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					23 - 30 April 2010                                                                                  SA JEWISH REPORT                 3

 Brickbats and bouquets                                                            ing about loshan hora on the part of
                                                                                   the paper.
                                                                                     At this stage blood to the head
 THE SO-CALLED “Goldstone bar-            become a political controversial         has in many cases prevented a
 mitzvah” issue has sent tempera-         issue.                                   cogent debate about this extremely
 tures in the South African Jewish          Some of our letter writers say         important issue. What is encourag-
 community through the roof, and          bluntly that Justice Goldstone,          ing is that even those who are bay-
 has reverberated throughout the          through his half-baked report on         ing for Jewish Report blood are
 Jewish world, with even a promi-         Operation Cast Lead, has effectively     quite prepared to do so on our own
 nent American lawmaker entering          excommunicated himself from the          pages - see pages 10, 11, 14, 15. It is
 the fray.                                Jewish community, while others -         obvious that this “debate” has not
    The Jewish Report has been in         including the Chief Rabbi - make it      yet run its course.
 the firing line from some, an easy       abundantly clear that a shul must          Space constraints restrict us
 target for bringing this issue into      be open at all times to all Jews.        from publishing all the letters we
 the open. But also many prominent          On our letters pages some of           have received.
 members of the community, who,           these views are expressed: for and         In this sorry saga we have no
 like this newspaper, hold no brief       against the suggested protest,           axe to grind, except being a mes-
 for Goldstone, still bemoan the fact     should he attend the barmitzvah.         senger of news important to the
 that a barmitzvah has seemingly          Some rabbis are seething and talk-       community.

Goldstone barmitzvah
furore bubbles and boils
MOIRA SCHNEIDER                                                                    ate time and manner for people to
CAPE TOWN                                                                          express their outrage against
                                                                                   (Justice Goldstone). Given the seri-
THE SOUTH African Zionist                                                          ousness of what Goldstone has done,
Federation (SAZF) would protest Mr                                                 can even a barmitzvah ceremony jus-
Justice Richard Goldstone’s pres-                                                  tifiably become an occasion for
ence at his grandson’s barmitzvah                                                  protest action?” he asks.
should he change his mind and                                                         “Some say ‘yes’, others say ‘no’,
decide to attend, according to a                                                   and among those who say ‘yes’ there
report in Monday’s Cape Times.                                                     are differences of opinion over what
   Last week, the Federation issued a                                              form that protest action should
media release stating that “contrary                                               take.”
to distorted media reports and false                                                  Pleading for tolerance for differ-
blog accusations, the SAZF states                                                  ences of opinion, Krengel states that
unequivocally that at no time was                                                  it is often found that “those who are
there any suggestion raised by any                                                 the most vocal in calling for toler-
party that Judge Goldstone should                                                  ance are in reality guilty of the very
be ‘barred’ or ‘banned’ from enter-                                                lack of tolerance they deplore. This
ing the synagogue.”                       termed ‘pressure’ resulting in           has certainly been in evidence over
   But SAZF Chairman Avrom                Justice Goldstone not attending his      the Goldstone barmitzvah issue.
Krengel told the Cape Town daily          grandson’s barmitzvah, saying it            “Some insist that discouraging a
that Justice Goldstone “would also        “deeply regrets that a religious         man from attending his own grand-
not be receiving a welcome recep-         milestone has been politicised and       son’s barmitzvah is an act of extreme
tion if he chose to make it to the bar-   disagrees with the manner in which       intolerance, yet what this amounts to
mitzvah. ‘We’ll exercise our consti-      this matter has been handled. This       is condemning out of hand those who
tutional right to protest’,” he report-   position is in no way a comment on       wish only to exercise their right to
edly said.                                the merits or demerits of the            freedom of expression. Justice
   The South African Jewish Board         Goldstone Commission and its sub-        Goldstone has every right to attend
of Deputies (SAJBD) entered the           sequent report,” it read.                his grandson’s barmitzvah if he so
fray issuing its own statement deny-         In a very even-handed op-ed piece     wishes, but by the same token those
ing that Justice Goldstone had been       in today’s Jewish Report, Chief          who wish to protest against him (so
pressurised into not attending by         Rabbi Warren Goldstein empha-            long, obviously, as this is done peace-
certain sectors of the Jewish leader-     sised the “ancient and sacred princi-    fully) have just as much right,” he
ship. “At no time was Judge               ple” of open shuls. He in conjunc-       writes.
Goldstone prohibited from, or even        tion with the rabbi and lay leaders of      The SAJBD strives to promote a
requested, not to attend the barmitz-     the Sandton Shul - where the bar-        culture of tolerance of diversity in
vah ceremony by any organisation          mitzvah is to take place - had taken     which all streams of opinion may be
or individual,” it reads.                 a decision that the synagogue was to     expressed, in order to prevent the
   “Rather, this was a decision vol-      be open to the entire family, includ-    community becoming polarised by
untarily taken by the Goldstone           ing Justice Goldstone “and that          such controversies, he says.
family and the other respective par-      everything possible would be done           A source in the community leader-
ties. Certain senior Jewish commu-        to ensure that the barmitzvah be         ship who did not wish to be identified
nal and religious leaders were cer-       celebrated with the dignity and joy      said that “the strong feeling among
tainly involved in the discussions        befitting such an important reli-        very many South African Jews is one
around the topic, but in no way did       gious milestone”.                        of disapproval of any attempt to dis-
they attempt to dictate to or other-         Writing in its Above Board col-       rupt the boy’s barmitzvah by protest.
wise pressurise the family into           umn in this week’s paper, SAJBD          Protests and demonstrations against
arriving at their decision.”              National Chairman Zev Krengel            Justice Goldstone could have taken
   But the Cape Board issued a sepa-      speaks of “widely divergent views        place elsewhere, but not at the shul
rate statement in response to what it     over what constitutes an appropri-       on the barmitzvah Shabbat.”

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10   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                           23 - 30 April 2010

                                                                         OPINION AND ANALYSIS
                                                                                 FORUM FOR DIVERSE VIEWS

                                                                          Should Justice Goldstone be
      Contentious and                                                     allowed in our shuls?
