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									                               KidSport Crew                                                     Sign Up Form

What is the KidSport Crew?
KidSport Crew is KidSport Ontario's volunteer team. Crew members have the opportunity to volunteer at a variety of KidSport
events throughout the year, supporting the KidSport mission So ALL Kids Can Play!

How to become a KidSport Crew member...
To become a KidSport Crew member please fill out all information below and your name will be added to a distribution list that will
keep you updated on all upcoming KidSport Ontario events.

Crew Member Information

                                                                                                                         Why do we need your age?
Name:                                                                             Age dd/mm/yy                           Some events have age restrictions depending
                                                                                                                         on the task so age is needed to determine
Address:                                                                                City:                            what task we can give you.

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Volunteer History

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KidSport Event Selection
KidSport has a wide variety of events throughout the year. Please select the type of event you would be interested in volunteering for.
Please feel free to check more than one box.

         Team Up with the Raptors, Leafs and Toronto FC
         KidSport Crew members will be selling 50/50 tickets at Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto FC home games with proceeds
         going to help kids play sports. First up is the Toronto FC who kickoff their season in April.

         KidSport FunZones
         The FunZone is KidSport's signature awareness event. It provides kids in local communities with the chance to participate in a variety of
         sport activities. KidSport Crew members would assist in a variety tasks throughout the FunZone including running a sport, helping with
         set up and monitoring activities.

           Special Events
            KidSport Ontario has a great line up of special events throughout the year. The KidSport Charity Golf Classic, now in its fifth year, is one
           of KidSport's biggest events with over 120 golfers and plenty of celebrities. During special events Crew members would assist in event
           set up, running fundraising activities, registering guests and much more.

                                                                         Submit by Email
                   To mail send to: KidSport Ontario, 3 Concorde Gate, Toronto, ON M3C 3N7 or fax to: 416-426-7177
                                          Questions: 416-426-7171 or

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