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									A quarterly Publication of Tanzania National Parks October-December 2010, Issue No. 010

          Balloon Safari launched in

          SUA monitors climate change
          on Kilimanjaro

     l    Motorbike rally to promote Parks

         “Conservation for Sustainable Development”

“The survival of our wildlife is a matter of grave
           concern to all of us in Africa.

These wild creatures amid the wild places they inhabit are
       not only important as a source of wonder and
inspiration but are an integral part of our natural resources
          and our future livelihood and well being.

   In accepting the trusteeship of our wildlife we solemnly
declare that we will do everything in our power to make sure
  that our children’s grand-children will be able to enjoy this
                  rich and precious inheritance.

          The conservation of wildlife and wild places calls for
                   specialist knowledge, trained manpower and
                      money. And we look to other nations to co-
                                    operate with us in this
                              important task the success or failure of
                               which not only affects the continent of

                               Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere - 1961
                               Africa but the rest of the world as well”

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     Tanzania National Parks
    Mwl. Nyerere Conservation

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                                       Low volume - high yield Tourism Policy good for
          Edward Kishe

        Assistant Editor
        Pascal Shelutete               conservation.....................................................................4
       Editorial Assistant             First Climate Change Monitoring Project for Kilimanjaro
       Catherine G. Mbena              Launched........................................................................6
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                                       Tanapa propose of Udzungwa Declared World Heritage
        Lilla N. Lyogello

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    Message from the Acting Director General
                                                    honour to Tanzania in recognition of her efforts
                                                    in conservation activities. The key focus of LCA
                                                    is to establish a link between the business
                                                    community and conservation institutions, as
                                                    conservation cannot survive without a truly
                                                    effective and sustainable commercial
                                                    relationship. The details of what transpired in
                                                    that meeting will be provided in this issue and a
                                                    comprehensive coverage of Tarangire National
                                                    Park is also given. The Park boasts with a healthy
                                                    and large African elephant population and is
Our dear esteemed readers
                                                    now one of the highly visited parks in the
The world is facing a new challenge of climate
                                                    country. In efforts to diversify tourists’ activities
change which is affecting the whole range of life
                                                    in parks and increase revenues generated from
and activities of human being on the earth.
                                                    tourist, TANAPA has established ballooning as a
Conservation for that matter is not spared.
                                                    new tourists product in the park.
Climate change is a change in average weather
that a given region experiences. The rate and
                                                    Lastly but not least, we would like also to inform
magnitude of global climate change over the long
                                                    our readers about the motorbike rally across
term have many implications for natural
                                                    some national parks expected to take place early
ecosystems and for that reason; the impact is
                                                    next year for promotional purposes. It is our
anticipated on Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest
                                                    hope that, in this issue you will update yourself
mountain in Africa. Researchers from some local
                                                    with information with regards to conservation
and foreign institutions are undertaking studies
                                                    and other activities of TANAPA.
on the mountain to establish the effect of global
climate change on the mountain’s resources and
its glaciers.

The Annual General Meeting of Leadership for
Conservation in Africa (LCA) held in August
                                                    Edward Kishe
this year in Serengeti National Park was great      Ag. Director General
                                                    Tanzania National Parks

    From the Editor’s Desk
                                                          minimizing negative environmental and social

                                                          Tourism in Tanzania is among the key sources of
                                                          economic income and employment for local
                                                          communities which in turn provides a strong
                                                          incentive to protect biodiversity. The
                                                          maintanance of the environment upon which
                                                          the economic health of the local population is
                                                          based becomes the priority, resulting in more
    Dear readers,                                         tourists who, in turn, generate more funds for
    Late last month the World celebrated the 2010         conservation. It is often the case that areas of
    World Tourism Day under the theme, Tourism            natural beauty and diversity are preserved and
    and Biodiversity. Basically, there is a direct link   protected, thanks to the funds flowing from the
    between biodiversity and tourism with areas of        tourism industry for infrastructure, maintenance
    unique natural beauty attracting large numbers        and jobs.
    of visitors. Biodiversity is thus one of tourism’s
    greatest assets and fundamental to its long-term      Along similar lines, tourism offers a viable
    sustained growth.                                     alternative for local and indigenous populations
                                                          to receive income from natural resources in a
    According to the United Nations Environment           way that protects those resources from
    Programme (UNEP), uncontrolled land                   exploitation; revenues that may otherwise have
    conversion, climate change, pollution and other       been obtained through more damaging forms of
    unsustainable human activities are causing            development. As such, economic development
    biodiversity loss at a rate many times higher than    does not come at the expense of environmental
    that of natural extinction. Biodiversity and all      concerns.
    the benefits it provides needs to be protected;
    action that damage it, avoided and biodiversity
    loss, halted.

    The question is therefore how tourism can             Pascal Shelutete
    contribute positively to biodiversity conservation    Public Relations Manager
    and the quality of life of local populations, while   Tanzania National Parks

Exclusive Interview with the Acting Director General...

Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA)
has a legal mandate of ensuring that
National Parks retain a high degree of
integrity as a true, accurate and
unspoiled example of a resource. The
Acting Director General, Edward
Kishe, says in this interview that
TANAPA, has to a greater extent
managed to fulfil its conservation roles
as well as the tourism development in
the parks.The Excerpts...

 Low volume - high yield Tourism Policy
         good for conservation
Q. What would you present as achievements of        local communities living adjacent to the national
TANAPA’s role both in conservation and              parks. TANAPA is at present not getting any
tourism development?                                subsidy from the Government, however there are
                                                    some few stakeholders especially conservation
A. The core activity of TANAPA is conservation      NGOs supporting the Organization in some
of wildlife and their habitats in protected areas   operational activities. To attract more tourist to
designated as National Parks. Since its             the parks, TANAPA is doing her best to make
establishment in 1959, TANAPA has been              sure that, infrastructure in the parks are well
actively managing and protecting the national       maintained and staff are trained so as to
parks and the resources therein to maintain their   enhance visitors’ satisfaction and experience.
sustainability for the benefit of local, national   TANAPA is also making efforts in developing
and the world community as a whole. TANAPA          new tourist products so as to diversify tourism
conserve for the benefit of the present and         activities in parks and thus generating more
future generations.                                 revenue. TANAPA is doing all these efforts
Tourism is the main income generating activity      because according to the Bank of Tanzania
to TANAPA. The proceeds from tourism are            report of 2005, it was spelled out that 88% of
used in managing the national parks as well as      tourism activities in the country takes place in
contributed to the development projects of the      the national parks.
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    Q. In most cases, wherever there are
    achievements, challenges are also experienced.
    What challenges have been faced by TANAPA so
    far in her daily operational activities?

