." "Shoot the
gorilla?" "No," he answered, "the dog."

Will and Bill were quarrelling about whose father was the strongest. Will said, “Well, you know the
Pacific Ocean? My father's the one who dug the hole for it.” Bill wasn't impressed, “Well, that's
nothing. You know the Dead Sea? My father's the one who killed it.”

Q: Which month has 28 days?
A: All of them!
(Not just February.)

Q: What do you call your father-in-law's
only child's mother-in-law?
A: Mom!
(Your father-in-law's child must be your spouse and
your spouse's mother-in-law
is your mother.)

Q: What 11-letter English word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?
A: "Incorrectly"!

Q: What is as big as a horse but doesn’t weigh anything?
A: The horse’s shadow.

Q: Why are men with pierced ears better suited for marriage?
A: Because they have suffered and bought jewellery.

Q: What begins with T, ends with T and has T in it?
A: A teapot.

Q: Do you know why birds fly to south in the winter?
A: Because it’s too far to walk there.

Q: Which letters do Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday have in common?
A: None! None of them have “c”, “o”,”m” or “n” in them.

Q: What are the 3 important rings in life?
A: Engagement ring, Wedding ring, and suffering
Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?
A: He didn’t have anybody to take (any BODY).

Q: A father and his son met with a car accident. The father died. The son was taken to the hospital.
The doctor came in and said: Oh no! He’s my son. Who was the doctor?

A: The doctor was his mother.

                                     LIFE’S JOURNEY

Life’s journey has abundant tests of endurance,
Time binding factors though may stop you.
But never forget the secret of three,
These words show reverence.
Where firstly comes the magic of thank you,
Secondly ‘sorry’ and last ‘please’.
The key to the way, which once lost, can be regained,
By using these secret doze which never get drained.

                                    At times, these, though are unprofitable,
                                                      Make you feel satisfied,
                                  Giving you self- confidence and assurance,
                                              That you are to everyone heard
                                              And your rights are recognised.
                          Nothing is impossible and every heart is malleable,
              Every element can be changed and every revolution suppressed.
                                The flow of these words make us benevolent.

Though not in one try,
But again and again…Surely! Nothing to cry,
The fruit gained by this patience,
Is much more compared to salvation,
Because it is our humility and hard work that
Fills our life journey with satisfaction.

                                                                                  -Kritika Sarkar


                                      A blanket of darkness, silence in the air,

                                             Everyday asleep without any care.

                                                An unusual stillness all around

                                               All is dead, no noise, no sound.

                                           And then suddenly, a ray of light….

                                          A ray of hope that dispels the night.

The sun appears, making the sky dazzling gold,

Hiding the moon and the stars, its light so bold.

Someone, somewhere heard the birds in the sky,

And flap their wings ready to fly.

The stillness of the air breaks,

And the new world awakes…

From its ashes is now reborn.

This is the splendid magic of dawn.


                                                             -    Madhvi Tandon
                                                                                  XI C