                                                                          RABBI YOSSY GOLDMAN                                                                 found its way to the international

     constructive debate                                                  Sermon delivered at Sydenham
                                                                          Shul, Friday night, Parshas Tazria-
                                                                                                                                                              media and even a Jewish
                                                                                                                                                              Congressman in the United States
                                                                                                                                                              has made a statement lambasting
                                                                          Metzora, 5770 - April 16 2010                                                       us. And South African Jewry, its
 THE HEATED emotions of the last week generated by the
                                                                                                                                                              shuls and its rabbis, now have egg
 ‘Goldstone barmitzvah saga’ has raised two key questions.
                                                                          YOM HASHOAH was this week.                                                          on their faces.
 Firstly, how welcome - or unwelcome - Mr Justice Richard
                                                                          Yom Haíatzmaut will be next week.                                                      And how does the newspaper get
 Goldstone should be made to feel here, after his scurrilous report
                                                                          But the one topic dominating the                                                    away with such deliberate distor-
 on Israel’s Gaza operation last year, and the feelings that he
                                                                          conversation in Johannesburg                                                        tion and sensationalism? Through
 ‘betrayed’ the Jewish people by accusing Israel of possible ‘war
                                                                          since last night was neither of those                                               the medium of two tiny squiggles
 crimes’. Secondly, the role of the media and the Jewish Report in
                                                                          important dates nor the volcanic                                                    called inverted commas over the
 this affair.
                                                                          ash over Europe, nor even the 2010                                                  word ‘barred’!
    On the former question, rabbis across the board have stressed
                                                                          World Cup Soccer ticket frenzy.                                                        And guess what? Yet again, most
 unequivocally that a synagogue is open to any Jew, irrespective of
                                                                             In South Africa and the Jewish                                                   remarkably, current events can be
 his or her politics. And, in the current case, that Sandton Shul
                                                                          world, the hottest topic of conversa-                                               discovered and give us insight
 never closed its doors to Goldstone.
                                                                          tion was that Judge Richard                                                         right here in the Parsha of the
    In sermons in shuls across the community last Friday night,
                                                                          Goldstone had been ‘barred’ from                                                    week. This week’s Parsha deals
 numerous rabbis emphasised this. Chief Rabbi Warren
                                                                          attending his grandson’s barmitz-        and banning people is certainly not        with Tzoraas - the ancient leprous-
 Goldstein’s op-ed piece in this issue reinforces the point.
                                                                          vah at one of our sister shuls here      my style.                                 like malady which affected people
    This leads to the question of other parties’ roles in the saga.
                                                                          in Johannesburg.                            On Shabbat morning, when we            who were guilty of inappropriate
 The Jewish Report is a Zionist newspaper. It supports the activi-
                                                                             Many are asking me: ‘Rabbi, what      put the Torah back into the Aron          behaviour.
 ties of Zionist organisations like the SAZF and similar bodies in
                                                                          is your opinion?’ ‘What if the grand-    Kodesh, we will say the words from           And although there are a num-
 promoting Israel, defending it against its enemies and encourag-
                                                                          son’s barmitzvah was scheduled           Proverbs referring to the Torah - its     ber of such misdeeds, the most
 ing aliyah.
                                                                          here at Sydenham Shul?’                  ways are ways of pleasantness and         famous of all is, of course, loshon
    In the current situation, the focus by some on Goldstone the
                                                                             I am very happy to answer that to     all its paths are peace.                  hora. Now, newspapers and the
 man - the giving of ‘airtime’ to him through protests - can be ques-
                                                                          the best of my knowledge, no                Yes, we must take a stand when         media in general are the world
 tioned, although the right to protest is beyond question. His
                                                                          responsible, recognised Beth Din in      necessary for our faith, our people,      experts in this field. They spe-
 report has already been widely published, analysed meticulously
                                                                          the world has put Judge Goldstone        our principles and our conscience -       cialise in loshon hora. After all, as
 by the best brains inside the Jewish world and outside it, and
                                                                          into cherem (a banning or shunning       and certainly for Israel. But a fami-     the old line goes, “the public has a
 found to be fatally flawed.
                                                                          order). And even if they did, I am       ly simcha is not the time and a shul      right to know”. So this is but one
    Furthermore, it has begun to fade into the background as other
                                                                          not aware that a Jew in cherem is        is not the place.                         more classic case.
 events seize the headlines - although Israel’s enemies will contin-
                                                                          forbidden to come to shul.                  If you want to protest against            I am grateful to my friend and
 ue squeezing as much mileage as they can out if it to smear Israel.
                                                                             He may not be counted to a min-       Judge Goldstone, go to OR Tambo           colleague, Rabbi Aharon Rose, who
    Aside from the moral issue of whether protesting at the bar-
                                                                          yan, but if he wanted to sit in shul     International Airport when he             brought to my attention one of the
 mitzvah of a person’s grandson is the right thing to do - mixing
                                                                          and daven or be inspired to do           arrives and protest. I may well join      contemporary commentaries’ in-
 politics with Judaic ritual - throwing the spotlight again on
                                                                          teshuvah, I am not aware of any-         you. But at Shul? Lo Zu Haderech -        sights on this subject. Why does
 Goldstone the man, may have the effect of resurrecting his dis-
                                                                          thing preventing him from doing          this is not the way.                      loshon hora result in a disease of
 credited report in the public eye. Ignoring him might be better, as
                                                                          so.                                         Rabbis ought to insist on preserv-     the skin davka, he asked?
 this community has come to do with Ronnie Kasrils.
                                                                             Now make no mistake. I am no          ing the independence and integrity           The answer, he says, is because
    Concerning the role of the media and the Jewish Report: we
                                                                          fan of Richard Goldstone. I have         of our synagogues as safe havens for      those who speak, or write, loshon
 hold no brief for Goldstone, but believe the events surrounding
                                                                          spoken out strongly against the          all Jews. Denying access to one sets      hora only investigate ‘skin deep’. A
 his attendance or non-attendance at his grandson’s barmitzvah
                                                                          Goldstone Report on Gaza and the         a dangerous precedent for others.         superficial, half baked bit of gossip
 warrant a discussion.
                                                                          terrible mistake he made by agree-          In fact, much damage has been          becomes the basis for a seemingly
    Some have criticised us for covering the story at all; others have
                                                                          ing to chair such a United Nations       done to South African Jewry over          credible news report and the story
 praised us for doing so and opening an important debate.