    A. One of the main challenges is the
    establishment of more national parks which are
    located in different areas of the country.
    Currently we have 15 national parks in spite of
    the fact that, only five of them are potential
    revenue generators to support the rest of the
    parks. Apart from this high responsibility, the
    Government is taxing TANAPA. The challenge
    here is that, the number of parks is increasing
    inversely proportional to the TANAPA’s financial
    ability. It should be noted that, the demand for
    more areas to be designated as national parks is
    initiated by the citizens themselves or their
    leaders and sometimes by the Government in
    recognition to the importance of conservation
    for the benefit of the country and its citizens.       Educational institutions are among the beneficiaries of
    Climate change is another serious challenge            Tanapa’s CCS Programs
    experienced by TANAPA at present.
                                                          environmentally friendly such as walking safaris,
    Other challenges include poaching of wildlife         ballooning, canoeing and the like. Such activities
    both for commercial and subsistence purposes;         tend reduce the impact on the environment
    human – wildlife conflicts (this happens              caused by vehicles.
    especially to the communities living closer to the
    wildlife protected areas and in the wildlife          Q. Southern and Western national parks have
    migratory corridors); human population growth;        got potential tourist attractions but are less
    wildlife diseases, wildfires and pollution.           visited compared to their counterparts in the
                                                          Northern circuit. Do you have any marketing
    Q. Tanzania tourism policy, among other               strategies to attract visitors to these parks so as to
    objectives, seeks to attract low volume, high yield   reduce pressure to the Northern national parks?
    quality tourism. How has this policy helped
    TANAPA to achieve its role in conservation and        A. It is true that, the number of visitors in these
    tourism development?                                  parks is low compared to their counterpart in
                                                          the northern circuit. TANAPA is increasing
    A. Low volume, high yield tourism helps               efforts to market them through both local and
    TANAPA to maintain the natural beauty of the          international tourism fairs. Other efforts are to
    national parks and thus conserving the parks          improve the infrastructures such as
    sustainably for the benefits of present and future    accommodation facilities, roads, airstrips and
    generations of mankind. The low the visitors’         water distribution within the parks. Entrance
    volume, the minimal negative impact on the            fees in these parks (with exceptional of Gombe
    environment and hence the scenic beauty of the        and Mahale Mountain national parks) are also
    parks is not compromised, habitats not                low to encourage visitors to go there. TANAPA is
    destroyed, ecology of the parks not disturbed and     also encouraging private investors to invest on
    hence the parks remain attractive to visitors. This   accommodation facilities in these parks in order
    is contrary to mass tourism.                          to increasing the number of visitors.
                                                          The Government has also supported and funded
    On the other hand, TANAPA is making efforts           ongoing projects aimed to improve roads which
    to establish tourist activities which are             are not under TANAPA’s jurisdiction to facilitate

                                                                                           Continues on page 9

                                                                                                Photo: Tanapa

The snow capped Mt. Kilimanjaro

First Climate Change Monitoring
Project for Kilimanjaro Launched
By Pascal Shelutete                                      more investigations on the connections between the
                                                         observed changes and the influencing factors.
Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in               Mount Kilimanjaro has always been used as an
collaboration with the Tanzania Meteorological           indicator of the world changing climate, implying
Agency (TMA), Danish Meteorological Institute            that Mount Kilimanjaro is a good observation point
(DMI) are conducting a new research project which        of climate change. It is fortunate that this mountain
will look into the environment of Mount                  is in Tanzania, which provides easy access to
Kilimanjaro and how climate change contributes to        Tanzanian researchers.
the observed changes and predict future trend. The
project will be run for a period of three years and is   According to Dr. Clavery Tungaraza of the Faculty
funded by the Danish Development Agency                  of Science at SUA, who is the coordinator of the
(DANIDA) under its Pilot project initiative.             project, during the research some major activities
                                                         related to atmospheric circulation and
The projects follow the current worldwide                meteorological information recording will be
observations that the world climate is changing.         performed as well as downscaling of models for the
However, there are still some uncertainties on the       Kilimanjaro and surrounding region;hydrological
causes of the observed changes, which encourage          interaction of various ecological systems; training of

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    Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism,
    Dr. Ladislaus Komba tests one of the motorbikes that will be used in the rally.

    Motorbike Rally to Promote Tourism in the Parks
    By TT Correspondent                                           The company organizes Harley Davidson Rally annually in
                                                                  different countries of the world to showcase Harvey
    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in              Davidson Motorbikes.
    collaboration with the organizers of Harley Davidson
    Motorbikes Grand Rally and Kibo Travel Bureau are             The Harley Davidson Motorbikes Grand Rally normally
    organizing a special rally aimed at promoting amongst         coming with a filming crew who do a filming program of
    others tourist attractions, the Tanzania National Parks.      the event and finally produce a movie which is to be aired
                                                                  in various international media houses.
    The rally famously known as the Harley Davidson
    Motorbikes Grand Rally will take place in February next       The Rally will consist of 43 motorbikes and 10 service
    year and will cover a total of 3250 kilometers, in Tanzania   vehicles and it is intended that the rally starts and ends in
    and Kenya. Out of those kilometers, 2600 will be covered      Tanzania. The participants will spend about eleven days in
    by motorbikes while 550 kilometers will be in the Tanzania    Tanzania and three in Kenya for game viewing and short
    National Parks. The rally will involve over 70 tourists who   rest in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. The rally will pass
    will explore various sites in the country and attract huge    through Chalinze, Lushoto, Marangu, Arusha,
    media coverage in and outside the country.                    Ngorongoro, and Serengeti and cross the border to Kenya
                                                                  through Namanga and re-enter the country through
    It is expected that the event which will last for two weeks   Horohoro border in Tanga, Chalinze and back to Dar es
    will help to market and promote our country’s tourism to      Salaam. The rally will then cross by ferry to Zanzibar and
    the outside world through the publicity from the media        back to Dar es Salaam.
    coverage, which the organizers have already entered into
    contract with the international media.                        Apart from tourism promotion, stopovers are planned to
                                                                  be there which will be used to provide an opportunity to
    Harley Davidson Motorbike is a famous French Company          promote other good courses in areas such as Malaria,
    that manufacturer and distribute its motorbikes worldwide.    HIV/AIDS and other sponsored activities.

                                       ject will
                         c that the pro
            are optimisti            ith easy for o
Researchers            be accessed w
                                                               The station at the top glacier is in addition
              that can
generate data                                                  equipped with snow height sensor. All these
             d analyses.
local need an                                                  parameter sensors have been selected based on the
                                                               available information which tries to explain the
                                                               reasons mainly for the disappearance of the top
    a local expert in modelling and Climate change             mountain glacier. Some information connects the
    impacts. Past and future climate will also be              glacier disappearance with the decrease in albedo of
    simulated and that successful implementation of            the ice at the top, others with the reduced humidity
    this research project will build capacity of local staff   of the atmosphere, general increase of the globe
    to undertake modelling activities and the acquired         temperature, etc. important from these reports is
    research equipment will be available for future            that we are still not certain with the reasons for the
    research and monitoring activities.                        observed disappearance of the top mountain glacier.