                        THE REAL HEROES

                                     SCENE 1
Dr. Rohit Gambhir and Dr.Gautam Sharma are two scientists working at NASA.
While Dr.Gautam Sharma is already an American citizen, Dr.Rohit Gambhir has just
applied and is waiting for a response. The two scientists stay together in the same
apartment in Washington D.C. One evening, at around six, Dr.Gautam has a cup of
tea and is waiting for Dr.Rohit to return home.
(The door opens)
Gautam     :Hey, hi Rohit !
Rohit      :Good evening Boss, Chai Kaisi Hai? (Goes on to keep his keys on a nearby
Gautam     :(Has a Sip). Hmm... Acha hai yaar!! For the first time, I have made some
           good tea for myself. Haan, by the way, before I forget, I think there is a
           voice mail for you.
Voice Mail :Congratulations Dr. Rohit Gambhir. Your application for citizenship has
           been accepted. Please contact the Indian Consulate at the earliest for
           further details on dual citizenship.
Gautam      :Vaah, Kya baat hai!! Shabaash!!! Congrats
           Man!! Tho batha, abhi teri shaadi kab hai?
           Yeah, now get all your procedures done
           quickly. Trust me; these guys here take a lot
           of time,
Rohit      :(With a cup of tea in hand) Man, I don’t
           think I am gonna take up the citizenship, and
           I am serious.
Gautam     :(surprised) And why not? Are you out of your mind or something?
Rohit      : I am completely in my senses.
Gautam     :Toh ab kya hua yaar? Any one would ask what on earth has gone wrong
           with you. There are millions back in India willing to do anything for a
           H1B Visa. Here, you have got the H1B and citizenship as well. So what
           more do you want?
Rohit       : Yeh H1B or citizenship ki aisi ki taisi. I want to get     back to India,
Gautam      : Huh?? Be practical man. After carving a niche for yourself in scientific
            community here in US, don’t you want to avail the opportunities that this
            place is offering you?
Rohit       : Opportunities are the ones we create.
Gautam      :Ok, Ok, I don’t want any more nonsense. Tell me, what has made you
            change your mind?
Rohit       : A sense of guilt... As you know, a third of NASA is Indian and all of us
            have completed our education in India, we obtained all our resources from
            there, but have come here to seek shelter for personal gain. It makes me
            feel like a traitor, a selfish opportunist.
Gautam      : Oh! Give me a break!!!
Rohit       :Yeah, it’s about this attitude. After everything we don’t serve our
            country, we join hands with a country that is looking for every means to
            suppress our growth and we finally mock at our own country. It’s like
            someone digs a pit for us, we fall into it, yet hail all glory for the person
            who dug the pit. Isn’t it foolish?
Gautam      : Ha! Ha! You have a good sense of humour
Rohit       : It is not a joke... Well you’re supporting America & the Americans too
            much. Ok, take your personal life into consideration. You married an
            American woman with the belief that she was far more beautiful as
            compared to any Indian woman with a far better outlook. Your parents
            disowned you because you refused to take care of them in their last days
            because your wife hated them. But what happened in the end? Your
            marriage was a disaster. A divorce with a ½ a million dollar settlement, a
            court order that forbids you from seeing your children has left you
            without a family. You have virtually lost everything, man—your
            nationality, your family, your identity, everything. What are you working
            for now? For whom are you living? Understand, man understand, the core
            reason for all of this, is America. But how will you understand? For
            someone like you who has lost morality, everything will seem a joke.
Gautam      :Hey! Who are you to tell me about my personal life? (A few seconds later)
            Bro, ... I have to calm down... Acha suno, it’s your life. Now its upto
            you... Do what you feel is right, aur mujhe kuch bolne ki zaroorat hi nahi
            hai.. Go ahead... But, where do you plan to get a job?
Rohit       :ISRO aur Bhabha Atomic Research Centre mein apply kiya hai. Ab
            dekhna padega.
Gautam      :Theek Hai
( Rohit goes out. Door closes and lights fade out as Gautam continues to complete his
                                           SCENE 2
Next day, Rohit & Gautam go for work in the morning, go to their respective cubicles
and settle down for work. After a couple of minutes, Rohit dials the number of Dr.
Fredrick, his Boss.
Samantha :Good Morning... Welcome to the office of Dr. Fredrick Van Wersch.
         This is his Secretary Samantha here.
Rohit       : Good morning Samantha, Rohit Here.
Samantha : Good Morning, Sir... How are you doing?
Rohit       : Good... And you?
Samantha : Much the same.
Rohit       : OK, Is Fred free right now?
Samantha : Umm… hold on a sec... I have to check his schedule... (After a couple of
           seconds) No sir, he’ll be free only after ten minutes.
Rohit       : OK, may I have an appointment with him after ten minutes?
Samantha : Let me check Sir... Please hold on... (After a      couple of moments) sure
         sir... For how long?
Rohit       : Probably 15 – 20 minutes.
Samantha : It’s done Sir.
Rohit       :Thanks Samantha
Samantha :You’re welcome Sir. It’s always my pleasure.
(After 10 minutes, Rohit goes to the office of Dr. Fred. Rohit knocks on the door)
Fred        : Come in.
Rohit       : Good Morning Fred. How are you getting on?
Fred        :Hey Good Morning Rohit, nice to see you... I am good... It’s pretty hard
            catching up with you these days. Busy eh??
Rohit       : Quite... My diary is full.
Fred        : Oh, I see... Why are you here right now? Any issues?
( Rohit hands him a letter. Fred reads it & a couple of minutes later)
Fred        : Oh, so you wish to leave?
Rohit       : Yes!
Fred        : Where to?