                                                                          Commission which was terribly            this unfortunate story and a ‘story’      quickly gets a life of its own and the
    Still other comments have to do with our report’s details,
                                                                          unbalanced and biased from the           it is. It all began with a story in the   truth soon becomes the conse-
 specifically our expressing the effects on Goldstone of the agree-
                                                                          very beginning.                          Jewish Report on page 3, strangely,       quence and victim.
 ment between the SAZF, the shul and the Goldstone family by
                                                                             From this very pulpit I said:         written by its Cape Town correspon-          If they would have gone beyond
 using the terms ‘barred’ and ‘effectively barred’ - with quotation
                                                                          “Judge Goldstone has betrayed not        dent.                                     the superficial and looked a little
 marks around the former in our headline. This accepted journal-
                                                                          only Israel and the Jewish people.          It stated that “Mr Justice Richard     bit deeper or asked the rabbis
 istic practice worldwide is shorthand for: Don’t accept it literally;
                                                                          He has betrayed his own Bobba!”          Goldstone is effectively being            directly involved, a whole different
 there’s more to it. This is made clear in the well-balanced story
                                                                             But having said that, I would still   barred from attending his grand-          story would have emerged. [see
 we carried.
                                                                          defend his right as a Jew to come to     son’s barmitzvah”.                        note below - editor]
    Comments have been made that that phrase, ‘effectively
                                                                          shul - even if it were not his own          You may not have known this, but          This unfortunate episode is a
 barred’, gave the impression that Sandton Shul itself had forbid-
                                                                          grandson’s barmitzvah. Would I           newspapers have special headline          powerful lesson on the dangers of
 den Goldstone from entering - against the halachic principle of
                                                                          have given him an Aliyah? I’m sure       editors and this one said “Goldstone      loshon hora and for all of us to be
 admitting any Jew to a shul. That was certainly not intended.
                                                                          not.                                     ‘barred’ from his grandson’s bar-         more careful and circumspect
    Instead, we were referring to the enormous social pressures
                                                                             An Aliyah to the Torah is an hon-     mitzvah”. And the very same line          before we speak or write. May the
 being brought to bear on Goldstone with the threats of protests
                                                                          our and a privilege and one can for-     was highlighted on the front page         Torah and the Jewish way of life
 outside the shul, which have seriously discouraged him from
                                                                          feit such privilege by inappropriate     too.                                      always be seen for what it really
 attending the function as protest action like that envisaged would
                                                                          behaviour. We may well have decid-          Statements subsequently issued         and truly is - the way of pleasant-
 have seriously detracted from the barmitzvah ceremony itself.
                                                                          ed to explain to the family why we       by the Chief Rabbi and the Board of       ness and the pathway of peace, tol-
 Goldstone’s decision to stay away, however, in the end remains
                                                                          cannot honour him. But not to let        Deputies, insist that at no time was      erance and mutual respect.
 entirely his own.
                                                                          him come to shul would, in my opin-      Judge Goldstone prohibited from
    The Jewish Report is available on its website late on Wednesday
                                                                          ion, be very wrong.                      attending the barmitzvah ceremony           • Editor’s note: Our reporter did
 evenings, and is freely available to be picked up by other media,
                                                                             In fact, our slogan here at           in shul. Rather, when the family was      call and speak to Rabbi Suchard of
 bloggers, etc. Indeed, it has been used by Israeli and other papers,
                                                                          Sydenham Shul is that we are ‘a          informed by the shul that leading         Sandton Shul, who declined to com-
 and the Goldstone saga has been carried by some of them.
                                                                          family shul where every Jew is wel-      members of the South African              ment on the Goldstone story. She
    A serious newspaper will inevitably occasionally enter con-
                                                                          come’. Religious or non-religious,       Zionist Federation were planning a        also left two messages for the presi-
 tentious issues. South African Jewry deserves more than only
                                                                          right-wing or left-wing, straight or     protest, they decided that the judge      dent of the shul with his business
 ‘feel-good’ content in its media. Sometimes the messenger carry-
                                                                          gay, humanitarian or vegetarian,         would stay away voluntarily.              secretary, the second time mention-
 ing a difficult message feels the heat which that message evokes.
                                                                          every Jew is welcome. Jews are not          And now the story is out in our        ing that it was urgent. He did not
    Ultimately, this debate is important. It concerns how we should
                                                                          Al-Qaida, rabbis are not the Taliban     general media and has quickly             return the calls.
 behave towards someone espousing views repugnant to many and
 who is seen to have done damage to the Jewish people and Israel.
 But it goes further: how should we deal generally with ‘dissident’
 Jews holding views on Israel or other matters, diverging sharply
                                                                           Obama meets Jewish leaders at White House Pesach Seder
 from the mainstream?                                                                                                                                                          (OFFICIAL WHITE
    Should we engage with them or exclude them? And should such                                                                                                               HOUSE PHOTO BY
 a person - Goldstone in this case - be made to feel unwelcome at                                                                                                                 PETE SOUZA)
 an important family function like a barmitzvah? Where is the
    It is also about the forum and manner in which such issues can
 be addressed responsibly. We see the pages of the Jewish Report
 as one such forum - an important one at that.
    Hopefully, when the heat of how this debate began has settled
 and all sides recognise the good faith of the other, constructive,
 rational ideas will prevail. We look forward to that. Our pages will
 remain open to host debate on diverse topics of importance to our
 community and our readership, including viewpoints which are
 sometimes highly critical of the media in general and us in par-
 ticular - see the op-ed piece by Rabbi Yossy Goldman on this page.
    We may not always agree with these viewpoints, but they have
 a place in our “open forum” as part of the debate.
23 - 30 April 2010                                                                                                                                                      SA JEWISH REPORT   11

                                                                          OPINION AND ANALYSIS
                                                                                       FORUM FOR DIVERSE VIEWS

Sacred principle of open shuls
CHIEF RABBI WARREN GOLDSTEIN                       Goldstone Report and its very real practi-                                                       growth of Judaism.