    The Tanzania National
    Parks on their side have
    issued a permit to
    researchers and
    administrative support
    has been provided
    through KINAPA where
    necessary. It is observed
    that this is the first
    climate research project to
    investigate the
    environment of Mount
    Kilimanjaro and
    associated changes which
    will be led by local
    experts. Researchers are
    optimistic that the project
    will generate data that can
    be accessed with easy for
    our local need and
    analyses. This is also a
    good start for our local                One of the weather stations in Mt.Kilimanjaro used to monitor
    climate experts to raise                climate change
    their interest to be
    engaged in the investiga-
    tion of locally evidenced problems.                        This project also envisages investigating the
                                                               connectivity of the water flowing down the
    During the research, installation of three automatic       mountain with the glacier at the top. This will be
    weather stations on the Northern ice field of the          established by isotopic signatures method. Due to
    mountain, at Shira 2 Camp and at Londros Gate              analytical limitations in Tanzania, the hydrology
    will be done. This arrangement is intended to cap-         section of the International Atomic Energy Agency
    ture meteorological parameter differences along the        has been contacted and shown interest of providing
     mountain slope and compare their differences if           analytical support for this, Denmark as a developed
    they really provide evidence to guarantee the top          country and a partner in this project will also be
    mountain glacier disappearance. All three stations         contacted for the analyses.
    are equipped with sensors for wind speed wind
    direction, diffuse and direct solar radiation, albedo,
    temperature, relative humidity, pressure also
    precipitation measurement facilities.

    accessibility to the parks.                           camps and lodges targeting tourists from abroad.
    Staff training is also an important effort in         Does TANAPA have got any plan to provide
    improving tourism potentials not only in the          alternative accommodation facilities affordable
    southern and western national parks, but in all       to wide range of visitors?
    national parks so as to build their capacity and
    improve their skills and competence.                  A. This is a challenge to TANAPA, but the
                                                          Organization has tried and is still trying to make
    Q. What is TANAPA’s Community Outreach                sure that, it gets away with this challenge in the
    Program doing to motivate the local                   near future. Currently TANAPA has affordable
    communities adjacent to the national parks            visitors’ banda in several parks like Lake
    participate in conservation activities done by        Manyara, Ruaha, Mikumi, Rubondo, Saadani
    TANAPA?                                               and Mahale. Apart from bandas, TANAPA has
                                                          other types of accommodation facilities like rest
    A. The Community Outreach Program is                  house in Gombe, Serengeti, Mahale, Ruaha,
    composed of Conservation Education and                Tarangire, Rubondo, Katavi, Saadani and
    Support for Community Initiated Projects              Udzungwa; as well as hostels in Serengeti,
    (SCIP) components. In conservation education,         Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Mikumi. For hikers
    TANAPA is disseminating education to the local        in Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro we have huts to
    communities on the importance of conserving           carter for accommodation requirement of our
    the environment and wildlife resources for their      visitors. In spite of the current status, TANAPA
    own benefits. This is conducted to school pupils      is still working hard to provide more of such
    and other groups. People are encouraged to plant      facilities with the aim of encouraging more
    trees, maintain water sources, and protect forests.   Tanzanians to visit the parks. It should also be
    In the other hand, through SCIP TANAPA is             borne in mind that, a good number of parks can
    contributing to the development projects              be visited from nearby townships that offer a
    initiated by the local communities themselves.        wide price range of accommodation facilities
    Here TANAPA’s goal is for the communities to          which is line with the benefits sharing with
    experience tangible benefits resulting from           adjacent communities’ policy.
    conservation of the national parks and in turn
    make them actively participate in TANAPA’s            Q. Last comment to the tourism stakeholders
    conservation effort. The other thing is to make       about TANAPA’s readiness in working together
    people fee that, the parks are managed and            to add value to visiting tourists to Tanzania.
    protected for them and not for the Government
    or TANAPA alone for that matter. Through              A. TANAPA urges all stakeholders in
    SCIP, TANAPA has contributed in development           conservation and tourism activities to work
    projects of the local communities as follows:         closely together in ensuring proper conservation
    i. Educational Support: Construction of               and maintenance of the National Parks because
    classrooms, laboratories, teachers’ houses,           as said earlier, 88% of tourism activities are
    dormitories, administration blocks as well as         taking place in national parks. This will also help
    provision of furniture and laboratory fillings,       in generating foreign income for the national as
    equipment and materials.                              well. It should be noted that, tourism is one of
    ii. Health Services: Construction of                  the main economic activity which generate a
    dispensaries, health centers, maternal clinics as     substantial (about 25%) amount of foreign
    well as provision of furniture and laboratory         currency in the country.
    equipment and materials.
    iii. Water Services: Construction of bore holes,
    shallow wells and water dams                                                                              e
                                                                                                 ibuting to th
                                                                            IP TAN APA is contr e local
    Q. Accommodation is one of the limiting                   ...through SC rojects initiated by th
    factors for visitors especially the Tanzanians of         development emselves.
                                                               communit  ies th
    low to middle income class. This is because most
    of the accommodation facilities in the parks are

Sanje Waterfalls is one of the tourist attractions of
Udzungwa National Park

 Tanapa propose of Udzungwa Declared
          World Heritage Site
By TT Correspondent                                     The park has high density of endemic species with
                                                        some plants and animals that are only found in
Tanzania National Parks is in the initial stages of     these mountains, nowhere else in the world can be
sending a proposal to the United Nations'               found, hence center for endemism in the Eastern
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization       Arc Mountains.
(UNESCO), to declare the Udzungwa Mountains             Udzungwa Mountains National Park is part of the
National Park a world heritage site.                    Eastern Arc Mountains, which is a series of moun-
The rare flora and fauna species found around the       tains ranging from Taita Hills in Southern Kenya
mountain as well as cultural value of its geological    to the Makambako Gap in southern
composition are among the issues to be highly con-      central highlands of Tanzania.
sidered by UNESCO in the
proposal.                                               The major attraction is biologically diverse plants,
                                                        mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, butterfly,
Udzungwa is also one of thirty-four “World              and insects of which some of species are reportedly
Biodiversity Hotspot’ and one of 200 World Widlife      found nowhere else in the world.
Fund (WWF)’s Ecoregion of global                        Udzungwa Mountains is the only known National
critical importance, according to Ms. Fortunata         Park in Tanzania with a culturally important natu-
Msoffe, Chief Park Warden.                              ral cave which has survived destruction even before
The park is home of primate and known from the          the park was gazetted because residents in the sur-
treasure of high biodiversityof plants and animals.     rounding 32 villages fiercely guarded these fea-
It is famous for the Red Colobus                        tures out of their
monkeys and the abundance mushrooms cover on            traditional taboos and beliefs.
which the former feeds, says Mr. Paul Banga park        Udzungwa adds to the list of other World Heritage
ecologist. “Udzungwa boasts the highest waterfalls      Sites found in Tanzania among them Ngorongoro
in Tanzania, the Sanjes falls towering at over 170      Conservation Area,Serengeti National Park, Kilwa
meters,” adds the Tourism                               ruins, Selous Reserves, Zanzibar Island, Bagamoyo
Warden Ms. Rukia Mallya.                                and Mount Kilimanjaro.