Rohit       : India.
Fred        : Why?
Rohit       : No particular reason... Just wish to give my services to my country as
Fred        :But I thought you had applied for American citizenship.
Rohit       : That’s right.
Fred        : What about that? Retaining it?
Rohit       : Well, umm, it has been processed... But, I am giving it up Fred, Are you
Rohit       : Yes
Fred       : I think you must give it a second thought.
Rohit      : I have given it sufficient thought and I don’t regret anything.
Fred        : Rohit, I personally believe you gotta come to a conclusion after having a
            careful look at what you’re gonna lose.
Rohit     : Not to slam you or disappoint you Fred, I have come to a conclusion after
            having a careful look at what I’m gonna gain.
Fred       : It’s your call then, mate
Rohit       : Thank you, Sir
Fred       : When are you leaving?
Rohit       : Planning to leave in a fortnight
Fred        : Good Luck then... It’s hard luck to lose a scientist of your calibre.
Rohit       : Thank you Fred, But I’m helpless. (They shake hands & Rohit walks
He goes back to his cubicle, commences his work... Suddenly)
Rohit       : Gautam, Yahaan dekh!!
Gautam      : Kya Hua?
Rohit       : Yaar, I can’t believe this. My application to ISRO has been accepted.
            They’ve asked me to join next month.
Gautam      : Congrats Man. What’s the post?
Rohit       : They’re designating this unmanned satellite to be sent to Martian surface
            and apparently they want me to head the project.
Gautam      : Congrats Yaar. Good Luck...
( Rohit comes back to India. He joins the ISRO Head quarters in Bangalore & goes for
his first day of work. He meets Dr. Murthy., the CEO of ISRO)
Murthy      : Welcome to ISRO, Dr. Rohit. It is indeed a blessing           to have you
            working with us.
Rohit       : Thank you sir.
Murthy      : Come on. Let me introduce you to your assistants.
Rohit       : Call them my co-scientists, sir, not assistants...
Murthy      : (Laughs) OK... Meet Dr. Surender Singh, Dr. Nirav Shah, Dr. James Vaz
            & Dr. Tariq Islam... They are your co scientists…
Rohit       : We’ll get to work right away, Sir.
Murthy      : Oh WOW!! We need to have more people like you Rohit who wish to see
            the tricolour flying high.
Rohit       : I am deeply humbled by such words Sir...
(Rohit & the fellow scientists get to work). Lights fade out as the scientists work.)

                                        SCENE 3
 On the other end, in tinsel town is Neha Mungal, an actress who is struggling to make
it big on the silver screen.
(Dance Sequence)
The film becomes a success & she is a star overnight. She features on the cover pages of
all magazines and makes headlines in all news channels. She features on the
Programme “A Rendez-vous Koel” on Headlines Today.

Koel        : Hello and welcome to ‘A rendez-vous with Koel’... Today we get up, close
            and personal with Neha Mungal, the new sensation in India. Hi Neha!
Neha        : Hi!
Koel        :So, tell us Neha, how did all this happen?
Neha        :It all started the day I decided to become an actress. I didn’t really think
            about what my parents had to say, but I just told them I wanted to come
            to Mumbai & took money from them to board the next train.
Koel        :And your parents blindly gave you money without even knowing why
            you wanted to come to Mumbai?
Neha   : Oh no, it’s not that way. I was featuring in small ads back home in Delhi.
       So, they knew that I wanted to make it big.
Koel   : So how was it after coming to Mumbai?
Neha   : Well, I had starred in a commercial with Sherlyn Chopra in Delhi. She
       had given me her contact number. I got in touch with her. Told her that I
       was coming to Mumbai. I never expected her to allow me to stay with her
       till I could find myself some suitable opportunities. So, after coming to
       Mumbai, she introduced me to Panther Shroff, Mr. Jackal Shroff’s son,
       who was directing a commercial at that time. He told me that I had to
       wait. I had to learn all the stuff that one needs to know about modelling.
       He got me in touch with designer Rohit Bal.
Koel   : Rocky S?
Neha   :Yes. He taught me everything about modelling... right from how to pose
       for a photo shoot, to how to walk the ramps & how to pose for
Koel   : OK, Neha tell us more about your modelling career.
Neha   :Ha ha (Laughs). Well I come from a pretty conservative background,
       some roles seemed quite impossible… sometimes totally unacceptable. But
       keeping my goals in mind, I decided to give it a go... And I was glad that
       it went on well.
Koel   : How did the film opportunity come about?
Neha   :Umm, Yeah as I progressed from just doing photos hoots to walking the
             ramps & then doing full fledged commercials, I met different people,
       from different backgrounds, who were doing different kinds of stuff..
       When I      was shooting for the Lay’s ad, incidentally ATV productions
       chairman Bonny Screwala was also there. He, as he told me, was
       completely captivated by me and asked if I was ready to be the heroine of
             Bombay Dreams, his upcoming Project then. I said yes
       immediately. Then, he offered me the script of the film which I handed
       back to him      at once.
Koel   :Why?
Neha   : Because I was ready to do anything. And the next day we signed the
       contract & within 2 weeks, the film had gone on floors.
Koel   : OK, Neha what is the one word that you would say to sum up your
       career    so far?
Neha   : Destiny. I’m a strong believer in fate and destiny.
Koel   : So, what kind of an actress are you?
Neha   : I’m completely a director’s actress. I do exactly what the director tells
       me to.
Koel       : What’s your next project?
Neha       : Now I’m busy with Richard Victor’s White. Richard was an assistant
           director in Melbourne Memories. So now working with him is great.
Koel       : And Armaan is the hero... Right?
Neha       : Yeah.
Koel       : Neha, one very common complaint about you is that you dress badly.
Neha       : Oh my God! India is a free country. I can dress any way I want. If I
           want to dress badly, it is my choice. I don’t see why people should have
           problems with that.
Koel       : Thank you Neha for coming to the show. Hey guys there, hope you
           enjoyed today’s episode with Neha Mungal. Next week, I’ll meet you at
           the same place, same time but with yet another film star. Until then its
           goodbye from me, Koel (Lights off)