                                                   cal implications threatening the safety of                                                          Open shuls are also places of principle
AT THE heart of the storm around the               millions of Israelis.                                                                            and faith, dedicated to prayer, Torah
barmitzvah of Justice Richard Gold-                   Nevertheless and in spite of all he has                                                       learning and deep spirituality. Many
stone’s grandson, stands an ancient and            done, there is a great principle at stake                                                        think that tolerance is about compromis-
sacred principle: open shuls.                      here, one which is central to Judaism:                                                           ing principles. All beliefs, whether reli-
  The rabbi and lay leaders of the                 open shuls. A shul is the home of G-d, and                                                       gious or secular, can lead to narrow, par-
Sandton Synagogue, where the barmitz-              it is open to all. The very first shul in his-                                                   tisan bigotry, and even hatred and vio-
vah is taking place, consulted with me on          tory, the Biblical Tabernacle, which was                                                         lence.
how to respond to the threats of protest at        constructed 3 322 years ago, as recorded                                                            Some say that tolerance and openness
the judge’s presence at the barmitzvah             in the Book of Exodus, was led by Aaron                                                          cannot co-exist with passionate beliefs in
service. Together we took the decision             the High Priest, who was a great unifier of                                                      supreme religious truths and morality.
that the synagogue is open to the entire           the people and whose life philosophy is                                                          They are wrong. The Talmud says that
family, including Justice Goldstone, and           described by the Talmud as “loving peace,                                                        G-d is a G-d of compassion, but also of
that everything possible would be done to          pursuing peace, loving people and bring-                                                         truth. We need to find a way to combine
ensure that the barmitzvah be celebrated           ing them close to Torah”.                                                                        our passion for our faith and moral prin-
with the dignity and joy befitting such an            These are the values of an open syna-                                                         ciples, with a gentle and warm engage-
important religious milestone.                     gogue. An open synagogue is a place of                                                           ment with people who do not share it.
  I am acutely aware of the wrongs perpe-          holiness and G-d’s presence, and should                                                             Judaism teaches that in doing so we do
trated by Justice Richard Goldstone. Only          never become an arena of politics, divi-                                                         not compromise our beliefs. On the con-
a few months ago an article of mine was            sion and pain. It must be a place of com-                                                        trary we are in fact in sync with them, as
published, in which I criticisised his             passion and kindness. The Talmud says              all connections to Torah and the syna-        the Hebrew Bible says: “Her [the Torah’s]
report on the Gaza war as replete with             that we are commanded to act with com-             gogue by secular society. Only the ‘reli-     ways are that of pleasantness, and all her
numerous procedural and substantive                passion and kindness because G-d does,             gious’ have a right to synagogue atten-       paths are those of peace.” These words,
injustices, all of which tainted its findings      and we are required to imitate Him.                dance and Torah study. Secular means          taken from the Book of Proverbs, describe
legally, factually and even morally.                  Open shuls are inclusive, and welcome           never stepping foot in a synagogue. What      what the Talmud says are among the
  At the time I wrote that his Gaza report         in a tolerant and non-judgemental way all          a tragic misreading of Jewish history and     defining qualities of Judaism.
“is a disgrace to the most basic notions of        who seek to enter and join in our services         life!”                                           And that is why I feel so strongly that
justice, equality and the rule of law” and         and pray to G-d. I am proud and grateful              In South Africa everyone comes to shul,    the shul be open to Justice Goldstone,
that it is “unjust and wanting in truth”.          that in South Africa over many years our           and so it should be. Our shuls do not turn    even though he has done so much wrong
His severely compromised report has                shuls have been beacons of openness and            away any congregants because of what          in the world. This is not about him. It is
unfairly done enormous damage to the               inclusivity. In this respect, our South            they have done, or not done, or who they      about the eternal principle of open syna-
reputation and safety of the State of              African community can offer direction              are, or what opinions they hold. And that     gogues, of a Judaism of peace and gentle-
Israel and her citizens.                           and guidance to world Jewry.                       is probably one of the reasons why, as        ness, a Judaism of openness and compas-
  In the face of much opposition, I have              Writing in the Jerusalem Post a number          surveys have shown, South African Jews        sion.
on numerous occasions and publicly,                of years ago, Rabbi Berel Wein, the inter-         have the highest proportions of religious        The proud and ancient legacy of open
defended the justice of the cause of the           national recognised Jewish thinker and             identity and adherence in the world, and      shuls that we have merited to inherit,
State of Israel, and so feel saddened and          historian, said: “One of the tragedies in          why in the last two decades there has         must be defended and strengthened, so
outraged at the injustices of the                  current Jewish life is the abandonment of          been in South Africa an unprecedented         that we pass it on to our children.

                                  AROUND THE WORLD
                                                      NEWS IN BRIEF
  WASHINGTON - The Obama administra-               Syrian Embassy in recent months, intended        should make Syria reverse the ill-conceived
  tion "condemned in the strongest terms"          to further amplify our messages communi-         policy it has pursued in providing arms to
  Syria's alleged transfer of arms to              cated to the Syrian government."                 Hezbollah."
  Hezbollah and has suggested that Syria's           Israel made public its concerns about             Obama in recent months has begun to roll
  actions would affect renewed bilateral rela-     reported arms transfers last week; Duguid's      back some of the US isolation of Syria
  tions.                                           timeline of four encounters in "recent           implemented during the Bush administra-
     The administration summoned Syria's top       months" suggested that the US concern            tion. He has nominated an ambassador to
  envoy to discuss the transfers, a sign that it   about the matter predated Israeli announce-      Syria for the first time since 2005, and has
  has evidence contradicting Syria's persist-      ments.                                           spoken of "enhanced" relations.
  ent denials.                                       "The United States condemns in the                Syria wants above all to be removed from
     "The most senior Syrian diplomat present      strongest terms the transfer of any arms,        the State Department's list of terrorism-
  in Washington today, Deputy Chief of             and especially ballistic missile systems such    sponsoring nations, an action that would
  Mission Zouheir Jabbour, was summoned to         as the Scud, from Syria to Hezbollah," the       open up possibilities for commercial and
  the Department of State to review Syria’s        statement said.                                  other ties.
  provocative behaviour concerning the               "The transfer of these arms can only have         Duguid made clear that the arms trans-
  potential transfer of arms to Hezbollah," the    a destabilising effect on the region, and        fers could bury that possibility.