         Leadership for Conservation in
            Africa meets in Serengeti
     By Dr. Ezekiel Dembe                                     support investments in the development of one of
                                                              the rare assets Africa owns such as wildlife.
     The Leadership for Conservation in Africa (LCA)          Normally LCA conducts its council meetings
     recently conducted its Annual General Meeting in         annually in one of the member countries whereby
     the Serengeti National Park whereby several issues       business and conservation communities find time to
     related to conservation sector were discussed. One of    share things of common interests. Last year’s meeting
     the main purpose of the meeting was to discuss how       took place in Chobe National Park in Botswana.
     Tanzania can establish a local chapter that will         The 2010 AGM took place from August 25th to 29th,
                                                                                    2010 in Dar es Salaam and
                                                                                     Serengeti National Park

                                                                                  The Presidential breakfast was
                                                                                  conducted on 26th August 2010
                                                                                  at the Kilimanjaro Hotel
                                                                                  Kempinski and the Minister for
                                                                                  Natural Resources and Tourism,
                                                                                  Hon. Shamsa Mwangunga offici-
                                                                                  ated the function on behalf of
                                                                                  the President. After the break-
                                                                                  fast, delegates flew by charter
                                                                                  plane to the Serengeti National
                                                                                  Park and conducted the council
                                                                                  meeting at Bilila Lodge
       Photo: by Tanapa

     Some of the Tanzanian representatives at the LCA Counclil meeting at
     Bilila Serengeti. They are (from left to right) John Kaaya, Ambassador Ami
     Mpungwe, Allan Kijazi,Dr. Ezekiel Dembe and Dr. Aloyce Nzuki.

     oversee local business community link with the           Tanzania appointed interim coordinators to fast track
     conservation authorities.                                the establishment of a local chapter that would work
     During the meeting, member countries were also           with LCA to establish a link
     challenged to initiate conservation projects that will   between conservationists and businessmen in
     be sponsored by business community worldwide.            Tanzania. Ambassador (rtd) Ami Mpungwe of
                                                              TanzaniteOne Ltd was nominated to represent the
     LCA is a NEPAD (Africa Union) endorsed initiative        business community and Dr. Ezekiel Dembe of
     based in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa with a       TANAPA was nominated to represent the Ministry of
     purpose of establishing a link between business          Natural Resources and Tourism. Tanzania currently is
     society and conservation practitioners by influencing    a member of LCA but has yet to open a Tanzania
     both national and international business leaders to      Chapter.

         English Premier League to
        Promote Tourist Attractions
By TT Correspondent                                     United Kingdom from the current 58,000 to about
                                                        100,000 yearly in the next few years.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in
collaboration with Tanzania National Parks              “We have entered into this contract which our
(TANAPA), Ngorongoro Conservation Area                  tourism promotional ads will be displayed on the
Authority (NCAA) and Tanzania Tourist Board             walls within football pitch during the 114 games”,
(TTB) have embarked on a new drive to promote des-      says Dr. Nzuki. He further noted that TTB has
tination Tanzania’s                                     subscribed to advertise in six stadiums by placing
spectacular tourist attractions through the most        30 seconds digital video adverts that will appear six
popular football league, the English Premier League,    times per game. Mentioned the stadiums those
that kicked off on August 14, 2010 and expected to      owned by Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, Stoke
come to an end on 22nd May, 2011.                       City, Sunderland, West Bromwich and Wolves.
Speaking during the press conference held at the

                Advert promoting Kilimanjaro Mountain in one of the UK Premier
                League Matches

Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) headquarters in Dar es     Three campaigns will be run to feature Mountain
Salaam recently, the TTB’s Managing Director Dr.        Kilimanjaro climbing, Wildlife safaris and Zanzibar
Aloyce Nzuki said that Tanzania becomes the first       beaches whose ads already were displayed on August
African country ever to have her promotional ads        14 games between Blackburn Rovers Vs Everton,
displayed in the English Premier League and indeed,     Sunderland Vs Birmingham, and Wolves Vs Stoke
this is a strategic plan to use sports as a means of    City.
promoting tourist attractions to the world, while
Tanzania Tourist Board anticipates this new promo-
tion drive will double the number of tourist from the

Ballooning over the Tarangire
     By: Elisha Mayallah                                      wilderness, Mr. Vitalis Uruka, Park Warden respon-
                                                              sible for Tourism in the Park was sharing some
     On the eve of our balloon safari, we sat with the        incredible wealth of knowledge with me. He
     pilot, Andrew Peart, chatting at their base in           explains how the balloon safaris have added value
     Tarangire National Park and the main topic of the        to the diversification of tourism products in
     conversation was, of course, ballooning.                 Tarangire.

     The balloon safari in the Tarangire National Park is     On arrival we found the pilot supervising the final
     the new supreme safari experience with the               stages of the inflation and his crew
     Adventures Aloft Tanzania limited, started in            inflating the huge balloon made in England.
     August 2010. Few others and I were set for a pre-
     flight briefing, which is normally done by the bal-      The burners were ignited and the material
     loon pilot. And Pilot Andrew Peart was there for us.     started flinching and twitching. Slowly, the
                                                              balloon stretched and swelled to their full size,
     I questioned Pilot Andrew about the safety of the        eventually heaving off the ground like
     balloon safari and his experience in the field. He       awakening giant. The flaming burners pierced the
     certainly was not at loss for words and, for safety he   early morning hush. The hot air in the
     confidently replied “Ballooning is the safest form of    balloon is lighter than the surrounding air and that
     flight and the fuel system is duplicated to prevent      is what makes it move up.
     the burner failing”. During his decade-long years of
     operation in Serengeti National Park and Maasai          Once upright, it pulled up the basket and the pilot
     Mara in Kenya, Pilot Andrew proudly said he has          invited us to take our seats. In the basket we were
     safely flown more than 20,000                            told to hold the ropes attached to one side, before
     passengers.                                              the pilot could release the balloon into freedom!

     Pilot Andrew told us that the balloon raises to a        Rising with the early sun between acacias, the bal-
     thousand feet or less for magnificent panoramic          loon huffed and puffed skyward as the
     views of the plains and surrounding hills, and at        ferocious flames from the gas burners blasted a gust
     times it will skim along near ground level for close     of hot air into its hollow belly. Our balloon glided
     up views of the animals. The balloon flight lasts for    higher into endless heavens, while our shadow, sail-
     one full hour and able to hold 16 people. After land-    ing across the wilderness, seemed to show the way.
     ing, there is a full breakfast menu with the pilot, at   And the Pilot allowed us to stand, watch and enjoy
     a table, which will have to be set up under a tree or    the balloon flight!
     on the open                                              I looked up into the gaping mouth of the
     wilderness.                                              balloon; past the flames it was swallowing like a
                                                              magician. It resembled a huge circuit tent, with tra-
     An early morning drive to the balloon launch site        peze-like ropes criss-crossing the great interior
     ‘airport’, the following day, signalled the start of     colours. The land sank away, flattening into a dot-
     yet another incredibly beautiful African day to          ted carpet with green and brown
     explore its authenticity.                                markings of vegetation and wildlife.
     As we filed along a track through the                    We floated into the vast Tarangire National Park
                                                                                              Continues on page

