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									Physical Education Uniform (Dressing Requirements):
Students dress in a physical education uniform every day their class meets. Wearing your uniform allows
you to move freely and safely. The Sequoia Middle School Physical Education uniform consists of:

1. Sequoia Physical Education Shirt (or a PLAIN gray shirt)
      Name must be clearly printed in the box on front of shirt.
      Shirt must be tucked in at all times.
      Any writing other than first and last name on uniform is not allowed and uniform will need to be
2. Sequoia Physical Education Shorts (or PLAIN gray shorts)
      Name must be clearly printed in the box on the front left side.
3. Athletic Socks

4. Shoes with TIED Laces (for safety and performance)
     We require that shoes worn to class have laces that are tied tightly and are appropriate for
        physical activity.

What happens if you forget your uniform?
        You will dress in a set of clean loaner clothes provided in the lockerroom.
        You will still be required to participate in class.

What happens if you lose your uniform or lock?
Uniforms and locks are available in the main office. A lock must be used in the locker room at ALL times.

Cell Phones:

Are not allowed out at class. Leaving cell phone in the locker room is left at own risk and must be locked
inside your appropriate locker.

*Do NOT share locker combinations with your friends!

Students are required to participate in all class activities unless there is a written excuse from a parent of
doctor. A PARENT note will be honored for 3 school days. If you are still injured or ill after 3 school days,
a DOCTOR'S note is required.

Students with a parent/doctor note must:

  1.   Attend Class
  2.   Dress in the physical education uniform
  3.   Participate in activities he/she can safely complete
  4.   Make up any work that was missed

***To download a parent note template, go to the bottom of the page and click on Parent Note
Template under related links.

Fit Logs:

All students will be required to keep a monthly fit log in his/her binder at all times. Logs must be signed
by a parent/guardian at the end of each week verifying all work in order to receive full credit. Most logs
will be worth 100 points.

Students in violation of any of these rules and policies will lose
points towards their work habits or citizenship grade.

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