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									                               THE HELPING HANDS
  Volume 8, Issue 4                     The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary of Dallas                              Summer 2009

 From the           President’s Pen
Dear Members,                                 For those of you attended our
                                           Farewell Tea for Major Brown,
  It has been a privilege to serve as
                                           you have already heard my
this year’s Women’s Auxiliary Presi-
                                           thanks to the Major for her ex-
dent. I have enjoyed the experi-
                                           cellent leadership and counsel              I also want to thank Tina Trejo for all she
ence immensely and would like to
                                           to me during the past year. You           does for the Auxiliary. I so appreciated
express my appreciation to each
                                           also heard me say that I will es-         her help throughout the year.
one of you for the support and en-
                                           pecially miss and remember her              Five years ago, I chaired The Salvation
couragement you have shown me.
                                           prayers at the end of our talks.          Army Women’s Auxiliary Fashion Show &
I would especially like to thank eve-
                                           Major Brown has such a gift for           Luncheon. In reflecting on these opportu-
ryone on the Board and the Com-
                                           prayer and I was always very              nities of working with The Army, I realize
mittee Chairmen for their hard work
                                           moved when they would touch               how much my association with this won-
and dedication to their respective
                                           my life. During our first meeting         derful organization and the people in it
positions. Suzy Gekiere and Susan
                                           she and I had together at the             have meant to me.
Farris did an outstanding job as
                                           beginning of last summer, Major             I wish our incoming President, Renee’
Chairmen of this year’s Fashion
                                           Brown asked for the Auxiliary to          Farren, the very best for next year and I
Show & Luncheon. We had a won-
                                           inaugurate a reading program              will be ready to help her in any way that I
derful, successful year because of
                                           for preschool children at the             can.
the efforts of the many women who
                                           Irving Center. I’m very proud
care so deeply about doing the
                                           that our members embraced                          Warmest regards to each of you,
most good...for others in our com-
                                           the new program making it a                                  Joyce Fox
munity in need.

        Thank You 2008-2009 Executive Committee
  Joyce Fox                       President          Diane Brumbelow, Sandra Cecil, , Margot Perot Sarah Freeman & Barbara Sypult
  Renee! Farren           1st Vice President                                           Advisors
  Suzy Gekiere        2nd Vice President/FS                                      Committee Chairmen
  Susan Farris       Fashion Show Co-Chair     ARC                             Elsie Harris       Mass Mail                  Cheryl Brown
  Elaine Everitt          3rd VP/Angel Tree    Back to School Bash            Sandra Cecil        Prayer Chain              Ramona Jones
  Malinda Pittman          3rd VP/Stockings    Bunny Bash                  Connie Carreker        Publicity                   Cara French
  Judy Skinner                3rd VP/Kettles   Casa Teen Shelter           Sarah Freeman          Statistical Outcomes Barb Hancock
  Mollie Crow           4th VP/Arrangements    Domestic Violence            Betty Neuman          Telephone                Susanne Marley
  Karen Moore           4th VP/Arrangements                        Youth Education Services Liaison       Elaine Everitt
  Margaret Hancock       5th VP/Membership
  Kay Preddy                      Treasurer
  Jewel Fordtran            Treasurer Asst.            “Volunteering for something is the ultimate experience in
  Lee Keith             Recording Secretary                democracy. You vote in an election once a year.
  Cyndy Hudgins              Asst. Rec. Sec.          But when you volunteer, you’re voting every day about the
  Tammy Duclow           Corresponding Sec.                       community you want to live in.”
  Carolyn Miller                   Chaplain                                                                         Phyllis Howard

The Helping Hands
Final Words from
                                             Major Susan H. Brown
Ladies,                                                                 privilege of working along side you, I count you as
    As I write to you for the last time through this newslet-           friends and ask that you keep my husband and I in your
ter, I thank God for every one of you, for your commitment              prayers as we move to Atlanta. Thank you and may
to the community through the Women’s Auxiliary, and for                 God Bless each of you.
your prayerful and financial support of The Salvation
Army and it’s programs. Thank you to everyone who had a                                             With Warmest Wishes,
part in enabling the Auxiliary to Do the Most Good this                                                   - Susan -
past year under the leadership of Joyce Fox, thanks Joyce.
The great thing about The Women’s Auxiliary is that it is
not a social organization but a service organization, and                 The disciples asked: ‘Lord, when did we see you
you have been of great service to the DFW community                       in need and provide you help’?
through your volunteering , your fund-raising, and your
prayers. As I leave I ask that you continue your support of               “I assure you, when you did it to one of
The Salvation Army and it’s programs as Captain Michele                   the least of these my brothers and sisters
and Major Ward Mathews move in as metroplex leaders.                      you were doing it to Me.”
Please be in prayer that they quickly settle and learn all                                                        Matthew 23:40
there is to learn about this community and how the Salva-
tion Army can best serve it. I thank you all for the