                             The newly introduced tourism balloon safari in the Tarangire National Park

passing grazing zebras, herds of elephants, and two     sighting of Lake Manyara at a distance.
warthogs lolloping awkwardly along. Grants gazelle
and Impalas fled the phantom image of the balloon,      For over one, hour pilot Andrew poured forth an
their rumps bouncing over the plain grass. And,         unending flow of information, anecdotes and witti-
from air, the graceful gait of a giraffe family,        cisms. The dream was steadily ending as the pilot
stretching its neck even longer, resembled a patch      announced that we were preparing for landing.
of long-stemmed speckled flowers swaying in the         “Well unfortunately time flies when you are flying
breeze. “This is probably the only time you will be     in the balloon pack away your cameras, take your
able to look down on a giraffe” Pilot Andrew            seat and hold your ropes again” said Pilot Andrew.
                                                        One by one, we reluctantly lowered ourselves down
Our balloon had to go where the wind took it. And       inside the basket and gripped the handles hanging
the winds at different heights blew varying direc-      on like little bats. And soon the warm air was
tions, enabling experienced pilot, Andrew, to           allowed to escape through a valve at the top, the
choose our height and, hence direction.                 balloon cooled and descended slowly while the
                                                        breeze whispered past our ears. The flatness bulged
We skimmed over hundreds of giant baobab trees          into distinct plain grass as we clambered from the
Adansonia digitata and umbrella thorn acacias           basket to find our breakfast, which included tea,
Acacia tortilis on our way to Tarangire River, a        coffee, boiled eggs with an assortment of pastries.
river flowing in the park acting as a dry season
magnet for wildlife and lifeline. We saw a herd of      It has been great balloon safari and we were later
buffaloes sniffing the air for possibly signs of dan-   driven to continue with the rest of the day’s activi-
ger which, unknown to them, was lurking on the          ties.
other side of the balloon shadow. We flew over dik
dik, birdlife darting away and some travel wary
wildebeest. Bit by bit, the ‘flight’ rewarded further

          A wild time in Tarangire
     By: Elisha Mayallah

      Be it game viewing, walking safari,
     night game drive or ballooning,
     Tarangire National Park has
     something for everyone. In all its
     grandeur and beauty, will take your
     breathe away.

     For long, Tarangire’s fame is its
     reputation as the Park teeming with
     wildlife. Today, the Park is also
     known as one of Africa’s Park with
     the highest elephant populations,
     estimated between 2500 and 3000,
     according to the Park’s ecologist Mr.
     Fredrick Mofulu. The elephant is
     one of the two iconic African giants
     that dominate the Tarangire
     landscape. The other is the baobab
     tree. The night before, in my room
     at Tarangire, I heard hyenas howl
     and lions roar in the distance.                                                            Elephants along Tarangire River

     Game viewing
     At Tarangire the surrounding land after the gate is filled        are the major drawcard, with a list estimated of up to 550
     with zebras, wildebeest, Impalas and Grant’s gazelles             species. It is believed that the Park is said to have, within
     because there are large expanses of area for good grazing.        its acacia habitat, highest known diversity of breeding birds
     The introduction sightings immediately became more                in a single vegetation type.
     colourful and offered a rewarding alternative to Serengeti,
     especially for those who prefer their wilderness                  Our best birds sightings included a pair of secretary birds
     experiences away from the madding crowds.                         perched a top an umbrella thorn, kori the world-flying
                                                                       bird, parties of ground hornbills, the many white-headed
     The views are quintessential, with large herds of elephants,      buffalo weavers, the huge flocks of yellow-collared
     baobabs and acacias scattered across rolling ridges, shallow      lovebirds, a white-headed vulture staring gloomily from an
     valleys and rocky outcrops. It is a rugged wilderness             acacia tree and brown snake eagle.
     guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
                                                                       Tarangire visitors will be pleased to note that there are a
     Tarangire River and four large wetlands in the Park are the       lot of tsetse flies, large grey creatures with razor-sharp bites,
     lifeline, supporting an abundance of fauna and flora and          patronizing the landscape. They are known as custodian of
     providing a vital dry-season refuge for resident and              the wildlife, since without them, it is believed, Maasais and
     migratory wildlife from the Maasai steppes. The Park,             their cattle would overrun the Park. More than 12 Maasai
     Tarangire, takes its name from the perennial river, which         villages surround the Tarangire National Park.
     flows from south to north-west through the park.
                                                                       A further drive brought us to two other landmarks,
     Sightings were many and varied, including warthogs                Tarangire Hill, which stands some 400 metres high, and a
     wallowing, ostriches, and baboon families, healthily              Poacher’s hideout - a-must-see-area in Tarangire National
     looking buffaloes, bushbuck and waterbuck and Africa’s            Park - a hollow huge baobab tree named for obvious
     specials such as the fringe-eared oryx.                           reasons. Once, before the park was gazzetted to become a
                                                                       national park in 1970, the area was popular among rhino
     The birding is exceptional in Tarangire – in fact, its birdlife   hunters and poachers. However, it is still being alleged that

                                                                 Night game drives
                                                                 In Tarangire, like in all other National Parks, tourists are
                                                                 strictly prohibited from driving outside camps and lodges
                                                                 at night, so the park offers guided night drives as a way to
                                                                 experience Tarangire’s active nocturnal life.
                                                                 Petra Fitzgerald, the manager at Oliver’s Camp went on to
                                                                 regale me on the guided night game drives. She explains
                                                                 that spotlights are used to trace animals in their location at
                                                                 night, and tourists are likely to watch active animals during
                                                                 the night such as: aardvark, serval cat, Bat eared fox, civets,
                                                                 nightjar, genets, hyenas, lions, and, of course the beautiful
                                                                 night sky of Africa. There are also most unusual sightings
                                                                 of a leopard draped over a baobab branch [since leopards
                                                                 are elusive and rarely seen by visitors]. Some of Africa’s
                                                                 most deadly inhabitants are barely noticeable. Poisonous
Tourists in a Walking Safari in Tarangire
                                                                 snakes: black mamba [spitting cobra] and puff-adder [viper]
                                                                 are also one of rare sightings. Sometimes they can be
sporadic poaching for game meat is still an ongoing issue.       spotted when crossing a road infront of a safari vehicle or
                                                                 lounging on a tree branch. After a couple of nights in
We drove through acacia-dominated grassveld and a                Tarangire it was time to leave the wilderness and drive
warthog family lazed in front of us, they walked up and          back to Arusha. As we drove back, it was hard to imagine
watched us with no fear, just an air of mild curiosity. The      falling asleep without the night calls of the lions and
biggest tick of the trip, however, was a male leopard            hyenas!
lounging in a sausage tree. A fitting way to say goodbye to
the game viewing.

Walking safari
Another way of exploring the Park is on walking
safaris. Oliver’s Camp in Tarangire National
Park organizes what is known as exclusive
walking safaris and their quality guiding
services proves exceptional. Walking in the
bush provides an alternative focus from
seeing the big animals while in the car to
seeing nature, to seeing the small animals and
authenticity an ideal way to explore it on foot.

On most walks, according to Alex and Marcus, the                Poachers Hide, a tourist attraction in Tarangire
guides at Oliver’s camp, tourists get as close as between 15
and 25 metres from the animals. Alex said he has taken
groups near sprawling herds of elephants, zebras,                Getting there:
Ostriches, buffaloes, Impala, Gazelles and pride of lions,       Located 118kms south-west of Arusha on the tarmac road
among other animals.                                             leading to Dodoma or Singida. About two hours drive
                                                                 from Arusha.Tarangire roads are paved and manageable for
Animals feel threatened by humans who walk in their              most types of vehicles, although a 4-wheel drive is
territory. Some will react by running away and others by         recommended.
charging. For this reason an armed ranger from Tarangire
National Park accompanies each group of six people.              Where to stay:
Further sightings in a walking safari in Tarangire is about      Two lodges [Tarangire Sopa Lodge and Tarangire Safari
getting so close to the riverbed of Tarangire River and          Lodge] are operating in Tarangire and three luxury tented
watching the wildlife feed and drink water.                      camps. More than 26 exclusive lodges and camps are found
                                                                 outside the park.
Besides, there are plants, sausage trees, acacia, baobabs and
the variety of birdlife beauty and unending music, on the        When to go:
riverbeds.                                                       All year but dry season [June to September] is the best time
                                                                 to see the teeming wildlife of the Tarangire.
The beauty of the distinctive vegetation and the animals
never fail to amaze any visitor who takes a walking safari

     TANAPA Today’s animal…....