  US State Department spokesman, Gordon            would pose an immediate threat to both the          "Syria’s designation as a state sponsor of
  Duguid, said in a statement on Tuesday.          security of Israel and the sovereignty of        terrorism is directly related to its support
     "This was the fourth occasion on which        Lebanon. The risk of miscalculation that         for terrorist groups such as Hezbollah," he
  these concerns have been raised to the           could result from this type of escalation        said. (JTA)
14    SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                                             23 - 30 April 2010

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I DIDN’T think this community could            tous.                                           THE GILBERT & Sullivan song, “A                          express their displeasure in several civilised
descend any further into the mire of             That it did interfere, is quite clear         Policeman’s lot is not a happy one”, must res-           ways, including shunning him, refusing to shake
intolerance and prejudice in which it          from its statement on Friday that “dis-         onate in the editorial office of this newspaper          his hand or, most intelligently, taking intelligent
has been wallowing in recent years,            cussions were held with the Sandton             which must inevitably and all too frequently,            issue with the content of his tome.
but with the affair of Mr Justice              Synagogue regarding the forthcoming             deal with no-win situations. The report,                   However, we appear to believe that because
Richard Goldstone and his grandson’s           barmitzvah of the grandson of Judge             “Goldstone ‘barred’ from grandson’s barmitz-             Goldstone is a South African Jew we have the
barmitzvah, it has proved that there           Richard Goldstone”. Why? What did it            vah”, is a case in point.                                right to be even more vociferous in our condem-
are no depths to which it cannot sink.         have to do with the Federation?                    The apparent fury generated by the “irre-             nation and, in doing so, qualify to behave in the
  Whether or not Goldstone was                   As far as I know, a barmitzvah is a           sponsible audacity” of the editor’s decision to          most undignified manner. This is not just a local
‘banned’ from attending, whether or            religious ceremony. By desecrating it           publish this report, is a prime example of               issue and does little to promote our moral status.
not the SA Zionist Federation was              and turning it into a political circus,         shooting the messenger instead of the message.             Simply assuming that we have the right to
planning to picket if he did attend, the       does more harm to Judaism than the                 To blame the JR for drawing the attention of          interfere in a family affair, is beyond the realms
fact that the issue arose at all and that      Goldstone Report could ever do.                 the community it serves to a matter of wide              of acceptability and says far more about us than
the Federation could believe it had any                                                        public interest is, to me, blatantly unfair as           about him.
right to interfere in what is a private          Pat Tucker                                    (from what we the public have been able to                 It shows that we are intolerant, arrogant and
family simcha, is absolutely iniqui-             Johannesburg                                  glean), there is nothing inaccurate within the           without sensible compassion for the family and
                                                                                               report, including the heading.                           boy involved - it also says that within our leader-
DON’T LET THINGS GET IN WAY OF POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY                                               On the contrary; there is every indication            ship there are those who sometimes allow their
                                                                                               that unnecessary and unwarranted pressure                ego and sense of self-belief get in the way of
IT IS disingenuous for Mr Justice Dennis       Martha Cokely’s fault and George Bush’s         was brought to bear, at the highest levels, to dis-      sound judgement, the same way that Goldstone’s
Davis to once again start preaching            fault and everyone else’s fault except for      suade Justice Goldstone from attending his               own ego misled him into believing that he could
about lashon harah, after the disgraceful      Obama. Anyone who really believes this,         grandson’s barmitzvah.                                   control the path of his poisoned investigation.
manner in which he himself insulted            should come forward and claim his 10-              The suggestion that this included a barring             We are now assailed with press releases, state-
Caroline Glick in a previous edition of        year free membership of the “Flat Earth         and a demonstration outside the Sandton Shul             ments and backtracking that are transparent to
the SA Jewish Report.                          Society”.                                       on the morning of the ceremony, must bear an             say the least, leaving us with the distinct impres-
  He disdainfully referred to her as “One         The problem is that among Davis’ elit-       element of truth as so outrageous an accusa-             sion that we have reached a feebly-managed
Caroline Glick” and tried his utmost to        ist clique, you don’t allow things like         tion would not emanate from nowhere.                     phase of damage control.
demean her. What, you may ask, was the         facts to get in the way of political expedi-       If criticism should be directed anywhere, it            I am of the firm belief that, without external
heinous crime which she committed in           ency. If Obama goes around saying what          should be at the meddling that has taken place           influence, the Sandton Shul committee alone
order to deserve this? Well, she actually      you want to hear you simply proclaim            in a matter that should have been recognised as          should have been left to deal with this matter.
criticised the “chosen one” - President        him the “most popular president in mod-         strictly private and should not have been used           That community boasts sufficient men of stature
Barack Obama.                                  ern living memory” and let the truth be         as a platform for the display of personal or             and integrity to adequately cope with a “prob-
  We must all clearly understand that          damned. If anyone dares to disagree with        communal animosity.                                      lem” of this nature.
Obama is the “most popular president in        you, then you attack them - just like              I believe that it is commonly agreed that the           However, of one thing I am convinced- the
modern living memory” - at least accord-       Davis did to Glick. When they attack one        Goldstone Report is a flawed and shoddy piece            Jewish Report did not err in providing the back-
ing to Davis. In fact, he is so popular that   of us, it is “freedom of speech”, but when      of work, an opinion shared by both legal                 ground to this sorry incident and I, for one wish
he managed to lose Ted Kennedy’s “safe”        we fight back and attack them, it is            experts and academics who have given it their            more strength to their pen in the face of such
senate seat (which had been held by his        lashon harah.                                   serious and considered attention.                        misguided condemnation.
party since 1953) to Scott Brown.                                                                 To say that he has done unfathomable dam-
  According to Robert Gibbs and                  Irwin Gutkin                                  age to Israel’s security is beyond doubt and                Victor Gordon
Obama’s other spin doctors, it was               Jerusalem                                     those who come in contact with him could                    Pretoria
WHILE I am disgusted with (Mr Justice          equally disgusted by the people who            ONCE AGAIN the Jewish community has                        Goldstone certainly does not have my affec-
Richard) Goldstone for having accepted         would deprive a Jew of the “nachas” of         taken the opportunity of scoring an “own goal”             tion, but this ugly display of punishing his
the deliberately skewed mandate (into          attending his grandson’s barmitzvah.           regarding the Goldstone barmitzvah issue.                  grandson and family, is totally beyond the
the Gaza war issue) and corresponding                                                         Yes, the score by now must be “Anti-Semites 15,            pale. You guys make me want to puke!
it by taking on board two blatantly anti-        Jack Miller                                  SA Jewry nil”. What a shameful display, the
Semitic and anti-Zionist members, I am           Gresswold, Johannesburg                      Board of ‘Apathies’, the shul committee, and                  Fred Levy
                                                                                              the Beth Din! Hang your heads in shame.                       Cape Town
                                                                                              LIKE MALEMA, GOLDSTONE SHOULD BE CENSURED
                                                                                              I READ in the SAJR of April 16 that Mr Justice             country and soon to be nuclear power - Iran) has
 JUSTICE GOLDSTONE, you have done              to Gaza and celebrate his second bar-          Richard Goldstone will be made to feel most                in its charter the intention to destroy Israel as a
 a tremendous disservice to Israel and         mitzvah and take his pals (former Chief        unwelcome if he attends his grandson’s barmitz-            Jewish homeland. Note that Israel did not have
 the Jewish people!                            Justice Arthur) Chaskalson and (Mr             vah.                                                       an occupying army in Gaza when rockets were
   Congratulations to Rabbi Moshe              Justice) Dennis Davis with him.                  (Julius) Malema and Goldstone both need to be            launched from Gaza over a period of a few years.