                                          GENERATIONS of STYLE
   The 2009 Fashion Show & Luncheon was a wonderful success,            Jan Strimple to create a show we all loved. Lastly, Patti Flowers
and many thank yous are in order. First, we recognize our Honor-        diligent behind the scenes work and professional guidance en-
ary Chairman, Terry Rowling, who was truly our partner this year.       sured that the Runway Collection was sold. Thank you to all.
Another partner, President Joyce Fox, who was always a phone call         The fabulous Chic Boutique was an overwhelming success
away.                                                                   raising over $18,000. Thank you to Sandra Cecil, Karen Moore
  Thank you to our numerous and generous underwriters who made          and their dedicated committee who went above and beyond the
The Salvation Army a priority. Additional gratitude is expressed to     call of duty, making each and every clothing article perfect for
our loyal ticket purchasers who created a sell out.                     purchase. Also, thank you to the Chic Boutique design team of
  Our vendors also helped by cutting their prices so that more          Stephanie Chambers and Kathy Leake who made us feel like we
money could go to Army programs. These included Mike Sandone ,          really were in a boutique. Gratitude also goes to Renee’ Smith of
Sandone Productions, for the tent and Brian Brothers of Planet Pro-     Brook Hollow Golf Club for helping us, among other things, to
ductions for lighting, staging and sound.                               construct a great dressing room for the boutique.
  Thank you to the Advisory Committee for lending their names and         In addition, special thanks goes to treasurer Lisa Reid, program
giving the event credibility. A huge “Bravo” to each committee          chair Neva Cochran, and Reservations
member and chairman for playing a significant part in the day’s suc-    Co-Chairs Lillian Dona and Rebecca Beasley who worked many
cess. No task was too small because each of you were essential to       long hours behind the scenes.
the overall goal.                                                         Of course, the year would have never been successful without
   We would like to extend special thanks to the stellar Underwriting   the guidance of Major Susan Brown who was “the wind beneath
team of Judy Gibbs, Margot Perot, Suzanne McGee, Nancy Mul-             our wings.”
ford, Katherine Perot and Carolyn Rathjen. In a most challenging          Thank you, to the Women’s Auxiliary for allowing us to be your
economy, you came through for The Salvation Army.                       2009 Fashion Show Chairmen.
  This success also depended on the Silent Auction, Runway Col-
lection and the beloved Chic Boutique. 23 Silent Auction items                                              Sincerely,
raised almost $10,000. The Runway Collection brought in an as-                                      Suzy Gekiere and Susan Farris
tounding $13,235. Clothing donations from BJ Ward’s long stand-
ing donors, Auxiliary members and friends provided the apparel for

Page 2                                                                                                          THE HELPING HANDS
                                      $318,000 in Proceeds are Awarded to...
             Arlington                           After School Program Support                            $ 25,000

             Carr P. Collins                     Children’s Activity Room - DV Unit
                                                 Men’s Shelter Furniture; Craft Supplies              $ 29,000

             Cedar Crest                         Athletic Program Support                             $ 40,000

             Dallas Temple                       Summer Day Camp Support                              $     8,000

             Denton                              Cargo Van                                            $ 22,000

             Garland                             Youth Minister                                       $ 20,000

             Irving             Pre-School Curriculum & Foam Playground Surface                       $ 10,000

             FW Lancaster Avenue                 Mini-van                                             $ 25,000

             McKinney                            Program Support                                      $ 3,650

             Northside                           After School Program Support                         $ 15,000

             Oak Cliff                           Program Support                                     $     3,650

             Plano                               SPA Support                                         $     1,000

             Pleasant Grove                      Mid Bus                                             $ 50,000