                   Lions in Tarangire

                                                                  A relaxed lion in Tarangire

     By: Elisha Mayallah                                Maasais, the surroundings neighbour of
                                                        Tarangire National Park, tradition culture of
     At the earliest practical opportunity when I       killing lions – as a sign of brevity – was against
     visited the Tarangire National Park recently, I    the conservation policy of the Tanzania national
     took advantage of visiting the Tarangire Lion      parks.
     Project based in the park.
                                                        On collecting lion’s population lion-tracking
     There I found Mr. Dennis Minja, an intern          radios are used to detect the signal from the
     research assistant who is working under the able   radio-transmitting collars that had been fitted to
     leadership of Dr. Bernard Kissui a research        130 lions in the Park. There is daily schedule to
     scientist attached to the African Wildlife         check on their numbers and detect any loss of
     Foundation in Arusha.                              the lions, as the signal would always pinpoint the
                                                        location of the lion.
     The Lion project was started in 2003 with three
     main objectives, namely:                           The project has helped educate and sensitize the
     l      Collect lion population dynamics            Maasais in 12 villages of Makuyuni, Selela,
            Lion demographic data                       Losirwa, Engaruka, Olasiti, Oltukai, kakoi,
                                                        Minjingu, Lobosireet, Emboreet, Loolkisale and
            Lion-human conflict
                                                        Loiborsoit – to do away with their culture

     The lion research was prompted by the fact that    relationship with the lions.

To discourage lions attacks into Maasai homes;       to venture into the hunting blocks – lured by
the project has been helping the villagers erect     grass or preys - are usually a target of professional
permanent fences to protect their cattles. This      hunters who are interested in trophies - with
approach, according to Dennis has helped             lions, buffaloes and elephants falling in this
reduce lion’s attacks by more than 50%.              bracket, at most.
Tarangire is said to have between 150 and 200
lions, according to the Park’s Ecologist,            There is a need, I think, to review the ‘buffer
Mr. Fredrick Mofulu, and the Tarangire Lion          zones’ between the national parks and hunting
Project.                                             blocks. The Ministry of Natural Resources and
                                                     Tourism under which the Directorate of Wildlife
And by doing so, the lion population, which was      responsible for hunting and TANAPA solely
threatened by the Maasai attacks, has nearly         responsible for conservation and protection
stabilized save from pockets of illegal hunting.     falling under its docket needs to mitigate the
However, poaching for ‘possibly’ subsistence         reality on the ground. Tarangire is one example
meat is still an ongoing issue.                      of its wild animals falling into hunting blocks
                                                     where the objectives of the interested parties are
With three to four hunting companies operating       conflicting.
around Tarangire National Park, contrasting the
ideal primary core role of conservation and
protection by TANAPA, that’s one of the
drawbacks of Tarangire. Its animals that happen

                  A researched lion with a collared Geographical Positioning System
                  instrument that is used to track their movement in TARANGIRE

                        Kikwete visits Rhino Project

       President Jakaya Kikwete in a group picture with park rangers assigned in the Rhino Project.Others in the
       picture (from left to right) are Mara RC, Col. Enos Mfuru, TANAPA’s Acting DG. Edward Kishe and
       Serengeti Chief Park Warden, Mtango Mtahiko.

                                                                                                                             ng h
                                                                                                                     te shaki
                                                                                                              t Kikwe s Shayo a
                                                                                                      Presiden or Gene
President Kikwete arriving at the rhino project site                                                  Coordin

t in Serengeti National Park

                                                    t Kikwe
                                                           te looki
                                                                   ng on a
                                                                          t   one of t
                                                                                      he   rhinos

                     ’s Projec    roject.
       withT ANAPA report of the p               President Kikwete listenig to one of the experts on the rhino project
hands       ting a b
after presen                                     from South Africa

            News in pictures

                                                                 in   South
                                                         dy tour
                                           ring their stu
                                   rkers du
                            best wo
                     NAPA’s                                                       Tarangire staff listening attentively t
            2010 TA ntly                                                          Trustees members (not in the pictu
            Africa r
                                                                                  them recently.

     Tanzanians’ Honorary Consulates abroad in a group picture with some of the
     TANAPA’s staff when they toured Lake Manyara National Park recently.
                                                                                                            A’s staff
                                                                                                    TANAP ional Pa
                                                                                                    in the N san Tou
                          News in pictures

                                                           TANAPA’s Director of Tourism Services, Allan Kijazi ( second left)
to TANAPA’s Board of
                                                           admiring a free pass in the national parks of a Tanzanian Honorary
ure) when they visited
                                                           Consular in Netherlands Frank Hakkenberg (right). in the middle is
                                                           Assah Mwambene, Principal Information Officer, Ministry of
                                                           Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and left is Betrita
                                                           Loibooki, Chief Park Warden for Lake Manyara National Park.

                                                               Premier Mizengo Pinda and his wife Tunu Pinda listening to
                                              m prod           John Shemkunde, Chief Park Warden of Mikumi National
                               ions on touris in
                        xplanat          ’ stand               Park (green t-shirt) when he visited Mikumi Wildlife Lodge
        etans  i gives e sited TANAPA                          recently. In a white shirt is Tanapa’s Director of Tourism Allan
ictor K      eans wh
                       o vi
ark s to Kor entlly                                            Kijazi. The lodge was damaged by fire in 2006.
          air rec
 urism F

     Experience from the field

                  Life Changing Safari in the
     By Kandy Smith
                                                                                                                     phants are not
                                                                                                  rned was that ele
     Over fifty years ago two small girls, my sister and I,           One fasc inating fact I lea                   ous? They use on
                                                                                                  at be ambitusktr
     flew many times to England from Nyasaland. This                  ambidext  rous or should th           this tusk gets more worn and
                                                                                         he other, so often
     memory is etched clearly on my brain. Our flight path            tusk more than t              y to distinguish a
                                                                      shorter. T his is another wa
     was a series of ‘bunny hops’ across the continent of
     Africa. The plane flew so low we could look out of the
     Porthole, which we still called them, and watch
     immense herds of animals moving across the land             cat may attack a small baby elephant. Nevertheless the
     below. Always the most impressive were elephant.            adults are ever vigilant.

     While in Tanzania, one day we planned to visit              Another fact that probably endears these creatures to
     Tarangire National Park, the home of over fifty             me is that elephants, like dolphins, look after their
     housand elephants, our tour operator told us,               young, old and sick. It is not the harsh ‘survival of the
     guaranteeing, good sightings of the ‘gentle giants of the   fittest’ law that rules most of the wild animal
     bush‘. Lunch was included and our first night was to        kingdom. They mourn their dead, take revenge on
     be at the luxurious ‘Tented Lodge’ in the north of the      anything that threatens their young and never forget
     park.                                                       members of their family that have died.