                                         Scene 4
On the shooting location of White, Neha is doing her make-up while Armaan is getting
     ready. Victor & others are gearing up for the upcoming scenes. Armaan walks
     towards Neha
Neha       : Armaan, do I look good with this make up?
Armaan     : Of course, dear.
Richard    :Who asked you to apply so much make up? (Angrily) You’re becoming
                such a nuisance, Neha.
Armaan     : Hey, AD, Idhar aao.
AD         : Kya hua Sir?
Armaan     : What is the next scene?
AD         : Sir, Nehaji comes walking from this side, aur aap us taraf se jogging
           karkey aa rahe hain. You collide against Nehaji & she falls down while
           you continue to jog. She screams at you “Hey Mister, Kya aap dekhke
           chal nahin sakte?” You turn back, say “No” & continue to jog. And the
           camera throughout is in trolley mode.
Armaan     : Haan.. Ready. Hey Victor!!
Richard    : What? Ab kya hua?
Armaan     : Kuch nahin sir... We’ll get rolling.
Richard    :(Screams to the crew) Haan ready... Ready everyone.
AD2        : (with the clap Board) White, Scene 5, Reel 1 & claps the board
Richard     : Start action, camera, Roll (with mike)
(The camera begins to go on a trolley, Armaan jogs from the other side, and Neha
     walks from this side. They collide & Neha falls)
Neha        : Ouch!!!
Armaan      : (removes the headphones, comes running back to Neha) Hey.!I am very
                  sorry... Did you get hurt?
Neha        : Yeah
Richard     : (Screams aloud) Cut, Cut, Cut... Armaan, Yeh Kya Kar Rahe hain aap?
            What exactly are you doing?
Armaan      : Sorry Sir, Sir, Instead of having trolley shot, can we have a zoom shot
            from the top?
Richard     : You don’t need to tell me anything … understand… Just do what you’re
                  told to do... (Turning to the crew & cast) Ready, get to position
AD2         :(With the Clap board)... White, Scene 15, Reel 1 (& claps the board)
Richard     : Start action, camera, roll (with a mic)
(The camera begins to go on a trolley, Armaan jogs from the other side, and Neha
     walks from this side. But this time, they don’t collide)
Armaan      : (walking towards Neha)... Listen let’s go for a date to Minosa
            tonight...Candle light dinner!!
Richard     : Cut!! Hey, what are you upto man, Armaan? Keep your romance behind
                   the camera, Get that…
Armaan      : Tu Kaun Hai? Who are you to tell me what I should do?
Richard     : Main is film ka director hun.
Armaan      : But according to me, you’re just an Assistant Director who hasn’t
            achieved anything. I’m a big star man. If I walk out of this project you’re
            finished. You can never hope to become a director ever after. But for me, I
                   can act in 2-3 other films & earn double the amount than what I
            have accepted for this movie. I have so much money invested on me, just
            be     careful.
(The producer of the film watches all this and comes running immediately)
Producer: Armaan Sir, sorry… Nothing like this will happen anytime again. I assure
Armaan      : It is not about that. This ugly director does not even know to talk to a
            big star. Kisne isko director banaya?
Producer     : Relax Yaar... Tonight I shall give you a good treat after your date,
             OK... Khali is scene ko hum ab shoot karengey, uske baad, we
       pack up...alright...
Armaan       : No probs... (Does a friendship shake hand with the producer & walks to
Richard      : Sir, But we have his call sheet only for the next 60 days & we are lagging
                    behind in schedule because they are romancing in front of the
             camera and they are not concentrating on the shoot.
Producer     : Pehle hum iss scene ko shoot karenge, uske baad hum dekh lengey.
Richard      : Sir, but…
Producer     : Go do the shoot... (Richard goes to the Mic, Switches it on & signals the
AD2          : (with the clap board) White, Scene 15, Reel 1 (And claps the board)
Richard      : Start action, Camera, Roll (On the mic)
(The camera begins to go on a trolley, Neha walks from this side, Armaan jogs from
      the other side, they collide & Neha falls)
Neha         : Hey Mister, kya aap dekhke chal nahin sakte?
Armaan       : (Goes a small distance, turns his head sharply at Neha, and looks down)
             No (continues jogging, camera zooms out)
Richard      : (After a couple of seconds) cut!! Excellent Armaan & Neha…
Neha         : Thanks
(Armaan just gives a stern look at Richard, helps Neha up from the ground, away.)
Producer     : (Screams) pack up!!!
Lights off