             Waxahachie                          Addt’l Funds for Bus                                $ 10,000

             Project Tomorrow                    Program Support                                     $ 50,000

             Adult Rehab Center                  Ice Machine                                         $      3,000

             Centerpiece Sales                   Summer Day Camp Support                             $      2,700

                                               In Honor Of ...
                         (additional donations received after print deadline for FS program)

       Neva Cochran      from Beth Scalise
       Mollie Crow       from Sherry Baer                            Margot Perot      from    Rita Clements
       Mollie Crow       from Barbara Crow                           Margot Perot      from    JoAnne Roosevelt
       Mollie Crow       from Mary Joy Hinton                        Margot Perot      from    Betsy Waggoner
       Jayne Dale        from Trudy Best                             Brooke Sigver     from    D’Lana Matta
       Susan Farris      from Rebecca Beasley                        Tina Trejo        from    Sandra Cecil
       Suzy Gekiere      from Kim Gekiere                            Barbara Tune      from    Jennifer Jorns

The Helping Hands                                                                                                   Page 3
             Back to School Bash
                   Dallas World Aquarium
                                            Hosted by
  The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary

 Volunteers needed to help chaperone the children as
 they tour the exhibit! Witness the wonder of the chil-
    dren as they discover the secrets of the deep.

We are counting on your participation!
There will be two shifts on each day. The first group tour will begin at 1:45 and the second tour will begin at
2:45. We need 13 volunteers per shift each day. The DWA requires that there be 1 chaperone for every
10 children. Join us in witnessing the joy and how we make a difference in the lives of children. We need for
you to volunteer and to cheer the children on for the new school year.
                                   What: Back to School Bash
              When: Monday, August 10 & Tuesday, August 11 Where: 1801 North Griffin
                      Time: 2 p.m. to 5:00 p,m. Other: Contact Sandra Cecil -Chair
                              Home: 214-526-8432 or robertcecil@sbcglobal.net
Please support a child going
       back to school
    with new supplies!
                      The backpacks each will include:
                            Two packs of notebook paper
                            Pens & pencils
                            Color pencils
                            Glue sticks & bottled glue
                            Spiral notebooks

   These are basic necessities for the new semester ahead, and commodities
 that the families can ill afford, especially if there are several children in a family.
   These are gifts which will last the school year and beyond, and gifts that will
           help many needy families help their children in the classroom.
    When it’s a choice between bills, housing, food or utilities, school supplies
             and colorful new backpacks are very, very low on the list.

             ____ Back pack(s) @ $12.50 = $______________ Total

         I would like to make a donation in the amount of $___________

   Check # _______ or Credit Card : Circle one:           MC       VISA       AMEX

#______________________ ___Name__________________________________
             Expiration ________________ V Code________

      Telephone #_______________              Email_____________________

                        For more information please contact:
                                     Tina Trejo-
                                  469-446-4491 or


                                  Sandra Cecil
                              The Salvation Army
                             Post Office Box 36026
                              Dallas, Texas 75235
P.O. Box 36026
Dallas, Texas 75235

Phone: 214-637-8121
Fax: 214-879-0706

Today’s best should be
              tomorrow’s second best.


        VOLUNTEERS NEEDED                                       MUCH THANKS
                                                                             to . . .
     Stuff Back packs - August 5, 2009
       9216 Harry Hines             10:00 am                     Suzy Gekiere, Susan Farris
                                                                  FS Committee Members
                                                         Shelle Sills & Neiman Marcus Downtown
      Back to School Bash - 2 Days
                                                                           Tiffany & Co.
            @ Dallas World Aquarium
                                                                 Steve Foxall, Photography
Monday, August 10,     2:00 PM—5:30 PM
                                                                       Olmsted Kirk Paper
Tuesday, August 11, 2:00 PM—5:30 PM
                                                                 MeGuire Print & Graphics
(please see insert for additional info)
                                                                     Silent Auction Donors
                                                                         Clothing Donors
         MARK YOUR CALENDARS                                               Patrick Patey
                                                                           Beverly Pop
                                                                           Pat Reimann
 Fall Coffee
                                                                    Salvation Army Officers
 Tuesday, September 1—Dallas Women’s Club
                                                          Salvation Army Warehouse Employees
 10:00 am (invitations to follow)
                                                                  & to all our volunteers

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