     Off we went from Arusha to Tarangire on a Friday            Throughout the park, at almost every corner we
     morning and all we had to do for the next three days        encountered elephants. I had forgotten their impressive
     was view the game, soak up the ambience and enjoy           bulk and majesty as they towered above and beside us,
     every indelible, stupendous ‘life changing’ moment.         oblivious of the vehicles on the road, crossing wherever
                                                                 their instincts led them.
     Tarangire, on day one, taught us that tourists and
     safari vehicleswere definitely the ‘outsiders’ in these     I watched fascinated as they scraped together the grass
     parks. Elephant own theplace and have indisputable          at their feet, reaching down with their trunks for the
     right of way, and would subject usto many amusing           uprooted food and crammed huge bundles of the
     sights as the matriarch of each herd would round up         vegetation into their mouths.About 200 to 300
     her group and we were obliged to wait patiently in our      kilograms each day Fred told us.
     ‘stretched’ Land Cruiser safari wagon, while they
     ambled slowlyacross the roads. I now knew why the           It had rained a few weeks before and the grass was
     pull of Africa and the elephant in particular was deep      green, sweet and plentiful. They ate constantly,
     in my heart and I would never tire of watching these        wandering in large and small groups. The peace and
     mountainous animals that excited such emotion and           lack of urgency washed us over. The only sound above
     extraordinary feelings in me.                               the screeching crickets and cicadas was the low
                                                                 rumbling of their stomachs, almost like an orchestrated
     Adult elephants have no predators and it is only in         purr of a cat.
     very exceptional and infrequent occasions that a big

                                                                                                          Photo: by Kandy

                                                           Kandy Smith taking photograph in Tarangire

We noticed that folk on safari, although strangers, fall   In awe and wonder we witnessed many little events
into anunwritten and very agreeable code of silent         and ‘game playing’ within different groups. Ostriches
friendship, camaraderie and tolerance. We were all         were a floor show in the bush. Two elegant and
there for the same reason, and shared the wonder of        flustered ostriches ran alongside us with spindly legs,
this rare and exceptional environment. I found myself      knobbly knees, long necks and hooded eyes. Their
acknowledging and nodding to complete strangers or         bodies were like overweight can-can girls with heavy
exchanging knowing smiles just for the sake of sharing     hips. They flounced off ruffling their skirts and
the privileged sight of these wild and treasured           haughtily looking back from under their long eyelashes
animals in the wild.                                       saying, “Does my bum look big in this?”
                                                           I wanted to reply, “Yes it does, now take that
“Elephant love eating the nutritious bark of baobab        ridiculous skirt off and fly, you silly bird!”
trees. You can see how they have torn and stripped
them.”whispered Fred, our guide, pointing to the           Turns out they are not so silly, Fred told me, the
occasional tree with large gashes, exposing the            females, with plain dowdy, khaki bush coloured,
white raw underside and looking abused and forlorn.        camouflaged plumage sit on their eggs in the day. The
Herds roamed in varying numbers.                           males, being black and almost invisible after dark
                                                           incubate at night. I looked at ostriches with new
Almost every female elephant in Tarangire is               respect after that.
accompanied by a baby. Most groups have a
distinguishing feature; perhaps an elephant with a         Baboons and Vervet monkeys, our distant relatives,
broken tusk, or a tear on an ear or by having              were constantly amusing and nonchalantly inquisitive
unusually long tusks.                                      while going about their daily rituals. They felt no
                                                           threat and often held us up on the road. Sitting on the
One fascinating fact I learned was that elephants are      dry dirt track ahead, scratching and preening each
not ambidextrous or should that be ambitusktrous?          other, keeping one watchful eye on us.
This means they use one tusk more than the other, so
often this tusk gets more worn and shorter. This is        We recognised with some discomfort and much hilarity
another way to distinguish a herd.                         the similarities between these primates and our

     society’s misfits and dysfunctional mentalities. Even        together as they are both predated on by leopard, and
     the equivalent of one’s ‘dirty old man’ or ‘flasher’.        so they watch out for each other.
     Newborn youngsters clung to their mothers necks and
     older infants rode on their mother’s backs peering back      “Leopard take their kill up into a tree to eat it so they
     in equal inquisitive interest.                               are very specific in their choice of kill.” As we
                                                                  criss-crossed the park regular sightings of the sun
     “Don’t stare darling, it’s rude to stare.” You could         sparkled Tarangire river enchanted us especially on the
     almost hear the mother’s chiding their young.                early morning drive.
     Round, fat bottomed warthogs were found usually by
     muddy watering holes, with two or three juveniles.           “The river means there is always a source of water, so
     They would glance back at us over their rumps, and           you canbe sure of finding game coming to drink
     then run off into the brush, their tufted tails held high.   whatever the season.”
     Occasionally while running in the tall grass they
     would spring above the height of the grass swinging
     their heads from side to side, looking down to check
     their direction.

         Photo: by Kandy

     Kandy stand beside the Tarangire Safari Lodge
     There are over 500 species of birds, reported in the         Fred said. As they approach a Tarangire River,
     region. We enjoyed the sightings but time seemed too         elephants came in their hordes, down from their night
     precious to keep careful notes and we lost count of the      position above the valley. They lumbered past us down
     specimens within the first few hours. The eerie sound        the escarpment to the river for their first drink of the
     of the fish eagle’s call soaring above the river never       day. As they smelled the water with their upturned
     failed to stir us all.                                       trunks, they would break into a run, their pace
                                                                  quickening to a surprising speed.
     Wherever we saw baboon there were inevitably herds of
     impala or small buck nearby. Another extraordinary           The baby elephants that had not yet learnt to control
     fact, new to us, Fred advised these creatures ‘hang out’     their trunks, clumsily kept pace with their parents,

                                                            NEWS IN BRIEF…

their small trunksswinging in every direction, tripping     Udzungwa National Park Tourism Warden on U.S.
themselves up orthwacking the side of the adult near        Tour
them and delighting us of course.                           The Embassy of the United States of America had
                                                            selected Udzungwa National Park Tourism
By now we had taken only three hundred photos               Warden, Ms. Rukia Mallya to participate in a
between us, and still two more days to go!                  three-week International

We bade farewell to the pesky tsetse flies that tried to    Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) tour titled
spoil our experience and were delighted to be told the      "Environmental Protection and Biodiversity
air was too cool and high for them as we drove from         Conservation." The program
Tarangire up towards the escarpment of the Great Rift
Valley. How could one better our experience of the last
incredible day I wondered?

In a moment of respectful silence and silent
contemplation we read the headstones of people who
had given their lives in the conservation on wild
animals in Tanzania.