                                        Scene 5
Rahul        : Hello & Welcome to News Hour on ‘ Head Lines Today, with I Rahul
             Kanwal...’ Today, we focus on our Top story – The Launch of Martian
             Space Traveler – NAAG IV. The rocket which will be in the skies in
             another couple of minutes was designed by Ex NASA scientist, Dr. Rahul
             Gambhir. My correspondent Zakka Jacob reports from Sriharikota.
Zakka        :Hello Rahul. The rocket NAAG IV will be in the skies in another 5
             minutes     I’m told. It took Dr. Rohit and his team approximately 8
             long months      before they came to the present design.
             Voice Over: Rocket launch Ready
             (Rocket launches and scientists cheer)
             +1, +2……..
Zakka        : India’s dream has come true... The rocket launch was extremely
                    successful. As Dr. Rohit puts it, this rocket is bound to reveal
             startling    details about Martian surface. Over to you Rahul...
Rahul        : That was Zakka for us... Now our correspondent Pradeep Chawla is
             ready      to interview Dr. Rohit. Over to you Pradeep.
Pradeep      : First of all Sir, Congratulations
Rohit        : Thank you.
Pradeep      : Sir, Would you tell us what NAAG IV is capable of?
Rohit        : is capable of analyzing Martian rocks, Martian surface & other
                  things related to Martian geology to determine exactly when life
             would be possible in Mars
Pradeep      : Tell us about your assistants, Sir
Rohit        : Oh, they were great. I realized the true essence of what Edison had said
             “If I were to do everything by myself, I wouldn’t have been able to
             accomplish half of what I have done” without them, nothing would have
             been possible.
Pradeep      : Thank you for speaking to us Sir.
Rohit        :Always my pleasure
Pradeep      : Over to you Rahul.
Rahul        : Let us see what many of our film stars had to say about this rare feat.
A. Khan       : Great! Kudos to the scientists
Rukh Rukh Khan : I wish I were one of them. Congrats guys… Keep it going.
Armaan Khan: They are simply superb.
Neha         : Today, I proudly say I am an Indian
Rahul        :Exactly as Neha said, we are proud to be Indians. OK... moving with
             other top stories of the day, apparently RRK is angry with A Khan for A
             has named his dog RRK. Also with us are exclusive pictures and stills
             from White, the new film which is creating waves in Bollywood. White
             stars Neha and Armaan…Its time for me to sign off... Keep watching
             Headlines Today… Good Night & Good Bye…

Lights off
                                       SCENE 6
It is republic day & the President is giving away titles & awards
Voice Over: Padma Shri Saif Ali Khan
                  Padma Shri Vivek
                  Padma Shri Neha Mungal
                  Padma Shri Armaan Khan
                  Next day at ISRO Head quarters