 Kurtstag and the SAZF for taking a              The sins of the father?                      censured for speech/actions intending to cause               It appears from various prominent people who
 forceful stance against Justice Richard                                                      harm to others. Malema’s song/ranting is quite             know Goldstone that his credentials are impecca-
 Goldstone.                                       Lamyce Nafte                                obviously hate speech. Goldstone’s report on the           ble, so one can only assume he knows nothing
   I suggest that Justice Goldstone goes          Greenside, Johannesburg                     Gaza incursion is much more surreptitious. The             about Iran or their proxies, Hamas’ and
                                                                                              result of the UN report is to taint people (Israeli        Hezbollah’s intentions. Now he knows.
GOLDSTONE BARMITZVAH: HOW NOT TO WIN ANY FRIENDS                                              army officers) as criminals for defending their
OTHER THAN a small lunatic fringe,             which is totally unacceptable.                 country against armed assailants.                             John Brenner
Jews in general are inclined to be toler-        Nobody should deny anyone the                  Hamas (backed by a major rocket-producing                   Johannesburg
ant of other human beings, irrespective        opportunity to express an opinion on the
of affiliation.                                Goldstone Report (or anything else), but
                                                                                              REASONS TO CONTRADICT LUBAVITCHER REBBE BROCHA
  Consequently I am abhorred by the            a supposedly joyous family function is         YOUR NEWSPAPER prides itself on being open to              were also “encouraged” to remain where they
manner in which the leadership of the          not the arena for “political” debate and       all opinions. I write this letter purely out of love       were. Ninety per cent of the great Orthodox lead-
Zionist Federation and the relevant shul,      “action”.                                      and respect for the South African Jewish commu-            ers (including Chabad), were anti-Zionist. We all
reportedly put pressure on Mr Justice            I am thoroughly ashamed of these fel-        nity and its leaders, both secular and religious. It       know the tragic consequences of their misjudge-
Richard Goldstone to “agree” not to            low Jews - and have to say that this is cer-   is truly the very best in the Diaspora.                    ments.
attend his grandson’s barmitzvah.              tainly not the way to win friends.                I am therefore very concerned that I have never           In those days it was difficult to make aliyah,
  Quite apart from the considerable dis-                                                      read any articles, or columns warning of any               even though many secular Jews did manage get
tress this must have caused the family, it       Herbert Hirsch                               impending danger to the future welfare of the              to “Palestine”. How ironic it is that since 1948,
demonstrates an intolerant attitude              Mouille Point, Cape Town                     Jewish community. In my opinion this is due to the         when the “gates” of Eretz Yisrael are wide open,
                                                                                              brocha given by the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt’l some 20         millions of Jews prefer to remain in voluntary
‘BARRING’ GOLDSTONE FROM GRANDSON’S BARMITZVAH                                                years ago, that it would be good (to remain) in            exile, ignoring the rapid increase of anti-
                                                                                              South Africa. This brocha was accepted by all sec-         Semitism in all parts of the Diaspora. I appeal to
GOES TOO FAR                                                                                  tors of the Jewish community.                              your newspaper to publish some opinions and
I READ the article on Mr Justice                 A demonstration at a child’s barmitz-           While I really do hope that it will be good for the     articles which encourage leaving the exile. I am
Goldstone’s decision to ‘withdraw’ from        vah? Potential abuse being hurled by           Jews in South Africa, we must be made aware of             sending you some of my own, and hope you keep
his grandson’s barmitzvah SAJR April           Jews at a fellow Jew, in shul? Is this what    reasons which contradict the Rebbe’s brocha.               your “word” of publishing all opinions.
16), with a mixture of outrage and disap-      we have become?                                   As I mentioned earlier, these are never given any
pointment.                                       Have we become so intolerant and             space in any Jewish publication. We must be                   Choni Davidowitz
  The debate over the Justice                  insensitive that we cannot act with civili-    reminded that not too long ago the Jews of Europe             Johannesburg
Goldstone’s decision to chair the enquiry      ty and decorum at a significant and reli-
into Operation Cast Lead (the Gaza             gious event?                                   YOM HA’ATZMAUT, ALAS, WAS ‘WOMEN-REIN’
incursion) has been debated in full and in       What message do we send to this child,       THE YOM HA’ATZMAUT community event at                      striving for equality. Women are taking active
every conceivable medium.                      as he becomes a man, about the nature of       Kyalami on Monday night, was a very nice event.            and important part in community, in politics,
  Whatever criticisms have been levelled       our community and the values which we            The organisation was superb, the performers              start-ups, science and yes, in Yom Ha’atzmaut
(some legitimate, some not), Justice           hold dear?                                     had great talent, there were respectable and heart         events and even - believe it or not - in other pub-
Goldstone is also a man, a father, a             We are better than this - we are a com-      warming speeches. I enjoyed it.                            lic events.
grandfather and, most importantly, a           mitted and tolerant community, we stand          However, it was also ‘women-rein’ - clean of                I can only repeat Chronicles B 35, 25: Kings A
Jew.                                           together. If we can exclude a grandfather      women. Like our slavery in Egypt, the trend is             10, 12: Ecclesiastes 2, 8; Shmuel B 19 36: ‘Im
  His grandson has done no wrong, nei-         from a barmitzvah, who is next?                creeping on us. We did not even see how it happens-        eshma od bekol Sharim Ve-Sharot’ - ‘Can I hear
ther has his family and yet on this child’s      I fear that this shameful episode will do    and here it was - a “women-rein” secular event!            any more the voice of singing men and singing
most important day, he is robbed of the        great damage to us all.                          Fundamentalism is like that - all or nothing.            women?’
attendance of his grandfather because                                                           The fact that we celebrated the 62 years of the
‘people are angry’ and there may have            Warren Shapiro                               Independence of Israel, exclude the majority of us.           Naomi Dinur
been a demonstration!                            Durban                                         In Israel we are celebrating 62 years of a society          Johannesburg
23 - 30 April 2010                                                                                                                                                                          SA JEWISH REPORT           15

                                                                                   COMMUNITY COLUMNS
                       ABOVE                  All we ask for is tolerance                                                                                                     everyone outside those narrow
                                                                                                                                                                              ideological     boundaries      as

                       BOARD                   bers of our community would               face, or in the circumstances            dence over the Goldstone bar-
                                                                                                                                                                              benighted and wrong.
