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					At the end of the last century, there was a popular song that exclaimed our children
are our future. It was a powerful song with a powerful message. Once we've finished
our adult life and get ready to settle into our retirement years, they will be the ones to
take over. We need to teach them the best that we can, including how to be a good
leader. We seem to have forgotten that message evidenced by increasingly disturbing
news reports about the young in our country and even by some of the behavior seen
when in public places. We need to refocus and remember how to create a successful
youth so that they can enjoy the success of their adulthood and pass their knowledge
on to the next generation.

In order to create a successful youth in our society, it is a good idea to build a strong
character. Mentorship programs are outstanding ways to involve young people in
learning about education, business and community. A mentor acts as a leader to show
the younger generation how to be a leader instead of a follower. It only takes one
person with a genuine interest and commitment in a young person in order to change
the course of his or her life for the better.

Mentors are the ultimate teacher. Through encouragement and ideas, they can teach
our youth to overcome fear and tackle even difficult tasks. They may even be able to
help a young person overcome fear to discover an unexpected passion. If they try at
something and fail, overcoming the fear of failing again is essential to becoming
successful. Mentors have the power to encourage and shape even the most resistant
young person because ultimately, everyone wants to succeed.

If a young person is able to participate in a business entrepreneurship program, it can
teach them outstanding lessons about team work, the value of money and pride in
earning money. Children are born with a curious nature and business is a common
interest of many kids. Lemonade stands, mowing services and even shoveling snow in
the winter are all ways young people explore and experiment with business. The same
curiosity is there as they grow older, but the right opportunity and mentor can turn the
curiosity for any young person into a bright and promising future.

When the youth of our society falls or fails, there isn't always someone there to help
them learn from their mistakes or encourage them to continue trying. Everyone needs
someone in their corner, guiding and teaching them while helping to build character.
Having a mentor provides our youth with this much needed cheerleader of sorts for
both the good times and the rough times. Successful mentoring often teaches our
youth a healthy feeling of gratitude as well.

Finally, taking a young person under your wing and never giving up can make them
understand the concept of setting goals and sticking to them. Having goals can lead to
a healthy drive for reaching those goals. Reaching those goals provides an unmatched
sense of accomplishment. The entire process can help complete the mold of a young
person who is well-rounded with a strong character.