Tariq       : Did you see yesterday’s award ceremony?
James       : Yeah… All of them were film stars... None among us.
Nirav       : All our efforts have gone a waste.
Surrender: Who cares about us in this country? They only about the film stars. And
      Neha Mungal getting a Padma Shri was atrocious. She is just two f
      ilms old. What has she done?
(Dr Rohit enters and the scientists become quiet)
Rohit       : What were you guys talking about? Why did the parlance stop when I
James       : We were just talking about Film stars getting all awards and titles, while
                   we don’t get any even after putting in so much of efforts. Did those
            media guys even show a small glimpse of NAAG IV while we were working
            on it?      They showed stills of White so much... We are vexed.
Rohit       :Listen. We worked for the country and her development. If we help to
                  make our country more developed, I think it is more than any
            award or title... Are we working for awards or our country and her
            progress...? Even if our work is not recognized, nothing can strip us of our
(Attender comes in)
Attender:     (To Rohit). Murthy Saab aap se milna chahtey hain.
(Rohit goes to Murthy’s office)
Murthy       :We now have plans to launch PSLV VI. Would you like to head this
            project as well?
Rohit       :Definitely sir why not? If it is a matter of the country’s pride and
            prestige, I am more than happy to accept the offer.
Murthy        : (Hands a document to Rohit) Have a look at the documents. All the
             requirements are mentioned.
Rohit        : (Reads the document. After a while) So it is a communication satellite.
             OK sir, I’ll begin working on the new design in a day’s time. Thank you
             for this honour, sir.

        (Murthy and Rohit shake hands and Rohit walks out of his room in deep
        thought and with immense pride and Murthy watches Rohit with respect and is
        amazed by his commitment.).

              Lights down.
                                                                       Prashanth Balaji

                                                                              XII E

                 The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write
                                                         what you mean”
                     held on October 13th, 2010
            Prize Winning Entry on the theme ' FREEDOM’

               Freedom of One’s Heart

Being free to spread your wings
To feel all the joyous things.
No one to tell you what’s right and what’s
The only thing you will hear is your heart
singing a song.

Saying ‘freedom’ doesn’t mean anything
But feeling freedom and the joy that it brings;
Now that’s a different thing.

                   There’s always a fear that your wings maybe broken
                          But pay no heed just spread them wide open.
                                 Don’t forget that your heart is the key
                                 To open doors to peace and serenity.

                        The chains that held you back are finally broken
                                                And you are finally free,
                                              To be who you want to be.

Like a bird on a tree that chirps a sweet song
Like the flowing waters that go on and on.
We all long to be free in our lives
To reach out and touch the bright blue sky.

Freedom is such a beautiful thing
To feel all the joy it can bring.
To follow one’s heart and be who you want to be
You will have no regrets just wait and see.

                                                   -Jessica Bensam
                                                               XI J
 The Editorial Team would like to thank the Principal, Mr Achuthan Madhav, Vice Principal of
Senior Section, Mr Sunny Thomas, the Assistant Vice- Principal and Head of the Department of
English, Mr. Deep Wilson and all the teachers of the English Department for their continuous
support which made this literary magazine a dream come true.

We would like acknowledge the hidden helping hand behind the formation of this magazine –
Mrs Shashikala Ravikumar, the Overall Coordinator of the literary magazine for her
invaluable suggestions and never- ending guidance which cannot be expressed through words

Special thanks to all the members of the literary club who have contributed their true works in
English Literature making this magazine rich in both talent and thoughts. Their timely
cooperation is appreciatively remembered.

We would like to thank Rochelle Vaz of Class IX A who suggested the title of the Literary
Magazine .Credit for the designing of the front and back covers of the magazine go to
Anwesha Sen of Class XII A. We would also like to express our earnest gratitude to every
member of the ISM family, both teaching and non-teaching staff, who have extended help to us
in various stages,during the formation of this magazine.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of the following students whose
additional facts have made this magazine more informative:

            Prachi Gupta – IX B
            M.Sukanya - IX B
            Divina Anil – IX I
            Vishal – X D
            Anjali Mariappan - XI - B
            Shaharbanu – XI C

  Divina Anil   Kalyani Deshpande   M. Sukanya     Pon Anjali

Tanvi Gupta       Shreya Zalani     Shaharbanu   Sharanya Menon

 Rochelle Vaz    Keith D’Souza        Vishal      Kritika Sarkar
Anirudh Attri   Shreya Shreeraman    Rakshita Kalasagar   Shrey Viren Tanna

    Princy         Jessica Bensam        Mellisa Dessa    Prachi Garg

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