                                                                                                                                                                                The SAJBD, by its very broad-
                       Zev Krengel,            concur that in heading up a dis-          would a more subtle cold-shoul-          mitzvah issue. It is all very well          based nature, does not and
                       National Chairman       graceful kangaroo court whose             dering approach be most appro-           to make allegations of victimi-             indeed cannot represent one
                                               express purpose was to gather             priate?                                  sation and intimidation against             particular constituency or set of
                                               “evidence” of Israel’s predeter-            It is not my intention to pro-         those who wish to protest, yet if           views. What we strive to pro-
A column of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies    mined criminality, Mr Gold-               nounce which of the above                people do wish to protest, surely           mote is a culture of diversity, in
                                               stone did enormous harm to                approaches is the correct one.           they have every right to do so?             which spaces are allowed for all
IT WAS inevitable that the huge-               Israel, the Jewish people and             Naturally, I have an opinion on             Some insist that discouraging            streams of opinion to find
ly emotive issues thrown up by                 indeed to the cause of impartial          the subject, but for purposes of         a man from attending his own                expression.
the controversy over Mr Justice                justice he was once thought to            this column, it is not relevant to       grandson’s barmitzvah is an act               We do not expect there to be
Richard Goldstone’s anticipated                epitomise.                                state what it is.                        of extreme intolerance, yet what            conformity of viewpoints, nor do
attendance - or non-attendance,                  That being said, there are                What I really wish to address          this amounts to is condemning               we even want this. Diversity of
as the case might be - of his                  widely divergent views over               is the whole question of show-           out of hand those who wish only             opinion within a community
grandsonís barmitzvah ceremo-                  what constitutes an appropriate           ing tolerance for differences of         to exercise their right to free-            should not be regarded as a
ny, would generate a wide range                time and manner for people to             opinion, something which I               dom of expression. Justice                  weakness; indeed, it is a
of viewpoints and that these                   express their outrage against             believe has been in unfortunate-         Goldstone has every right to                strength. It only becomes a
would often be diametrically                   him. Given the seriousness of             ly short supply throughout this          attend his grandson’s barmitz-              source of weakness when it is
opposed to each other.                         what Goldstone has done, can              particular controversy.                  vah if he so wishes, but by the             misused to turn people against
  Many painful questions have                  even a barmitzvah ceremony                  It is a truism that there are          same token those who wish to                each other.
indeed been raised, all of them                justifiably become an occasion            two sides to every question. In          protest against him (so long,                 The debate over the Goldstone
tied up with issues relating to                for protest action?                       this regard one often finds, by a        obviously, as this is done peace-           barmitzvah issue will come and
Judaism, Zionism and Jewish                      Some say “yes”, others say              bizarre irony, that those who are        fully) have just as much right.             go. What remains for us is the
family life that go to the very                “no”, and among those who say             the most vocal in calling for tol-          It is possible to disagree, even         ongoing challenge of fostering a
heart of our identity as Jewish                “yes” there are differences of            erance, are in reality guilty of         robustly, with another view-                genuine culture of tolerance for
South Africans.                                opinion over what form that               the very lack of tolerance they          point without belittling the                diversity in which even the most
  While even here there are                    protest action should take.               deplore.                                 character and integrity of the              emotive controversies will not
some that disagree, most mem-                  Should it be up front and in your           This has certainly been in evi-        one who holds it. Sometimes,                result in our community becom-
                                                                                                                                  when emotions are running                   ing polarised.
                                                                                                                                  high, it can become quite a deli-             Once it is recognised that the
                                                        LETTERS                                                                   cate balance to maintain, but               acceptance of diversity is a sign
                                                                                                                                  ultimately there is always a line           of strength, not weakness, we
REFORMING JUDAISM AND SECULARISATION, A MAJOR PROBLEM                                                                             between taking issue with a par-            will have achieved a degree of
                                                                                                                                  ticular opinion on the one hand             strength and maturity that will
I AM motivated to write this letter           national identity, but rather we are      are nothing but fantasy in the face of    and being contemptuously dis-               enable us to take in our stride
after reading the most interesting            joined, all of us, by the covenant        the naked aggression of an anti-          missive of the one who pro-                 similar and even greater chal-
letter on the “Self hating Jew phe-           between G-d and his people, across        Semitic world.                            pounds it on the other.                     lenges in years to come.
nomenon” in the SAJR. If memory               national borders, ethnicity and gen-        As Israel becomes more religious-          We need to resist the tendency
serves me correctly, I recall that at         der.                                      ly observant and moves inexorably         to adhere rigidly to a certain set            This column is paid for by the
the time of the first public declara-            Ask any non-Jew this question          in a more rightist direction, the likes   of orthodoxies while writing off                           SAJBD
tion against the State of Israel, of          and they will tell you that they see      of “Not In Our Name”, “Open Shu-
the so-called “Not In Our Name”               us, secular, religious, rich and poor     hada Street”, the Justice Goldstones
group, the Progressive community              as ONE, which we are!                     of the world, and those who defend             Advertorial
felt it necessary to take out a full             This knowledge has unfortunate-        him and his ideas, will find them-
page advertisement in this publica-           ly been lost today due the reforming      selves increasingly marginalised
tion, distancing itself from the              of basic Judaism and the secularisa-      from the main body of the Jewish
group.                                        tion of Jews across the Western           people, to be excluded and rejected,
   This was obviously due to the fact         world and Israel itself. These            and in my opinion, correctly so.