Thirty five years ago, as a young nurse working in
Hwange Game Reserve, I had read the powerful and
inspiring book ‘Serengeti Shall Not Die’ by Michael
Grizmek. It had changed my life in several ways, and I
stood now and read his epitaph.Michael Grizmek:
“He gave all he possessed for the wild animals of
Africa - including his life”So overwhelming was the
moment and the sight before me that I stood with tears
                                                            U.S Embassy Deputy Public Affairs Officer Mr. Roberto
streaming down my dusty face. Next to me my hus-            Quiroz (left) and Cultural Affairs Assistant Ms. Diana A.
band swallowed hard.“Well done Tanzania, I salute           Carvalho (right) present LIFE's "Our National Parks" and
you in preserving this prized andalmost last example of     President Obama's "Dreams from My Father" books to
a pre-historic and precious ’Ungulate’!”                    Ms. Rukia Malya, a Tourism Warden
Yes, they have hooves Feeling entirely at peace, setting
off towards Arusha, and ‘real life’ I vowed silently to     was held in the U.S. from September 13 through
myself,                                                     October 1, 2010.
“Tanzania, I will return once again, to regain the little
part of my heart that I have left there.”                   Malya joined 13 other African participants from
                                                            Angola, Benin, Botswana, Chad, Comoros, Congo,
Kandy Smith is a retired nurse and lives in Derby in        Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti,
the UK. She made her trip to Tarangire with her hus-        Ethiopia, Malawi, Niger and Rwanda to review the
band early this year.                                       role and methods of conservation agencies and
                                                            Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in pro-
                                                            moting protection of biologically sensitive and
                                                            diverse ecosystems. In addition, she managed to
                                                            observe methods to develop community-park
                                                            relations and explore how parks utilize volunteers
                                                            and consult with local communities.

                                                                                           Continues on page


     TANAPA wins award in Korean Busan Fair              TANAPA’s Board of Trustees appoints new
     The Tanzania stand which had only TANAPA and        Managers
     NCAA has emerged winner and was awarded THE         TANAPA’s Board of Trustees has appointed Mrs.
     BEST BOOTH OPERATION AWARD by the                   Cecilia Mgana and Mrs. Rose Reuben Swai as its
     distinguished Mayor of the Busan Metropolitan
     City during the 13th BUSAN INTERNATIONAL
     TRAVEL FAIR held in South Korea from 10th to
     14th September 2010. The booth was quite busy
     throughout the fair with a number of visitors who
     were anxious of getting to know about Tanzania
     destination. The booth design, location,
     decorations and style of information delivery by
     the Tanzania team accorded our stand the desired
     Information dissemination was perfect and the

                                                                  Mrs Cecilia Mgana

                                                         Human Resources Manager and Commercial
                                                         Services Manager respectively with effect from 1st
                                                         October this year. The duo will now join the
                                                         management team in executing various

Fortunata Msoffe, Chief Park Warden of Udzungwa
National Park (right) displaying an award that was
presented to TANAPA during the Busan Fair recently.
With her is the Mayor of Busan City Mr. Hur Nam-Sik
                                                                           Mrs Rose Swai
who presented the award.
     team was well equipped. The Korean language
     was not a problem as a translator was hired to      conservation and tourism roles of TANAPA in their
     facilitate communication aspect.                    new positions. Before their appointment, Mgana
                                                         was acting in that position while Swai was the
     TANAPA team also had an opportunity of being        Personnel and Administrative Officer at Mikumi
     interviewed by the KNN Television during the        National Park.
     opening day whereby the broadcast created
     awareness among the Korean viewers in terms of
     understanding Tanzania tourism attractions.

                   A little boy                        The boy quickly abandoned the prof to fate.
                                                       The helpless prof was in great fear, yelling at
     A little boy was waiting for his mother to
                                                       the litte boy for help. The Boy asked him
     come out of the grocery Store. As he
                                                       “Prof, have studied Swimmology?" Now you
     waited, he was approached by a man who
                                                       are the one finished.
     asked, "Son, can you tell me where the Post

                                                       The Mental Patient's Act of Love
     Office is?"

     The little boy replied, "Sure! Just go straight
                                                       Jim and Edna were both patients in a mental
     down this street a couple of blocks and turn to
     your right."
                                                       One day while they were walking past the
                                                       hospital swimming pool, Jim suddenly jumped
     The man thanked the boy kindly and said, "I'm
                                                       into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of
     the new pastor in town.
                                                       the pool and stayed there.
     I'd like for you to come to church on Sunday.
     I'll show you how to get to Heaven."
                                                       Edna promptly jumped in to save him. She
                                                       swam to the bottom and pulled Jim out.
     The little boy replied with a chuckle. "Awww,
     come on... You don't even know the way to
                                                       When the Head Nurse Director became
     the Post Office and you want to show me the
                                                       aware of Edna's heroic act, she immediately
     way to heaven!!!."
                                                       ordered her to be discharged from the
                                                       hospital, as she now considered her to be
     Professor                                         mentally stable.

                                                       When she went to tell Edna the news she said,
     A university professor, after very many years
                                                       "Edna, I have good news and bad news. The
     of study came home. On arrival he met a
                                                       good news is you're being discharged; since
     village boy at the river bank. The little boy
                                                       you were able to rationally respond to a crisis
     ferry people across the sea for money. No
                                                       by jumping in and saving the life of another
     sooner had professor boarded the boy's
                                                       patient, I have concluded that your act
     canoe than the following
                                                       displays that you have a sound mind. The bad
     interrogation began:
                                                       news is, Jim, the patient you saved, hung
     Prof: "Did you read philosophy?"
                                                       himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt
     The Boy: “No"
                                                       right after you saved him. I am so sorry, but
     Prof: "You are useless in the world"
                                                       he's dead.
     Prof: "What about psychology?"
     The Boy: "No"
                                                       Edna replied, "He didn't hang himself, I put
     Prof: "You are a waste"
                                                       him there to dry. How soon can I go home?"
     Prof: "Did you read pharmacology?
     The Boy: "No"
     Prof: "You are good for nothing"
     After a while there was excessive wave and
     the canoe was shaking to capsize.

                             Parks Addresses
Chief Park Warden                    Chief Park Warden
Serengeti National Park              Rubondo Island
P.O.Box 3134 - ARUSHA                P.O. Box 111
Tel: 028 2621515/1510                GEITA
Fax: 1672/1504                       Ikome Gate Tel: 0282520720
Chief Park Warden
Tarangire National Park              Chief Park Warden
P.O.Box 3134 - ARUSHA                Mahale Mountains
Tel: 2531280/81 Fax: 2530246         S L P 1374 - KIGOMA       or

Chief Park Warden                    Chief Park Warden
Lake Manyara                         Mikumi National
P.O.Box 12 - MTO WA MBU              P.O.Box 62
Tel: 2539112 Fax: 2539271            MIKUMI – MOROGORO       Tel: 0232620498
                                     Fax: 0232620441
Chief Park Warden          
Kilimanjaro National Park
P.O.Box 96 - MARANGU                 Chief Park Warden
Tel: 2552756605/2 Fax: 2756606       Arusha                P.O. Box 3134 - ARUSHA
                                     Tel: 2553995 Fax: 2553696/2553854
Chief Park Warden          
Ruaha National Park        
P.O.Box 369 - IRINGA                  Chief Park Warden
                                     Katavi National Park
Chief Park Warden                    P.O.Box 89
Udzungwa National Park               MPANDA Fax: 0252820352/213
P.O.Box 99 - MANG’ULA      
Tel: 0232620224 Fax: 0232620293
                                     Chief Park Warden
Chief Park Warden                    Saadani National Park
Gombe National Park                  P.O.Box 133
S L P 185 - KIGOMA                   PANGANI               Mob: 0713340776
Chief Park Warden
Saanane Island                       Chief Park Warden
P.O.Box 11775 - MWANZA               Kitulo National Park
Tel: 028-2540713                     P.O.Box 1965
Chief Park Warden          
Mkomazi National Park
P.O.Box 41

Tanzania National Parks

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