that the vast majority of the signa-          “enlightened” Jews see themselves           Eric Hoffer asks: “What is it that
tories to the statement were associ-          as one of the nations of the world, as    drives some intellectuals in free
ated with this community. I believe           do the Israelis, who are, however, no     countries to hate their native land
the answer to this phenomenon lies            different than the rest of us.            and wish for its annihilation?” He
in the breakdown of a very intrin-
sic and basic Judaic belief. I will
                                                 These Jews feel they can align
                                              themselves intellectually with the
                                                                                        concludes: “One who hates what
                                                                                        most people love probably savours
                                                                                                                                      NEVER ON CHOL HAMOED
explain.                                      critics of the Jewish people, but in so   his own uniqueness.                           “We’ll build it on a Sunday, a Monday, a Tuesday, a Wednesday, a
   Every morning in the first bra-            doing they associate themselves             “The adversary intellectual can-            Thursday and part of Friday. But never on Shabbas, Yom Tov or Chol
chot of Shacharit we say: “Sheloh             with those evil elements whose ulti-      not actually wreck a society, and he          Hamoed”. These were the words of Arnold Garber, non executive chair-
asani goy,” thank you G-d for NOT             mate goal is the total annihilation of    cannot seize power, but by discredit-         man of Peaceway Trading, the company which is redeveloping the retail
making us like the other nations of           the Jewish people, G-d forbid.            ing and besmirching a society, he             centre at the corner of Long and Summerway in Glenhazel. Together with
the world.                                       Sixty-two years of attempts to pla-    undermines the faith of its potential         co-directors Joel Back and Shaul Daniels, they have invested significantly
   That is, we the Jewish people, are         cate her enemies have brought an          defenders.”                                   to turn the main corner in Glenhazel into a beautiful retail spot. “This was
as one body, wherever we may be               ever increasing majority of rational                                                    the second Chol Hamoed that we stopped all building operations. Last
across the world. We are not like the         Jews living in Israel to the inevitable     Howard Yuter                                time during Chol Hamoed we found one of the sub contractors clearing
other nations, requiring a specific           conclusion that liberal leftist ideas       Pretoria
                                                                                                                                      up rubble. We had not made it 100 % clear that not building also means
ADDING MILLION PALESTINIANS TO THOSE ALREADY IN ISRAEL, IS A DEATH KNELL                                                              not clearing up rubble. We have put it on all the leases that tenants not
                                                                                                                                      only are not allowed to trade on Shabbas and Yom Tov, they are not even
FOR THOSE too busy to read                    who advocate, based on the South          with their current birth rate they            allowed to go into their store to clear up or tidy up. We want this centre
through a half page article by David          African experience, that Israel and       will outnumber Jewish Israelis in             to have the Shchina that will bring Mazal to all who trade there, buyers
Saks in his Barbaric Yawp column,             Palestine should go the one-state         30 to 40 years’ time.                         and sellers.
“Is SA a future Zimbabwe?”, in the            route. (My note: Jews who advo-             The ultra-Orthodox Jews in
                                                                                                                                           We have also built a Keilim Mikvah on Summerway, for the benefit of
SA Jewish Report of April 16, I               cate the one-state solution are           Israel also multiply at a massive
                                                                                                                                      the community. The main anchor tenant will be KosherWorld, a unique
would oblige by summarising it as             from opposite ends of the spec-           rate, but they don’t serve in the
                                                                                                                                      store dedicated to the Jewish community of the area. It will be based on the
follows:                                      trum, such as left wing and right         army and don’t study any technol-
  1 Zimbabwe is de facto a failed             wing.)                                    ogy. One had better pray.                     principle of PPP according to Garber. “The first P refers to Position. I doubt
state, with minority rights crushed.             My comments are as follows: If                                                       that there is a better position in Glenhazel than the corner of Long,
  2 South Africa as he outlines our           we include approximately one mil-           John Brenner                                Summerway and Ridge Roads. It will have 35 parking bays and you will
tendencies, might just go that route.         lion Palestinians to the Arabs              Cyrildene                                   be able to walk out of your car and into the store. The time taken for the
  3 Saks writes: “There are those             presently living in Israel, then            Johannesburg                                shopping experience will be much less than driving to the big stores, walk-
                                                                                                                                      ing distances from the car to entrance of the store etc. Once inside the store
 FOR THE RECORD                                                                                                                       the experience will be quick and efficient with a 650 square metre size
                                                                                                                                      store. The second P refers to Products. No products that are not Kosher will
 Motty Sacks: Reference is to the ‘leadership’, not the ‘membership’                                                                  be stocked. The guarantee that all products stocked are Kosher will not be
                                                                                                                                      given by the owners or management, but by the Johannesburg Beth Din.
 In the article by Motty Sacks on              60 per cent of South African             Hatikvah”, he intended to refer                    There will be no food preparation in the store. We will only sell boxes.
 page 14 of last week’s issue,                 synagogue and Jewish school              to the ‘leadership’ not the mem-
                                                                                                                                      Whether the boxes are bakery or butchery products, they are still boxes.
 where he stated that “nearly                  membership will not sing                 bership.
                                                                                                                                      There are enough good butcheries and bakeries in the area and there is
                                                                                                                                      no need to re-invent the wheel. Fruit and vegetables will also be sold only

                              AROUND THE WORLD                                                                                        pre-packaged. By selling everything pre-packaged and pre-priced, we
                                                                                                                                      ensure hygiene, shopping speed and efficiency. In addition to Kosher edi-
                                                                                                                                      ble products, the full range of toiletries, cleaning materials, baby products,
                                               NEWS IN BRIEF                                                                          etc. will be sold in one single store. The third P refers to price. We are
                                                                                                                                      committed that other than the short term specials that the big stores have,
 REFORM LEADER LIGHTS INDEPENDENCE TORCH                                                                                              usually 4 or 5 days at a time, we will be no more expensive than any of
 WASHINGTON - Israel included a                honoured, working out of the office      Progressive Judaism in 1973.                  the big stores in Johannesburg. We will also offer delivery services for
 Reform rabbi for the first time in            of Prime Minister Benjamin                 "He is credited with influencing            added convenience. Furthermore we will offer a unique service of pre-
 launching its Independence Day cel-           Netanyahu, recognised Hirsch for         the organisationís decision to relo-          paid accounts especially useful for people who need to deploy loose cash.
 ebrations.                                    strengthening ties between the           cate its headquarters to Israel,              By depositing cash at any bank, or doing an internet transfer, shoppers
   Rabbi Richard Hirsch was one of             Reform movement and Israel.              solidifying the commitment of                 will enjoy a further 2 % discount on our already low prices, which normal-
 14 Israelis asked to help light the             Hirsch headed Reform's Religious       Progressive Judaism and its adher-            ly goes to the credit card companies.
 torch on Monday evening marking               Action Centre in the 1960s, when it      ents to Israel and the Zionist                     ”Upstairs there are fours shops, three of which are already let. The
 the    start   of   Israel's  62nd            played a key role in the civil rights    endeavour," a RAC statement said.             second floor are offices and are fully let. Glenhazel will never be the same
 Independence Day.                             movement. He moved to Israel to            Hirsch went on to chair the
   The committee naming those                  direct the World Union of                Zionist General Council. (JTA)

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